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Navy Bird
Bill Gilman (Navy Bird)


English Electric Canberra PR.9 (Airfix)

With the help of some aftermarket, and (maybe) a bit or two of the Xtrakit offering, perhaps we can get a realistic replica of the last recce variant of the Cranberry. But then, maybe not. The Airfix kit will be a challenge, as Hornby managed to make a lot of mistakes.

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1:72 English Electric Canberra PR.9 (Airfix A05039)1:72 E.E. Canberra Correct rudder (SBS Model 72005)9+


13. February 2017, 20:53
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13. February 2017, 20:58
David Thor
This already looks very promising. Great job on the cockpit!
13. February 2017, 21:08
Bill Gilman
Thanks guys! It will be a bit of work - Airfix made some really goofy errors. Hard to explain, especially since their old, raised panel line Canberras are pretty good. We'll tart her up though!
13. February 2017, 21:19
Mark Medwell
Looks great, like the look of the panels...
13. February 2017, 22:11
looking really good.
13. February 2017, 22:36
Jay Mountain Goat
The cockpit and navigator's stations look like you've ripped them from an actual Canberra. By that I mean to say it looks really good. Shame the kit itself won't help you along though.
16. February 2017, 16:02
Harry Eder
Great progress on the pit
16. February 2017, 16:28
Christian Bruer
Promising start. I will take a seat.
16. February 2017, 20:48
Nazid Kimmie
Love my Canberra's just finishing nearly.... my 1/48 Airfix B.2/B.20, overall not a bad kit - its not Tamiya-tight but not bad. But I really like the look of the PR9/B.57
17. February 2017, 03:59
Bart Goesaert
nice start so far. That cockpit looks very good...
17. February 2017, 08:45
Bill Gilman
The fuselage is together and I'm now in the process of adding a lot of details that Airfix either forgot, or got wrong. I know this is one of Hornby's earlier efforts, but they could have at least looked at an old Airfix Canberra for guidance - they wouldn't have done some of these silly things! But she's coming along. I uploaded several new photos. Cheers, Bill
20. February 2017, 00:33
Bill Gilman
More progress, have a look at the new photos. She's very close to getting her first coat of Hemp! Cheers, Bill
8. March 2017, 00:42
Alec K
Great progress Bill, and masterful narration! I had a similar "tail too high" problem in my recent build - I mean, by a LOT! Just amazes me that considering the complexity of model design, they can't get the legs' length correct... Good luck painting, and thanks for sharing
8. March 2017, 02:54
Gary Brantley
Looking good Bill! What is the red filler you've used if I may ask?
8. March 2017, 04:33
Christian Lehmann
Missed this completey till now.
8. March 2017, 05:40
Erik Leijdens
Very beautiful progress Bill. Did not know the Airfix Canberra was that flawed.
8. March 2017, 06:19
Bill Gilman
Thanks, mates!

Gary - the red filler is Nitro-Stan Red Spot & Glazing Putty, an automotive product. I like it because it sands to a beautiful feather edge and is very smooth. The downside is that it shrinks a bit, and two applications are usually necessary.

Erik - the "old tool" Airfix Canberra was in some ways better than the new one. The new tool was one of the first under Hornby, and it has quite a few problems. None of them make it "unbuildable" and most are easily fixed. It fits really well, which can't be said for the Xtrakit. I think it will end up looking very good.
8. March 2017, 16:28
Gary Brantley
Thanks for the info Bill. I've used a similar product several times as well.
8. March 2017, 16:32
Philip De Keyser
Inpressive so far Bill
8. March 2017, 16:38
David Thor
Very nice looking build, very excited for the next steps!
8. March 2017, 17:21
Łukasz Gliński
Watching and missing those kits, they disappeared so quickly from the shops...
8. March 2017, 20:39
Bill Gilman
The Cranberry has been painted, and I've started on the stickers! I ran into a bit of a problem here, though - the yellow stencils from the Airfix kit don't show up against the Hemp paint. They literally disappear. So I tried the stencils from the Xtrakit PR.9, and they disintegrated in the water. Just when I thought we were close to finishing this baby. Anyway, a friend in the UK is sending me an out-of-print Model Alliance sheet of PR.9 stencils. That should do the trick. In the meantime, I've uploaded some more photos that show the current progress. Cheers, Bill
24. March 2017, 17:55
Łukasz Gliński
Lucky you - because of the decal friend :) Could you give some more details regarding the faults of that kit? Would be very useful for the others I guess :)
24. March 2017, 20:31
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Bill. How you been feeling? Well I hope.
24. March 2017, 20:58
Bill Gilman
I think the major faults of the kit are the filet radius at the bottom of the leading edge of the vertical tail is wrong and needs to be reshaped (easy), the horizontal tailplane roots have no dihedral and need to be removed from the fuselage and the tailplanes lengthened inboard to compensate (not so easy), many of the panel lines (especially on the fuselage) are too heavy, wrong or missing (especially the strengthening plates), the cockpit as supplied by Airfix is that for the B(I).8 version, the landing gear struts are too long, many details are missing from the belly (like the crash strips and fuel tank attachment straps), the RWR antennae on the wingtips are missing, the forward RWR bullet on the tail is too big, the intake exhaust vent on the starboard nacelle is on the wrong side, air conditioner exhausts are missing from the underside, vortext generators on the vertical tail are in the wrong place, vortex generators on the underside of the wingtips are missing...what else? That's enough for now! On the bright side, the fit is quite good! :)
24. March 2017, 21:41
Bill Gilman
@Clifford Keesler, thanks for asking. I'm feeling OK. My chemotherapy continues through July of this year. I'm in the maintenance phase now, since I'm in remission again. It's been over two years since the recurrence of the lymphoma and the start of treatment again. Long journey, but we keep plugging away at it - gotta kill every one of those bloody cancer cells!
24. March 2017, 21:50
i wish you all the best Bill in your fight.
25. March 2017, 17:30
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks for your exhaustive info Bill, that's very helpful. Fingers crossed for both of your fights! (Cranberry & chemiotherapy)
26. March 2017, 18:48
Bart Goesaert
we wish you good luck and the best in the fight with the tiny cells and hope you can overcome....

Keep on fighting Bill
27. March 2017, 10:17
Jose Costa
Great Work Bill, excellent!!! Hope you get those little bastards out of you soon, completely. Nice to see U again "in action" :D
27. March 2017, 10:57
Dave Flitton
Egads! How did I miss this build?
27. March 2017, 19:26
Eugen P.
Modelling is the best medicine. Get well Bill.
27. March 2017, 20:16
Bill Gilman
The Cranberry PR.9 is finished! I've added a few of the last assembly photos, plus one picture of the finished model. More pictures will be posted soon. Cheers, Bill.
6. April 2017, 20:57
David Thor
Great results!
6. April 2017, 21:17
Patrick Hagelstein
How could I have missed this? Beautiful!!!
6. April 2017, 21:44
Choppa Nutta
another top notch delivery Bill :)
6. April 2017, 22:35
6. April 2017, 22:38
wow Bill, you done it again!
6. April 2017, 22:53
Christian Keller
absolutely fantastic work :)
7. April 2017, 04:33
Bart Goesaert
7. April 2017, 06:28
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic result Bill
7. April 2017, 10:44
Roberto Rocat
Wow. Great.
7. April 2017, 15:10
Another Stunner Bill!
7. April 2017, 15:16
Christian Bruer
Excellent work and finish and a close eye to any detail ;)
7. April 2017, 16:00
Martin Oostrom
7. April 2017, 16:07
Bill Gilman
Thanks, mates! I'm setting up the photo shoot now, so more pictures of the finished model will be here soon! :)
7. April 2017, 18:32
very nice
7. April 2017, 18:35
Bill Gilman
Thanks, mates! The rest of the photos are now on-line. Enjoy! Cheers, Bill
7. April 2017, 23:19
Łukasz Gliński
Awesome, I like this camo a lot.
8. April 2017, 13:17
Clifford Keesler
Absoultey amazing work Bill.
8. April 2017, 23:42
Wilfried Bogaerts
Wonderful work Uncle. IMHO this aircraft looks beautiful in any paint scheme, camo, black, raspberry ripple, NMF, target tug, ... even the bright orange Luftwaffe version, but this is one of the most elegant!
9. April 2017, 08:33

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