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added a new photoalbum.
15 15 March, 19:22
AMT kit #1039 ,from old molds a lot of flash to remove and fitting of parts before gluing ...but there must be a starting point
15 March, 19:27
Villiers de Vos
Looking forward in following this project.
16 March, 07:09
Detail Master do a nice PE grill for this kit. Worth a look, definitely.
Nice progress so far, buddy 👍
16 March, 19:23
the fuel tank / cab support bracket ..will be painted chassis color 😉
18 March, 01:40
Jeremy O
You stole my idea! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
18 March, 03:40
honest ..it was just sitting there with the keys in it ,couldn't resist the temptation 😉
18 March, 04:07
Kyle DeHart
Stopping by to watch this!
18 March, 04:35
today I must correct the pitman - steering arm, before moving on each time I look at the pic's ..kinda bugs me .Lol
18 March, 12:56
On its legs already! My, you've been very busy!
Looks awesome Mona.
18 March, 21:37
@bozzer little too much coffee this morning .. that and glue fumes ,Lol 🙂
18 March, 21:59
Did you go for those Detail Master PE parts?
18 March, 22:47
haven't ordered them yet but I shall ..Mega hobby always fast and very reasonable on shipping small items , I've ordered several things from there in the past ..one of my three favorite places to order ....the engine parts for my beetle "all I've been thinking about" past few days
18 March, 23:25
Shar Dipree
Mad Max?! Following! 🙂
18 March, 23:27
@ Shar D glad to have ya along 😉
18 March, 23:31
I can only applaud Mega Hobby. Really nice people, very helpful, and a plastic junkies heaven. Although, last time I was there, I missed the detail parts? Oh well, it's an excuse for another 4000 mile trip, to overdose on our hobby 😉
19 March, 04:49
made a right hand drive dashboard from Evergreen styrene sheet & Milliput (super fine/white)...after much fussing and fitting I'm pleased, it should look reasonable compared to the raised detail of the kit interior
19 March, 19:10
@ Bozzer that shows some dedication to the "hobby" ..if you travel all that distance to visit a hobby shop , I really miss the little (overpriced) shop our city had ,seems nothing last forever though
19 March, 19:15
Mona. You talk about dedication?
That dashboard is stunningly blinding! I can't even imagine what time you've spent on this? Once you hit it with paint, everything will POP right out!
Scratchbuilding at it's finest. Congratulations mate!
19 March, 19:54
Thank you very much Bozzer , its a total of 14 pieces of styrene card stock , three round styrene pillars internal then filled with Milliput to support ,also the milliput is the curved beveled portion that rests up against the windshield ..a hole punch n thin styrene for the large instrument faces ,very thin pieces of round sliced for the small instruments and knobs ..wonderful thing about the primer I can see the flaws to correct , I've got 7+1/2 hrs in on it ..
19 March, 22:33
Jeez! And we wonder why people think that we're mad? Took me 5hrs and 5 colours, to do the two Eagles logo's, on the doors of my Eagle truck. The back of the sleeper, took me 56hrs total. I've not even noted the time on my K100 mural. I just do what I can, when I can? Lol
19 March, 23:04
Kyle DeHart
I stay sane by not keeping track of the hours. ๐Ÿ˜€ It's a mystery to me and everyone else. Although "sane" may be a strong word to describe myself. ๐Ÿค” Great work on that dash Mona
20 March, 00:42
@ Bozzer you aren't nuts that's just because you are a true Eagles fan ..proving " Don't F*@# with the Eagles unless you Know how to Fly"
20 March, 02:08
Kyle DeHart
I feel the same. It's all about the relaxation and stress relief for me. Very glad to have rediscovered the hobby for those reasons.
20 March, 02:14
@Kyle 😉
20 March, 02:18
Ben M
20 March, 02:31
Very nice scratch work
20 March, 13:54
@ Jv , thank you ..glad I accomplished it over the weekend , having a non-creative day today (ugh) ..the type of day I dare not attempt such things Lol
20 March, 19:39
Ben M
I can literally tell how stressed I am by my inability to do hobbies
21 March, 00:49
Robert Barkoski
Impressive work on the dash, can't wait to see more.
21 March, 01:54
@ Robert B the firewall will be next .. then I will do the cab interior /assemble ...my only apprehension on on this build .. is painting the orange stripe on the cab and hood, I must practice a bit first
21 March, 02:01
@ Ben M.. your projects turn out very well , don't sell yourself short . This hobby is a great stress release for me spent a while tonight on my Tel Saki (centurion Shot Kal ) diorama after a short break from it and the stress of the day has melted away ....
21 March, 02:11
Paul Shearer
Nice work on the dash. Looks better than the kit part
21 March, 17:03
thank you Paul ..I'm pleased with the result , and hopeful I can pull off the firewall detail as well
21 March, 20:38

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