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February 26, 2021

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February 10, 2021

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February 7, 2021

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February 3, 2021

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January 30, 2021

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9 | 6. January, 18:14
Giannis Kaltapanidis
This was a present from my son, so everything else had to be left behind...
I was planning to have it ready earlier for new year greetings, but since i came some days short, i give you a teaser.
Happy new year to all!
6. January, 18:26
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Although Eduard's model comes with some impressive painting options and decals, i thought that Red Baron's tri-plane is a must have...
Not having built a WWI plane before, i have to say i fell in love with those beautiful little creatures and i got a couple more.
I hope you like it!
30. January, 16:06
Stefan Schacht
well done, I like light weathering
30. January, 16:12
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank you Stefan! It was the pride of German Air Force, I guess it was always well preserved.
30. January, 16:14

January 6, 2021

Giannis Kaltapanidis added a new project.
1:48 Fokker Dr.I (Eduard 8162)
6. January, 18:11

January 5, 2021

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5. January, 08:35
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5. January, 08:34

December 20, 2020

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20. December 2020, 17:41

November 14, 2020

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14. November 2020, 10:55
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1:48 Fokker Dr.I (Eduard 8162)
Fokker Dr.I ProfiPack Edition
Eduard 1:48
8162 2017 | Changed decals
14. November 2020, 10:49

October 28, 2020

Giannis Kaltapanidis added a new photoalbum.
4. July 2017, 19:02
Giannis Kaltapanidis
First time working P.E. and I'm feeling exhausted!!!
While working I could'nt stop thinking, "What am I doing ??? Why am I trying to put together pieces that I could inhale if I'm not carefull enough? What for ???"
Is'nt it a bit too much to try to put so much detail in such a scale ?
I could'nt event make a decent photo out of it...
4. July 2017, 19:07
Dave Flitton
Ah, but it looks so nice once installed!
4. July 2017, 20:46
it looks really fantastic Giannis, and even if hard to see later, you will be able to see it, i can promise you that. And you will know it is there!
and those that can appreciate it, will also be able to see it.
5. July 2017, 11:32
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank's guys! I just wanted some opinions on this one...
Not sure if there was a point...
Spanjaard I'll let you know once it's finished :)
5. July 2017, 12:14
good luck and happy modelling (enjoy, that is what counts, forget about what anybody will think about it)
5. July 2017, 13:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
Well done! I had to smile reading your introductory remark on tiny PE-parts 🙂
I may say that I hope there is life in this lovely project, I am planing to do this kit for myself..... and therefore would like to follow!
28. October 2020, 11:11
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank's Roland! That's exactly how i felt back then... But once you get involved there is no going back with P.E.s. Absolutely essential for an accurate model, and are acctually fun to work with!
I will definitely finish this model, i'm still working on it from time to time.
28. October 2020, 17:43

October 22, 2020

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Ready(?) for assembly
4 | 4. July 2020, 12:55
Giannis Kaltapanidis
You gotta love cockpits! Kits inside a kit. Finishing one gives you the same pleasure as the entire kit, and motivates you to put some more effort to the rest of it.
All of them? This one in particular doesn't!
It actually is a bloody nightmare! Plastics don't fit, P.E.s don't fit, the floor piece was crooked in a way that nothing around it fitted, and i had to cut it...
The instruction sheet, is simply... ridiculus, with pieces floating in the air and attaching themselves simultaneously alltogether to form a cockpit that, magically pulled underneeth from a hole, fits into the fuselage!
In reality, dry fitting reveals that... nothing fits! P.E.s snapping out of position due to excessive preassure, pieces need sanding, some others..."rearrangement", and I guess I'll be needing a lot of putty and some styrene pieces to fill in the gaps left underneeth.

I've been longing to make an Eduard model, heard so many nice comments but now, not being an experienced modeller, I really wonder if I can pull this off. Let's see how that one goes...
4. July 2020, 12:58
Giannis Kaltapanidis
At last the fuselage is closed, cockpit sealed with a layer of matt varnish, ready for primer.
There wasn't a single joint that didn't need sanding, lots and lots of glue to retain the contour of the plane, cover the huge "stairs" that the joint pieces created, opposite pieces with different thickness and so on.
The model is a mess, i had to use virtually every tool in my inventory to manage it.
26. July 2020, 19:03
Björn Svedberg
Saw your comment on my Hurricane build and found this build in your projects. I've been wanting to build a Yak-1b for a long time and just got the Zvezda kit, so I'm following your build with interest! Really nice progress! 👍
21. October 2020, 18:35
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank's Bjorn! Hope Svezda's kit is much better than Eduard's :) ...
22. October 2020, 06:53

October 13, 2020

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13. October 2020, 07:28
Giannis Kaltapanidis owns this item
13. October 2020, 07:27
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13. October 2020, 07:25
Giannis Kaltapanidis added a new project.
1:48 Hawker Hurricane wheel bay (Aires 4542)1:48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (Italeri 2802)1:48 Hurricane Mk.I cockpit set (Aires 4543)3+
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
85 Sqn. P2923 (Plt. Albert Gerard Lewis)
July 1940 Battle of Britain - Debden
13. October 2020, 07:14

October 12, 2020

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12. October 2020, 10:03

July 11, 2020

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1:48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (Italeri 2802)
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary + Super Decal
Italeri 1:48
2802 2020 | Changed decals
11. July 2020, 14:00

June 17, 2020

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10. June 2020, 15:46
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Giannis Kaltapanidis
Ευχαριστώ ρε Νίκο! Μου έβγαλε την ψυχή αλλά το έφερα βόλτα! :) :)
16. June 2020, 17:57
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Το φτιαξες τζαμι και σε πληθωρικη κλιμακα. Καλη για συλλογη η 1/72 αλλα ψιλικατζιδικη. Στην 1/48 εχεις αλλο αερα
16. June 2020, 18:35
James C
Awesome looking build and a cool subject. 👍
16. June 2020, 18:50
the weathering is so complete...right down to mud looks like it actually exists...super job
16. June 2020, 18:53
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thanks guys! Much appreciated
17. June 2020, 05:31

June 11, 2020

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11. June 2020, 18:40

June 10, 2020

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10. June 2020, 17:32
Giannis Kaltapanidis added a new project.
On hold
1:48 Yak-1b (Eduard 1194)
Yakovlev Yak-1B
SU Military Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily (Soviet Air Force 1918-1991)
1 Flight, 427 IAP (Capt. Pavel M. Chuvileu, CO)
August 1943 - Sokolniki Air Field
10. June 2020, 15:54

May 14, 2020

Giannis Kaltapanidis added a new photoalbum.
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This album does not contain any images.
26. May 2019, 08:23
Giannis Kaltapanidis
I've been told that, starting various builds and finishing....none, is a modellers disease. If so I'm seriously ill...
So i've decided to focus on my "What If" project.
"What if i actualy finish a model for a change?". Let' see how that goes...
Highlights and shading applied, moving on to weathering.
26. May 2019, 08:25
Slavo Hazucha
Nice work so far, shading looks crisp, I hope this one gets done! 🙂
26. May 2019, 11:14
26. May 2019, 15:20
Paul Shearer
Haha, yes you are not alone Giannis 😄 I may try the same "what if" project myself
26. May 2019, 15:38
Nathan Dempsey
Looking really nice there Giannis! I agree with Slavo.
26. May 2019, 16:04
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank's guys.
Nice to know Paul! :) :)
26. May 2019, 19:00
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Ωραια πρωτοτυπη επιλογη Γιαννη και το πας ωραια. Και στα χρωματα επισης η επιλογη καλη. Καλη συνεχεια το παρακολουθω
30. May 2019, 21:43
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Ευχαριστώ Νίκο!
2. June 2019, 10:33


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