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Mike Grant (Migrant)


Eduard DH-2

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1:48 Airco DH-2 (Eduard 8094)


3. March 2013, 17:11
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Pascal GARAT
Stunning work once again Mike!
Love the rigging job ;)
3. March 2013, 17:14
3. March 2013, 17:15
Frank Krause
Not from this world...! How did you manage such clean rigging? What did you use for the wires? The comparison of the pilot's seat before and after is unbelievable. Agree with Pascal and Tim - wooooow!
3. March 2013, 17:22
Frank Krause
And pic. 5 - have a look at the pic, then read the caption...
3. March 2013, 17:23
Albi Hitz
come on !!!! I'm gonna sell all my stuff and starting something else ... ;)
Awesome work mate!
3. March 2013, 17:23
WOW... amazing..
3. March 2013, 17:38
Steve Wilson
Awesome Mike absolutely awesome!!! sheeesh!!!
3. March 2013, 18:08
simply beautiful, perfectly convincing, absolutely worth seeing, like all your models
3. March 2013, 18:49
Mike Grant
Thanks for the kind comments. :) @Frank, it's rigged using a combination of stretched sprue and ceramic fibre for the rigging. I replaced the twin booms with carbon-fibre rod as I felt the styrene ones might bend over time.
3. March 2013, 19:01
Stefan Suessemilch
staggering Mike.... what a professional work, not only the models but also the pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.
3. March 2013, 21:41
Christian Lehmann
Amazing rigging
3. March 2013, 22:02
George Bacon
Beautiful, beautiful work! However, it looks like one of the spark plugs is loose ;)
3. March 2013, 23:46
Dirk Heyer
One of my favorite vintage biplanes! This type is on my to do list... :) as many other wonderful models :D :D
You did a fine and absolutely effective paint job!
That`s scale modelling at his best!
Did you post your DH 2 on Great War Aviation Forum?
4. March 2013, 07:37
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
I know nothing about planes. but that plane is beautiful ! WOW !
4. March 2013, 07:55
Michel Huijghe
Amazing concidering how many wires there are. I think you made all your models from your stash to show it to us. :)
4. March 2013, 08:01
Beautiful work Mike
12. January 2016, 04:27
Rob van Dodewaard
Another super build Mike
12. January 2016, 04:53
Choppa Nutta
A lazy evening in and time to root around around
gorgeous old beauty :)
11. March 2016, 23:33
Mike Grant
I told you not to call me that, Choppa.
11. March 2016, 23:35
Choppa Nutta
haha, I'm so sorry, back to calling you "ravaged young hag" is it ? ;) :D :D lol :D
11. March 2016, 23:38
Jose Miguel Rodriguez
What a wonderful work Mike!!!!!
12. March 2016, 00:14
Gareth Windsor
That is a great job. Love the rigging.
12. March 2016, 02:16
Roberto Rocat
Really outstanding skills at work here...and pictures are great, too
12. March 2016, 13:49
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
Whaou! It's far upstairs from my building skills! Great!
15. March 2016, 06:34
Soeren .
Awesome work! I could never do anything like that.
15. March 2016, 06:47
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great job Mike !
15. March 2016, 06:50
Mike, how come the top port roundel stops at the trailing flap?
15. March 2016, 07:06
Choppa Nutta
if you look underneath that wing you can see the rest of the roundel, it's as though that aileron was replaced from another planes upper right aileron and put on the upper left wing to replace a damaged one,
I get the feeling there might be a real world story behind that slightly unusual feature :)

Total guess but I reckon Mike have the answer to that curious feature :)
15. March 2016, 07:13
Lex Jassies
If you had told me it was 1/32 scale, I woud have believeth it. What a beauty!
15. March 2016, 07:49
That's plausible I guess Choppa.
15. March 2016, 13:09
Cristian Bordina
I'm speechless, your model is of a beauty and precision without equal. :)
15. March 2016, 13:13
Choppa Nutta
I did wonder myself Ben, I guess we'll have to wait for Mike to provide us with the answer :)
15. March 2016, 14:31
Mike Grant
Thanks guys :) Choppa's explanation is correct. The upper and lower wings (and therefore ailerons) were interchangeable on the DH-2, so a damaged upper aileron could be replaced with the lower one from another aircraft.
15. March 2016, 16:01
Choppa Nutta
very pragmatic of the designers to build the plane that way :)
Is there a story behind this particular plane that inspired your build of it Mike ?
15. March 2016, 16:15
Erik Leijdens
Very impressive once again. Rigging is amazing Mike
15. March 2016, 22:13
Bart Goesaert
very nice painting effects on the linen, very nice model all together... as usual ;)
16. March 2016, 09:41
Martien Lourens
You continue to amaze. again a very beautiful model out your hands, Mike. Especially with the rigging work. That's a bar too high for me. :) Well done
16. March 2016, 12:55
Brian Wilton
Another excellent job Well done
16. March 2016, 15:29
Marcel Klemmer
Well done :)
16. March 2016, 17:01
Lionel Marco
A wonderful job, especially on the rigging...
By the way, how did you make it?
16. March 2016, 18:58
Carsten Gurk
Amazing, just amazing! The DH.2 was always a dream model of mine, but that rigging is beyound my eyes and fingers.
14. July 2019, 18:23
A work of art!
15. July 2019, 15:02
Agustin Prellezo
It is brilliant! That plane is also in my wishlist. But I am a bit afraid....
15. July 2019, 15:42
Bart Goesaert
Nice work!
@Augustin: Why? You can only give it your best shot. Don't be intimidatied by looking at the results of one of the best modelers around. Look, try, ask and learn... And your work is also good... Better then mine, that's for sure
15. July 2019, 18:05
Alec K
Super work, excellent
16. July 2019, 19:58
Slavo Hazucha
Wow, a seriously beautiful build! The rigging is amazing, so many cables in flawless harmony :) Also love the brass blade-protectors on the propeller!
16. July 2019, 20:43
Chris Greathouse
Absolutely stunning!!!
16. July 2019, 21:00
Ron Dyson
That's beautiful it. takes your breath away . Well done
17. July 2019, 02:05
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great job Mike !
17. July 2019, 15:48
Stephan Ryll
You created a very nice gem Mike
17. July 2019, 16:06
Mats Bengtsson
I can only concur with all the previous comments; a masterpiece
17. July 2019, 16:40
John Ballman
Well done thanks for sharing this.
17. July 2019, 16:42
18. July 2019, 09:45
excellent, as usual Mike style. i love it.
6. August 2019, 11:55
Mike Grant
Thanks a lot guys This is quite an oldie now.
6. August 2019, 22:44
i did not realized it was from a couple of years ago... still pretty good :)
6. August 2019, 22:46

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