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Daniel (halohead)


SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019

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1:48 F-16D Fighting Falcon (Hasegawa 06106)1:48 F-16A/B Fighting Falcon Exhaust Nozzle (Aires 4133)4+


16. August 2019, 21:09
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Stephan Ryll
Count me in - very nice colour patterns :)
17. August 2019, 06:59
Murad ÖZER
by far my fav adversary aircraft scheme and i mean to build it too, some day at least!
17. August 2019, 22:17
Slavo Hazucha
You could not have chosen a better teaser picture - the golden canopy + the structured blues create a lot of expectations ;)
17. August 2019, 22:26
Wim van der Luijt
Very nice choice!
18. August 2019, 08:22
Welcome everyone, grab a seat :)
This is one of my favorite aircraft photos, always wanted to recreate this in 1:48.
Well, keeping up with the original look (&the expectations) is definitely going to be a challenge - but one I'm looking forward to :)
18. August 2019, 09:50
Jos Jansen
Difficult scheme, but very interesting!
2. September 2019, 13:26
take a seat and watch me screw up jos :D
2. September 2019, 16:05
Maciej Bellos
Taking a seat!
2. September 2019, 19:14
Sergej I
Oh wow... good luck painting this paint over paint over paint, then fading, then chipping... this looks more like a T-34 job :D . Following with utmost interest!
12. October 2019, 20:19
Nathan Dempsey
The paint on this one is going to be awesome fun :)
12. October 2019, 20:38
Welcome mates, I do have a cunning plan featuring a lot of liquid mask but we'll see how this works out...might be fun or a total catastrophe^^ anyway, stay tuned :)
13. October 2019, 16:19
Konrad Limmer
Cool count me in here!
13. October 2019, 18:45
:D love black adder, just brilliant!
19. October 2019, 21:32
Aaand were off! Preparing the cockpit for the PE, had to re-design most of it, hasegawa didn't take it too seriously. Remembered why I put pilots in my old HAF F-16 ;)
28. October 2019, 18:36
28. October 2019, 19:08
Welcome Clifford!
Got the PE down, next is prime&paint. Going to put a dude in the front seat and turn this into a flying display
30. October 2019, 08:16
Michael Phillips
Count me in! Another two-seater viper :)

Off to a great start so far. The Hasegawa F-16 kits, while not as nice as Tamiya, of course, are really quite nice in their own right. It really is a simple kit too.
30. October 2019, 13:12
Stephan Ryll
Nice start here Daniel
30. October 2019, 18:45
Clifford Keesler
Nice start Daniel.
30. October 2019, 19:15
Thanks Micheal, Stephan and Clifford!
The cockpits are finished and the driver as well, quite satisfied with the result :) Now the marriage of the fuselage can start and with it the main part of the build
1. November 2019, 19:00
Maciej Bellos
Great pit Daniel!
1. November 2019, 19:07
Clifford Keesler
Great pit and excellent pilot Daniel.
2. November 2019, 02:38
Stephan Ryll
Very nice Jockey and pit Daniel
2. November 2019, 07:35
Harry Eder
Nice cockpit and pilot!
2. November 2019, 08:11
Thankyou mates! I am currently throwing her together, not that complicated, just some minor corrections needed. Pics will follow!
2. November 2019, 21:50
Maciej Bellos
One thing that needs to be taken into account: NSAWC Vipers are A/B machines, thus the base of the fin is different than the one on C/D Vipers. The Hasegawa kit you are using doesn't have this kind of fin in the sprues.
2. November 2019, 22:32
Jos Jansen
So far a great job on that pit...well done
2. November 2019, 23:26
Thank you Jos, and thanks Maciej for the reminder! I have to admit I was about to forget it, concentrated on the end taper and ignored the long front...(aaand please overlook the wrong gun vents, the kit part was missing somehow...)
After glueing the wings I looked at it the next day and felt the sudden urge to modify-it was looking too slick ;) Should have done the surgery before glueing, I reopend all the gaps with my violent sawing, well but thats how it goes :)My plan now is to build her after takeoff with half retracted gear
4. November 2019, 20:24
Carsten Gurk
Wow, that seat is a piece of art!
5. November 2019, 07:01
Ok, some updates on the Viper! At east a bit of progress - got no time for plastic planes since I am currently learning the Hornet in DCS :D But I glued all the main parts, installed the base of the resin engine and drilled holes for the pitot and aoa probes. Now I am watching landing gear test videos on ytube to understand how this stuff folds up... which will be the next surgery
24. November 2019, 15:12
Thx Carsten!
24. November 2019, 15:12
Jos Jansen
Oh man, I love your Viper...awesome build, especially your detailed work on the slats... !!
24. November 2019, 15:20
Thank you very much jos, really glad you like her so far! So what's your ETA on the Blizzard Viper, looking forward to that one in particular :)
24. November 2019, 21:26
Sergej I
Great details! Can't wait when you start painting it. Should be a treat to follow.
24. November 2019, 21:28
Clifford Keesler
Looking very good Daniel, looking forward to seeing her painted.
26. November 2019, 17:51
Stephan Ryll
Very nice progress Daniel
26. November 2019, 18:41
Slavo Hazucha
Hello Daniel - I´ve been kept from the Hobby for some time, now marveling at all the things that happened in the meantime... Nice pit and Red-Star helmet there + the brass around the M-61 business-end is also quite a looker Keeping my eyes open for more ;)
2. December 2019, 10:47
Sergei, Clifford, Stephan and Slavo, thanks for the kind words! can't wait to see how painting will turn out myself ;)
@Slavo: great to see you alive and kickin mate! :) I am currently more viewer than builder here myself, still hope to finish her this year somehow...
5. December 2019, 13:16
Jos Jansen
Daniel, I haven't even started with my Blizzard viper yet ... I'm currently working on my Indo Viper and I'm working on a RAF FGR.2 PHANTOM ...
5. December 2019, 17:09
I had some time to prime! which is the first color as well, or at least the base for all the re-sprayed grays...
15. December 2019, 18:01
Konrad Limmer
Looking very nice Daniel! Looking forward to your further progress :)!
15. December 2019, 18:41
Clifford Keesler
Agree, looking very nice.
15. December 2019, 20:07
Thank you very much Konrad and Clifford!
Had a first test with the liquid mask today and it worked out as I hoped - love it when a plan comes together :)
16. December 2019, 20:58
Slavo Hazucha
Liquid masking looking pretty decent - nice play of the different greys which one did you use?

I'm really looking forward to the blues now ;)
16. December 2019, 21:07
yeah, me too :D theres a lot that can go wrong in this experiment...esp. since this is on my trusty vallejo "primer" (dont judge me ;) ) which I heard is prone to peel sometimes...made all possible preparations to prevent this, but I will wait with masking until this is dried absolutely rock hard -although I would really like to start right now :)
greys are many mixes of the vallejo light ghost grey with more or less drops of black
16. December 2019, 21:33
Konrad Limmer
Looks like fun ;)!
Do it ;)!
16. December 2019, 21:43
Stephan Ryll
Very nice Color work
17. December 2019, 18:36
Thx! Got the first blue down which is a special mix as the called out Colors dont include this faded blue. Think I came pretty close though the photo definately doesnt do it justice. I decided to freehand the touch-ups after all, since it seems doable with lacquers (the Greys were acrylic, not so suitable for this.)
19. December 2019, 18:50
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Daniel. I like it so far.
19. December 2019, 22:04
Nathan Dempsey
I agree, I think the value is looking very nice so far. Can't wait for more :)
19. December 2019, 22:36
alright, after many, many layers of blue I am calling airbrush work done! Was fun, though the voice in my head was screaming "youre overdoing it" all the time ;) Looks different then anything Ive ever painted, but kinda close to the original, I hope. Next is decal work (which will be very quick) and some liiittle bit more weathering after that ;)
20. December 2019, 18:38
Nathan Dempsey
That's some sweet paint work there Daniel.
20. December 2019, 18:47
Stephan Ryll
That bird is looking awsome Daniel
20. December 2019, 18:58
Maciej Bellos
Holly Molly! Awesome!
20. December 2019, 19:04
Many thanks guys, I am really glad you like the outcome :)
20. December 2019, 19:12
Sergej I
Absolutely above my expectations! Looks so realistic!
20. December 2019, 19:40
Slavo Hazucha
Wow, this looks extremely great! You picked a difficult & unique topic, worked it out and implemented it in a superb way - top notch & pleasure to follow!
20. December 2019, 20:08
Jos Jansen
Daniel what a superb scheme, you rock man...outstanding!
20. December 2019, 20:34
Konrad Limmer
Awesome paintjob Daniel ! The camo looks more than great in my opinion !!
20. December 2019, 20:49
Jeremy Wiltcher
Now that is beautiful.
20. December 2019, 21:02
Thank you for all your nice comments mates, always a pleasure to share the progress here and watch yours
20. December 2019, 21:18
Clifford Keesler
Very nice paint job Daniel, well done.
22. December 2019, 05:06
Erik No
Looks great! How did you realize the dark blue stains on the panellines? Looks like it was airbrushed, but so fine? Oo
22. December 2019, 09:45
Thank you Clifford and Erik! Yes, it took some experiments with right air pressure and paint thickness, but it worked out well with the airbrush. The needle tip was like directly above the surface during that, with veeery little paint coming through. Only possible with lacquers btw, acrylics would dry on the needle and mess it all up.
22. December 2019, 11:15
Erik No
A master with the airbrush. Thanks for explaining!
22. December 2019, 15:27
Slavo Hazucha
Hey Daniel, I re-checked your camo-making process, it´s really impressive & true to the photos, well done mate again! A few Q´s:

Did you use AK colors all over from primer to top tones?

How did the J´s works masks behave? I got these too for my splinter-duo - did you "disarm" them a bit before they went on the surface or were they benign enough to be trusted not to take any paint with them just outright?

Thx & looking forward to seeing this unique job finished!
22. December 2019, 16:13
Thx! Your sharp eye is correct as always hans, the masks are not 100%, quickly realized that during masking. But the general direction is correct, which was enough for me. Wasnt so keen on cutting my own ;)
I disarmed them quite heavily, they are pretty tacky from the sheet + was fearing for my vallejo primer...
I mixed the vallejo black and l.ghost grey primer for the grey colors visible, the rest in bleu is AK - with some Gunze transparent green for a more vibrant turquoise. Ive been using the ak real colors only shortly, but so far, they really turned to my first choice in colors, good stuff!
22. December 2019, 19:13
Merry Christmas folks! found some time in between to get some important model building done: Decals are down and a big thankyou to hans for finding+providing those! Though they are a joy to work with they made their grey parts much to bright, they should be dark ghost grey...but ok, they still look good.
Engine is still WIP but nearly finished by now, stunning detail by aires there
And then the stand is built and ready to go, have to think of something fancy to add there maybe :)
25. December 2019, 13:56
Adam Gudynowski
Great painting
25. December 2019, 15:52
Thank you hans and Adam! Was able to dampen the bright stickers down with some black oil paint, looking much better now :)
25. December 2019, 17:12
Konrad Limmer
Really impressive Daniel !
25. December 2019, 18:46
Slavo Hazucha
Going over those decals with a wash really blended them into to the overall picture I wonder where this constant improvement streak will go! Great show Daniel! ;)
25. December 2019, 20:36
25. December 2019, 20:51
Clifford Keesler
Just awesome Daniel.
26. December 2019, 16:11
Harry Eder
That will be a really eyecatcher!
26. December 2019, 18:49
Stephan Ryll
I agree with Harry :) great work Daniel
26. December 2019, 21:33
Patrick Hagelstein
Is picture 39 showing the real colors? I like how they resemble the vibrant colors of the cover picture.
26. December 2019, 23:51
26. December 2019, 23:51
Guys, thank you for your kind words! Yep, pic 36 is in daylight and with the good camera, the rest is mostly by cell phone cam in various christmas lighting conditions ;)
27. December 2019, 11:01
Patrick Hagelstein
Pfew.......You got me worried for a moment.... :D
27. December 2019, 11:19
Last "teaser pic" here because she s finished! Perfect timing for the planned new year GB rollout right? ;) Hope to take some pictures 2morrow if the sun decides to show up, until then - many many thanks for watching and commenting here guys, been a pleasure to have you on board and to be on board this GB :)
30. December 2019, 22:06
Jos Jansen
Absolutely the winner...if it had been a competition ;).
30. December 2019, 22:42
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Viper, a real winner.
31. December 2019, 03:32
Slavo Hazucha
The teasing definitely works! ;)
31. December 2019, 07:05
Xander Jansen
one word....!! WOW!!!!
31. December 2019, 08:49
Stephan Ryll
That teaser looks awsome Daniel
31. December 2019, 09:20
31. December 2019, 12:56
Christian Bruer
Excellent work and finish
31. December 2019, 13:41

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