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Alexander (DokAlex144)

Mitsubishi F-2A - Final Look


Daniel Klink
True Blue 👍
11 September 2020, 18:09
Thank you Daniel.
It is said that fotos reveal stuff invisible to the naked eye - so is the case with this subject. Ended up with quite some silvering, more than I thought. Same goes for some residues of washing fluid.
Well, I really need to make sure to get a smooth surface before any paint work, and probably be a bit more patient with the gloss coat - next time then
11 September 2020, 18:28
Roland Gunslinger
That's a beauty 👍
11 September 2020, 18:46
Thank you very much Rolan.
12 September 2020, 08:53
Alexander Grivonev
These are some beautiful camo colours 👍
12 September 2020, 09:16
Thanks Alexander G.
12 September 2020, 12:25
she look really good!
12 September 2020, 12:27
Thank you Spanjaard.
12 September 2020, 21:21
Daniel Klink
@Alex, that is often a tricky thing with makro etc - but nevermind .
It looks brillant and th real thing even more i am sure 👍
12 September 2020, 21:24
Yeah, it is not that visible in real life, except for the few ones on the upper middle fuselage. But thank you very much for your kind words!
12 September 2020, 21:32
Michael Phillips
That turned out fantastic Alexander! The silvering is not very noticeable even at the macro level and wouldn't be something I would notice unless pointed out to me as you did. I run into that all the time, not seeing an issue in person until I upload pics. LOL

Anyway, well done mate, that is a beautiful model!
13 September 2020, 01:56
Thank you very much Michael, your kind words mean a lot! At least it gives me confidence to only have a few areas where I really need to improve myself.
13 September 2020, 09:57
Slavo Hazucha
Somehow missed this album earlier! I liked the build & I like the finished deal very much too! 👍

The F2 and the blue camo are a match made in heaven - and makes for a spectacular model when done well, as this build demonstrates with style... Still like the nozzle inside, my top-choice additional detail here😉
4 October 2020, 13:27
Thank you very much for your kind words Slavo! Perhaps you can draw some inspiration for your own Viper Zero in the future - like being careful with (purchasing) the resin weel wells or cockpit, as they are quite troublesome to fit in.

For the exhaust inside, I tried AK's black weathering pencil to get some of those subtle details - seems nice enough, there is certainly much more you can do with them when using other colours.
4 October 2020, 19:26
Henrik Persson
Really nice work. I like the contrasts on the colors too.
4 October 2020, 20:21
Thanks Henrik!
4 October 2020, 23:40
Oleg Smilyk
Very nice!Especially cockpit detailing! Alexander, you build a beautiful model!
22 October 2020, 14:54
Thank your very much for your kind words Oleg!
22 October 2020, 15:57
Maciej Bellos
Beautiful result. Well done!
22 October 2020, 20:37
Thanks Maciej!
22 October 2020, 21:54
Beautiful bird. The engine nozzle is a real eye catcher!
23 October 2020, 11:22
Whiskey Actual
Love the camo scheme, I agree definitely an eye catcher!
23 October 2020, 17:06
Jos Jansen
Beautiful kit....superb detail, congrats!
23 October 2020, 17:42
Thank you very much for your compliments guys!
23 October 2020, 17:53
James C
Very impressive work. I love the vibrant colours! 👍
28 October 2021, 16:46
Arif Saeed
Beautiful 👏👏👏
28 October 2021, 16:48
Thanks mates, glad you like the paintjob!
28 October 2021, 18:24
Robert Podkoński
Your Japanese "Bigger Brother" of F-16 looks awesome! I like it much!
28 October 2021, 19:14
Thanks a lot Robert!
28 October 2021, 20:10
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful job Alexander. How was the kit?, I have this one also.
28 October 2021, 20:59
Wow that has come out well, was it Mr Colour for the colours or ?
28 October 2021, 21:06
Thanks Clifford and Augie!
@Clifford: The kit was largely decent in terms of fit, though since I added quite some aftermarket I induced fit issues by myself: in particular the engine intake (due to the resin front landing gear) and the bottom-to-top fuselage seal in the front area (due to the resin cockpit). Also the rear spine area of the vertical stabilizer did not fit that well by itself and caused some significant gaps. Apart from that, I do not remember any other major fit issues or alike. The kit goes together well enough and I'm sure a veteran of building ill-received kits like you will have no problem with that Hasegawa kit.

@Augie: I predominantly use AK Real Color colors, as well as Xtreme Metal for metal parts - though I'm including more Alclad paints in that regard. I do not remember the exact colors I used, but for the blue none came close enough anyway so I had to mix them. As can be seen in my build album, I even redid the dark blue color as it was too grey-ish.
28 October 2021, 21:39
Clifford Keesler
Thank you for the information Alexander.
29 October 2021, 02:29
Of course Clifford, glad to be of help.
29 October 2021, 02:35


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