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Mac Felsing added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 18, 2018
29. April 2016 at 04:25:53 Share
Björn Leichsenring Oha. Microwork. Look Forward to see result. Many fun to build them.
29. April 2016 at 08:08:20
Mac Felsing Getting back into it after a lengthy absence. Completed the upper wing spars, ribs, and leading edge. Started to assemble the center trailing edge, but luck on that tonight. I want to thank Jan Sobotka from Brenn Gunn for resending me the instructions. I misplaced them when we moved a couple of years ago and I couldn't find them. Time to get it finished.
18. December at 06:49:25
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Mac Felsing added a new project.
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In progress
03. August 2014 at 06:37:03 Share
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Mac Felsing Added some new photos. Starting on the wing. Going to continue dealing with the push rods. Have an idea how to put them in correctly without too much fuss. Really enjoyed getting back to this. It's been too long
02. December at 05:48:31
Mac Felsing Did more work getting organized. Completed two more ribs and rib caps. I'm using white glue to start and hold one end of the rib cap then medium viscosity CA glue, applying with a thin piece of photo etch, to the strip a little at a time until the cap is in place. then repeat for the other rib cap (2 per rib). Any gaps or loose ends I refasten with CA glue. When dry, i sand lightly with 500 grit sandpaper to remove any remaining slivers. So far, everything seems to be the right size, according to the plans. I also Cut the two wing spars. Will need to taper the last couple of inches to fit the outboard ribs. I wasn't sure if I was going to stain the rib caps, but i will at least be sealing them with shellac. That's all for today.
03. December at 03:55:05
Mac Felsing Dec 5 completed six more wing ribs and caps. It's getting easier now. Only 4 left to do on the upper right wing. Then the leading and trailing edges and forming the wing tips and center section. Bending and laminating the wing tips and center section. I decided to just shellac the wing rib caps. I will be staining the spars to match the ribs.
06. December at 06:59:25
Mac Felsing Dec 8 Shaped the wing spars - taper the ends to 5/64, stained the spars, completed the rib caps for all of the spars on the upper right wing. Noted a couple of spars that don't seem to be cut to match the plans and may cause some alignment issues. nothing seemingly major. Check out the photos
09. December at 01:18:22
Mac Felsing Dec 8 - started laminating the upper wing tips as well.
09. December at 06:41:08
Mac Felsing Dec 9 - Upper wingtips both formed. Turned out well and seem strong. need to seal the edges with a little CA glue. Happy with the outcome.
Next up is to make a CA glue application tool using a double pin vise and a couple of needles. with the eyes cut to form a half loop. Then will use that to start gluing the rib caps to the spars and forming the wing.
In the lineup are the other ribs - need to sand edges, apply rib caps. Used Jim Landon's build from 2005 as a guide and excellent resource. The kit has been modified since then, so some of the issues are not the same but it is a great source of build tips.
10. December at 03:06:29
Mac Felsing Dec 11 - Glued #1 rib to the spars, fixed the spars and wings to the building board with pin, Glued #2 and #3 ribs to the spars. The rest are in place, I used a pin vice and a needle to make a super glue applicator which worked really well to glue the ribs to the spar. When I made the glue applicator, I clipped both ends of the needle - I cut the eye of to make a holder for the glue and clipped off the point just so I didn't accidentally hurt myself. ;)
12. December at 05:46:05
Mac Felsing Finished gluing ribs to the spars, test fit and adjusted the wingtip fit. Included a picture of the glue applicator as well. It was a lifesaver and made the task of glueing the ribs relatively easy and neat. Next step is cutting, gluing and shaping the leading and trailing edge, and matching up mitered joints to the wing tip. Wingtip has to be trimmed/sanded significantly on the trailing edge to provide a smooth transition from 3/16 on leading edge to the 1/16 or so of the trailing edge.
Changing the way I am doing things on the next 3 wings to simplify construction. I will share as I go. Check out the pics.
18. December at 01:14:09
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Mac Felsing added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 18, 2018
14. August 2014 at 13:00:14 Share
Choppa Nutta very cool !!!!!!
16. September 2014 at 04:58:25
bobinspokaloo woah...this is a labor of modeling love....good luck!

Following for sure.
02. December at 05:35:21
Tom I'm in
02. December at 07:48:29
MoJo following
02. December at 08:06:42
Stefan Schacht nice start, i take a seat.
09. December at 00:15:13
Ben M Following this wonderfulness.
09. December at 15:41:20
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December 10, 2018

10. December at 04:20:14 Share
10. December at 03:07:40 Share

December 09, 2018

09. December at 16:06:22 Share
Mac Felsing now follows Tom
09. December at 16:03:48 Share

December 03, 2018

Mac Felsing added the Polar Lights Star Trek Klingon K't'inga Lighting Kit in 1:350 to his wishlist
03. December at 21:52:36 Share
Mac Felsing added the Polar Lights Klingon K't'inga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar (1:350) to his stash.
1:350 Klingon K't'inga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar (Polar Lights 950)
Star Trek
Klingon K't'inga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar
Polar Lights 1:350
2018* | New tool
03. December at 21:50:45 Share
Mac Felsing added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 29, 2018
Project: Heller Z-31
29. October 2017 at 15:36:52 Share
Łukasz Gliński Interesting, will follow
29. October 2017 at 15:55:03
Udo Browarczik It is fun to build... I did mine some 20 yrs ago. But yours looks far better! I´m in...watching!
27. November at 08:07:14
Mac Felsing Welcome Udo. Biggest challenge I'm facing so far is finding a decent rigging plan. Any suggestions welcome. The kit itself has options for Z31, and two later ships in the series, 34 and 37 I think. However I am doing Z31. I'm just starting the photo etch guns.
28. November at 05:36:28
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03. December at 01:27:12 Share

November 28, 2018

28. November at 06:42:20 Share

November 27, 2018

Mac Felsing started the Heller Z 31 (1:400)
1:400 Z 31 (Heller 1048)
Z 31
Heller 1:400
1979 | New tool
27. November at 06:07:04 Share

November 12, 2018

Mac Felsing added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 59 images
In progress
06. January at 15:19:35 Share
Mac Felsing Note: The plastic used for the tan parts is more brittle. Some of the other color sprues seemed to be made of a softer plastic. There is a lot of minor flash, and some sink holes that need filled. The fit on the main body will need filling as well.
06. January at 15:04:06
Mac Felsing Overall this is a really great kit and considering its age, in great shape. I acquired the kit in Dec of 2017 on Ebay. The box is not good but the kit was factory sealed and all accounted for.
06. January at 15:07:00
Peter Hardy How old is it Mac?
15. January at 00:54:37
Mac Felsing Jan 14-Step 1 and 2 complete. Step 3, body and sides together. Front assembled except for lights. Those will go on after final camouflage. Sides fit well. Some minor filling towards the back will be needed. Each part seems to have flash or fine seam lines that need to be sanded. Figuring out what needs primed. interior flooring, side gas tanks with stowage boxes, hinged, etc will be next on the agenda. Will us Mr. filler 1000 to prime, then Vallejo Desert Yellow or something similar as base color. Will be checking various photos for interior colors and shading. Have to fill pin marks on inner floor.
15. January at 01:14:05
Mac Felsing Peter, this kit is from 1975 and I believe it is the primary source of the subsequent kits in scale including the recent Italeri release. Check out the timeline.
15. January at 01:22:33
Mac Felsing Engine is almost complete. Finishing up the coolant pipes and system. Need to decide how to connect the cooling pipes to the radiator the kit does not connect them directly, I have added fuel line and fuel pump, coolant hoses and clamps from model motorcars. Added some weathering, wiring, etc.
Relatively happy with how the engine is looking.
25. September at 02:04:46
Peter Hardy Geeze Mac it's looking VERY detailed! I have had a look at a 1:1 at the Armour and Artillery Museum at Cairns. Love to go play on one!!
25. September at 06:06:16
Mac Felsing Thanks Pete. I'd love to go play on one too!
26. September at 05:37:15
Mac Felsing Just finished up one set of tracks. Took about 60 hours over 2+ weeks. Filing and fitting. Included a couple of different angles shots to show test fitting of the track and the interior sub-assemblies. Each track link has two pieces - 42 track links per side. Each link had significant sink-holes and ejector pin marks. Each link set took about 15 to twenty minutes or so plus filling the sink-holes in each. They would have been visible at this scale.
12. November at 01:47:23
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Mac Felsing added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 12, 2018
Project: Kettenkrad
12. March at 01:33:10 Share

November 03, 2018

Mac Felsing added the Eduard Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (Eduard 7008)
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Strip down
Eduard 1:72
1997 | New tool
03. November at 01:39:16 Share
Mac Felsing added the Eduard Fokker D. VIII (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Fokker D. VIII (Eduard 7007)
Strip down
Fokker D. VIII
Eduard 1:72
1997 | New tool
03. November at 01:37:39 Share
Mac Felsing added the Eduard Fokker E. III (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Fokker E. III (Eduard 7004)
Strip down
Fokker E. III
Eduard 1:72
1996 | New tool
03. November at 01:35:29 Share

October 31, 2018

Mac Felsing added the HGW Airplane nail set Albatros D.V /D.Va in 1:32 to his wishlist
1:32 Airplane nail set Albatros D.V /D.Va (HGW 321015)
Airplane nail set Albatros D.V /D.Va for Wingnut Wings kit
HGW 1:32
31. October at 19:53:32 Share
Mac Felsing added the Trumpeter USS Iowa BB-61 (1:200) to his stash.
1:200 USS Iowa BB-61 (Trumpeter 03706)
USS Iowa BB-61
Trumpeter 1:200
2013 | Changed decals
31. October at 06:27:21 Share

October 28, 2018

Mac Felsing added the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 Albatros D.V (Wingnut Wings 32601)
Albatros D.V "Manfred von Richthofen"
Wingnut Wings 1:32
2018 | Changed parts
28. October at 02:30:43 Share
Mac Felsing added the Model Shipways 18c. Deck Carronade 32-lbr (1:24) to his stash.
1:24 18c. Deck Carronade 32-lbr (Model Shipways MS4004)
Guns of History
18c. Deck Carronade 32-lbr
Model Shipways 1:24
28. October at 02:27:38 Share
Mac Felsing added the Model Shipways Naval Smoothbore Deck Gun (1:24) to his stash.
1:24 Naval Smoothbore Deck Gun (Model Shipways MS4005)
Guns of History
Naval Smoothbore Deck Gun
Model Shipways 1:24
28. October at 02:26:44 Share

October 19, 2018

Mac Felsing added the Revell/Renwal Atomic Cannon 280mm Gun with 50 Ton Transporters (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 Atomic Cannon 280mm Gun with 50 Ton Transporters (Revell/Renwal 85-7811)
Atomic Cannon 280mm Gun with 50 Ton Transporters Renwal Blueprint Models / SSP
Revell/Renwal 1:32
2011 | Changed box
19. October at 20:37:07 Share

October 14, 2018

Mac Felsing started the Special Hobby F2A-2 Buffalo (1:32)
1:32 F2A-2 Buffalo (Special Hobby SH32010)
F2A-2 Buffalo "Yellow Wings"
Special Hobby 1:32
2006 | Changed parts
14. October at 21:56:43 Share
Mac Felsing started the Brengun Airco DH-2 Stripdown (1:144)
1:144 Airco DH-2 Stripdown (Brengun BRS144018)
Airco DH-2 Stripdown
Brengun 1:144
2013 | New tool
14. October at 21:56:16 Share
Mac Felsing started the Matchbox Flower Class Corvette (1:72)
1:72 Flower Class Corvette (Matchbox PK-901)
Flower Class Corvette
Matchbox 1:72
1986 | New tool
14. October at 21:55:28 Share
Mac Felsing added the Wingnut Wings Gotha G.IV (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 Gotha G.IV (Wingnut Wings 32005)
Gotha G.IV
Wingnut Wings 1:32
2011 | New tool
14. October at 04:55:29 Share
Mac Felsing added the Hasegawa Lockheed F-104J/G Starfighter (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 Lockheed F-104J/G Starfighter (Hasegawa S1)
Lockheed F-104J/G Starfighter
Hasegawa 1:32
S1 (JS-103)
1975 | New tool
14. October at 04:34:25 Share

September 26, 2018

26. September at 07:53:33 Share


2018-09-26 07:53:33

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