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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)

AH-56 Cheyenne


79 2 April 2022, 20:10
Łukasz Gliński
Awesome! Wondering what's your review of that kit 🙂
2 April 2022, 20:21
Maciej Bellos
2 April 2022, 20:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
I am pleased about your interest! My review of the kit will have a certain length, that much is already certain! 🙂
3 April 2022, 07:44
Łukasz Gliński
Fingers crossed it's gonna be rather longer than a shorter one 😉
3 April 2022, 08:49
Robert Podkoński
Watching for sure! I have always wanted to see this model finished. And Roland guarantees top class here 🙂
3 April 2022, 09:36
Unusual kit.
I agree with Robert.
3 April 2022, 10:03
And me.
3 April 2022, 18:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your interest as well as your words motivate! Thank you for your appreciated reactions!
3 April 2022, 18:44
Oliver Zwiener
Take a seat with great interest , built the Aurora kit in 2016 :
4 April 2022, 05:00
Gary Kitchen
Taking a seat.
4 April 2022, 05:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
I'm glad to hear that Oliver and Gary! A beautiful building, Oliver! I hope to come close to this clean and very believable looking result! Interesting to see that you didn't have any problems with the transparent part - so it must be a quirk of my edition.
4 April 2022, 06:17
Hajo Lippke
Looking forward to it, I did a "what if"-version two years ago...
4 April 2022, 08:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
It's been a really inspiring machine indeed!
4 April 2022, 20:09
Mark Henderson
Excuse my ignorance, but why did you drill the holes.
4 April 2022, 20:21
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hi Mark, no problem 🙂 In the windscreen of the AH-56 sat an unmistakable ejector mark that could not be ignored. I spent some time thinking about what to do about it - sanding it down or filling it in - and finally decided to cut it out and replace it. The holes were the first step to get at it with a scalpel, then the disc was carved out.
5 April 2022, 06:25
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few new pictures show what I have done with the cockpit interior. I realise that this is not an exact copy - but anything that looks better than before helps. Now I'm going to line all the too deep panel lines with putty; well, that affects all panel lines on all parts! 🙂

The photos of the parts of the rotor head show the untreated, much too massive kit parts. I will replace all of them or go at it hard with the sandpaper.
5 April 2022, 06:29
Łukasz Gliński
Yeah, that rotor assembly looks hideous indeed, looking forward to seeing your replacement 👍
5 April 2022, 07:53
Gary Kitchen
Hi Roland I'm following along with great interest as I have one of these on my agenda at some point (fits into my Native American Army Helo Collection Idea 🙂 ) Despite your reservations I think the cockpit looks neat. 👍
5 April 2022, 08:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
thank you for the encouragement, mates! With all the need for improvisation, I can say: this project is really fun!
5 April 2022, 15:44
Derek Huggett
Another great project Roland - worth remembering that this machine never got past the evaluation stage, and there were many changes and 'improvements' introduced on the few prototypes that were made - I shall enjoy watching your progress 👍 😄
5 April 2022, 16:03
Hajo Lippke
Roland, did you see my "In-progress"-thread over at
5 April 2022, 16:08
James C
5 April 2022, 17:00
Mark Henderson
Thanks for the info.
6 April 2022, 00:08
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much for your interest and your interesting feedback! No, Hajo, I haven't yet. Would you like to send me a link?

With the new pictures I show you two important steps: firstly, I filled all too deep panel lines and sanded everything down, and secondly, I masked off and fitted the canopy - not an entirely unproblematic task! The seemingly unclean transition between the glass and the plastic is just a test line of black paint applied with a brush to make it clear whether the glass is really tight - no spray mist should fog up the windows from the inside!
8 April 2022, 18:31
Hajo Lippke
Of course!

Still love your project!
8 April 2022, 18:43
Łukasz Gliński
What's the secret behind the panel line filler? Are you going to rescribe them in the same places?
8 April 2022, 18:54
Me too 👀 cool subject 😎👍
8 April 2022, 19:40
Another subject that is more often built as a model than the original helicopter 😉
Very careful surface work 👍
8 April 2022, 20:41
David Taylor
Coming along nicely.
8 April 2022, 21:06
Glad to see this kit back again after it was long thought that this die ended up in a swamp lost after a train derailment accident many years ago! At least the new decals are much better even if the kit is basic still looks like it will go together pretty well looking at my new one too!
8 April 2022, 21:44
Villiers de Vos
Lots of hard work.
9 April 2022, 02:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you all for your interesting and motivating feedback, mates! Hajo, thank you for this link worth following, I had a look at your beautiful build!
Glenn, that sounds like a story worth knowing! Do you think that the moulds really disappeared in a train accident in a swamp - or do you just want to express that this kit is truly "the monster from the swamp"?

Lukasz, the filling of the panel lines should take away their much too exaggerated depth. They remain visible afterwards, but in a more justifiable way. To do this, I have engraved several missing panels. You see the model with pre-shading and coloured animation; in the meantime the AH-56 already wears "OD" over everything.
10 April 2022, 18:35
Very nice job so far, Roland 👍
10 April 2022, 19:00
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Looks great so far, Roland. 👍
Cool to see this machine being build.
10 April 2022, 20:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
I say thank you for your encouraging comments!
11 April 2022, 17:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few steps further: "Cheyenne" has put on the war paint! To be more precise: the surfaces have been completed so far. I put some effort into the undercarriage: the undercarriage legs were sawn apart, drilled hollow and reconnected with a metal rod as a suspension strut. I also added an etched part suspension strut scissors and the wiring. Something similar was done for the tail wheel: here I hollowed out the lower part of the tail fin so that a shiny metal rod could be glued in. A scratched wheel fork and a nice resin wheel from the fund found its place on it. Speaking of wheels: the main wheels were (of course) replaced - two matching resin copies for a CH-53. As a joke I added the original kit part for the wheel to one of the pictures.... 🙂
15 April 2022, 17:36
David Taylor
Coming on quickly.
15 April 2022, 23:02
Juergen Klinglhuber
Nice work on the wheels 👍
16 April 2022, 08:33
I agree with Juergen 👍
16 April 2022, 10:10
Harald Besold
Very creative solution with the canopy. So far it has become a very nice model.
16 April 2022, 15:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
Mates, thank you for the feedback! Your comments are as welcome as they are motivating!
16 April 2022, 16:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
In a final step - which is a special challenge - the rotor head and the rotor blades are rebuilt. After carefully studying the appearance and structure of the rotor head, I decided to leave out a whole "floor"; their model components are purely from the imagination, in my opinion. Instead, I scratched a lot, but above all I sanded it down again. Well, I really hope that the next pictures will show the finished model! 🙂
19 April 2022, 18:34
Oliver Zwiener
Wow, da hast Du ja richtig Zeit und Mühe in den Hauptrotor gesteckt ! Bin gespannt auf das Endergebnis 😉
20 April 2022, 06:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
Danke Oliver! Ja, darauf freue ich mich auch!
Well, it is always exciting how it finally works - we will soon see!
20 April 2022, 10:51
Roland Sachsenhofer
Well, the time has come: the AH-56 Cheyenne presents itself here for rollout! Of course, there are certain limitations with this model; my joy does not come from the consciousness of having really created a precise reproduction of an original here, but rather to have created as close a resemblance as possible for me to the original helicopter despite all adversities. Nevertheless, and perhaps precisely because of this, this model was really great fun off the beaten track! So, I beg your indulgence and am happy if you share in the joy that I somehow rode this beast! 🙂
20 April 2022, 17:28
James C
Nicely done Roland 👍
20 April 2022, 17:32
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic work, Roland!
20 April 2022, 17:38
Looks great, Roland! Fantastic job and very nice result 👍
As always the pics gives a plus and extra realism to the finished model.
20 April 2022, 17:58
Łukasz Gliński
The best Cheyenne built I have ever seen 👍
20 April 2022, 18:56
Gary Kitchen
Fabulous finish Roland. Looks great in the hanger too.
20 April 2022, 19:18
Hajo Lippke
20 April 2022, 20:02
Robin (WhiteGlint)
An unusual but great looking chopper. Especially the hangar shots. 👍
20 April 2022, 20:12
A worthy monument to the rare original! 👍
20 April 2022, 21:22
Villiers de Vos
A beauty. Very nice.
21 April 2022, 02:43
Clean and careful work, top result!
21 April 2022, 07:06
Guy Rump
Beautiful modelling Roland. 👍
21 April 2022, 08:23
Oliver Zwiener
Die Fotos im Hangar sind mein Favorit - top !!!
21 April 2022, 08:42
Derek Huggett
A 'rara avis' indeed Roland - Splendid build and finish (and great photos as well) 👍 😄
21 April 2022, 09:14
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your comments are really incredibly motivating and encouraging, a real joy for me! I am very happy that the AH-56- yes, a "rara avis" indeed- is well received, thank you all, mates!
21 April 2022, 09:42
Very impressive job, bravo!
22 April 2022, 14:21
Bill Gilman
Great job Roland! I've had my eye on this kit ever since it was re-released and it's good to see how it looks in the hands of a master modeller. I'm also looking at the resin Cheyenne from Anigrand - does anyone have experience with that one?
22 April 2022, 14:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your comments are really uplifting, thank you both so much for that! Anigrand's resin version is unfortunately only represented here on scalemates with one review, which you will know anyway:
22 April 2022, 19:25
Fantastic result!
24 April 2022, 18:20
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks for the comment, Ekki!
25 April 2022, 04:54
Juergen Klinglhuber
Interesting bird and you really transfered that kit into a beautiful, nice model. 👍
25 April 2022, 06:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Jürgen, thank you for your words!
25 April 2022, 09:30
Brian N
One of the few kits in my stash that I have not unwrapped to "fondle the plastic" because I want to do it justice or "do it right."
I keep hoping one of the aftermarket firms will step up and do a resin upgrade.
Thank You, Roland, you have shown us the way. Looks marvelous.
17 August 2022, 03:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your motivating words Brian! In fact, it took me some time out of respect for these peculiar parts before I dared to try them.
17 August 2022, 08:31
David Taylor
Top marks.
17 August 2022, 13:34
John Ballman
Awesome work Roland, thanks for sharing this.
18 August 2022, 06:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your words encourage me, thank you!
18 August 2022, 10:09
Rui S
Well done clean work 👍
18 August 2022, 14:04
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your words!
19 August 2022, 08:31

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