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Spanjaard (hetspanjaard)

Euro Scale Modelling 2016

a few of the models around the floor, and of course some of the winners of the contest.

sorry for the rotated images, i have give advice to others, and then, i have the same problem 😛. i will try to fix it when i have a bit more time.


29. October 2016, 17:09
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Germen V
Why, i think that you have been a good boy
29. October 2016, 19:22
Christian Ristits
This is totally awesome, so many beautiful Models, the Dios do the business, thx for Sharing!
29. October 2016, 20:03
Erik Leijdens
Was a great show indeed! However I didn't see a thing of the contest.. too busy with scoring new kits and talking with fellow modellers 😄
29. October 2016, 20:18
took me a while with the queue, but finally managed. it was really nice collection of kits.
29. October 2016, 20:23
Erik Leijdens
Luckily we have your pictures 🙂
29. October 2016, 20:42
29. October 2016, 20:46
Bart Meeldijk
topfoto's! Ik mis er alleen wel eentje....😉
29. October 2016, 21:46
heb ik je model gemist?
29. October 2016, 21:50
Bart Meeldijk
Mn Apache bij de wedstrijd... viel wel een beetje in het niks bij de Kamov, eerlijk toegegeven..
29. October 2016, 21:50
29. October 2016, 21:51
Scott Dutton
Thanks for taking and sharing, sol many great models, that mig-29 makes you feel hopeless in comparison
29. October 2016, 21:52
Bart Meeldijk
That MIG was insane, indeed! Inspiration all over the place!
29. October 2016, 21:53
Bart Meeldijk
@spanjaard: nee, deed voor een eerste keer mee. Smaakt in ieder geval naar meer!
29. October 2016, 21:55
beyond insane..... the pictures do not give it the proper justice. a pleasure to look at it, and an pain since i will never be able to make something at that level.
29. October 2016, 21:55
Bart Meeldijk
Aim to perfection! 😉
29. October 2016, 21:57
Glenn .
A great standard of models there at this show!
30. October 2016, 03:57
Kim Branders
Thanks for staring.
30. October 2016, 07:06
Kees Kleijwegt
Thanks for sharing Spanjaard. The models were great indeed, but the lighting was not that good in some parts of the room.
And the pin-up in photo 76, is she taking a nap on the fuel tank!? 🙂
30. October 2016, 07:47
Stoned with jet fumes :-p
30. October 2016, 09:16
Thanks for the pics. It was a very nice event. Next year again. 🙂
30. October 2016, 09:36
Holger Kranich
Fascinating ehibits!
30. October 2016, 09:53
Christian Bruer
Thx for sharing 👍 By the way, I much like the diorama with the Kingfisher aboard the sinking BB. Any information about the builder and scale?
30. October 2016, 11:59
Christian Ristits
Agree with you Christian, this is most impressive!
30. October 2016, 12:21
Holger Kranich
The BB was a Missouri class BB?
30. October 2016, 13:53
Holger Kranich
Äh Wisconsin?
30. October 2016, 13:53
i would say it was 1:48 probably, but i could not be sure. unfortunately i do not have details. i checked in the website of, but i can not find it there at all.
30. October 2016, 15:25
Stefan Fraundorfer
Very nice models. Thanks for sharing.
30. October 2016, 15:44
Thanks for sharing your photo's Spanjaard, there are some incredible models amongst them. The sinking ship with the Kingfisher is amazing and that Mig 29 is literally jaw-dropping.
30. October 2016, 15:45
thanks, they were really fantastic indeed.
30. October 2016, 15:52
Soeren .
Thanks for sharing! 😉
30. October 2016, 15:53
Christian Bruer
@Holy, guess it is one of the BB's sunk at Pearl Harbour, but I'm not sure which one, maybe BB 44 USS California. Missouri or Wisconsin is not possible, cause they didn't sink😉
Cheers, Christian
30. October 2016, 16:06
Germen V
The BB's that sunk @ Pearl were :

BB37 Oklahoma (but it turned over)
BB39 Arizona (no she sunk straight dowm)
BB44 California (possible, ship was heeling port while sinking, so seen the set up of the model this is the most likely)
BB48 West Virginia (not, it heeled over against the Tennessee and sunk but the main deck was just below the waterline)

For me it's 99% the California
30. October 2016, 18:45
Arash Zakeri
21. November 2016, 19:45
16. December 2016, 23:05
Clifford Keesler
Awesome, thanks for sharing.
17. December 2016, 18:19
you are very welcome 🙂
17. December 2016, 18:28
Arash Zakeri
These are great awsome thanks for sharing them
17. December 2016, 21:39
Lex Jassies
Nice to see some models again I saw in Nieuwegein. One of those who I missed is the diorama on pictures 17/18. I like it a lot. Do you know the scale?
17. December 2016, 21:56
thanks everybody. Lex, that small wonder was 1/87 scale. A true master piece in my opinion
17. December 2016, 23:03
Eugen P.
Thanks for the pics. There are a lot of impressive kits.
17. December 2016, 23:05
level was high indeed
17. December 2016, 23:07
Lex Jassies
Thanks Spanjaard.
18. December 2016, 10:00
did you have anything in the contest Lex? because your Revell Arado 196 should be there next year for example 😉
18. December 2016, 10:16
Lex Jassies
Hmm...something to keep in the back of my head. But thanks for what I see as a big compliment :*-)
19. December 2016, 08:11
You are very welcome 🙂
19. December 2016, 12:18
Ed Froix
very, very nice!
17. January 2017, 19:08
thanks Ed
17. January 2017, 19:28
Ed Froix
This year i wil go there.
17. January 2017, 19:33
Ed Froix
It can not go to fast learning to do magic with modelling like this
17. January 2017, 19:39
go slow then, and enjoy the ride 🙂 and ask in scalemates when in doubt 🙂 lots of people willing to help
17. January 2017, 19:50
Ed Froix
i always take all the time never in a hurry ☺
17. January 2017, 19:52
good 🙂
17. January 2017, 19:53
Norbert Steffens
Hi spanjaard, I have been there also. Like your last picture with your prey 🙂
18. January 2017, 06:06
ha ha ha, maybe it is for the best that most stalls only accept cash, otherwise, i would have probably got more stuff! 🙂
18. January 2017, 07:10
Oliver Petrosino
Wow, excellent!
18. January 2017, 08:10
Norbert Steffens
Yeah, had the same problem there not enough cash...
18. January 2017, 11:21
Ed Froix
can someone tell me if there is someone or somekind of lessons or seminars on subjects as weathering, panellining etc?. No problem if there are some costs. I,ve been to a class for beginners but want some info on particular subjects. En graag in nederland 😉
18. January 2017, 18:29
Nikolaos Kouzinis
18. January 2017, 18:31
Ed: Youtube is an excellent place to learn new techniques. Just type "scale modelling weathering" into Google videos - and the only thing it will cost you is time.
18. January 2017, 18:44
this site is already of great help, look for what others have done, and check the WIP albums, plenty of information there.
airbrush services Almere gives some training about airbrushing, i did one of 4 hours, about chipping not long ago. quite interesting.
18. January 2017, 18:52
i would suggest to check IPMS Nethelands.
18. January 2017, 18:52
Ed Froix
thanks for the info!
18. January 2017, 19:03
Ed Froix
I just found a lot of video-tutorials 🙂
18. January 2017, 19:04
Donald Medley
20. February 2017, 10:19
thanks Donald
20. February 2017, 19:49
22. February 2017, 10:22
i wish they were mine 😉
22. February 2017, 22:05

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