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Fairey Gannet AEW.3 - Sword 1/72


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Bernd Korte
I didn't know what to build next after Bandai's B-Wing was completed. So I let fate decide. Do I already regret it? I'm not sure. After reading some build logs on the internet my list of improvements and corrections is quite long. But then again - I'm sure it'll all work out 🙂 In any case this will be different from the Bandai kit which required nearly no putty and took me merely a month to build.
6. February, 10:13
Curious and original way to choose the next kit. I'm sure the resulting model will be very good.
6. February, 19:03
6. February, 20:13
Oliver Zwiener
Back to the roots of MV 26.03.2011 😉
9. February, 16:56
Bernd Korte
Thanks for all your interest!
@JD: Who knows. Perhaps's I'll use this method for choosing the next kit again in the future. The Star Destroyer is still "in the pod" 🙂
@Oliver Zwiener: Yes, kind of! I've already built Revell's new tool Gannet AS Mk.4 and Trumpeter's T.Mk.5. The AEW.3 will now complete my Gannet collection.
By the way, my fiancée said "That's a cute plane, and it has a propeller" when she saw Sword's box art. Well, there is somethign to it. With a bit of imagination the Gannet could be one of Pixar's "Planes" characters...
14. February, 09:38
Matthew A
Could easily be in Jimbo and the Jetset
14. February, 10:57
Juergen Klinglhuber
Schau ich mir natürlich wieder an,....gruss
14. February, 18:54
Bernd Korte
Thanks for your interest!
I didn't know "Jimbo and the Jetset" before but youtube is your friend. So, yes, I can also picture the Gannet in that show 😄
By the way, for full disclosure: I'm more or less following what this guy did with his Gannet: https://obscureco.wordpress.com/category/fairey-gannet/
Or at least I'll try.
20. February, 09:49
Dietmar Bogatzki
Da schau ich dem Experten mal über die Schulter, was er aus einer Gannet zaubert, vielleicht versuche ich dann die von Revell doch mal zu bauen..
28. February, 09:20
Bernd Korte
Hallo Dietmar! Die Revell Gannet ließ sich ganz gut bauen, soweit ich mich erinnern kann.

Some more progress in the last couple of weeks. The fuselage is now closed. Despite some very careful dry fitting the seams will need some filling and sanding. But nothing too bad. Next I'll ad some detailwork to the main landing gear wells.
13. March, 09:53
Ricardo Reis
Following this beautiful ugly plane build, Bernd! 🙂
14. March, 00:00
Alexander Grivonev
Phew, I am not the only one using a random numbers generator to choose my next project 😄 😄
14. March, 00:04
Oliver Zwiener
Kabelbinder und Klemmen - super - auf die Idee bin ich bisher noch nicht gekommen !
14. March, 08:50
Bernd Korte
Thanks, Ricardo!
@Alexander: Yes, perhaps I'll choose the next project like this again. It certainly adds some excitement to the hobby 😄
@Oliver: Kabelbinder nutze ich gern für ovale Formen wie Flugzeugrümpfe. Und wenn man den kleinen Pin im "Schloss" der Kabelbinder nach oben drückt, kann man sie wieder öffnen und erneut verwenden.
14. March, 18:04
David Funke
I´m in. I can't miss the Gannet...
21. March, 17:14
Bernd Korte
Welcome, David!
During the last week I spent some more time on wheel bay details and the exhausts. Building this kit is really time consuming, at least when I compare it with the "shake'n bake" Bandai B-Wing kit that I've built before this one.
21. March, 20:45
Nathan Dempsey
I'd love to build this in 1:48 but since the only one was a unicorn-like resin kit I'll happily watch your build 🙂 Looks like you've made a fine start!
21. March, 20:53
Bernd Korte
Thanks, Nathan! I'm glad you like what you're seeing!
Over the last couple of days I finished the wheel bays and glued the wings together. Today I spent the morning working on the landing and position lights in the wings. For the landing lights there are in fact some transparent parts in the kit. The position lights need to be added from scratch. I really like how it turned out 🙂
3. April, 12:03
Ricardo Reis
All your attention to detail is turning this into a fine build indeed, Bernd! 👍
3. April, 12:34
Looks like you are doing a stellar job.
3. April, 13:01
Stefan Schacht
Interesting choice of model 🙂 and very nice so far. Count me in.
3. April, 16:53
Nice details!
3. April, 18:15
Been awhile since i saw one of these, they flew out of Lossiemouth when it was a naval base can't remember its name just now, I'm sure there was one as a gate guard as well, will watch with interest looking good so far
3. April, 19:58
Hms Fulmar 1946-1972
3. April, 20:00
Bernd Korte
Thanks for all your encouraging comments!
@Simontie: You're lucky! I'm not sure if I every saw a Gannet AEW.3 in person at all.
4. April, 07:52
David Funke
Nice work on the lights! I´m sad that I have to wait until March 2022 to see the model...
4. April, 09:02
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work on all that added detail Bernd. ?
4. April, 12:53
Bernd Korte
Thanks David and Nathan! @David: Yes, I'm also looking forward to meet again in person some time!
The Gannet project is slowly coming along. All wings are now attached which required quite a bit of sanding.
10. April, 13:13
Nice painting 👍
8. May, 18:51
Bernd Korte
Thanks Cuajete! In the meantime I finished decal work. As some fellow modeller's have already noted the decals of this kit are very thin. So it's best to slide them from the paper directly onto the model surface. Otherwise they will curl up.
22. May, 18:28
Ricardo Reis
Coming out nicely, Bernd! 👍
22. May, 18:53
Bernd Korte
Thanks Ricardo! There was a minor set back, though - when I confused ultra thin plastic cement with decal soft. Luckily the decal could be saved as described in the picture.
12. June, 06:59
Guy Rump
Looking really good 👍
12. June, 08:42
Bernd Korte
Thanks Guy Rump! The finish line is now almost there. The build takes more time during these final steps as I discovered a few details just now which I still had to add - for example the fuel dump pipes coming out at the end of the pylons.
27. June, 18:33
Roland Gunslinger
Excellent work 👍
27. June, 18:46
Robert Podkoński
I wholeheartedly agree with Roland - absloutely excellent work.
27. June, 19:44
Guy Rump
Great result, excellent modelling 👍
27. June, 20:24
Bernd Korte
Thanks Roland, Robert and Guy!
I managed to finish the kit this weekeend. Here are a few photos that I just took. In the end the build was quite demanding in some places, but now I'm quite happy with the result 🙂
Next I'll finish the Palouste Jet Air Starter Trolley and then I need to build a small display base to finish this project.
4. July, 19:03
Nathan Dempsey
That's a beautiful build Bernd. I'm really wishing for one of these in 1/48 now.
4. July, 19:22
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic effect. Looking really awesome, Bernd! Chapeau bas!
4. July, 19:31
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely! Good to know I have the same feeling towards the damn aerials 😉
4. July, 19:40
Christian Bruer
Excellent work and finish on the Gannet and nice to read and follow your WIP.
4. July, 19:42
4. July, 20:19
Ricardo Reis
Awesome!!! 👍
4. July, 20:55
Beautiful work. JLTRT! An ugly prototype, but a long time favourite of mine. Really enjoyed following the build and eagerly anticipating the finale. 👍
4. July, 22:00
Alec K
Great build and excellent WIP log 👍
4. July, 22:26
David Funke
Very nice, Sir!
5. July, 07:17
Juergen Klinglhuber
Great result! Well done.
5. July, 07:36
Excellent work indeed!
5. July, 07:58
Dave Flitton
Wow, nice work!!
5. July, 16:47
Bernd Korte
Thanks, fellow scalemates! Your feedback is much appreciated in these "model show-less" times - one way less to feed the modeler's ego 😉
Frankly I had already started on the Palouste some time ago. So here's already a photo of the finished mini-kit. Continuing with the display base now...
5. July, 16:55
Fantastic job and very nice result.
5. July, 18:22
Oliver Zwiener
Klasse Ding ! Aus welchen Material sind denn die Drahtantennen ?
5. July, 18:32
Bernd Korte
Thanks Cuajete and Oliver!
@Oliver: Das ist "Rig that Thing" von Uschi van der Rosten. Eine Alternative wäre "Aero Black Rigging" von Infini Model.
8. July, 11:54
Harry Eder
Great Gannet Bernd! 👍
8. July, 14:56
Edward Cornelio
Wonderful aircraft, magnificent work!
8. July, 16:59
Oliver Zwiener
" Rig that Thing" von Uschi van der Rosten , die Lernkurve steigt wieder an 🙂
8. July, 17:41
Mirko Römer
Alles andere als tölpelhaft! Klasse Modell! (Gannet= Basstölpel)
8. July, 19:30
Oliver Zwiener
Welche Stärke hat denn Rigg that thing in 1:72 ???
9. July, 18:15
Bernd Korte
Es gibt verschiedene: Standard, Fine und Superfine. Superfine soll für 1:72 sein, aber das ist mir schon fast zu dünn. Ich glaube ich habe hier "Fine" genommen.
11. July, 18:36
Christoph Schnarr
Very nice model bernd - as always with you 👍
12. July, 11:05
Bernd Korte
Thanks, Christoph! I just realized that we haven't met in ages - I hope that will change next year when hobby shows will hopefully again take place.

I just added a few new "eye level" shots.
12. July, 12:46
Christoph Schnarr
Yes, it has been a long time since we last met. Let's hope that we can meet again soon at a show.
12. July, 14:44
12. July, 17:40
Excellent work and good to see pics of all the building process.
12. July, 22:15
Bernd Korte
Thanks Cuajete and Micky! Taking the in progress photos always helps me to keep up the motivation. Especially concerning extra detail work that is not out of the box.
13. July, 18:53
Hanno Kleinecke
What an excellent result ! This would go for 1/48 without question 👍
19. July, 17:52
Clifford Keesler
Very nice job.
23. July, 23:02
24. July, 13:56
Bernd Korte
Thanks Hanno, Clifford and Pawel! Your feedback is very motivating!
25. July, 06:40
Thomas Bischoff
Brilliant work - would never thought this to be in 1:72!
8. August, 08:35
Nice name plate, Bernd 👍
8. August, 18:13
Bernhard Schrock
Top result! Chapeau.
8. August, 18:20
Oleg Smilyk
Fantastic Gannet, absolutely top result, Bernd!
8. August, 18:42
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Great the quality of the assembly ???
8. August, 18:56


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1:72 Fairey Gannet AEW.3 (Sword SW 72088)1:72 Palouste Mk.101/100 Jet Air Starter Trolley and Airborne Pod (CMK 7416)1:72 Fairey Gannet Type 1 wheels set (Res/Kit RS72-0202)1+

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