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Maciej Bellos (m2000-5)

Sea Fury FB 11

A Hawker Sea Fury FB-11 TF956 belonging to the Royal Navy Historical Flight.


37 | 18. January 2015, 17:03
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Aris aka Amen
Looks beautiful, nice smooth painting so far.
18. January 2015, 20:02
Very nice! Gary
19. January 2015, 13:46
Maciej Bellos
Ari and Gary, thanks!It's my second try using an airbrush and it worked out pretty well.
19. January 2015, 15:32
Christian Bruer
That looks pretty nice, but more photos please!
19. January 2015, 17:57
Maciej Bellos
Added a couple of pics.
I like to mention the problems I encounter in my builds (problems either due to the kit itself or ones I kind of produce with my actions). So:
- I lost the main landing gear but a fellow modeler not only gave me the landing gear but the whole kit (big thanks Dimitris). Now I have a shot of building it better next time so I decided to scratch the main landing gear in order to have a complete model for a later build. At the picture with the two landing gear les, the one on the lefet is the original while the one on the right is my try. I thnik it worked out ok.
- I put on most of the decals with the help of Humbrol Decalfix. They are rather thick, but the solution worked quite well. Also there are minor errors namely the size of the 123, which is a bit taller than it should. The only decals left are the red circles in the roundels which I didn't put them on purpose. Why? Well the white color in the roundels is a bit transparent and one can see the black stripes under it. So either have to find a white circle of appropriate size or carefully mask and airbrush some white colour.
- One thing I learned about decalfix is that it is rather aggresive against my Winsor & Newton Acrylic Gloss Varnish. I had to be precise on the placement of the decal since I had just about 30 seconds before decalfix interacted with the varnish and create a kind of glue under the decal and further movement of the decal was nearly impossible.

Shoot away!
20. February 2015, 21:58
Maciej Bellos
All decals have been placed. I could have done a bit better with the model but I learned how to deal with the invasion stripes. Washing is up next and then a final coat of varnish, I suppose gloss or semi gloss, as far as I can tell from a couple of pics.
24. February 2015, 18:03
Bartłomiej Ślusarczyk
Looks very nice at this point, can't wait for final effect. Personally I would choose semi-gloss for final coat 🙂
24. February 2015, 19:01
John E
You've done nice work with that PM kit. I thought most of PM's stuff was rough but that kit looks like it has nice detail.
24. February 2015, 20:57
Maciej Bellos
Thanks guys. That PM kit is more or less ok for a beginner: cheap and not many parts. But it has fitting issues and I kind of hate the contour of the surface. The detail is rather basic with some lines missing, especially on the cowling. As for the detail in the wheel wells, I will not take credit for it, because a close friend deepened the well and added some wiring before giving me the kit.
25. February 2015, 20:54
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
26. February 2015, 00:02
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Es-haq.
I applied pin wash and the next step is to apply a semi gloss varnish. Any thoughts about the colour of the wheel wells and landing gear legs?
1. March 2015, 15:58
1. March 2015, 16:35
John Bollig
I am working on the trainer/ target tug version. You have done a great job on yours
2. March 2015, 04:20
Maciej Bellos
@ John E: thanks for the link!
@ John Bollig: it 'd be nice to see your two seater. Such a peculiar shape and arrangement. Thanks!
@ Soheil: Thank you!
2. March 2015, 17:08
Maciej Bellos
Near the end. Some oil and dirt on the lower surfaces. Some mishaps are visible due to putty not being sanded of properly. The details in the wheel wells are my mind's doings, no info on how they were painted.
12. July 2015, 20:01
John E
Looking really nice, Maciej!
13. July 2015, 00:34
13. July 2015, 01:35
Maciej Bellos
Thanks guys.
14. July 2015, 10:49
Roberto Rocat
More than 10 years ago I failed big time with the 2 seater version...Yours is going to look very good!
14. July 2015, 14:24
Maciej Bellos
Let's call it quits with this one. Not an easy model to build, lot's of inaccuracies. If anyone wants to build a respectable Sea Fury, he (she) must be prepared to do a lot of work: sanding off the leading and trailing edges, making the cowling fit to the fuselage (it has a larger diameter), improving the non existent cockpit, deepening the wheel wells are some of the things one has to do. All in all I am pleased with the paint job I done and the new things I tried.

Thank yous go to my close friend Yannis who gave me this model with some work already done, to Panayiotis who gave me another one after I had lost the wheel struts and ofcourse to all of you for the support.
17. July 2015, 15:06
Łukasz Gliński
Great job, doesn't look like the PM issue at all
17. July 2015, 18:54
Hanno Kleinecke
Very sharp and clean build and paintwork, beautyful Fury !
17. July 2015, 19:54
Colin Phillips
Very nice great work
17. July 2015, 20:06
John E
I really like it, Maciej. Your paintwork is great. You've really done something nice with that PM kit!
18. July 2015, 03:25
Maciej Bellos
Thanks mates! If it weren't for some mistakes with sanding off the excessive putty, I think its my best work so far.

James C, nice that you had the chance to see one up close. It's a large fighter, with one heck of a powerful engine (2550 HP). I have it next to a PIG (F-111) and it is stunning.I think it's wider than an F-16. I'll post a picture for reference.
18. July 2015, 20:28
Excellent work.
18. July 2015, 20:41
Maciej Bellos
Thanks Ekki! ☺
19. July 2015, 12:27
Christian Bruer
Sharp and clean work, well done!
19. July 2015, 15:43
Kerry COX
Worthy of being on display on the Commanding Officers desk. Just superb in every way. 🙂 👍
19. July 2015, 15:50
Mike Grant
I think that's the best build I've ever seen of the PM kit 👍
19. July 2015, 17:50
Maciej Bellos
Christian, Kerry and Mike, you boost my confidence! Thank you very much mates!
21. July 2015, 16:05
Kerry COX
Maciej, we are only telling the truth mate.
Just stunning mate. 🙂 👍
21. July 2015, 16:47
Maciej Bellos
Kerry and James C, I added a couple of pics in comparison to a PIG and a Viper. By no means was the Sea Fury a small plane.
26. July 2015, 19:36
Kerry COX
There is an amazing highly detailed one in the Canberra War Memorial.
27. July 2015, 00:40
Kerry COX
I have often wondered what the Typhoon would have been like if it was fitted with a huge radial instead of the engine it had and all the problems with it.
Even more devastating I would imagine. 🙂
Thanks for the Vids. 🙂 👍
27. July 2015, 01:08
Lee Fogel
Looks great! Beautiful paint work.
27. July 2015, 02:26
Maciej Bellos
James thanks for the videos. Pretty insightful.
Roberto it's never late to try it one more time. Thanks.
Thank you Lee.
27. July 2015, 13:13
Erik Houghton
Nice job on the old Frogger 👍
27. July 2015, 13:22
Maciej Bellos
Thanks Erik! Do you mean that the kit is a reissue of a Frog?
27. July 2015, 13:40
27. July 2015, 17:12
Marcel Klemmer
Very nice result 🙂. I have enjoyed two Furys on the flying legend in Duxford this year and one Centaurus on a test bensch. Very cool
27. July 2015, 17:14
Erik Houghton
Ah, no, my mistake Maciej, didn't realize it was the PM kit. All the same great job!
27. July 2015, 20:39
Maciej Bellos
Gerald and Marcel, thank you! Marcel, niiice, especially that Centaurus should sound pretty stunning.
28. July 2015, 16:19
Marcel Klemmer
Yes indeed. And beside the Centaurus they start in addition one Merlin 🙂 it was a nice sound....
28. July 2015, 17:19
Ulf Petersen
Beautiful model!👍
29. July 2015, 05:09
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Ulf ☺
29. July 2015, 13:40
Mark K
2. June, 23:20
Clifford Keesler
How did I miss this one? Great job.
3. June, 01:26
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Mark, Clifford and Peppy! It turned out ok for a dog of a kit...

Thanks for the likes guys!
3. June, 03:37
Robert Podkoński
Great job, Maciej!
3. June, 06:31
Top result in spite of the doggy kit .... 👍
3. June, 08:36
Gordon Sørensen
Great result, especially from a PM kit, Maciej!
3. June, 08:42
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Patryk, Andy, Robert, Neuling and Gordon!
3. June, 15:29
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Cuajete!
3. June, 18:41
Maciej Bellos
Thank you David!
3. June, 21:22
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Petr!
4. June, 03:57
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Ray!
4. June, 10:21
Maciej Bellos
Thank you JW!
4. June, 18:10
James C
Nice looking Sea Fury Maciej 👍
4. June, 18:16
Maciej Bellos
Thank you James!

Didn't expect this doggy kit to get such attention after all these years!
4. June, 18:18
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Paweł!
4. June, 19:46
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Edward!
5. June, 20:38
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Roberto!
6. June, 12:33
Maciej Bellos
Thank you for the likes guys!
6. June, 18:06
Beautiful build. I hope to replicate yours with mine
6. June, 18:30
Maciej Bellos
You are too kind! Thank you!
6. June, 18:56
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Mirko and Prieur!
6. June, 20:09
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Juergen!
8. June, 14:03
Guy Rump
Great build 👍
8. June, 17:54
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Alex, Bernhard and Guy!
8. June, 19:23
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic Sea Fury Maciej. The invasion stripes suits it well
21. June, 09:04
Dimitri V.
very nice rendition of a horseless I meant hopeless ,kit..
21. June, 10:24
Maciej Bellos
Dimitri, 😄 😄 😄 Really a hopeless kit, a lot of work needed to make it look acceptable.

Thank you Erik! The stripes give it some character indeed.

Thank you for all the likes guys!
21. June, 12:06
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Danumurthi!
28. June, 03:38
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Frantisek!
28. June, 13:16
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Marc!
28. June, 15:20
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Ahmet and Grant!
28. June, 20:17
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Hataka!
28. June, 20:32
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Markus!
28. June, 21:13
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Alex!
29. June, 03:44
Maciej Bellos
Glad you like it Matthew!
29. June, 14:54
Andy Ball
Cracking, M
29. June, 15:23
Dave Flitton
Nice! How was the build?
29. June, 15:53
Maciej Bellos
You are very kind Andy, thank you!

Thank you Dave! The kit is rather crude, no detail in the cockpit, no engine details, nothing in the wheel wells (my friend added stuff before handing it over to me) and the fit is between mediocre and bad. At least it has recessed panel lines, so no need for rescribing. I kind of enjoyed it because I was getting to know my airbrush and how to spray and it turned out quite smooth. Better tackle the Trumpeter or the Special Hobby kit.

29. June, 16:26
Andy Ball
I can vouch for the SpecHob - I've heard it's the best in 72nd apart from the resin offering which is ultra rare
29. June, 18:26


1:72 Hawker Sea Fury FB 11 (PM Model PM-211)
Hawker Sea Fury FB.60
PK Military رائل پاکستان ایئر فورس (Royal Pakistan Air Force 1947-1956)
No. 4 Sqn. L967
ANA615 FS30118 FS35231 FS31136

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