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Daniel Mysak (alfisti)

B-52H Stratofortress - wip


51 | 3. May, 14:10
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Patryk S.
3. May, 14:24
Mirko Römer
Although this kits covers most auf Austria, good luck! 😉
3. May, 14:30
3. May, 14:33
Me 4!
3. May, 16:44
3. May, 16:48
Sergej I
Nice! Watchin
3. May, 17:01
David Taylor
3. May, 18:10
Yavuz Engin
I'm wondering the final. Watching.
3. May, 19:05
Daniel Mysak
Welcome aboard, nice your all watching.
4. May, 13:34
Łukasz Gliński
Curious how bad it is 😉
4. May, 19:15
Daniel Mysak
Finished the tail cone of the BUFF, now it will fit an early -H model. Next step will be the cockpit section where some panel lines are missing too.
13. May, 18:48
Maciej Bellos
Grabbing a seat!
14. May, 19:07
Daniel Mysak
After some houres of work the chin pods looks much better than befor.
17. May, 18:13
Harry Eder
Great Progress! 👍
17. May, 18:30
Guy Rump
looking good 👍
17. May, 18:33
David Januska
Nice job, taking a seat.
17. May, 18:50
Ingmar Stöhr
Cool project! Following!
18. May, 07:30
Daniel Mysak
Thx mates👍
18. May, 14:40
Daniel Mysak
Finishet the FLIR/TVcamera fairings, started to add missing panel lines.
30. May, 15:30
Mirko Römer
Great effort, I'm sure this will turn out nicely! ( No pressure... 🙂)
30. May, 16:00
David Taylor
Coming along.
30. May, 17:25
Daniel Mysak
After finishing the cockpit area, I continued amidships where some details need to be revised.
2. June, 20:26
Daniel Mysak
Last steps at the pit are done, time to close the Cockpit section.
8. June, 18:06
Stefan Fraundorfer
The stressed skin and the cockpit look great.
11. June, 18:18
Bernd Korte
You're doing a lot of "home improvement" on this kit, hats off! Do you already know where you will keep/display the finished model?
12. June, 09:16
Daniel Mysak
Thanks Stefan and Bernd.
...and, no, I got absolutely no clue where to display the finished BUFF. 🙂
13. June, 11:26
Sven Schönyan
Sollte ich meine B-52 mal bauen, werde ich die Holme verstärken und auf der Unterseite Gewindeeinsätze für M2 oder M3 Senkkopfschrauben vorsehen, damit ich die Flügel zum Transport oder zum Verstauen lösen kann. Daß dann auf der Oberseite an der Trennung ein Spalt sein wird, nehme ich in dem Fall in Kauf.
13. June, 12:26
Daniel Mysak
Die Idee mit abnehmbaren Tragflächen hatte ich auch schon, mal sehen ob ich das weiter verfolge, werd ich dann entscheiden, wenn ich soweit bin.
13. June, 12:36
Patrick Hagelstein
14. June, 18:26
David Taylor
Does the nose mate up with the fuselage.
14. June, 19:41
Daniel Mysak
@Patrick thanks👍
@David, yes, fit looks not too bad.
14. June, 19:50
Gary Victory
Really nice start on your BUFF. Unfortunately this kit and the Italeri releases both have issues with accuracy. Your attention to detail is fantastic and love the stressed skin effect. Looking forward to the rest of your build Daniel.
15. June, 06:33
Daniel Mysak
Thanks Gary. Yes, your right with the weak details. I expected way more from this kit, it's a bit disappointing.
21. June, 17:36
Oliver Zwiener
Sehr interessant - bin mit dabei !
21. June, 18:27
Andy Ball
I'd like to follow, please. This one intrigued me compared to the older 72nd moulds.
21. June, 18:52
Harry Eder
Very nice! Looking forward to see it live on friday... 😉
22. June, 05:51
Łukasz Gliński
What's on Friday?
22. June, 07:10
Daniel Mysak
Thx guys 👍
@Andy yeah, Modelcollect is probably the better choice, even if there are weaknesses in some details.
@Lukas ...our monthly modeller meeting 😉
22. June, 12:59
Good job so far!
22. June, 17:44
Daniel Mysak
@Cuajete thanks
1. July, 17:08
Daniel Mysak
Moved on with the huge weapon bay of the BUFF. The rotary launcher will not be installed as I will build my B-52 carrying the AGM-129 which was only mounted on the wing pylons.
1. July, 17:10
Daniel Mysak
The weapon bay is done. Next will be the wheel wells.
3. July, 15:05
Great work so far. I built an old Monogram BUFF when I was a kid and even in 1/72 scale, they are big kits.
3. July, 15:38
Definitely some great progress reagarding the surface rework and also the detailwork in the cockpit - really eager to see how everything will turn out in the end, so I'll stay here until then! 👍
4. July, 10:10
Daniel Mysak
@John G thanks, yeah, the BUFF is a big bird in this scle, have to look for a place to display it soon.
I´ve always looked at the kits of the B-52 in the hobby shop, ut never bought one in my early modelling days.
4. July, 10:40
Daniel Mysak
@Alexander thank you, I hope the surface will turn out the way I imagined it at the beginning, but we will see. 🙂
4. July, 10:43
Daniel, you are not alone in your concerns 😄
4. July, 12:04
Daniel Mysak
Some little progress with the wheel wells and the undercarriage.
13. July, 16:56
David Taylor
Detail coming along.
11. August, 16:30
Daniel Mysak
Completed the fuselage construction, next step will be the wings.
19. August, 17:11
Btw, you might want to check out the HBO tv-movie By Dawn's Early Light (1990) (With James Earl Jones and a few other familiar faces like Rebecca De Mornay).
19. August, 17:20
David Taylor
Looking good Daniel.It's a film worth watching.
19. August, 18:28
Łukasz Gliński
That's getting bigly yuge 😉
19. August, 19:13
Neat, looking forward to this one.
19. August, 19:56
Andy Ball
That's quite big, really 😉
19. August, 20:46
20. August, 17:45
Daniel Mysak
Thanks guys.👍
@Treehugger @David Taylor watched the film these days, good story, not so good acting 😉
24. August, 18:06
Daniel Mysak
Started the work on the engines, thanks to the poor details there is a lot to do...
30. August, 16:54
Gary Victory
Beautiful work Daniel. Great progress on you Buff project.
31. August, 06:33
Re. photo 56. Did you plan to do more with the burred out lines on the sides, or did you maybe forget about them? A stressed metal effect I think it must be.
31. August, 07:31
Daniel Mysak
@Gary thx👍
@Treehugger the stressed skin is already done on the whole fuselage but it´s a bit hard to see in the pictures.
31. August, 10:22
David Taylor
Lot of gaps there Daniel.
31. August, 15:05
Daniel Mysak
If you mean the engine nacelles, they are only hold together by the clamp, the fitting will be not so bad when glued.
31. August, 15:18
31. August, 17:52
Daniel Mysak
Some progress on the engines but still a long way to go.
3. September, 20:37
Great engines job 👍
6. September, 17:33
Agreed, engines look great - as everything else so far.. 👍
23. October, 00:55
Daniel Mysak
After a while I managed to get on with the engines, after control painting, filling, sanding, painting, filling and again sanding, I´m near to the end with them.
22. November, 18:02


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