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33 | 2. February, 19:13
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Always amazes me with these.. other than the paint it looks fairly decent condition, I get they are abandoned but have to wonder if anything is live on it.
2. February, 19:17
yep, I think its remarkable how clear the glass still is and the gear mechanics and such look good as well. I mean thats a bit of a different weather there as in Arizona and still...
Apperantly they took off the nose cone in newer pictures, probably sold that 🙂
2. February, 19:24
Roland Gunslinger
Ah, here we go ... count me in!
7. February, 20:29
Ben M
7. February, 20:56
Jos Jansen
Front row mate!
7. February, 21:42
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in. Looking good so far and a really nice subject
7. February, 21:44
Nathan Dempsey
I'm in for this one 🙂
7. February, 23:05
Thank you + welcome mates!
@ Moritz: Hope you keep up the pace so I can steal ... err... get inspired by your ideas 🙂
8. February, 12:42
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Great! Another MiG-21. Definetly in!
8. February, 13:19
Cheers giannis!
8. February, 13:23
Slavo Hazucha
It was clear that after the F-35, something particularly badly mauled by nature will have to follow! 😄

This will be very cool I am sure 👍 -already is with seat & pit!
8. February, 13:51
The held back destructive energy must be released! Thanks slavo 😄
8. February, 14:09
Phew, I had underestimated the effort of mixing all the colors by eye, so we now have a bit of everything, vallejo acrylics, gunze aqeous, revell email, model master email and ak real colors were used...(not all together of course^^). Blended pretty heavy with thin RLM02 in the end and now really happy with the result - now underside and on to the fun stuff
10. February, 21:38
Slavo Hazucha
Seems you're following procedures as they would be in real life Russian Aviation...!😉 You even got the "sick brown green" tone quite right there! Soon the punishment can start!

Will you follow the title pic close or just go "in the general direction"? What I find interesting on that one is the very clear canopy - usually a MiG at that state would show at least some yellowing and matting on these parts.
10. February, 21:59
Thanks a lot slavo, that's right, used what the paint shack had left in the dusty corners😉 (and my paint shack is not optimized for Soviet era jets...)

Let's say I will use the pic as my main reference and try to capture the mood and the state of the aircraft - but I may have some further ideas and "optimisations"😉
the base is started as well, I expect a lot of work with the vegetation...
11. February, 10:38
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
11. February, 11:49
Slavo Hazucha
You mean vegetation below, or already ON the plane?😉
11. February, 14:16
We'll see, if I accidentally pile up too much fertile sediment in the crevices it would only be natural for some cheeky birch seedling to suddenly appear there😉
not gonna happen though 🙂

Thanks Roland!
11. February, 14:53
James C
Cool project and your colours appear to be spot on 👍
11. February, 17:18
Thank you james, I admit a lot of luck was involved😉
12. February, 11:40
Some base-in-progress pics
13. February, 12:19
decals and wash down. Had to cut out the white outlines from decals I had left, but that worked out with only minor damages
14. February, 11:45
Moritz Fentzahn
Coming along very nice. 👍 wish I would be that fast
14. February, 13:19
14. February, 13:28
Whiskey Actual
Amazing build, well done. Love the MIG 21!
14. February, 13:50
Pierre Vauthier
well done
15. February, 05:32
Thanks guys, now some first steps into ruining everything 🙂
Had to re-rivet partially as those are very very shallow...
16. February, 16:51
Slavo Hazucha
Jeez, things are happening here... 🙂

Lovely punishment display - particularly the way the "red" star is treated! And the new deeper rivets actually make the abandoned-plane look even more zesty 👍
16. February, 16:58
Soeren .
That looks really great @ Daniel
16. February, 16:59
Loving it Daniel, really looks the part.
16. February, 17:26
Pierre Vauthier
how did you manage to make such effect on the decals ? I am impressed
16. February, 19:02
Nathan Dempsey
Looking very nice Daniel! I agree the work on the markings wear are terrific🙂
16. February, 21:13
Continuing the wear&tear on the wings with RAF sky - wich is still WIP but going into a direction I like, the paint job seems most degraded on the horizontal parts of the jet.

Many thanks for your kind feedback on the markings, the main work was cutting the white parts off the reds and application of those white lines.
Then I covered the inner part with a very thin layer of white oil paint (for those of you bob ross viewers: "I prepared the canvas with magic white..."😢 then took some unthinned crimson on a cut off toothpick (thin flexible tip) made several irregular dots and worked those into different shapes and gradients, also left some prominent dots as if theres some flaking
24. February, 22:40
Slavo Hazucha
The MiG is evolving very nicely & taking the beating like a man... 👍 And confirming my theory that proper application of Oils is the universal answer to almost any question a model surface can set in front of you...😉
24. February, 22:55
Absolutely agreeing with you there slavo, I more or less discarded all my fancy weathering products for a no name oil paint set and lighter fluid...

Some more WIP-Pics, sealed the paint work in dull coat and hoped it would brighten up again a bit, but still a bit too dark...usual weathering problem...I may have a go with an acrylic dull coat later on which is feared for its "frosting" effect. We'll see.
Also will apply some more rust and grime streaks now - using the above mentioned😉
1. March, 20:52
Ben M
I've seen other people use lighter fluid. What is the benefit over enamel thinner or hardware store paint thinner.
1. March, 20:56
Stunning work Daniel
1. March, 20:59
In my experience it is not as agressive compared to the thinners I used so far and it does not create a "fatty" surface as I had with "turpentine substitute thinner" (whatever thats in English) but keeps things quite dull and "dry" as it evaporates quickly
1. March, 20:59
thank you augie!
1. March, 21:04
Lighter fluid I use too, works like a charm!
1. March, 21:05
Ben M
Thank you mates - I appreciate the advice... I will try some out!
1. March, 22:56
looking really good
1. March, 23:06
Slavo Hazucha
The sacrificial MiG to bear all the punishments from the Old Testament upon his triangular shoulders... 😄

Looks epic, keep going!😉 👍
5. March, 18:54
Thanks spanjaard!
Thanks slavo - wilco! Next will be blood rain and locusts 😄
6. March, 10:40
James C
That's some impressive looking weathering Daniel👍
6. March, 17:03
Rui S
I agree, Nice setup 👍
6. March, 18:32
Thank you James and Rui!
Now she is resting on her own (flat) wheels
7. March, 10:30
Roland Gunslinger
What a humiliation for a once proud diva ...
Impressive painting/weathering/whatever work mate 👍
7. March, 10:34
Jos Jansen
Superb weathering Daniel 👍...the once-mighty Fishbed tucked away like a cast-off, a shame.
7. March, 12:31
Alexander Perov
Very cool work .but the masks from the cockpit were not removed probably .in my albums I also tried to age this model.
7. March, 18:04
Well she bears it like a man as slavo says 😉
Thanks a lot Roland, Jos and Alexander!

True, the masks are still on, but will of course be removed in time - were not done yet after all. Yesterday my scenic materials arrived after several years err, months of waiting...(man, even a GB went up in the meantime) and I hope I can put that to good use soon.
As a backup I also ordered some ready to use instant vegetation (just add water... 😉 )
8. May, 18:36


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