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Dean Harpster wants this item
20. December 2020, 06:13

December 6, 2020

Dean Harpster added a new photoalbum.
1 | 29. November 2020, 01:19
Luc B
nice Huey!
6. December 2020, 14:37

November 29, 2020

Dean Harpster added a new photoalbum.
1 | 29. November 2020, 01:22
Good small scale build!
29. November 2020, 10:28
Dean Harpster
Thanks! This was my first tank, and I learned a few things the hard way. Looking forward to doing a few more armor builds.
29. November 2020, 16:31
Dean Harpster added a new photoalbum.
2 | 29. November 2020, 01:21
Dean Harpster added a new photoalbum.
29. November 2020, 01:20

November 28, 2020

Dean Harpster added a new project.
1:72 F-117A Stealth Attack-Bomber (Academy 12475)1:72 F-117A Nighthawk vertical fin (Quickboost QB 72 275)1:72 F-117A Nighthawk cockpit set (Aires 7229)
26. November 2020, 04:14
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Martin Oostrom
It is behaviour as intended. No spam. It is pretty rare that someone adds 5+ projects on a single day. Don't worry about it.

Your question. Projects are mainly for you to keep track of your builds. Which kit, pe, resin or even paint will/did you use. Other people can see what you are/been up to and get ideas or inspiration. Multiple projects can be grouped in a collection. I have several collections; cars, jet planes, WW2 planes, WW1 planes and more. Again, this is intended behaviour.

Some people only show their 'in progress' or 'completed' projects. I guess Richard is one of those, and that's his choice to make. To each his own.

The Scalemates FAQ can help you to. Or just post a question on your wall. We have a pretty helpful lot over here :D
26. November 2020, 21:39
Dean Harpster
Thanks Martin! This site has been a great help organizing my inventory, and it's been a great pleasure meeting people here. Looking forward to sharing some completions!
26. November 2020, 21:44
All good :) tho, would suggest when in doubt, ask before telling another member to remove things :)

26. November 2020, 22:39
Dean Harpster
Thanks Augie! :)
26. November 2020, 22:44
Urban Gardini
Maybe I should sit down some day and organize all my build ideas before it gets too crowded in my head to keep track of 'em...
26. November 2020, 22:54
Richard Berrie
With all due respect, I believe that projects are for a kit or kits that are in process. Whether it is in the idea stage or progress, etc. I think it devalues the "project" category if you list multiple kits as a project. I can't imagine a modeler having a dozen or more kits in the "ideas" stage legitimately prepared to assemble all those kits simultaneously. I think Dean simply made an error in listing his kit. My response was a bit flippant and I apologize for the tone. But I believe that Dean didn't mean to list all his kits in projects. I also am very grateful for this site and all the encouragement I have received by the members. The site is a godsend as a resource on so many levels.
28. November 2020, 11:57
Martin Oostrom
And that's how grown ups handle a disagreement! Well said Richard and welcome to ScaleNuts. Shall we agree to disagree?
28. November 2020, 15:11
Hi Richard,

Ideas are just that.. ideas for projects people are going to do. If you want the complete lowdown on how they are supposed to be used, just poke scalemates himself and he'll happily give you the lowdown on whats legit and whats not.


28. November 2020, 15:53


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