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Peter Hardy (Cracka)



Building a legend

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In progress
1:350 Bismarck (Revell 05040)


12. September 2018, 04:31
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Bart Goesaert
Nice start, also making a sidestep into ships... so I presume next will be a car?

What PE-set is in the background?
12. September 2018, 08:59
Peter Hardy
A very basic Eduard and I have a Toms modelworks limited pack coming this week. I also have a Pontos deck and turned metal barrels for the main and secondary armament. Not too involved, trying to keep things as basic as I can.
12. September 2018, 09:26
Jason Gardiner
Nice one! I'm also doing a 1:350 scale Bismarck but it's the Tamiya one with numerous add ons...Best of luck with your build
12. September 2018, 09:26
Peter Hardy
You too Jase, just found yours too!
12. September 2018, 09:28
Mike Daniels
Good luck Peter. Thats a very big box. Shame about the hull.
12. September 2018, 09:42
Peter Hardy
Thanks Mike, I'll probably need a bit of luck. That Kawasaki used up all my bad luck I hope! ;)
12. September 2018, 09:55
Christian Bruer
Surprisingly that the halves were that warped. I had the same with the Dragon Gearing Class Destroyer. Once glued the hull was disorted.
You should check the fit of the deck soon to avoid and mismatch between the parts.

Wish you a lot of fun with the kit!
12. September 2018, 17:35
Konrad Limmer
Another Bismarck build from Australia ;)! I'll take a seat here too!
12. September 2018, 17:54
Peter Hardy
Christian, I should probably have temporary fitted the deck. That might have assisted in ensuring the removal of a distortion. Too late now. Won't know till Saturday now! Don't you love the suspense?
Konrad, Australia is the logical place to build the Bismarck. No interference from the RAF here!
Lode, I shall try my best not to disappoint you!
12. September 2018, 20:33
ok, so am i the the only one not building ships? nice job Peter
16. September 2018, 22:55
Peter Hardy
You are not building anything!
16. September 2018, 22:56
not true.... i am simply not publishing it at the moment.... ;)
16. September 2018, 22:57
Greg Baker
Don't worry Spanjaard, I'm also not building any ships... although I did buy a Cutty Sark kit and turn it into an underwater flapping wing submarine boat... and I've been thinking about getting a 1/700 aircraft carrier and putting 1/72 tank treads on it and making it a land carrier...

I am keen to see how this one goes down though...
16. September 2018, 23:21
Peter Hardy
Ships aren't supposed to "go down" Greg!
16. September 2018, 23:32
thanks Greg!
17. September 2018, 05:05
Bart Goesaert
PE on the Anton mount, didn't this mount had the rangefinders removed and covered after trials? ([img1]) source:
17. September 2018, 07:44
Peter Hardy
Well, maybe it's Bruno and I was fishing for rivet counters? You are right Bart, of course, how clumsy of me. Thank you for the correction.

Wouldn't be as nicely done Lode if your name didn't come up so often. Too much glue but starting to get the hang of it now.
17. September 2018, 09:22
Bart Goesaert
rivet counter is a bit harsh...
17. September 2018, 09:41
Peter Hardy
Sorry, didn't mean to offend.
17. September 2018, 10:08
Martin Oostrom
I've been AWOL for a while, but would like to have a seat. Can I come aboard Captain Pete?
17. September 2018, 21:30
Peter Hardy
Seaman Oostrom, stow your gear in your locker and report to the aft deck. There is some sanding to be done!

Lode, I was planning on just a fret or two of PE but, it isn't going to work that way. Now looking for another Eduard pack. I was planning on building each module in plastic and sanding off detail as I go. Railings on just before painting?
17. September 2018, 22:56
Martin Oostrom
Aye Captain. Um, Sir? There's a big hole along the length of the ship where the deck is supposed to be? Can't sand a hole Sir?!
18. September 2018, 05:30
Are you questioning the orders seaman Oostrom???
There is a nice hole to keep you!
18. September 2018, 06:39
Bart Goesaert
Keep it filling till there's enough support for the decking seaman
18. September 2018, 07:40
Martin Oostrom
"There's a hole in the Bismarck, dear Captain, dear Captain, there's a hole in the Bismarck, dear Captain, a hole"
Youtube Video

18. September 2018, 07:58
Peter Hardy
Martin, Spanjaard is right. You are insufferable! Just do as you are ordered if you ever want to sleep before the mast!

Awesome song by the way. Love Belafonte!
18. September 2018, 08:06
Tim Heimer

I've got a sinking feeling I know how this ends!
18. September 2018, 12:43
Peter Hardy
It'll be different this time, I'm in charge!
18. September 2018, 21:17
remember captain Blight .... ;)
18. September 2018, 21:52
Peter Hardy
I hadn't considered a mutiny. I'll keep an eye out for discontent!
18. September 2018, 22:53
Martin Oostrom
If you keep ordering people to sand non-existing decks, you'll have a mutiny sooner rather than later ;)
19. September 2018, 07:06
i will be more discontent if i actually need to sand the existing one! :D
19. September 2018, 07:18
Peter Hardy
You'll both be slapped in irons and locked in the brig it I hear any more balderdash from either of you!
19. September 2018, 07:46
Greg Baker
THIS is why I don't build ships... they make people crazy... just look what happened to Lode...
19. September 2018, 08:44
Bart Goesaert
Or Peter (definitely not Pan)
19. September 2018, 09:08
ships did not made Peter crazy, job was finished before. well, maybe the cherry on the cake. he did not threat with whips before. not in public at least :P
19. September 2018, 09:52
Kerry COX
Looking promising Peter. I was wondering if the gap in the lower hull will have any effect on the width of the main deck. ? :(
And, while I am here....................get the second sheet of PE. Or we will never hear the end of it if you didn't.
19. September 2018, 11:19
Peter Hardy
Already ordered Kerry. Coming from Blighty. Got some new toys coming from HTA too.

Spanjaard, nothing wrong with whips and leather! Got to take a walk on the wild side occasionally. Want pictures?
19. September 2018, 11:32
Peter Hardy
Deck is very close to a perfect fit. As soon as the glue dried I was testing it! I was very worried.
19. September 2018, 11:33
Kerry COX
Excellent. :)
19. September 2018, 12:18
hi Peter. sure, as long as you are behind the camera ;)
19. September 2018, 13:38
19. September 2018, 21:32
Christian Bruer
Nice progress Peter
Are there blast bags for the main and secondary armament provided with the kit or detail set you use or plan to use?
22. September 2018, 08:32
brass props? no cheating! good idea
22. September 2018, 20:16
Peter Hardy
Christian, no blast bags included but I think they are needed as the gaps around the barrels are too big to get away with. I searched the internet for weeks and only found resin bags for a 200 scale so I am planning on a 2part epoxy and shaping that. I have read about using paper but that would be something extra to get frustrated about and detract from my enjoyment of the build. I speculate here though!

Spanjaard, I initially thought it would be cheating too, and I am not above being an untrustworthy sneak, but, is pe a cheat? I think it is, and I also think that as we model in plastic we should spend hours whittling away at evergreen plastic to make a ladder! So because we are all sneaky untrustworthy cheaters, I have succumbed to the weight of common sense and accepted the fact that I am considerably less than I proport to be. And loving it!

Actually it is very interesting as Lode and I have had a few PM conversations on getting the 'right' colour for brass. We did not come up with a solution as we both tried many brands and shades, mixed many as well, and came up with .............. NOTHING! If you look at the two pics of the props they are two entirely different colours. So, for every builder who has had an argument with a judge about the colour of brass, there is none! You were right and they were wrong!

Ok why did I go looking in the first place? When I built the PoW last year I spent a lot of time thinning the props and sharpening the edges. I did a pretty bloody good job too! Did I enjoy it? No bloody way! I was s#$t scared I would break a blade the whole time as I am a big clumsy oaf. So I sneakily and surreptitiously started my search for metal things even I couldn't break! I don't care they were expensive, they look real. I only hope they are to scale!
22. September 2018, 22:36
they look real... because they are real
and do not worry about adding "other materials" to plastic model... metal, paper, putty... if we were to remove anything that is not plastic or paint, we would have end with half of the models gone :P and do not forget resin ;)
about colors i take a pragmatic approach. colors depend on light condition, angle of the viewer, angle of the camera, humidity, previous exposure to Sun or other elements.... so if somebody tell me that my F-4J has the wrong shade of grey, i would say that unless we place it next to the real deal, it will not be possible for anybody to tell. and even next to real deal, you have the scale factor :P so relax :)
22. September 2018, 23:14
Kerry COX
BRASS. ??? Has anyone used AK interactive tube paint. ?
The brass is.........BRASS. Not a cheap gold look alike, and Peter, I will be bringing my tubes for you to experiment with. It really is true to the colour of brass, and, it is polishable too. !
I will be heading to 'Spotlight' down here before I get on the train Peter, hoping to get some scrap material that will come very close to the texture of the blast bag material for you, and we can get something happening for sure.
OR. I can bring some 3M 'Micropore' medical adhesive tape that can do exactly the same thing. :)
22. September 2018, 23:25
Peter Hardy
Well, it sounds like we will have a bit of fun experimenting with materials AND toys while you are here. Will I need a tin of Brasso?
23. September 2018, 00:43
Kerry COX
Indeed you will. :) heheheheh
23. September 2018, 02:27
Peter Hardy
pe on the secondary armament. 1 pic added
23. September 2018, 23:42
Bart Goesaert
Looks good
24. September 2018, 04:14
Kerry COX
The range finders got a bit of PE too mate. ? :)
The grab rails look round Peter. Or is that an optical illusion. ?
Most impressive mate. :)
24. September 2018, 04:24
Peter Hardy
Yoda. There is pe on the front of the rangefinder wings, not the rear. Lots of teeny weeny, wee, little, infinitesimal, microscopic hand rungs on the back or side of each turret. Looking forward to putting them on. NOT!

Thanks Bart. I have researched the rangefinders on the Anton turret. They were removed after the first sea trials. I can't take them off now so I will plead ignorance and go ahead with the Baltic paint scheme from the second sea trials as planned. She may have had both at one point between trials.
24. September 2018, 04:43
Kerry COX
I am seeing ladders and doors on the range finders...Yes. ?
24. September 2018, 04:56
Martin Oostrom
Smooth sailing it is. But beware, the Baltic can get real choppy, really fast. Better have your ship seaworthy before the storm hits.
Keep the good work coming Peter
24. September 2018, 05:51
Peter Hardy
No ladders on the range finders. Ladders on the turret housings only. There are forward facing doors on the rangefinder wings on all of the main armament turrets and on two of the secondary units. All turrets will have access doors on the rear of the houses.
24. September 2018, 07:40
Kerry COX
I will see it soon, so I wont panic. :)
24. September 2018, 08:00
Daniel Klink
Wow Peter that is a gigantic Project... Your progress is very promising and just hope you have enough superglue... All this bending and tweezing. Well, I will take a seat .
Cheers Daniel
24. September 2018, 08:15
Peter Hardy
Hey Daniel! Welcome aboard seaman! Bit of a learning curve here mate. Fun so far though!
24. September 2018, 09:42
Holger Kranich
A Project just for me! I´ll take a seat and enjoy!
24. September 2018, 10:43
Tim Heimer
And just think...Lode started all this ship! LOL
24. September 2018, 16:04
Peter Hardy
Welcome Holger! I'll have you piped aboard! Seaman Oostrom? Get Admiral Kranich a coffee and ensure he gets the armchair on the viewing platform. (I feel like Cnl Klink when General Berghoffer visits).
24. September 2018, 21:05
Martin Oostrom
Aye Captain Stubing! Er, I mean, Aye Captain Bligh! Er, I mean, Aye Captain Hardy!
This way, Herr General....
24. September 2018, 21:35
Peter Hardy
Couple more pics added.
24. September 2018, 22:45
Tim Heimer
Actually Martin I think it's captain Hook! Since there's always something that gets him on his models! LOL!
25. September 2018, 01:08
Norbert Steffens
I like all the tiny details. Great work.
25. September 2018, 04:19
Peter Hardy
Thanks Norbert. All new and exciting!
25. September 2018, 04:52
Kerry COX
But Peter, wearing 3D glasses does not make it better mate. :)
25. September 2018, 06:24
Martin Oostrom
Tim, that would be a great easter egg! A tiny Peter Pan figure somewhere in a mast! 8)
25. September 2018, 07:05
Holger Kranich
Ist a pleasure to be aboard, my dear kaptains and admirals! :D
25. September 2018, 07:22
Tim Heimer
Martin that would be priceless! only a few would catch it!
25. September 2018, 13:06
as usual, to many admirals and generals, and only poor Martin working in this vessel .....
25. September 2018, 18:41
Peter Hardy
Enough with the 'Poor Martin' rubbish Spanjaard, if there is any more of this Captain Hook insolence he will be swinging from the yardarm. I'm going to change his name to Seaman Sandalot and keep him busy until Rodney relieves him of his duties!
25. September 2018, 21:11
we will need to rename this canoe as battleship Potemkin if things continue like this...... :P
25. September 2018, 22:01
Greg Baker
I'd like to get in on the fun here... but I'm not sure where the on-ramp is in this thread...
25. September 2018, 23:13
Kerry COX
The new name for Peters creation should be very Australian. Like, "Kadiatcha". (Powerful aboriginal medicine man.)
26. September 2018, 00:51
Tim Heimer
Hey Peter Pan, It was me with the captain hook comment and Martin with the miniature peter pan figure! I hope you read instructions better than blogs! LOL!
26. September 2018, 01:57
Peter Hardy
Voices? Do I hear voices???
26. September 2018, 05:29
Kerry COX
Ssssssssh. ! Go back to sleep. ;) Things are ............just fine.
26. September 2018, 05:45
Mac Felsing
Hey Peter, this looks pretty good. After my current project, I have the Heller 1/400 Bismark to do, along with the the Trumpeter 200th scale monster. With the appropriate stupid amounts of PE, resin and extra parts. lol
26. September 2018, 05:52
Peter Hardy
Thanks Mac. Please don't let the ratings put you off. They get a bit revolting at times!
26. September 2018, 06:46
Peter Hardy
More pics of what I did last night. ??????????????????????????????????????
26. September 2018, 22:27
Norbert Steffens
Yes please...if they show your modelling activities :))
27. September 2018, 04:18
Bart Goesaert
In this fase: plastic modelling activities ;). Nice work on the heavy AA (
27. September 2018, 04:27
Peter Hardy
Bending away! Monday is a public holiday here so an extra day of bliss! ;)
28. September 2018, 11:24
Kerry COX
I hope it won't topple over from all this brass your using Peter. :-O
The same with mine.
I wonder if I need the plastic at all really. !
28. September 2018, 18:03
Peter Hardy
I need your patience and problem solving abilities Jimbo! I am learning but slowly.

Kez, I wonder if that was what happened to Lode's mast. Too much weight on a skinny mast?

Lode, lawn is mowed so Kerry won't have to do it when he gets here. So, now it's back to the foundry.
28. September 2018, 23:33
Kerry COX
Peter. I can bring some brass rod if you feel your mast can't take the weight of your rigging. Yes. ?
29. September 2018, 05:31
Peter Hardy
My mast stands perfectly well without assistance thank you! ;)
29. September 2018, 07:25
Bart Goesaert
Tss, assistance isn't always a bad thing, either case...
29. September 2018, 08:12
Tim Heimer
Now Peter won't admit that Mrs. Hardy doesn't help from time to time? LOL
30. September 2018, 14:11
30. September 2018, 14:28
Jason Gardiner
Looking great mate! The extra details with the PE is really paying off!
3. October 2018, 01:30
Martin Oostrom
Don't get boxed in by those boxes. You're doing a great job Peter
3. October 2018, 06:06
3. October 2018, 07:31
Bart Goesaert
all joking aside... nice work so far...
3. October 2018, 09:04
Kerry COX
G'DAY fellas. :) Having a ball here with Peter in his most amazing hobby dedicated work shop, spinning yarns and getting some tips and tricks from each other on how to go about getting things done. :)
All in all, an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable time, much more enlightening than b ing in a club situation with very little being discussed in a personal manner .
Peter is so keen to learn, and as keen as mustard to apply what I have to pass on. ;-y
When I get back to my place and download the images I have on my phone and camera, I will write a more detailed report. As I have only, this week end, been able to understand how to use my I pad. !
See you then. :)
And to my mates who were expressing some concerns about my welfare, I am really touched by your wanting to know from Peter if I am OK. That really means a great deal. Thank you.
5. October 2018, 20:40
Christian Bruer
A lot of patience is required to build all the tiny PE parts and it seems to me you have the patience cause you did a very good job on it Peter
8. October 2018, 17:27
Jason Gardiner
Wow the detail the PE gives is amazing, and you obviously got a better PE set than I am using for the Tamiya kit. While the Eduard set adds detail it doesn't add the super-detail your set does. Keep up the awesome work and love those 10.5cm high angle guns.
8. October 2018, 21:03
You had me at "little boxes". I like your humor. Keep up the good work too! :D
13. January 2019, 23:21
Peter Hardy
Well, we all have a little fun here!
13. January 2019, 23:25
Peter Hardy
There is a technique to it Lode, I have had a couple of successes and a lot of "far que" moments with the Vallejo putty. The bikes will be done in a month and then I will make some progress with the Mighty B. One thing Kez taught me was to take more care with the join and the putty may not be needed.
15. January 2019, 07:27
Kerry COX
Seams are meant to be sealed and smooth. And hated with a passion. The 'enemy' you can do something about. ;)
15. January 2019, 07:46
Tim Heimer
So what happened with this that made you stop? I'm quietly doing the Missouri. my B-day present to myself.
16. February 2019, 03:44
Peter Hardy
In a word, pe. Just needed some plastic. I'll be back at her next weekend. Think I'll be finishing the Hondas next Saturday. Will also be getting a plastic fix at the same time with, wait for it ............... a biplane!
16. February 2019, 04:08
Michael Hickey
Heavens above, an aero plane, you do know it has a pair of wings. ;)
16. February 2019, 05:39
Peter Hardy
And not one single solitary flippin' shark tooth anywhere!
16. February 2019, 08:12
Martin Oostrom
That is easily solved :D
19. February 2019, 22:17
Tim Heimer
Good one Martin! LOL
20. February 2019, 14:00
Peter Hardy
Some call you two friends!
20. February 2019, 20:56
do you need a decal Peter, i am sure i can find one suitable ;)
20. February 2019, 22:34
Peter Hardy
Sometimes my dear Spanjaard, you are insufferable!! ;)
21. February 2019, 01:13
:D :D :D nooooo :)
25. February 2019, 22:16
Michael Hickey
Nice going Peter.
18. March 2019, 02:45
Kerry COX
When does the champagne bottle come out. ? ;)
18. March 2019, 03:29
Peter Hardy
December 30th!!!
18. March 2019, 04:12
Christian Bruer
Good to see you back on this. Nice progress
18. March 2019, 04:41
Peter Hardy
Thank you All. Pic has exposed a hole I didn't see and need to fill.
18. March 2019, 08:33
Martin Bishop
Glad i caught this build, some lovely work there, will be following this one.
18. March 2019, 09:09
Holger Kranich
Nice Progress, Peter!
18. March 2019, 10:30
Peter Hardy
Welcome aboard Martin. Holly & Jimbo, I will pick it up and put it down a few more times before being finished but I will work on it for another month or so. I will be all pe'd out by then and will need a plastic injection! Lode, enjoy the pe on that then! I know you love the stuff!
19. March 2019, 02:30
Martin Oostrom
The original was completed in August 1940. Funnel your efforts and finish this build before her 80th birthday!
19. March 2019, 07:55
Peter Hardy
Don't rush an artist Martin! Creativity takes contemplation and recreational beer time!
19. March 2019, 11:33
Bart Goesaert
In what order? Looking good so far...
19. March 2019, 12:05
Holger Kranich
Recreational beer time? Finally the answer of what i am doing in my man cave! :D
19. March 2019, 13:03
Peter Hardy
No doubt about that Jimbo & Lode!!
Holly, no matter what the question, beer is always a suitable answer!
Bart, if you have to ask that question, you need beer!
19. March 2019, 23:18
Holger Kranich
I absolutely agree, Peter! Prost, Cheers, Nunc est bibendum! :D ;)
20. March 2019, 07:19
Martin Oostrom
Ad Fundum!
20. March 2019, 09:40
Holger Kranich
Well said, Martin! ;)
20. March 2019, 09:54
Peter Hardy
Huh? I can speak a little Thai, but can't write it! Germanic languages are beyond me! Feel free to inform me when someone is taking the p!ss out of me? Please???
20. March 2019, 21:21
Martin Oostrom
It's Latin ;)
Ad Fundum roughly means Till the bottom, or Bottoms up.
Nunc est bibendum means It's time to drink.
Combine the two and It's time to drink till the bottom :D
20. March 2019, 22:08
Tim Heimer
After learning that and then doing that Peter you'll be the one pissing! LOl Ad Fundum!
21. March 2019, 01:04
Peter Hardy
Add your own fun dum! Mine is chilling in the fridge. Nothing worse than an educated Dutchman. Or an educated German, Holly, don't think you are escaping my simulated wrath!! :)
21. March 2019, 01:20
Holger Kranich
Aaaaahhhhhh no! ;)
21. March 2019, 08:08
Peter Hardy
Beer drinking time is now only 24 hours away here.
21. March 2019, 09:08
Holger Kranich
You mean the Weekend? 1 & 1/2 Day to go in Germany. It is Thirsday (means that i am thirsty). ;)
21. March 2019, 11:39
Peter Hardy
Germans are always bloody thirsty when beer is available!
21. March 2019, 21:02
Bart Goesaert
Only Germans?
21. March 2019, 21:30
Holger Kranich
Bart is thirsty, too. Bart is always thirsty. ;)
Only 8 hours to go. Beer is in the fridge and my Faun is waiting on my bench. Hands up high, its weekend! 8)
22. March 2019, 07:29
Konrad Limmer
Beer the only thing I hear is BEER...
Now I get thirsty.
Btw Peter your build looks great !
Cheers to all of you and a happy modelling Weekend ;)!
22. March 2019, 08:33
Holger Kranich
Yeah cheers and happy modeling! 8)
22. March 2019, 08:44
Peter Hardy
Modelling? What a great idea! I might bend some metal and sand some plastic this weekend. Thanks Konrad and Holly! You blokes are full of excellent ideas!
22. March 2019, 10:55
Martin Oostrom
Don't forget paint. You might need some as well
22. March 2019, 10:57
Holger Kranich
4,5 hours to go... I can already smell it...
22. March 2019, 11:03
Bryn Crandell
Someone say Beer? I'm in.
Awesome build by the way.
22. March 2019, 11:29
Bart Goesaert

too bad it's loaded with water and not beer...
22. March 2019, 12:01
Holger Kranich
Looks as Peter is building the Beersmarck. ;)
22. March 2019, 12:22
Martin Oostrom
He could paint her in his favourite beer brand colours. And the waves in the diorama could be beer-golden, with the crests like the foam on a beer.
But not in Heineken livery please. Like Bart said, Heineken isn't exactly beer, more a beer flavoured lemonade.
22. March 2019, 12:28
Holger Kranich
Grandiose idea, Martin! And he could make the crew jumping into the sea of beer! And in the background plays "Always look on the bright side of life"! :D
22. March 2019, 12:39
Bart Goesaert
bright side = brewed side ;)
22. March 2019, 12:41
Holger Kranich
Brewed side, for sure!!!
22. March 2019, 13:19
Tim Heimer
LOL! Great ideas and you haven't even cracked one open yet!
22. March 2019, 13:35
Konrad Limmer
The Beersmarck I cant believe what a great idea LOL!!! :)
22. March 2019, 17:48
Peter Hardy
I got nothin'! You blokes are better modellers than comedians! It's Saturday morning here and I am eating my Wheeties thinking about bending plastic and sanding pe on the Beersmarck. Some beer disappeared from my fridge last night, should call the Police.
22. March 2019, 21:23
Martin Oostrom
Still Friday evening here and enjoying a Løwlander IPA. Next up is a Maredsous Triple.
Hope to paint some in the morning. Good luck to you my friend
22. March 2019, 21:44
Holger Kranich
It's Zaterdaag afternoon. Have my first beer. Sitting here with my New Kit. Faun L900 from "Das Werk". What an extraordinary kit. Absolutely enjoyable or is it the beer?
23. March 2019, 15:20
Peter Hardy
Probably both. Ahh, the thrill of a new kit, Martin and I remember it well!
24. March 2019, 00:22
Martin Oostrom
Didn't anybody notice you made some progress? Shame on us!
3. April 2019, 21:43
Peter Hardy
I just get ignored.
4. April 2019, 01:53
Holger Kranich
Oh poor Peter. What a shamy behavior from all of us! ;)
4. April 2019, 06:19
Kerry COX
Peter's hobby room is cluttered up with so much stuff, it is impossible to find the dummy once he looses it. (heheheheheh) '-)
4. April 2019, 06:26
Martin Oostrom
Kerry, be nice to Peter! He's on a roll now, do not distress him…..
4. April 2019, 07:53
Peter Hardy
Yeah Kerry, you gotta be nice to me, Martin said! It's ok, sniff sniff, Holly ... I'll just sit here, sniff, all by myself, sniff, and eat worms. Actually Kez I'd better do a clean up in there this weekend, Mammy asked me to vac last weekend.
4. April 2019, 08:10
Kerry COX
Mate. I am sorry if I did say something wrong. ;)
My place constantly looks like a nursery for angry babies, full of old dummies, and getting worse.
You know I love you mate.
4. April 2019, 08:23
Martin Oostrom
Did we scare you into hiding Peter?
10. April 2019, 17:08
Peter Hardy
Sitting in the corner sucking my thumb.
10. April 2019, 21:14
Tim Heimer
get your thumb out and get back too work! I am! LOL!
18. April 2019, 01:47
Michael Hickey
He's been sucking it for a while now, if it was a lollypop it would be gone by now. ;)
18. April 2019, 07:17
Kerry COX
Superglue takes a lot longer to soften, and Peter uses so much of it, some was bound to end up on his thumb. hahahahahahahaha :) :) :)
18. April 2019, 07:32
Martin Oostrom
Leave my friend alone! He's suffering from pe-overexposure. He needs help, not being mocked :D
18. April 2019, 07:44
Peter Hardy
Strewth! With mates like you lot who needs antagonists!
18. April 2019, 07:57
Michael Hickey
We were just seeing if your still around. :)
18. April 2019, 08:12
Peter Hardy
Been swamped at work and am looking forward to the first day off in two weeks. The Bismarck is in Dry Dock with Kerry's Arizona. Got another little project happening.
18. April 2019, 08:29
18. April 2019, 09:25
Kerry COX
Peter. My Arizona is now a waterline unit, having so many deformations in the lower hull, nothing was sitting right, so I took it to the saw doctor for a 'realignment. ;)
18. April 2019, 11:01
Peter Hardy
Beer isn't a bad idea Holly! To tell the honest truth, I wasn't enjoying all the pe so it was time to enjoy myself. I should have something to post by Tuesday.
Kez, interested in what the Doctor saw? :)
18. April 2019, 11:50
Michael Hickey
I'm sure what your working on Peter goes vrmmm, vrmmm. :)
18. April 2019, 12:10
Chris Greathouse
Holy crap! I just looked at the box, 659 pieces!!! That's intense! I think I'll keep quiet about my 70 piece car. :P Watching for sure!
18. April 2019, 19:11
Tim Heimer
It's like one of those 3D jigsaw puzzles but miniaturized!
18. April 2019, 22:28
Peter Hardy
Chris, 659 pieces of plastic and over 800 pe pieces. The important thing here gents is, when you find you are treating it like a job you don't like, put it aside, get the mojo restarted and revisit when you are more motivated and are getting pleasure again. I model because I enjoy it. If it ain't happenin' IT ain't happening!

Jimbo, you are indeed a perceptive man! Desmosedici on the bench!

Lode, everyone knows that ships are the pinnacle of modelling challenges. That is why you and Christian are held in such reverence by your mates!

Tim, ahhhhhh, #uck it, I got nothin'!
18. April 2019, 22:43
18. April 2019, 23:28
Chris Greathouse
Perfect statement about enjoying, but knowing when to set it aside for awhile if you start to lose pace and enjoyment. Enjoyment is the name of the game after all. :D
18. April 2019, 23:33
Michael Hickey
That's it fellas, if it feels like a choir then why are you doing it, best to get something else out that puts a smile on your dial, like Pete said. My only problem is when I put them aside I don't want to touch them anymore because of the bad memories and feelings that brought me down about the build to start with.
19. April 2019, 02:54
Peter Hardy
Yeah, there is that too!
19. April 2019, 03:20
Martin Oostrom
And yet, stubborn as I am, I will finish what I started :)
Most of the time it is just one (minor) speedbump. Some struts that don't fit, or the need to mask of a very curvy part.
The satisfaction of finishing a frustration build is grand. And yes, sometimes a kit gets restarted a couple of times. Who cares? :D
Keep the juices flowing! See you all back here in this thread in a couple of months.
19. April 2019, 06:30

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