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Kerry COX (RedRoo)


WIP 1/32 Ju-87 G2 "Kanone Vogel"

Hasegawa kits of this size are like hens teeth to get hold of.
Especially true when it comes to the full edition of the EDUARD Photo etch upgrade set.
Finally, I have achieved the attainment of the whole kit and kaboodle.

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21. February, 03:09
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Ben M
I'm watching, because it's something I want to vicariously enjoy.
21. February, 03:19
Tim Heimer
Good way to put it Ben!
21. February, 04:13
Kerry COX
Here come some more.............with text. LOL ;)
21. February, 04:14
Tim Heimer
Kerry, you've been watching Lode way too much! LOL!
21. February, 04:14
Kerry COX
I am like a sponge when it comes to getting tips and advice from the PE masters Tim.
Like 'Pink ZAP'. excellent glue and so precise. ! ;)
21. February, 04:17
Just incredible detail, patience and workcraft
21. February, 05:46
Lode Schildermans
Ah, Kerry, I notice you've discovered the pink ZAP. Nice product, ain't it? Seeiing the result, you know how to apply it :)
21. February, 06:06
Kerry COX
Lode and Tom, thanks for looking in lads. ;)
Yes Lode, the pink zap is certainly something to praise, and once you know the knack of how it works, it makes the old super glue look like something out of the dark ages. :) :)
heaps of dry fitting helped, but there were a couple of times I screwed up, but a bath of acetone set things right.
21. February, 06:47
Bart Goesaert
Good to see you back. nice modelling and yeah, PE can be small... but you've added some very nice details, with little to no gluemarks. When looking a the picture of the gun-visor (img 12)... not a clear plastic sheet to add there?
21. February, 09:40
Love the work kezza
21. February, 10:09
Kerry COX
Bart eagle eye, The gun sight glass will be added last to avoid any possible bumps.
The 'Pink Zap' is an amazing glue and the application of it is controllable, as you only need the smallest amount to get it working.
Augie, you are most kind my friend. ;) Thank you both for looking in and your comments. :)
21. February, 10:35
Clifford Keesler
Awesome, Keeza as always.
21. February, 20:07
Kerry COX
Clifford and James. I am grateful for your popping in and the detailing is all thanks to the Eduard PE.
Nothing finer in my opinion.
It's been a real fun time on this build, as I have no other kits around to distract me. ;)
21. February, 21:50
Lol @ photo 21 :D
21. February, 22:01
Lode Schildermans
Great idea about those seats. Looks awesome real
21. February, 22:06
Ben M
What is the advantage of using "pink ZAP" ?
21. February, 22:08
Alec K
Another Kerry build to file as resource for my future 1:72 project... :D
21. February, 22:09
Kerry COX
Tree Hugger, I have straightened out that buckled portion of the barrel surround.
It took a bit of effort, but it is a whole lot better now. :)
21. February, 23:29
Kerry COX
Ben, The pink zap is a really thin fluid, in fact, the same as the Tamiya liquid glue, and it follows gaps really welland bonds quite quickly.
21. February, 23:31
Kerry COX
Aek, K You flatter me mate. That a really nice thing to say.
Thank you
21. February, 23:32
Kerry COX
Lode, I have just posted an image that shows the top right corner of the pilots seat and it looks like the cushion was quite thick. ;)
21. February, 23:35
Martin Oostrom
So this is what you were up to. You were extremely quiet the last couple of weeks and I can understand now why. Might this one rival the result of the Horten? It does look great so far
22. February, 14:36
Hanno Kleinecke
Great start with all that brass so far !
These little arrows look a lot like the Junkers logo to me, although I've never seen them being attached or embossed to the exhaust muzzles,
especially not to every single one of them. The reference pictures I could find ( Squadron Signal No. 73) show no such decoration, neither on G variants nor earlier models of the 87.

22. February, 16:18
Kerry COX
Hanno. I wonder why Eduard have added them to the instructions, as they appear on the Academy 1/32 Ju-87 G2 and for the Hasegawa kit too. ! :)
I will look for the engine manufacturer again, as it would be them more likely.
Martin, my silence has been medically advised, so a bit of time with my son in an other part of Australia has resulted, and I'm loving the change.
I am ok, just a bit older. After all, I will be 75 this year. ;)
As for the Horten, this will be nothing like the imagination that went into the 229 mate.
22. February, 16:41
Bart Goesaert
May I wist you a speedy recovery? Thought it could have been by the fires.

Almost hard to find a reference where these are visible. Nice work with the seatbeits, are these prepainted? I find it always hard on these curved pieces not to damage the paint while bending..
22. February, 19:56
Kerry COX
Bart. Thank you for your good wishes mate. I do appreciate your concern.
Thankfully, the fires are on the east coast, where as, I am on the west coast, just south of Perth. :)
The seat belts are the pre painted, and I too have some anxiety when bending them to position.
How I try and overcome that cracking and flaking is to bend the belt over a thin shaft with ones finger or thumb on top of the bend to hold the paint in place.
But gentle movements after the bending also helps keep it all in place.
Cheers mate. ;)
22. February, 21:44
Martin Oostrom
Happy birthday to KC!! (sometime later this year)
22. February, 22:07
Lode Schildermans
Nice to have you back here, Kerry, and not only for your beautiful builds
22. February, 22:31
Kerry COX
Martin and Lode. My good mates. :)
Thank you for your uplifting words my friends. It's always a good tonic to be part of this band of brothers, that is for sure. :) :) :)
April 4 is the due 'Used by date' hahahaha :) :)
I liken this 'hobby' to a true form of art. In that we buy our 'canvas', that being what ever kit takes our fancy and then it becomes our interpretation and ours alone.
After that, it's smiles all round.
It's kept me intrigued for the last 60 years, and a few more to come. :)
Cheers lads.
22. February, 23:37
Tim Heimer
So glad to hear that! You are such an inspiration to us all.
23. February, 00:08
Kerry COX
Tim. What a beautiful thing to say my friend.
If it were not for the likes of people like you and all my mates here on SM, I would not have pursued my hobby for as long as I have, as it is, from all of you, that I get the inspiration and encouragement to keep on going.
I am deeply humbled that you all see me as one who is looked up to.
Most honoured indeed.
Kezza. ;)
23. February, 01:43
Clifford Keesler
Agree with Tim 100%.
23. February, 04:24
23. February, 04:41
Tim Heimer
Seems we all get by with the little help we give each other here. Just a bunch of scalenuts hanging around under the tree! LOL
23. February, 06:32
David Deavall
Totally agree with you
23. February, 08:20
Chip H
Amazing work! I am in awe of what you've done so far. Beautiful.
23. February, 08:20
Alec K
I would like to add my nod to what Tim wrote above. Kerry, your conduct and presentation on this forum could be made into a course of online conduct. Always positive, upbeat, taking time to respond in detail, encourage others etc. I certainly have learned from that. When I see the animosity and vitriol modelers throw at each other on other platforms (over a HOBBY, mind you), makes me wanna weep. And I run back to SCM...

So: glad you are back, good to see you back at it, and lots of health wishes mate
23. February, 13:23
Kerry COX
Alec K. My goodness, what have I done to deserve all this. ? :) :) :)
My life unto others as you would have them do unto you, and, always try to be a better person than you were yesterday.
Your kind words have made me even more grateful for being with the greatest forum on the net.
I did speak unkindly to one member here years ago and MH certainly gave me a well deserved spray over it, putting me in my place.
I am always mindful now of what and how I say what I do here, and it seems to have paid off. :) .
Thank you all your good wishes and for the patience and the compliments.
My smile gets bigger every day. :)
23. February, 15:19
23. February, 16:25
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, you do deserve these comments because of the great personality you are, and I can only affirm the comments of the mates
23. February, 22:35
Kerry COX
Lode, Thank you my friend.
All the mates who have commented on this page I am truly overcome with what all of you have said. :)
You have all contributed to my well being far beyond what all of you could imagine.
I am, I can assure you, am a much better person for knowing you all, especially one person who introduced me to the clan, and that is Thomas Mayer, the guy who encouraged me to present my Horten 229 to the Zoukei Mura President, and from there, I now enjoy being in the very best of company, and wish for nothing more.
From the depths of my heart, I am most grateful for you all being here for me in my good and bad times.
I do, love you all. :)
23. February, 23:21
Peter Hardy
Aww Kez, I done tole' you ages ago we were a wonderful bunch! Alec's comments are straight to the point, and, exceedingly accurate. You have been a wonderful teacher for me and definitely a mentor I can be proud of. To be a part of this community, despite all of our individual problems and issues, is warming to the core. I feel I belong here and my older brother, Kerry Cox has taught me so much and not just about modelling.
24. February, 09:31
Mladen Radeka
Hiya Kerry, you asked what those triangles on the exhausts pipes are. Those depict a flying human which is the company logo of Junkers.
24. February, 10:58
Kerry COX
Mladen, I am in your debt mate. Not being familiar with that sort of thing, I would have just blindly and happily thought nothing of it. But as I have never seen any black and white images with anything like that I would have been none the wiser.
Thanks my friend. :)
24. February, 12:09
Bart Goesaert
Thx Mladen, interesting fact...
24. February, 12:54

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