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Tom ... (tom...)

Plan 9 - WIP


9. February 2020, 20:51
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Tom ...
...slowly and surely they drew their plans...
9. February 2020, 20:56
Roland Gunslinger
haha, i'm in. Love the movie...
9. February 2020, 21:13
Tom ...
I was thinking this will be a very fast build, even worthy of Chris G, but then I had to go and make holes...
10. February 2020, 23:46
Chris Greathouse
Ha! Looks like you got holed up on your project ;P I'm watching this one.... Are you pausing this one for the Aussie Truck?... Or are you going forward with this.
11. February 2020, 00:41
Bob Hall
I Love those old cheesy SciFi 1950's Movies !
11. February 2020, 01:13
Tom ...
I'm going to knock this one out. Might overlap with the truck build a bit but this kit is an easy build so no worries. Want to get this on my desk. That's the real reason I bought it. That and the fact that the first computer game I programmed was "Plan 9 From Outer Space" for the Commodore Amiga back in 1991. A truly B game as well. I'll post some pics of it. It's in some box somewhere
11. February 2020, 01:29
Bob Hall
Here Ya go ! You can Build and Watch at the same time ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youtube Video

11. February 2020, 01:36
Donald Dickson II
Never saw this movie. May have to dig it up.
11. February 2020, 01:37
Tim Heimer
I don't know if I would build a kit that insults you as you work on it! Your stupid minds??
11. February 2020, 01:45
Tom ...
Donald, it's considered one of the worst movies ever made so be forewarned... it's also the last movie Bela Lugosi made. He actually died while the movie was being made. However I very much recommend watching the movie starring Johnny Depp called "Ed Wood". Matthew Landau does an amazing job as Lugosi in it. Ed Wood is the guy behind Plan 9.
11. February 2020, 01:46
Tom ...
Tim, it's a line from the movie. 😄
11. February 2020, 01:48
Bob Hall
Then watch The Johnny Depp Movie "Ed Wood" It's actually very good !
11. February 2020, 01:53
Bob Hall
Here Ya go ! May need this HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11. February 2020, 03:44
I like the movie and hold the kit, so I'm in 👍
16. February 2020, 09:37
Tom ...
Welcome, Torsten. Invasion is underway...

Got the main body all chromed up and pleased with the result. Going to let it cure of a week or two before handling again to painting the interior. That was quite daunting doing such a large even area with Alclad. Hopefully I don't have to do many of those in the future.

Also happy that all the scraping and sanding where the two halves of the saucer meet paid off; there's no noticeable seam line. Phew!
16. February 2020, 21:31
Peter Hardy
Beautiful finish on the Alclad
16. February 2020, 21:31
I love this thread, such a cool piece😎
16. February 2020, 22:45
Tim Heimer
This work is out of this world!
17. February 2020, 03:22
Tom ...
Ha, very funny 😄
17. February 2020, 06:42
Thank you for introducing me to Alclad - it's now going to be either this or Molotow Liquid Chrome for my BSG Cylon chrome!
18. February 2020, 05:41
Peter Hardy
Shut up Tim.
18. February 2020, 07:48
Dominik Weitzer
Wow . Amazing look!
22. February 2020, 19:35
Martin Oostrom
Ooh shiny!
22. February 2020, 22:10
Bob Hall
How's this one coming along ?
3. June 2020, 19:13
Tom ...
Good timing, Bob! I'm actual getting back to this one right now, while I build the Cobra. I thought I only had the alien and cockpit left to paint but annoyingly I forgot about the base and the rocket engines...

Also, I bought two more of these kits. I plan (9) to do a "Greg Baker" build of this kit with LEDs and audio. I got two because I'm pretty sure I'm going to screw up the first attempt.
3. June 2020, 19:28
Ben M
watching, flying saucers are relevant to my interests.
3. June 2020, 19:35
Bob Hall
Looks sweet, can't wait !
3. June 2020, 21:06
Bob Hall
Here ya go Ben, this should tide you over until completes this ! LOL !

3. June 2020, 21:09
Ben M
That's it. Once I fix my locomotive model, I will start a flying saucer of my own. between this project and the hanebu, what this site needs is MOAR UFOs.
3. June 2020, 21:13
Unspeakable Horrors From Outer Space Paralyze The Living And Resurrect The Dead! 😳
3. June 2020, 21:31
Nathan Dempsey
I forgot to mention I went out and bought a UFO kit. Thanks Tom!
3. June 2020, 21:42
Tim Heimer
Does that make this kit a IFO? Identified flying object?
4. June 2020, 01:30
Tom ...
Currently it's still a UFO: Unfinished Flashy Object
4. June 2020, 01:39
Bob Hall
BAZINGA ! Point - TOM !
4. June 2020, 01:41
Tim Heimer
Good one Tom! LOL
4. June 2020, 13:20
Tom ...
Ah disaster! Not exactly sure how this went bad. The aluminum sections where done with Alclad with their Aqua Gloss (water based) clear coat. I then did a final coat with their gloss clear coat (lacquer based) and it seems to have eaten into the aqua gloss coat and through to the black base... Not happy. Spent a lot of effort on the base.

This is also the first time I've had any issues with Alclad. Bummed.

Wish I had taken a photo of the base before putting down the last coat to show the difference.
11. June 2020, 07:02
Chaz Gordon
3D texture on the land, looks good to me. - Ah, just spotted the bottom pic. Ouch, although looks like aged metal.
11. June 2020, 08:23
Dominik Weitzer
The base looks already fine! The holder for the flying saucer is not that bad in my opinion. I like it!
It looks not "as clean as licked" , it makes it more interesting.
11. June 2020, 08:32
Chaz Gordon
Didn't know you were a Games Programmer Tom. I remember Gremlin from the 90's
11. June 2020, 09:59
Tom ...
Thanks, Guys. I guess it looks kinda sinister. Shame it wasn't a red base coat instead. 🙂

@Chaz, I'm guessing Premier Manager and Zool.
11. June 2020, 18:12
The base looks cool, I'd call it a happy accident...
11. June 2020, 18:29
Chaz Gordon
Tom, no, just on the shelves at the computer shops, I was more of a BBC usr (still got my working Model B)
11. June 2020, 18:47
Ben M
Tom, I agree with dominik. You can pass this off as intentional, it looks pretty cool.
11. June 2020, 19:12
Tom ...
Finally finished. Happy with the result. Will do final pictures at somepoint.
13. June 2020, 21:19
Congratulations...It's like nothing from this world! Bizarrely authentic!
13. June 2020, 21:28
Chaz Gordon
Glad you decided to put the Doodads on it
13. June 2020, 21:31
Do Mars Attacks next!!!
13. June 2020, 21:32
Tom ...
JD, I'm dying to do Mars Attacks as soon as possible, however I got the "Escape from the Dungeon" so I could practice on something first as I've never done large figures, so it's going to be a while I'm afraid...
13. June 2020, 21:51
Bob Hall
13. June 2020, 22:22
Yeah, we think alike in that regard. I'm dying to get to my Ma.K stuff, but my skills aren't there yet to do them justice, so I practice and learn on other things, sometimes on toys I find at the $ store. I had an epic failure learning salt chipping on a toy robot, but it was all good! But I digress...
13. June 2020, 22:48
Peter Hardy
Yep, love it.

13. June 2020, 23:30
14. June 2020, 02:28
Peter Hardy
Must be airsick, looking a bit green around the gills!
Fun build Tom, I have enjoyed it more than you, please get the Mars Attacks thing happening soon. I can't wait!
14. June 2020, 03:11
Chaz Gordon
I checked the kit page and looked at the instructions. Thought there were missing pages. Then i realized it's just the one step. But then how many parts does a saucer need?.
14. June 2020, 03:36
Tom ...
Thx, guys. I think that I will pre-assemble Mars Attacks, and maybe even prime it, but hold off on painting till I have more confidence. I hear it requires a bit of filling work. Also have a wooden long boat kit I want to get started on. Probably biting off more than I can chew. Still have the wheels on the Cobra to finish.
14. June 2020, 03:41
No! Tom..you must do Mars Attacks! Give your fans what they want to see, then you can go back to doing cars or aircraft or whatever... 😛 😛
14. June 2020, 06:24
Dominik Weitzer
Looks good! Well done!
15. June 2020, 14:16


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