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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)

My "Manscave"

I was asked, what photobooth / Background i use for my galery pictures.
because i don't know how to insert pictures in replies, i thought to make an album of my basement.
I want to start with the photobox and so on ... have fun!


Tim Heimer
Nice! You organized builders make me sick! LOL!
5 June 2020, 13:45
Dominik Weitzer
sorry😎 😄
every evening i clean up my bench *whistle*
5 June 2020, 15:35
Christian W
On pic #4 I see the first tray is bended down. In such kind of cases I turn it upside down so it could bend to the other side the next couple of months.
5 June 2020, 16:11
Dominik Weitzer
Aj´h! Good point! Thanks. i will change that
5 June 2020, 16:31
Weekend Hobbyist
Thanks for sharing I spent a while admiring your space and the organization. Great selection of kits too. Is that the Aoshima or Testors car trailer ? I hope to make my workbench like this one day.
5 June 2020, 17:42
Great post, thanks for sharing!
5 June 2020, 18:18
Bob Hall
Must have been a Soldier, every thing Dress Right Dress ! Very Good ! LOL !
5 June 2020, 18:26
Christian W
You are a cop, Bob 😄 A good one 😄 Awesome!
5 June 2020, 18:52
Tom ...
A dedicated room for a dedicated modeler! Love it! And a wine cellar to boot! Happy space indeed.
5 June 2020, 19:45
Patrick O
Get a look at that collection in the left bottom corner 😄
6 June 2020, 07:28
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you very much for kind words! Much appreciated! I am really surprised by your reactions to how my space affects you 🙂

@Jimbolaiya: do you mean the Trailer in the photo booth? That is frim the amt Kit with the 76(?) `76 Chevrolet Caprice with Trailer (AMT/ERTL 30031, 1:25).
In the shelf i have the Aoshima Kit also (not good to see on 1st picture , at the bottom of the shelf).


@Bob "PI" : i agree with my brother. how did you get it out? 😄

Thanks Tom! Thanks JD!
6 June 2020, 07:37
Rui S
Nice man cave and photobooth 👍
7 June 2020, 21:19
Nigel Chapman
Wow that's some stash you have! Wish I had space for such a set up.
8 June 2020, 22:02
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Rui, Nigel 🙂
9 June 2020, 17:40
Excellent Happy space you got there
Lots of cool models
And all the nice tools to work whed
Thanks for sharing
15 March, 07:03
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Jv,
i have to update the pictures :-D ...the stash is overloaded in the meantime. ups.
15 March, 10:43
Whed the cool kits you got not sure how it can be overloaded
But love to see more pics
15 March, 11:00
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you,
some new pictures uploaded.
18 March, 09:38
Nigel Chapman
Looks amazing
18 March, 09:57
Thanks Dominic
Great to see all your cool kits and model
Love your choice
Even i only got a few of the ones you got
Thanks for sharing
18 March, 10:06
what a great collection of finished models!
18 March, 10:53
Christian W
Great. Not that chaotic like in my cave 🙂
22 March, 20:15
Ah Ha - I noticed the 'stash' of wine in the lower left corner. Can't read the labels so I cannot comment on that part of your stash 😛
22 March, 22:37
Bob Hall
He's Keen-o on the Vino ! LOL !!!!!!!!!
22 March, 23:08
Dominik Weitzer
*lol* - it is like a fridge in the basement, best temperature for storing wine :-D
23 March, 15:23
Bill Newcomer
Like you mentioned earlier. I have to clean any ongoing projects off of the bench every evening. I have a cat that will run off with parts and/or knock stuff off.
24 March, 05:13
Christian W
Cats 😄 That is one reason, that my manscave is a cat-free-zone.
24 March, 05:24
Great place! What are the numbers on the post-its that come by on some of the pictures..? Do you number your kits? #1707 on picture 13 for example 😛
24 March, 06:07
Christian W
I can answer this. I registrated my kits before i got the knowledge of existing an amazing paltform called "scalemates". I made my own register via Excel. I also using the number for all the pictures of my modelling (for galeries or wips), starting with this number and then a "runnig" number afterwards. I have my own picture album where I have an overview of my stash nearby scalemates.
So: kits with a sticker and a # on it (in Dominik's stash) are kits
-given from me to him or
- exchanged between him and me 😉
24 March, 07:51
Nigel Chapman
Never thought having your brother's hand me downs could be that rewarding!!
24 March, 12:26
Dominik Weitzer
:-D thats right Nigel.

while i am in the basement, there would be no problems with pets - we have none...i wished we had a cat. but the door is always closed to my mancave :-D

Thanks for explain the numbers Brother.
i never wrote down, what kit i have, date of buying etc like my brother does. most of them i have in mind, because my stash is "not as big as others".
some other post-its are my notes, what i planed for them. for example moviecars or existing cars like the 66 Mustang with note "#001 cream" for the real FIN-Nr 1 for reference.
24 March, 14:12
That explains 😛
Thanks for the info, both of you! 🙂
24 March, 14:25
Christian W
You're welcome 🙂
25 March, 04:59
Yes Dominick I have seen your brother is a keen modeller
And knows so much about models
Its a pleasure to meet both of you here an learn many things
And also see the models you guys had for so many years
28 March, 11:51
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Jv!
29 March, 08:50

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