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Sergej I (Vargbrujo)

Scalemates F-4 Phantom II Group build 2022

Tamiya F-4B VF-51 Screaming Eagles - Supersonic Can Opener


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will be following this one 🙂
25. October, 09:43
25. October, 10:52
Lex Jassies
MicroScale AC-48-0038 ?
25. October, 11:04
Def. In and watching!

Maybe you can try this with the decals, seen in ytube that it works:
Mark Fit - Super Strong (Tamiya 87205, No)

No Mark Fit - Super Strong (Tamiya 87205)

Other than that its maybe enough to replace the stencils, those were the most stressful to get to conform/unsilver from my experience. You could get the complete set with what was it? 100k little stickers? Wouldnt that be fun?😆
25. October, 11:42
Tommy Agne
Watching 👍!
25. October, 15:27
Casey Rupley
Count me in!
25. October, 15:30
Thomas Bischoff
watching too 👍
25. October, 19:18
Flight Line Media
Nice project, Sergej!
26. October, 02:50
26. October, 04:56
Sergej I
Welcome all, I will start on Jan 1st 🙂
Lex, I've been looking at it and would have to order from US, no EU shops seem to have it.
But as Daniel pointed out, stencils are the trick here... so there are Eduard stencils available, but to me Eduard is pretty much the same decal as Tamiya, difficult to persuade...
26. October, 13:45
Yeah, I guess with eduard stencils you might make it worse🙈
These seem to be really nice+available:
Phantom Airframe Data (Stencil Type) (AOA decals 48-013, 1:48)

1:48 Phantom Airframe Data (Stencil Type) (AOA decals 48-013)
26. October, 18:53
You also have some nice sets from Hobbydecal. Dry transfers. Tons and tons of tiny stencils. Great fun
26. October, 20:02
Not sure if there is an F-4B....
26. October, 20:04
Sergej I
I've been playing with Tamiya decals and some softers on a testbench Mirage, must admit that so far MicroSet and Tamiya Super Strong perform pretty much the same.
I did notice however that Eduard Navy F-4B Decals are of better quality... thinner and more submissive. Might try the stencils too.
31. October, 08:27


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Scalemates F-4 Phantom II Group build 2022 in
Scalemates F-4 Phantom II Group build 2022
1. January until 31. December 2022

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