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Tom (atomic77)



Tom started this item
5. May, 11:20

May 4, 2020

Tom added a new photoalbum.
1 | 4. May, 07:44
Tom Happy Star Wars Day to everyone in the SCM galaxy! :) I made this virtual dio from a couple of my Bandai kits, shot in my tabletop lightbox and processed in Photoshop and Lightroom. Just for fun. I made two renders, couldn't decide which one I like more. I think I need to add a TIE fighter for next year.
4. May, 07:48
Konrad Limmer Hi Tom!
May the 4th be with you too ;)!

Awesome idea like it mate !
4. May, 07:54
Tom Cheers Konrad! It's a day to celebrate the rebellion :)
4. May, 08:00
Jay Dubya The force is strong in the Tommy one!
4. May, 10:36
Tom Cheers JW I think one of these would be fun to fly :)
4. May, 11:38
Günther Decock May the force be with you, Tom. Mooi gedaan.
4. May, 11:41
Tom Thanks Günther same to you my friend!
4. May, 14:11
Tom added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 3 images
1:2700k Death Star II (Bandai 0230357)1:144 Blue Squadron Resistance X-Wing Fighter (Bandai 0219553)
4. May, 07:41
Tom completed this item
4. May, 07:40
Tom completed this item
4. May, 07:39

May 2, 2020

Tom added a new photoalbum.
2. May, 06:24

May 1, 2020

Tom added a new photoalbum.
12. February, 07:02
View full thread (26 Comments)
Tom Finally got the tracks built. My first time ever doing this :) A journey of discovery: wtf...? aha... wtf...? aha... and so on. A challenge to get nice curves out of these flat segments, but satisfying to get them done. Some errors along the way, but I think the worst ones will be hidden.
29. April, 11:51
Günther Decock Tom, ziet er goed uit. En wat de tracks betreft super. Ik heb ook elke keer in de loop van een nieuw project ook van die lastige momenten, maar als het resultaat redelijk is zijn we blij :)
29. April, 14:38
Tom Thanks Günther! You're right, overcoming the challenges is a source of joy :) Next challenge for me on this one: build and fit PE fenders.
30. April, 01:44
Günther Decock I think you will know when you working with PE parts sand a little bit the back of the PE part for a better grip or you can use PE burnishing fluid to darken the parts.
30. April, 06:29
Zsolt Czegle Great! Following!
30. April, 06:56
Spanjaard Looking good
30. April, 08:24
Tom Thanks Günther, I didn't know about burnishing, I will try and get some on order My plan is to deform the fenders according to the available reference photos of Tiger 712.
1. May, 02:10
Tom Hi Zsolt and Spanjaard, thanks for looking in
1. May, 02:11

April 25, 2020

Tom added a new photoalbum.
1. February, 06:31
Tom Some progress on my German cargo truck. Primed and base colours on cab and cargo bed. Some weathering on the chassis - need to finish the wheels with dust. Started on the cargo bed - the base color (Mr Color Wood) was very raw and red, as can be seen on the inside surface. I have washed the outside with a sand wash to drop the color intensity and then a grey wash to fade it a bit. Planning to go over the wood exterior with the yellow and chip it for wear and tear, also metal fixtures. Will probably fill the seam gaps on the cab that I didn't pay attention to first time round :)
20. April, 13:27
Günther Decock Mooi werk Tom
20. April, 13:35
Tom Thanks Günther!
20. April, 13:40
Jack Vlamings I like the older model cabine. Main reason is the flag on the newer one looks a little too big and the triangle on the top is only used up when you have a trailer. ;)
25. April, 04:57
Tom Ah, great, thanks Jack, I didn't know that :) I agree. And I messed up the masking on the other one :)
25. April, 06:59

April 22, 2020

Tom now follows George Bacon
22. April, 03:50

April 12, 2020

Tom wants this item
17. February, 08:12
Günther Decock Dit model verkopen ze o.a op de site waar ik regelmatig kom. www.modelbouwenzo nl.
1. April, 16:39
Tom Wow, thanks Günther! I will definitely get one on order :) Saving the product page URL here too:
2. April, 01:20
Günther Decock Graag gedaan Tom, het is een leuke hobby met een nog leukere community, dankzij deze site.
3. April, 12:26
Tom You're right Günther . I can't speak Flemish/Dutch (Google Translate worked fine :) ), but, I do work for a company in Eindhoven (I am an off-site contractor), and one of my buddies there is Belgian, so had some great times there on site visits (around Lommel). Have a great weekend Günther, hope you have something good on the work bench :)
3. April, 13:58
Günther Decock Momenteel bezig met een Apache helicopter
3. April, 14:45
Günther Decock Voor U ook een fijn weekend. U bent bezig met een X-wing. Ook al mooi geworden
3. April, 14:56
Tom Thanks Günther! Sorry about my slow reply. Been buried with work. No progress on the X-wing I'm afraid, hopefully next weekend. Hope your projects are advancing
12. April, 12:15
Günther Decock Geeft niet Tom, het lukt wel. Juist redelijk veel opvulwerk, maar we hebben tijd. Veel succes met de x xing
12. April, 15:59
Tom added a new photoalbum.
30. March, 06:14
Tom This has been on my bench for a while. Getting close to the finish. I've been working on the wings mainly: quite a few decals, which are quite thick, and don't like Mr Mark Softer very much. The red colour on some of the decals has run. But I think the overall effect is good. I tore a couple of decals in small places, so I have started marking them up as blaster damage (top of both upper wings) :) The kit comes with duplicate decal sheets: one is a set of stickers, the other is water slide. Also quite a lot of work on the cockpit. I am pretty terrible with detail, but I think it came out ok. Next step is a whole load of panel lines, then finish the build, then scuff it up a bit per reference stills from the movies :) I love these Bandai kits, this one has been fun.
30. March, 06:20
Eduardo Arguijo lookin g forward to the updates
11. April, 02:48
Torsten Wendt I'll take a seat and watch :)
11. April, 08:04
Tom Thx chaps I'm researching finishes at the moment, some really nice Bandai X-wings to be found around the web. I'm going for that faded, kind of dusty look - presumably space radiation. Probably a lot of dry brushing. I'm collecting my reference shots here:
12. April, 12:12

April 2, 2020

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2. April, 09:43
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2. April, 07:04

March 30, 2020

Tom added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 5 images
In progress
1:72 X-Wing Starfighter (Bandai 0191406)
30. March, 06:11

March 13, 2020

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13. March, 12:37

March 8, 2020

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8. March, 14:02
Tom owns this item
8. March, 14:01
Tom owns this item
8. March, 13:59
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8. March, 07:47

March 1, 2020

Tom owns this item
1. March, 13:12

February 29, 2020

Tom started this item
29. February, 05:55
Tom started this item
29. February, 05:55

February 23, 2020

Tom owns this item
23. February, 12:38
Tom owns this item
23. February, 12:30
Tom owns this item
23. February, 12:29
Tom added a new photoalbum.
13. February, 03:02
Tom Setting up for a bit of priming and filling.
23. February, 07:08

February 21, 2020

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21. February, 07:44
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21. February, 07:44
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21. February, 07:44
Tom added a new photoalbum.
17. February, 06:31
Thomas Kirschbaum Tip: either take Blu-Tac or Liquidtape from Microscale; does not hold as well but remains flexible. So Blu-Tac or PattaFix seems a good solution to me if you don't want to stick. Boring is also not that difficult: start with 0.1 or 0.2 mm and slowly increase the thickness. Works very well.
19. February, 20:03
Tom Great, thanks Thomas The blu-tac method sounds good, I had not thought of that. Will try boring the end of the barrel today.
20. February, 02:56
Alec K Another option regarding the barrel elevation is to counter-balance it. Glue a rod (repurposed sprue tree) to the inside of gun mantlet and add appropriate weight on the end (fishing line lead works). More complex than Thomas' suggestion, but more reliable imho (I would be worried about the blu-tac loosening over time).
20. February, 03:39
Tom Thanks Alec another good option to think about. With Thomas's blu-tac option, I will be able to remove the turret and refresh the fix through the turret ring. But the permanence of your suggestion is appealing. Anyway, it is good to collect all these ideas for future reference - thanks both, so much to learn in this hobby :)
20. February, 05:02
Tom Barrel bored. For a first attempt, I'm ok with that.
20. February, 08:24
Thomas Kirschbaum The Barell looks fantastic for your first attempt! :); The Option from Alec is very intererest! :)
20. February, 17:04
Alec K Just a suggestion, to be sure. In this hobby, the best methods are the ones that work for you. The barrel looks excellent
20. February, 17:24
Tom Thanks for your help, chaps slowly moving forward, filling some holes this weekend while I wait for some rust red primer to arrive from HK :) I am enjoying working through the challenges with the great help on this site.
21. February, 02:40

February 20, 2020

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20. February, 11:47

February 19, 2020

Tom added Armorama to his favorite webzines
19. February, 11:17
Tom added Scale MODEL shop to his favorite webzines
19. February, 11:17
Tom added Mr. Color to his list of favorite colors
19. February, 11:15

February 18, 2020

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18. February, 02:36

February 17, 2020

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17. February, 14:47
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17. February, 07:59

February 12, 2020

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12. February, 11:32
Tom started this item
12. February, 07:07
Tom added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 23 images
In progress
1:72 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H Tiger (Revell 03262)1:72 Tiger I Early Production Fender (Dragon) (E.T. Model E72-024)1+
12. February, 07:04
Tom added a new photoalbum.
6. February, 10:31
Bryn Crandell Love the Bandai Star Wars Kits. Can't wait to see how you tackle the shadowing
6. February, 12:34
Tom Cheers Bryn, I am new builder, just turning some things over in my head. Will enjoy the model on my desk for a while before I try something and ruin it :)
6. February, 12:50
Tom Even though it is small, I have to say I really like this model. Thinking hard about what kind of finish to apply.
7. February, 09:45
Torsten Wendt That's 8), really like it
8. February, 18:02
Tom Cheers Torsten!
10. February, 06:37
Tom It turns out there is a color guide on the inside of the box (image in the album). I will probably just rewatch the movies for reference :)
12. February, 03:59

February 8, 2020

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8. February, 12:46
Tom owns this item
8. February, 12:46

February 6, 2020

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6. February, 17:58
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6. February, 12:46
Tom added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 11 images
In progress
1:2700k Death Star II (Bandai 0230357)
6. February, 10:34
Tom Easy build, everything snapped together well except the final outer piece, but that is at the back, so not too concerned. Just wondering how to finish it. I think some shadows inside and picking out the panels would look good. But there are loads of them and they are tiny.
6. February, 12:24
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6. February, 10:41
Tom started this item
6. February, 10:36
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6. February, 10:29

February 2, 2020

Tom started this item
2. February, 13:50
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2. February, 13:48
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2. February, 04:35
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2. February, 03:09

February 1, 2020

Tom added a new project.
Albums: 2 with 14 images
In progress
1:72 German Cargo Truck (Early & Late) (Academy 13404)
Opel Blitz S 3t
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
1. February, 06:16

January 25, 2020

Tom added a new photoalbum.
1 images
View album, image #1
24. January, 12:39
István Szücs My favorite droid! Excellent!
24. January, 18:53
JD The odds of me liking this? It's high... It's very high...
Any more pics?
24. January, 19:16
Tom Thanks István - same here! Love K-2SO, also a fan of the actor Alan Tudyk.
25. January, 05:26
Tom Thanks JD :) - the look I was going for here was "why does she get a blaster and I don't?" but it is the wrong stance, I think they are in the drop ship when he says that. Quite an expressive kit though. I have a few other Bandai Star Wars, will do a lightbox session. Think I will shoot this one on black background also.
25. January, 05:30
JD Awesome Tom, looking forward to seeing more of your work! 8)
25. January, 05:34
Torsten Wendt Nice, maybe you have more pics?
25. January, 08:53
Tom Thanks Torsten - working on it, going to dust off my lightbox
25. January, 09:53
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25. January, 08:49
Tom now follows Chris Greathouse
25. January, 08:05
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25. January, 05:32
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25. January, 05:31

January 24, 2020

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24. January, 14:04
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24. January, 12:34
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24. January, 12:32
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24. January, 12:30
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24. January, 12:30
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24. January, 12:19
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24. January, 12:14

September 16, 2019

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16. September 2019, 11:39


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