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Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 19, 2017
19. February at 18:32:43 Share
gorbygould Looks good Gary, particularly in B&W. It's good, but you can certainly tell that this is one of your older builds - your latest stuff is loads better.
19. February at 18:58:25
Gary Brantley Thanks gorby. Yeah, I didn't photograph it for years because I thought it sort of crude. I knew very little about weathering back then (not that I do now, lol) and just didn't think it was "good enough" for a photo session. But you know, I thought it would be fun, first of all just to see her in pics, but also to judge perhaps how much progress I've made in scale modeling. These days, the amount of detail and effort I put into a build is always influenced by that nagging thought that time is running out and I'd like to finish many of those stash-bound kits before it's too late. Thanks again friend! " ;)
19. February at 19:21:53
Gary Brantley Monday teaser change :)
20. February at 14:26:22
Oliver Petrosino a beauty! Oliver
20. February at 14:42:08
Gary Brantley Oliver, that's so nice of you to say! I really appreciate that sir; great way to start the week!
20. February at 14:45:48
Oliver Petrosino Cheers, Gary! Have a nice week!
20. February at 15:06:17
Gary Brantley And the same to you Oliver! The weekend's on its way... :)
20. February at 15:35:48
Gary Brantley Two more days until the weekend! :)
23. February at 02:14:10
James C I missed this one. Again, very nice work mate.
23. February at 04:51:35
Gary Brantley Thanks for looking in James and thanks for the comment as well! :)
23. February at 06:59:48
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February 21, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 19, 2017
19. February at 18:11:51 Share
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Gary Brantley Spanjaard, thanks for the comments my friend! Your generous compliments inspire me sir. :)
20. February at 20:51:33
Spanjaard your models inspire me :)
20. February at 20:59:52
ice That's one of those scalemates-moments. You scroll through the timeline, see a pic and think: "Nice - that guy posted a walkaround of an F-18." ...and than you realize, it's just a model. :o
20. February at 21:52:39
Gary Brantley That is so kind of you to say ice! Lol, it's all done with smoke and mirrors :)
20. February at 22:01:44
ice Smoke and mirrors? Tell me - I'm really interested! :)
20. February at 22:08:16
21. February at 01:56:58
James C Fantastic looking Hornet Gary.
21. February at 20:16:36
Gary Brantley Hey thanks James! I'm glad that you liked her. :)
21. February at 20:24:01
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February 15, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 11, 2017
11. January at 04:10:02 Share
Spanjaard very nice, beautifu rigging.
11. January at 08:16:44
Gary Brantley Thanks, that's kind of you to say Spanjaard! Appreciated much. :)
11. January at 15:02:39
gorbygould Beautiful model Gary - excellent rigging.
11. January at 16:58:15
Gary Brantley Thanks gorby! It was my first attempt at rigging. Soon afterward, I built the old Impact/Lindberg Hawker Fury I. I used a similar technique with that. Last year, a heavy 1/24 resin car kit fell on the Hawker and dislodged every single rigging wire! Arghhhh! I collected then all but haven't made the attempt yet to reinstall them. That's a project for later... :) Thanks again!
11. January at 17:53:17
Stephan Ryll Very nice build
11. January at 19:51:51
Gary Brantley Again, your comments mean a lot Stephan. Thanks!
11. January at 21:11:47
Bernd Müller A fine build and nicely presented. Well done Gary :)
11. January at 21:55:21
Gary Brantley Thanks Bernd! I'm glad that you like her.
11. January at 22:19:21
Antonio De Girolamo Well that's a beautiful Ni17! Great photos, also!
15. February at 12:37:36
Gary Brantley Hey, thanks for taking a look at her Antonio! And, thanks too for leaving your generous comments!
15. February at 13:31:45
Taarna Eckart Nice job for sure, Gary! What are you using for rigging if you do not mind?
15. February at 18:31:13
Gary Brantley Thanks Taarna! I used some very fine guitar string for that. I don't recall what gauge it was, but probably the smallest I could find at the music store. Thanks for your comments! :)
15. February at 18:36:52
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15. February at 15:45:48 Share
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15. February at 13:31:56 Share

February 14, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 11, 2017
11. February at 21:11:49 Share
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Gary Brantley It sounds like we may have the same pellet gun. It has a "handle" beneath the barrel that cocks it. One cock only, I'd say about 400 fps at the most. Here in Texas, we have Cummins Tool Sales. They travel around the area, setting up displays in a VFW hall or similar. Everything they sell is Chinese made. I paid $19.95 for mine several years ago. I'd say the "killing range" is no more than 25-30 feet. I've eliminated quite a few squirrels with it though, surprisingly. :). I'm thinking of two routes to take: buy an old classic pellet rifle such as a Benjamin or Sheridan, or get a new Gamo air-rifle with a mounted airgun scope. I understand that they are really effective, with around 1100 fps. What do ya think?
13. February at 20:24:12
Rex This is funny,,,,,,,,,my list of "modeling friends" has just shrunk by one person. That is because I didn't know that Gary and Texgunner were the same guy on two different sites. Hiya Gary, from RexCag on SPAM.
14. February at 00:41:16
Scott Hastings Definitely go retro if you can...older stuff is made much better. I bet it would be far more maintainable as well. Both the S or B look great and seem to be a few for sale online as well.
14. February at 02:12:21
Gary Brantley Hi Rex! Hey, weren't you on the FSM forums for a while also? They gave me the boot there back in the fall; life goes on! :)
Yeah, TG is me too. I've just started using my real name now on most forums. It's good to see old friends here too!

Scott, I'm sure that's true and really something to consider isn't it? I'm looking for one that will outlast me and be used by my grandkids! :)
14. February at 02:27:12
Rex Yeah, Gary, I was once on FSM, but, they didn't boot me,,,,,,,,I booted them, lol. There are plenty of forums to go to, I just pick and choose now and stay on the ones that "fit" me,,,,although I might get banned from the Hangar Deck, someday. (haha, a small joke, but, one never knows if he will click the wrong button and lose access to his own site)

I just clicked on your stash on here,,,,,,,,,and almost dropped my laptop, lol. You must have joined here just a short time ago,,,,,,,or you would own more than just ONE book, haha, and maybe a model or 100.

I will watch your posts, and see how that Intruder turns out, etc. Great to see you here.

14. February at 03:05:50
Gary Brantley You too Rex! If you click on "my albums", the Intruder was the first that I posted! Yeah, I haven't been around here that long yet. But I like the place so far. I feel like I'm quite out of my league here though, there are so many great model builders.
14. February at 03:40:13
Alexander G. Wow, that workplace is....compact;P
14. February at 09:11:15
Gary Brantley @Alexander: efficient! :) Thanks!
14. February at 14:16:37
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14. February at 02:27:24 Share

February 11, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 10, 2017
10. February at 19:14:11 Share
Gary Brantley I added a pic of the gloss coat.
11. February at 14:53:24
Spanjaard looking good, and by the way, i like the home made seat belts. seriously :)
11. February at 15:28:41
Gary Brantley Thanks my friend. About those belts...ya know, I believe they can be done so that they do look fairly good. The tutorial I followed is on the Flory Models website and they do look good there. The belts in the pic were my first attempt and I was feeling rushed for some reason, and thought, well sod it! Good enough since so very little can be seen in there anyway. BUT, omg, they looked so bad in the close up that I hesitated to post them. I do have some nice PE British WWII belts/harnesses but I wanted to save them for an open cockpit build. At this point, I just want to get the kit finished and move on. Your comment makes me feel better about them anyway. Thanks so much Spanjaard!! :)
11. February at 16:08:32
Spanjaard you are very welcome :)
i am starting to go back to my old habits of scratch-building. true, aftermarket sets may look better. and pre-painted ones even more, and then why not have the model completely done by somebody else....? i have to try and make those belts in 1:48 next time. or when i finish all the after market sets i already purchased :P
11. February at 17:21:20
11. February at 17:40:19
gorbygould Looks like your making a good job of it so far Gary. The seatbelts look fine, everything looks odd when you look too close. It reminds me that another of my weird groups, called 'Grandaddy', have a song entitled 'Everything beautiful is far away'. I learned to do belts from the same site and it isn't my favourite job (that was one of them in the recent Raiden build). Fingers, eyes and patience aren't what they used to be.
I think that white and black are the most difficult colours to do realistically. For black, I use Tamiya XF-69 NATO black, which I think has just the right amount of fade.
I noticed that you are attempting weighted tyres on this one!
I may change my mind, but I'm planning on doing not one, but two Hurricanes after I complete my Stuka.
11. February at 17:40:29
Gary Brantley Isn't it odd how that paint really looked more gray until the Future coat? Is that just a characteristic of flat black enamel or what? I used the Testors 1/4oz bottle flat black for the entire plane and then faded it with shades of gray, mostly Humbrol 32 dark gray. Thanks for the belt comment. Yes, I learned long ago not to get too freaked out using macro mode. It just "reveals" too much, most of which I'd rather not see!

I turned 64 in December (29th) and yes, my eyes and hands sure can't do the work they once did. I have so many nice kits in my stash, and so few modeling years left, that I feel like I just can't devote the time and effort I once might have and still get many kits built. I guess at this point, I'd rather have more completed models in the display rather than a few super-detailed ones. Quantity over quality? Maybe, but I hope I can maintain a happy "medium" between the two.

Yeah, I thought why not sand the tires on this one. I have done so a few times before, and have used weighted resin sets on a couple. It seems to be a big point with some so why not?

I was planning a Tamiya Meteor F-1 for my next build but I wanted Tamya to send the correct wings. I spoke with their USA customer service but they were not encouraging; said perhaps Japan could provide them but the kit was out of production so cross your fingers. Instead, I'm leaning toward doing the Monogram 1/24 Bugatti Type 34 for a real change of pace. It would be my first car model in 40 years! :)
11. February at 17:55:25
Spanjaard thanks a lot for the link Gary :)
11. February at 18:10:59
Gary Brantley You are most welcome sir!
11. February at 18:15:31
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February 08, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 07, 2017
07. February at 15:24:50 Share
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Michael Hickey Nice D-9.
08. February at 12:42:39
Gary Brantley Thanks for stopping in Michael! I appreciate your comment. For such a crappy kit, it doesn't look too bad when finished. It'll have to do as my FW-190D until I build a better kit. ;)

World War Two was such an incredible "incubator" of technology. Just look at how much the science of aviation advanced from the mid-30s to the end of the war. Bi-plane fighters gave way to jet-powered aircraft, ballistic missiles came into fruition, air to air missiles were in use...well the list of examples is long. There were so many beautiful designs I would be hard-pressed to name a single favorite. My collection is small and I have no Italian fighters other than the Cr-32, and none of their graceful WWII designs. Similarly, my collection of Japanese aircraft is very limited as well. Limiting one's model building to just WWII would be a life's work in itself! Thanks to all of you for the great discussion! :)
08. February at 13:16:31
gorbygould What staggers me Gary, is that from the first powered flight, to something as remarkable as the SR-71 Blackbird was just over 60 years! What an astounding rate of progress! It's just unfortunate that that progress was fuelled by war, or the preparation for war.
08. February at 15:39:54
Gary Brantley Yes, that is sadly true. I find it staggering as well that the SR-71 was built on 1950s technology! But yes, war gave great impetus to expanding technology. National survival does encourage development of the best, and the latest, technology. President Lyndon Johnson was famously quoted as saying, "I for one do not intend to go to sleep by the light of a Communist moon." Beneath that statement lay the fear that our "enemies" were taking the high ground and our survival as a nation depended on denying them that advantage. The result? The American space program began a feverish race to the moon. Since then, all of our human adventure in "space" has occurred about 250 miles above the Earth. Perhaps now, a new incentive is needed?
08. February at 16:40:39
Alistair Graham Nice model, I also like the vintage sepia processing. I agree with the above sentiments on the amazing technological advancement in the war years. Ive often wondered where we would be today if there was no WW1 and WW2. I guess I would nit be commuting to work around tge globe like I do. Unless by paddle steamer! The rate of aircraft advancement can be appreciated by looking at the career of Sir Sidney Camm, involved in the design of Hawker biplanes at the start of his career and on the Harrier jump jet at the end. Amazing
08. February at 20:57:25
Gary Brantley Thanks Alistair! I appreciate the comments, and yes I agree. Camm's career is amazing in it's breadth. My meager collection of 1/48 models includes several Hawker aircraft, starting with the Fury I, and including a Typhoon and a Hurricane, as well as a Sea Fury (that one in my albums here). I guess I should toss in my AV-8B Harrier due to its lineage too. :). Thanks again!
08. February at 21:23:53
Eugen P. I love every Dora But look for weighted wheels. Your wheels looks like an edge of a knife on the floor.
08. February at 23:25:51
Gary Brantley Thanks. Those tires are just over-inflated! ;). I've struggled with getting the flat section "timed" just right to sit flat on the ground. Mea culpa. :)
08. February at 23:31:55
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February 05, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 04, 2017
04. February at 07:01:23 Share
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Gary Brantley Very interesting John. Either one of those stories sounds plenty hairy to me. :) Imagine that view over Everest?!?!? Wow. I'm gonna do a little research about that B-36, may be the Dayton bird. Where in the world would one display a B-70 in 1/48 if a 1/72 is 2 feet long? It seems I may have seen a scratch-built Valkyrie in that scale though...
05. February at 05:18:24
JOHN THOMAS Gray, a 1/48 scale XB-70 would be truly something. I dont know if there is a 1/144 or 1/200 scale XB-70 I will have to check it out. I would do one at that scale.
05. February at 15:49:54
gorbygould I've seen a 1/48 Valkyrie online, HPH Models do one:
XB-70 Valkyrie (HpH models HPH 48039L, 1:48)

1:48 XB-70 Valkyrie (HpH models HPH 48039L)
05. February at 17:01:41
Gary Brantley Hey gorby, that is amazing. It would appear to cost $683.24. Wow. It would have to be a meter long wouldn't it? Maybe more? And I would display it where? Lol. I worry about having a place for all my other 1/48 aircraft, but that one? Oh my.... :) Thanks for the head's up my friend!
05. February at 20:36:25
gorbygould We can only dream...
05. February at 20:39:43
Gary Brantley dream the impossible dream! :) Well, "improbable" at least...
05. February at 20:43:03
gorbygould I'll go with 'impossible'. :(
05. February at 20:49:57
Gary Brantley heh, heh, true for me too in all fairness. ;)
05. February at 22:47:50
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February 03, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 02, 2017
06. January at 19:19:39 Share
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Stephan Ryll Very clean build
02. February at 20:06:57
Gary Brantley Thanks for the kind comment Stephan!
02. February at 21:22:54
Thomas Mayer It turned out ok? Man, it´s a beauty!
02. February at 21:56:56
Gary Brantley @Thomas: :)
02. February at 22:01:06
Choppa Nutta Nice looking :)
02. February at 22:03:43
Gary Brantley Thanks Choppa! Appreciated!
02. February at 22:13:29
Choppa Nutta and well photographed too, it presents well :)
02. February at 22:47:48
Gary Brantley Thanks; I think the airport makes a great setting for photographing the models. I'm fortunate to have easy access to it for these photo shoots. It's hard to beat the natural light as well. :)
03. February at 01:44:17
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February 01, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 31, 2017
31. January at 22:14:45 Share
Martin Oostrom Me like, as usual :)
31. January at 23:59:02
Gary Brantley Thanks Martin! Thanks for taking time to look in, and comment! :)
01. February at 01:39:23
wilky Nice work, Gary.
P.S. My name is Martin, too
01. February at 03:41:55
Gary Brantley Many thanks Martin, I appreciate the comment!
01. February at 06:53:27
Gary Brantley Any other Martins around? Lol! ;)
01. February at 13:43:08
gorbygould Are non-Martin's allowed to comment?
I really like the Airacobra, and yours is very nice Gary.
Sgt. Nadgudunov certainly deserved is award, and I'm sure that the Nazis appreciated being shot down buy him all the more, because he hadn't shown up in a skanky plane.
01. February at 17:26:26
Gary Brantley Yes gorby, I'm always glad to hear from you sir! I appreciate your comments a lot, many thanks for the support. Yes, you are correct about Sgt. Nadgudunov's efforts. They were appreciated by both sides! Who needs a leaky, banged-up old crate on their six?!?! :)
01. February at 19:54:27
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January 29, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 29, 2017
08. January at 18:57:32 Share
gorbygould Looks very good Gary, it looks very believable. I also like 'what if' and 'Luft 46' subjects.
09. January at 17:59:08
Gary Brantley Thanks a lot Gorby! I sure appreciate your comments. I like those subjects too. In fact, my Ta-183 is in queue for a start soon. I just can't decide of which paint scheme to choose. :)
09. January at 18:38:35
Holger Kranich Hi Gary,

you surprise me again with a nice build! The chipping around the exhaust nozzle looks awesome to me! I didnt knew that a jet propelled version of the Shinden was planned, but i´m not deep in japanese aircraft of WWII.
09. January at 18:53:31
Gary Brantley Holger, thanks for replying to my post! I have another of this kit in the stash and maybe someday I'll get the radial-engined prototype built. I understand that the prototype did make three short test flights in the waning days of WWII.
09. January at 18:59:22
gorbygould I just missed out on an 'AMTech' Ta-183 on Ebay last week – it went for silly money. Have you got the AMTech or the Tamiya?
09. January at 19:02:41
Gary Brantley Mine is the AMTech issue. I did buy a resin nose for it, with a deeper intake trunk. It's a sweet little kit. :)
09. January at 19:26:44
Holger Kranich I just saw you are on SPA Modeler, too? Never saw ya there but i visit very seldomly there. Thomas M. is a good mate from me. He is here too ;)
09. January at 20:00:17
Gary Brantley Yeah, I've "met" Thomas here already! He's an incredible modeler. There's a good little group on SPAModeler. I hope to see you there some day. Cheers!
10. January at 00:58:31
Holger Kranich In march i meet him again for a whole week of hardcore modeling! Cheers!
10. January at 10:14:57
Gary Brantley I found a couple pics of the conversion "in progress" and added those.
29. January at 01:15:10
Ben STONE Nice work. I've got the 1/48 Zukei Mura kit of this waiting to be started
29. January at 02:19:19
Gary Brantley Thanks for taking time to comment Ben. I really appreciate it! :)
29. January at 04:10:25
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January 24, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 23, 2017
23. January at 16:08:42 Share
gorbygould Nice tank Gary! Looks like it's preparing to invade the neighbouring state.
23. January at 17:06:11
Gary Brantley Thank you. Lol, more likely to invade the next pasture over. I didn't realize that many of these pics are out of focus gorby. I guess I was concentrating on my Panther instead during the photo session and sort of rushed through the Chaffee's pics. I thought the Panther was the better of the two models; judges thought otherwise, with the M24 gathering more points in the contest in which they were entered although both placed third in their respective divisions. Go figure huh? Thanks again... :)
23. January at 18:18:37
Spanjaard pictures looks quite good, back is out of focus, but that is good, and even desirable, so the model looks better..
23. January at 18:50:50
23. January at 18:57:19
James C Great looking Chaffee Gary.
24. January at 00:07:08
Gary Brantley Thanks James. Thanks for leaving a comment! :)
24. January at 01:31:00
Moritz Fentzahn Your Chaffee looks good Gary, very convincing paintjob
24. January at 07:54:55
Holger Kranich Yeah that looks good! Nice Chaffee! Can someone tell me why many US tanks from WWII have mounted the .50 on the aft of the turret?
24. January at 10:00:03
Gary Brantley Moritz and Holger, thanks for dropping in and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it very much! :)
24. January at 13:37:24
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January 20, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 20, 2017
13. January at 13:56:45 Share
gorbygould Nice Cobra Gary.
13. January at 17:18:39
Gary Brantley Thanks gorby! It's something of an "oldie", but it turned out okay. :)
13. January at 17:27:46
Florent Thouret Really nice !
13. January at 19:53:09
Gary Brantley Thanks Florent!
13. January at 20:07:07
ForestFan That looks great, especially for an older kit, well done!
20. January at 21:50:23
Gary Brantley Your comments are sure appreciated ForestFan! Thanks for dropping in. :)
20. January at 23:19:54
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January 19, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 06, 2017
06. January at 02:42:39 Share
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Stephan Ryll look´s very good
07. January at 15:50:22
Gary Brantley And thanks for that Stephan! :)
07. January at 16:32:38
Chris Mienie This is very cool Gary !!! I'm a big fan of the Mirage family, especially the Mirage III's and the F1's. Here in South Africa we used them for quite a while. We still have a couple flying here.
19. January at 09:58:44
Gary Brantley Thanks Chris! Glad you liked her, I've read some stories about exploits of South African Mirages. Have you built any in those markings?
19. January at 13:38:22
Chris Mienie Not yet Gary. I do have quite a few Mirage kits. I'm starting on one of them a bit later this year. I'm going to convert it into our upgraded version of the Mirage III, the Cheetah C. I also have this Italeri kit that you used. Gonna make a cutaway out of that one.
19. January at 14:38:26
Gary Brantley That sounds quite ambitious, good luck with both projects. And, be sure to post them here! :)
19. January at 15:10:44
Derek Huggett Not only a terrific model, but some pretty convincing photography as well! :)
19. January at 15:35:47
Gary Brantley Those are some really nice comments Derek. Thanks much!! :)
19. January at 15:58:29
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January 18, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 18, 2017
18. January at 19:33:13 Share
gorbygould Superb job Gary! If it had weighted tyres, it could pass for the real thing.
18. January at 20:18:05
Gary Brantley Thanks my friend! Yeah, the tires. Ya know, it sounds kind of lame I guess, but getting the tires true and level is a real challenge for me in modeling. I have modified tires before to get that "weighted" look, and then had trouble getting the flat part to lay flat on the ground. I need to work on that I guess. Thanks again gorby. :)
18. January at 20:21:49
Martin Oostrom Pretty as always. Job well done Gary.
I wish the tires were my only problem ;)
18. January at 20:29:13
Spanjaard indeed, the first picture can almost fool people to think is the real deal.... really well done Gary.
18. January at 20:39:05
Gary Brantley Thank for looking in Martin. Your comments are much appreciated! :)

Thanks also to you Spanjaard! Your opinion is always welcomed. :)
18. January at 20:59:27
Jens A beautiful cat
18. January at 21:05:14
Gary Brantley Purrfect comment Jens! :) Thanks so much for taking time to have a look, and leave a comment!
18. January at 21:12:06
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January 17, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 17, 2017
16. January at 15:55:06 Share
gorbygould I was only saying this morning that I prefer the P-47 razorback to the bubble-top. Beautiful model – as usual Gary.
16. January at 17:46:19
Gary Brantley Thanks gorby! I have a bubbletop kit in the stash, the Monogram I believe. Maybe someday it'll get done too. I saw a P-47D and a Hellcat, taxi in front of me, maybe 50-60 feet away, at an airshow a few years back. Man, those big radials just seemed to vibrate the very air around them. It was most impressive and the first time I'd seen either type. I appreciate your reply gorby. :)
16. January at 18:06:01
Danumurthi Mahendra Great work on this one, Gary. I impressed and definitely motivated to finish mine. I have the same kit and lost all the steam to move forward. Seeing yours makes me want to open the box again.
17. January at 02:18:06
Gary Brantley Thanks Danumurthi! I'm happy that you took a look at her! Would you build the razorback or go with the bubbletop version?
17. January at 02:41:59
Danumurthi Mahendra I am going for the Bubbletop version. I saw a nice photo of an RAF P-47 serving in the Far East during WW2 and wanted to make that.
17. January at 10:13:46
17. January at 13:44:11
Gary Brantley @Danumurthi- I'm sure it will be a great looking model. I hope to see it around here!
Thank you John! I appreciate it a lot. :)
17. January at 14:28:46
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Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 14, 2017
14. January at 02:21:15 Share
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Gary Brantley Jens, thank you for posting your comments! I'm glad that you like her. :)
14. January at 16:20:49
gorbygould Very nice Gary! The camo looks excellent!
14. January at 16:50:23
Gary Brantley Cool, I'm glad you like it gorby! Thanks for replying my friend, much appreciated I assure ya. :)
14. January at 16:53:58
Kevin Struemph That looks really excellent! You managed to deal with the fit issues very nicely and the paint scheme really complements your efforts.
16. January at 22:35:00
ice I'm not the biggest fan of these old jets but this one is looking awesome! I would definetly place it in my showcase. That camo looks great and is soooo nicely done. Congrats!
16. January at 22:41:48
Gary Brantley Thank you Kevin and ice! Thanks for taking a look at the old warrior. :)
17. January at 01:47:45
Danumurthi Mahendra love the tight lizard camo work. decals looks real flat and hugging. was it decals or mask?
17. January at 02:20:24
Gary Brantley Thanks Danumurthi, I 'm glad to hear your comments! The markings are decals.
17. January at 02:40:06
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January 16, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Ricardo Reis Beautiful!
15. January at 22:47:14
Gary Brantley Thank you Ricardo! That means a lot! :)
16. January at 00:31:25
Bernd Müller Excellent build and very well presented, Gary ! A real looker !
16. January at 07:21:53
Gary Brantley Many thanks Bernd! I'm glad that you like her. Thanks for commenting Bernd! :)
16. January at 15:38:24
Bart Goesaert very nice one. what is it with the nose decals (306) these seem a bit weird in some places, but overall a very nice kit
16. January at 16:13:18
Gary Brantley Bart, I believe you're referring to a couple places where the decal did not conform perfectly to some small inset doors? Typical foul-up for me, lol. Thanks for your comments Bart! :)
16. January at 16:20:39
Bart Goesaert can't you help it with decal setting (aplly decal setting, push the decaal gently in it's place with a flat stiff brush, repeat as needed...), or cut away the decal and then repaint it? Here I did something similar, just a few times to repeat the process: [img1]
16. January at 16:42:41
Gary Brantley I might try Solvaset on it Bart. That's some strong stuff! Thanks for the input sir.
16. January at 16:51:17
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January 14, 2017

Gary Brantley added Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 Fresco to his favorite topics.
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January 12, 2017

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Bernd Müller Adain a really nice build. That kit is probably my favorite Monogram kit.
11. January at 21:58:28
Bryn Crandell Nice Thunderstreak. Those old Monogram kits aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be.
11. January at 22:02:30
Gary Brantley Agreed Bryn. :) Thanks Bernd and Bryn, I think she turned out okay. :)
11. January at 22:24:02
Augie Nice work on that one, I have one myself its an ok kit but can be a bit of a monster.
12. January at 01:48:20
Gary Brantley Thanks Augie. Yeah, the canopy support structure is a beast to assemble. I never did get it completely correct and just said, "sod it", close enough. ). The tailplanes have a fairly tenuous connection at best but the rest went together well for me. Maybe I just got lucky... :). Thanks again!
12. January at 03:00:36
soheil moghisi nice job.
12. January at 06:08:12
Daniel Phelps Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!
12. January at 06:23:31
Gary Brantley Thanks soheil and thanks Daniel! Kind of you to comment; thanks for taking time to have a look.
12. January at 14:36:26
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January 11, 2017

Gary Brantley and Bryn Crandell are now mates.
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Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Gary Brantley Thanks soheil!
11. January at 15:09:08
Patrick Hagelstein Cool....I mean hot... heatstaining on the aft fuselage!
11. January at 17:46:18
Gary Brantley Thanks Patrick! I tried a different technique with that and while it worked okay, I thought the paint looked a bit too thick when I finished. But, at a glance, it does look effective. Thanks again. :)
11. January at 17:49:43
Stephan Ryll Nice build and photo work
11. January at 19:52:47
Gary Brantley Stephan, thanks for taking time to comment on my Hun! :)
11. January at 21:11:10
Bernd Müller Scalemates is currently a good place for classics from Monogram. Lovely build and finish !
11. January at 21:57:08
Bryn Crandell Another great Monogram build. Good job Gary!
11. January at 22:04:16
Gary Brantley Bernd and Bryn, thanks for taking time to post comments. Your generous compliments are much appreciated. Yes, a lot of good kits under the Monogram banner. They are usually a good deal for the price; and can be nicely done as well. :)
11. January at 22:21:58
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Updated: January 11, 2017
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Spanjaard good looking cockpit... :)
11. January at 00:43:58
Gary Brantley Thanks Spanjaard! I think it's one of Monogram's best 1/48 cockpits. Several of their kits had really nice 'pits. :)
11. January at 02:51:58
Spanjaard i have not done a monogram model in decades.... when i did they did not look that good! is the PE from the kit or aftermarket?
11. January at 08:11:40
11. January at 10:25:02
Gary Brantley Thanks fellows! Spanjaard, the PE is aftermarket Eduard set for F-104. I love the detail they offer, right down to the stitching on the belts.

soheil, I really appreciate that but it's far from perfect! Thanks very much!! :)
11. January at 15:08:06
Spanjaard thanks for the information, i will watch the rest of build with interest :)
11. January at 19:18:17
Gary Brantley You're welcome. Spanjaard, I have the completed build featured in one of my photoalbums. You might want to have a look?
11. January at 19:40:38
Spanjaard yes, i actually found it after writing the comment...
11. January at 19:41:39
11. January at 19:44:03
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January 10, 2017

Gary Brantley added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 09, 2017
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gorbygould Looks like you are good at armour as well Gary. I assume that you are first and foremost a plane nut like myself? If so, did you enjoy building the tanks? There are a few WWI tanks that I like, and I have been considering giving it a go, but I'm concerned that all those little wheels will drive me round the bend.
09. January at 17:05:06
Gary Brantley Thank you Gorby! Yes, I am mostly an aircraft builder; this is one of just two tanks I've done. They were a lot of fun and easier than 'planes in my opinion. I do have one other tank in my stash (M41 Walker Bulldog) and probably should give it a try next. I too would love to have a couple WWI tanks in my display... :)
09. January at 17:30:14
James C That's a beauty mate.
10. January at 11:24:09
Holger Kranich Oh armor, Gary? Looks great for a plane modler! This is Tamiyas Panther from the 70´th i guess? There is something with the tracks... But anyway, more heavy metal, please! ;)
10. January at 11:43:38
Spanjaard really nicely done. a good modeller is a good modeller no matter what subject he/she does. and you do it nicely no matter what the subject is :)
10. January at 12:10:13
Gary Brantley Thanks all! My two tanks models are the only models I've ever entered in a contest. The staff at Kings Hobby in Austin, Texas encouraged me to enter them in a model contest in Austin. It was mostly armor kits and there were some breathtaking examples there. Unbelievably to me, my Panther and my Italeri M24 Chaffee both placed third in their respective classes. How's that for beginner's luck?!? Thanks again my friends. :)
10. January at 14:20:11
gorbygould It isn't down to luck Gary.
10. January at 14:31:43
Gary Brantley :). Thanks gorby.
10. January at 15:00:15
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January 09, 2017

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Spanjaard really nice model and great fotography :)
07. January at 15:30:39
Gary Brantley Thanks mate!
07. January at 15:54:17
gorbygould Another stunner Gary. Well done.
07. January at 17:25:05
Gary Brantley Nice of you to comment Gorby. Thanks so much!
07. January at 17:31:15
Bernd Müller Again a true classic from Monogram.
07. January at 17:42:27
Gary Brantley Thanks Bernd! It's good to see you here too! :)
07. January at 17:46:39
Bernd Müller Cheers Gary :)
09. January at 22:16:02
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Holger Kranich Looks a bit like the Navy´s VX-9 Vandy scheme!
09. January at 15:27:33
Martin Oostrom I like this!
09. January at 15:29:49
Ricardo Reis Very nice plane indeed!
09. January at 15:39:14
gorbygould The Voodoo is one of my favourite modern jets, and you had done a very good job on this one Gary.
09. January at 16:52:44
Michael Phillips That is really sweet!!!! Very nice job, now I think I will be on the lookout for one of these kits. Your work has inspired me to do one of these for a future project.
09. January at 16:55:13
Gary Brantley Thanks for the comments!
09. January at 17:02:03
09. January at 17:57:16
Gary Brantley Thanks John, much appreciated I assure you. :)
09. January at 18:40:16
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