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Mercedes-AMG GT3


34 10 March 2021, 15:51
Dirk Heyer
Stunning Colour. Absolutely an amazing model. Perfect finish and perfect modelling skills. is it possible that I have seen this model in the spanish modelling magazine " Hobby World"?
If so, it is in fact the right place for your model.
Great stuff.
10 March 2021, 16:23
Hi Dirk, thanks for your compliments. My model has not been featured in het Hobby World modelling magazine (wish it was 🙂)
10 March 2021, 16:50
Rui S
Looks great and beautiful (I want to ride one, hehehe). Great photos too 👍
10 March 2021, 21:20
Grant Lehman
wow... looks awesome
10 March 2021, 21:24
A real beauty. Well done!
10 March 2021, 21:43
Konrad -
Wow thats really an eyecatcher 👍!
The color is too cool👍!!
10 March 2021, 22:02
10 March 2021, 22:06
Thanks everyone for the compliments!
11 March 2021, 05:43
Top build and presentation!👍
11 March 2021, 09:35
Thanks Neuling
11 March 2021, 15:28
Martin Oostrom
This deserves a bump. What a beautiful car, great photography as well
3 June 2021, 17:40
Thanks Martin
3 June 2021, 17:56
Weekend Hobbyist
9 June 2021, 00:54
Weekend Hobbyist
How does Slash Paints compare to Gravity? I'm in the U.S. and considering trying Gravity.
9 June 2021, 00:55
Mike Bird
Beautifully done!
9 June 2021, 01:24
Splash Paints are hotter then Gravity Colors, personally I prefer Gravity Colors. Should you decide to buy Gravity Color paints, buy them on the Gravity Colors Spain website! It will save you a lot of headache compared to buying to the Gravity Colors USA website
9 June 2021, 10:56
Thanks Mike B ?
9 June 2021, 10:56
does anybody know what is the story for the Gravity Spain vs Gravity US ? they bitch to each other in both websites.... one thing for sure, is that they are different brands
9 June 2021, 11:14
Gravity US was the former US distributor of the original Gravity Colors Spain paints, for some reason this collaboration didn't last. Gravity Spain states that the Gravity US website uses there brand without their permission…
9 June 2021, 16:16
One thing that's for sure is that Gravity US is not a professional business at all. The internet, Facebook groups etc. are full of complaints about this company. If you like to buy the great Gravity paints stick with the Spain business.
9 June 2021, 16:21
well, the US website tells the story in a different way... but yes, all comments that i found online certainly do not look very positive about the US one, while everybody seem to be happy about the Spanish. It looks totally crazy that they both use same name, logo, etc, etc
9 June 2021, 16:50
Yes, it's a crazy and confusion situation.
9 June 2021, 18:19
Alexander Grivonev
What a beauty👍
9 June 2021, 21:03
Chris Reimann
10 June 2021, 03:21
Thanks Alexander & Chris ?
10 June 2021, 06:12
Dominik Weitzer
looks reeeeally cool.
10 June 2021, 07:50
Thanks Dominik ?
10 June 2021, 10:24
Stephan H.
Nice to see this livery build. Great model great game series 🙂 👍
10 June 2021, 11:09
a tiny little consturctive criticism (no offense!): are you sure with that antenna? This is such a beatiful finish but that antenna seems way to thick and doesn`t match the rest of the car for my eye.
10 June 2021, 13:56
Thanks Stephan ?@ Dennis not offended, the antenna is the one that's included in the box and could have been made smaller, you're right. It is what it is.
10 June 2021, 16:41
Never mind. Guess my AMS is kicking in again 😄
10 June 2021, 20:05

Album info

Painted in Battlefield Orange by Splash Paints. Clear coated with Gravity Colors Spain gloss clear set, mixed with matt additive to obtain a semi-gloss look. Other used colors are from the Tamiya LP range (lacquer paints).
Decals: Mercedes AMG GT3 Blancpain GT '17 Team HTP by S.K. Decals.

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1:24 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 (Tamiya 24345)1:24 Mercedes AMG GT3 Blancpain GT '17 Team HTP (SK Decals SK-24077)

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