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Rui S (mig)

My love for the Hobby

I´m quite sure I´m not the only one to do this, over the years. 😉


28 | 28. March, 22:43
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Rui S
I´m quite sure I´m not the only mate to do this, over the years. Or is it just me?
28. March, 23:41
There is some artwork there I haven't seen in years.
Thanks for that ride down memory lane.
29. March, 03:13
Ben M
What a great collection!
29. March, 03:21
I keep my box art too - great idea to put it in a binder 👍
29. March, 03:28
Rui S
@Peppy, Yes, that was the intention with this album, so my pleasure mate.
@Ben, most of them went to war and where lost in combat😉 Unfortunatly.
@Tom, In those days, I couldn't even get catalogs, so I kept everything including the sides of the boxes: D
29. March, 19:31
Zach Wilson
I keep all of my box tops as well, it makes for a great walk down memory lane
29. March, 19:35
Rui S
I suspected that I was certainly not the only one doing it and I agree with you 👍
29. March, 19:36
Alexander Grivonev
Wow you keep even the boxes? That's dedication👍 I have documented almost all my builds from the beginning and keep the manuals and all the paperwork that come with a project, personal notes, reference material etc. The boxes receive a honorary escort to the paper bin. Have established this tradition with every finished model as a "ritual of completion"
29. March, 19:51
Rui S
Well Mate, I'm Portuguese, so not that organized, neither more or less like that.
The boat covers, or the 1/32 spitfire, must surely be over 40 years old, so I even think it's incredible how I kept them at that time 😉
29. March, 20:14
i also keep the (flattened) boxes of all my builds (except the very first, described by my brother as a ball of plastic and glue 😛 )
29. March, 20:51
Maciej Bellos
There is a box full of flattened boxes of most of my builds. I have also kept the vast majority of the instructions. So yeah, you are not the only one.
29. March, 21:08
Rui S
Ofcourse. Interesting the amount of memories they can bring up, after all those years 👍
29. March, 21:16
indeed 🙂
29. March, 21:29
Rui S
I see that more mates liked this album, but it is impossible to know who, so Thank you all 👍
30. March, 00:19
Łukasz Gliński
I think the boxarts were the main attraction to this hobby at the very beginning, weren't they? 😄
I use to keep the boxarts only, but lost most of them couple of years ago, Since then I have some boxes stored (not flattened), but only the nicest and mainly the vintage ones.
Thanks mate for sharing 👍
30. March, 08:24
I have stored all instructions and box arts from the very beginning. Time and again I have to resort to one or other ......... Styles and development of box art might make an interesting exhibition.
30. March, 09:57
Rui S
@ Łukasz, I think they still are very influential in the choices many make.
I've also lost some boxes. I particularly remember a 1/32 Zero, green and unpainted plastic with raised rivets and decals only, and probably a lot of glue, because it held everything, even flying from one side of the room to the other. There was no landing gear and propeller of course, but otherwise everything was there... 😄 😄 😄 So , my pleasure, mate.
@ Neuling, you might be right 🤔
30. March, 19:50
Gordon Sørensen
I have saved the boxes from my recent builds with the intention of mounting them on the Wall. A plan that has been thwarted by my Wife....
30. March, 19:58
Rui S
I can understand, she most likely prefers the models themselves 😉 and that's enough?
30. March, 20:03
Thwarted by the wife, huh Gordon?
Try asking about putting the latest Trumpeter
1/350 scale Dreadnaught in the center of the
dining room table.
Nah, I'm kidding really. I do know if they really
knew what we spend sometimes, we'd all be sleeping
outside in the car.
30. March, 20:30
Łukasz Gliński
@Gordon: seems we have similar ideas sometimes 😄
30. March, 20:31
Martin Oostrom
I made a deal with the mrs. She got a cat and I have a 1/200 Rodney to build and a display cabinet which will fit her 😄
30. March, 20:35
Rui S
@ Peppy, my wife Knows, but for some time I was trading a lot, so I had a good excuse 🙂 … but I have too work on the hobby, to defend my Man cave 😄
@ Łukasz, As we can read here, Yap, we sure do 😉
😄 Well done Martin 👍
30. March, 20:50
Kerry COX
A most unique way of keeping track of all you have done over the years. !
What an album to have. 🙂
Your not just a brilliant modeller Rui, but also a sentimental one too. I love it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 👍
30. March, 21:19
Rui S
Thx Mate, for your very kind comment, as usual. You are completely right and regarding the Hobby, you know I am very sentimental 😉
30. March, 21:23
Shane Hodgetts
That's awesome...thought of doing something similar myself...just can't bring myself to throw out the old boxes...such great artwork etc...??
30. March, 21:37
Rui S
Thx Shane. Yap you should do something similar. 👍
I always like when some one make an album with some of this old kits 👍
I was going to pack up the PZ II box in the file and when I opened it, I decided to photograph the covers for back up and after, I thought it would be interesting to show the mates.
30. March, 21:46
Shane Hodgetts
An innovator are u...???
30. March, 21:49
Rui S
😄 😄 😄
30. March, 21:50
Łukasz Gliński
Btw Rui, have you heard about this album?
I think I have seen similar Airfix one as well.
Maybe you should start preparing your own?😉
31. March, 07:20
Rui S
@ Łukasz, Thank you for the link. Interesting 👍 . I didn't kew about it, but thx no thx. I do not have enough information knowledge to do something like that. I'm happy with this album 😉
31. March, 12:47
Alec K
Very cool collection Rui. I used to keep covers and instructions as well. These days I just upload the scans of each to Scalemates 😄
31. March, 12:56
Rui S
Thx Alec. Glad you like it.
Those days..., no war books with photos - excluding Readers Digest - no color TV, no vídeo recorders, no PCs, no Internet (at least in Portugal), what interested me were the images (B/W or colour). The covers with instructions were a bónus, the instructions after building the kits, where not important to me. Many plane kits came with a folded paper art and a hanging plastic bag with the plastic pieces. 😮
I remmember seeing in Tv "World at War" and taking notes at the same time, I've kept some of those notes until today 😄 😄 😄
As mate Jan Peters, said about my modelling, some fine old school, indeed 😉
31. March, 14:06
That bought back a few memories for me as well. The Airfix Matilda was my favourite tank kit back when I was a scale model of my current self, and as a result has remained my favourite tank.
I don't really have room for all my models so there is no way of storing the box art. I'm the same as Alexander G, I keep the instructions and at the end of each build, the box goes on a one way trip to the recycling bin.
Mind you, if box art these days was as gorgeous as the Roy Cross Airfix boxes, I would be very tempted.
31. March, 15:46
Łukasz Gliński
Looks like manufacturers need to hire some Roys to get the best boxarts for their kits😉
31. March, 18:07
Rui S
@ gorbygould, nice to know that. It was one of my intention with this album, to bring back good memories, from when we where "a scale model of our current selves".
Flattened boxes was my way to keep "My Precious" 😄 😄 Never to the recycling bin I couldn't do that.
I like the Matida too. I've one old 1/35 Tamiya in my stash.
@ Łukasz, I think that in some cases, the boxart is still very good 😎
31. March, 21:04
Alec K
I wonder what happened to all that original box cover artwork.
31. March, 23:40
Alec: Apparently a lot of Roy cross's original artwork was destroyed. Some of it was sold at auction over the years. I've just found a listing for a 2014 auction of his work. When he stopped working for Airfix he mainly painted ships – some of his Airfix work is half way down the first page.
I'd have happily made a few bids if I'd known at the time.

Just read that his first Airfix art was this:
Dornier 217. E.2 (Airfix 383, 1:72)

1:72 Dornier 217. E.2 (Airfix 383)

And his last:
Prinz Eugen (Airfix 05203-2, 1:600)

1:600 Prinz Eugen (Airfix 05203-2)
1. April, 06:31
Alec K
Cool! Thanks Gorb 👍
1. April, 13:17
Rui S
@ gorbygould, Thx for sharing the info 👍. I remember doing both 😄
1. April, 13:20
James C
That's quite a cool idea. I wish I had done something similar, but too late now 👍
3. April, 20:22
Rui S
Sorry for the late reply, Mate. Thx for the compliment. I'm ot the only one and I think it's never too late, so😉
10. April, 14:00

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