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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

COVID build #4 Porsche 911


11 | 13. November 2020, 10:24
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Martin Oostrom
Just a few pieces here. Some work is needed on the body. And again, only the work that can be done without painting... :(
13. November 2020, 10:35
Danny Meer
Just wondering how much workspace you got 😛
You have so much kits in progress lol

For this build...SHOTGUN!!! 😄
13. November 2020, 10:37
István Szücs
Watching! Which color will you choose?
13. November 2020, 16:41
Martin Oostrom
Welcome Danny and István. At first when I bought the kit I was going for Alclad candy orange. But I changed my mind. She will be TS-88 Titanium Silver, Tamiya Gloss, Lacquer, 100ml
13. November 2020, 21:22
Nice! Watching
13. November 2020, 22:13
photo 5 and 7. maybe I think it just weld line. don't worry about fragile.
14. November 2020, 04:56
Greg Baker
Oh, one of my favourite cars. Can't sit this one out!
14. November 2020, 05:50
Martin Oostrom
Hi Ms, it looks transparent and really thin at first. A closer look shows that it is just as thick and sturdy as the rest.
Greg and Munky, welcome to the isolation room!
14. November 2020, 09:33
Bill Newcomer
This is one of the few foreign cars I admire. Following.
15. November 2020, 05:48
I would not miss this one for the world
15. November 2020, 23:05
Martin Oostrom
Welcome fellers. Removed the chrome yesterday. It wasn't that nice
16. November 2020, 16:02
Martin Oostrom
I couldn't help myself and got my primer out. It's decanted Tamiya fine primer white, thinned with 1/3rd Tamiya Lacquer Thinner.
It went pretty decent, until some graining showed on the bonnet. Either my distance or my pressure was too high :(
18. November 2020, 19:40
how did you de-chrome exactly? i may need to do it myself
18. November 2020, 20:05
Martin Oostrom
Just bleach. Worked fine this time
18. November 2020, 20:13
18. November 2020, 20:43
Martin Oostrom
I wet sanded the graining on the bonnet and some other spots. Sanded through some edges, so a fix was necessary. After that I couldn't help myself and sprayed some TS-88 Titanium Silver, Tamiya Gloss, Lacquer, 100ml on the undercarriage. I like this colour!
Assuming that the undercarriage had been treated with a protective coating, I didn't remove the grainy primer here.
19. November 2020, 16:43
Greg Baker
This is looking very good. I'm terrified to build a car... they seem so unforgiving as far as the paint jobs are concerned, but I'm watching your magic act with full attention.
19. November 2020, 17:55
Martin Oostrom
I got the colour on! Needs some sanding, but looks okay in my book
20. November 2020, 19:47
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Like it,,,,, following
21. November 2020, 18:03
Martin Oostrom
Welcome back to the Porsche Painting Adventures, or PPA. The Titanium Silver was too grainy and I sanded through. So I tried to strip with oven cleaner. No dice, luckily brake fluid and a toothbrush worked.
After cleaning all the panel lines, I decided to go with my original idea, Alclad candy orange. Primered with Alclad silver base.
The Candy Orange was even granier than the titanium, so once again oven cleaner, brake fluid and cleaning of all the orange residue.
Alclad silver base attempt #2. As I figured that the orange might be off, I consulted two kids and a Spanjaard. The new colour was to be chosen from Candy lemon yellow, Candy ruby red or Candy cobalt. And the winner is.... in the pictures 😄
28. November 2020, 17:04
no, the winner is the one building it. I knew all along you will make this Porsche shine! 🙂 congratulations Martin!
28. November 2020, 23:01
I love the bleach method of de-chroming. It's a magical experience, everytime. Kinda makes me feel like a Wizard? I'll hang around for this build. I might pick up some pointers, for when I start on my challengers and charger?
29. November 2020, 00:29
Martin Oostrom
I have a pointer for you Bozzer: Don't use Vallejo liquid mask on Alclad silver base. It rips the silver from the plastic on removal.

It took some attempts Spanjaard, but with my support group I cannot fail!
29. November 2020, 09:41
I'm not a big Vallejo fan. I have used on cab interiors etc, but that's about it. It's definitely not my go-to paint. I use a lot of enamel paint, for my vehicles. However, I do love some of the funky modern colours! I've still yet though, to find a very crisp white, and a yellow that goes on easy, without giving me trouble? Both these colours haunt me. There's definitely some sexy blues around, which I wish to seek out and try. I'm not the best for looking online, I like to hold the tin or bottle, so I can make a definite decision. That's not an easy task, during this COVID madness. I shall endeavour however, to seek out the best for my builds
29. November 2020, 09:54
Greg Baker
I really like how this is coming along. It's going to be a beauty.
1. December 2020, 07:32
Danny Meer
OMG, love that blue color 🙂 after all the troubles it came out very nice Martin 👍
1. December 2020, 14:14
Martin Oostrom
Some assembly and wet sanding done. I like her!
1. December 2020, 22:49
with good reason 🙂 hard work, but it is paying off!
1. December 2020, 23:49
Bob Hall
I love that color, Martin ! Can't wait to see this beauty complete !
2. December 2020, 03:58
I've just picked up some Alclad candy paint too. It's a tricky paint to use, but once clear coated, it looks the dog's danglies!
2. December 2020, 06:06
Martin Oostrom
Getting closer... Alclad Aqua Gloss is on, might need some gentle polishing. Sprayed the lights and scratch built some doorhandles and a rear view mirror
7. December 2020, 16:40
Danny Meer
Nice work Martin 🙂
And from my VW van have 2 spare door handles if you need 🙂
7. December 2020, 16:42
Martin Oostrom
I think I'm good. Don't think many people will notice after painting. Thanks for the offer!
7. December 2020, 16:43
Danny Meer
np if you decide not to use the scratchbuild versions you know my adres 😄
7. December 2020, 16:45
door handles looking good!
7. December 2020, 23:13
Martin Oostrom
She is nearly done. Chassis is ready to be married to the body. Waiting one night to let the glue on the windows set. Only some trimmings and handles to do!
8. December 2020, 22:20
Bill Newcomer
Oooooo pretty... 🙂
9. December 2020, 04:01
Lode Schildermans
Martin, looks nice and shiny. Well done, mate
9. December 2020, 06:07
Martin Oostrom
Thanks you gentlemen. I'm not really satisfied with the orange peel, but overall it has been a fun journey. Fit is still excellent. Not a lot of parts, easy to build, just my body painting skills are lacking.

For the finished monster: Completed - Porsche 911 | Album by Mahoo76 (1:24)
9. December 2020, 14:17
a build to be proud. perseverance certainly paid off big time 🙂
9. December 2020, 14:31
Tom ...
Nothing lacking here, Martin. Looks really awesome to me. I see lots of nice sharp lines! Excellent work!
9. December 2020, 19:22
Martin Oostrom
Thank you Tom!
12. December 2020, 08:35
Greg Baker
I always thought a Porsche should be red... or black... but you're changing my mind here.
15. December 2020, 06:53


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