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Thomas Hopfensperger (replicant)

Modelsvit Be-12


19 | 20. September 2017, 14:55
Mike Daniels
Nice. Not seen that particular aircraft before. What service is that?
20. September 2017, 17:47
Sebastian Meyner
...Ukrainian naval aviation 😉
20. September 2017, 17:50
Bernhard Schrock
War sehr interessant in MF zu lesen, was du an der Mühle gemacht hast (hab auch die #02 gebaut). Hut ab.
20. September 2017, 18:34
Alexander Grivonev
Wow, what a beauty..
20. September 2017, 18:46
Thomas Hopfensperger
Thank you Bernhard, you are right, it took a long time! Now i have a lot more time for this crazy hobby (but not divorced). Of course i know many of your models and i like a lot the seagulls of U2 Bernhards, but i couldnt reference them because i finished mine early in april 2016, the article took so long.
20. September 2017, 19:10
Thomas Hopfensperger
I had only one picture here, so now more...
17. December 2018, 16:32
Very nice. I've always wanted that model kit. 🙂 Still a tad expensive, like most new kits.
17. December 2018, 16:38
Any advice for others that get this kit? 🙂
17. December 2018, 16:40
Great work!
17. December 2018, 17:44
Thomas Hopfensperger
Thanks Ekki! @Treehugger: in ModellFan 2017/10 there is a big build feature of my tchaika 🙂
17. December 2018, 18:46
Thomas Hopfensperger
@Treehugger: Bernhard Schrock/Yellowwing has WIP here, and together with another Be-12 from Flugi Bernhard Pethe also on modellversium. Great Tchaikas, the two!
I changed mostly visible faults, as shorter MLG with better cutout in fuselage, sleeker fuselage behind cockpit, rounder oilcoolers, bigger radius on keel, shorter spinners, adding missing window RHS below cockpit, adding jetpipes, newer MAD boom, blade antennas and some more......
18. December 2018, 07:32
Łukasz Gliński
Beautiful, I like that weathering, especially the smoky tail 🙂
18. December 2018, 09:43
Raphael Bernecole
Brilliant work, the weathering is great, well done !! 🙂
1. July, 10:29
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic work! (I remember the VEB Plasticart model of this type assembled by my father standing on my shelf...)
1. July, 10:35
Wow... A new great building from Thomas. Fantastic result!
1. July, 17:25
Thomas Hopfensperger
Thank you! 🙂
2. July, 07:30
Kein 08/15-Modell. Super gemacht! Gefällt mir sehr.
2. July, 07:47


1:72 Beriev Be-12 (Modelsvit 72012)

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