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Bernd Korte (centuryfan)

F-105D (Revell, )



1:72 Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Revell 04316)1:72 F-105 Thunderchief - Pitot Tube (Master AM-72-028)1:72 USAF F-105D Thunderchief #2 (Microscale 72-96)3+


2 | 30. March 2016, 13:42
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Holger Kranich
Na das war schon mal ein ordentliches Stück arbeit! Hast Du die Kanten mit Dymotape gerade gehalten? Sieht echt gut aus!
30. March 2016, 13:56
Bernd Korte
Ja genau, Dymotape funktioniert dafür sehr gut.
30. March 2016, 14:54
Bart Goesaert
nice work on the panellines...
30. March 2016, 15:03
Burkhard D
Schau ich mir an. Ist ein schöner Bausatz, den ich auch noch im Stapel habe. :)
30. March 2016, 15:33
Christian Bruer
Da hassu ja mal einige Gräben gezogen ;)

Ich setz mich mal dazu 8)
30. March 2016, 17:15
Also watching ...
30. March 2016, 17:24
Hanno Kleinecke
Checkin`in .
30. March 2016, 17:35
Bernd Korte
Backdating the Revell kit to an early D took quite some time. All the more as I want to try Alcclad for the first time and therefore needed to be extra careful preparing the model surface. Some tests with Alclad on the drop tanks showed the color lifts off with the masking tape (Tamiya) :( Any suggestions what to do?
18. July 2017, 18:54
Christian Bruer
Hi Bernd, mmhhh, I used Alclad on my scale 144 DC-5 and masked the paint intensively using Tamiya tape. I sprayed a layer, waited for some minutes than I add masks for the next layer in a different shade. No paint lift off!
I cleaned the surface before with lighter fluid, then I add several thin coats of grey Alclad primer. The base coat was sanded and polished before I add the first layer of NMF.
See photo no. 19
KLM Douglas DC-5 | Album by Christian Bruer (1:144)

By the way, take car using Softener!

Hope that helps

Cheers, Christian
18. July 2017, 19:12
Bernd Korte
mmh...I did clean the surface and used Alclads's grey primer, too + sanded it with Micro Mesh. I'll do some more tests and hope it will work better this time.
19. July 2017, 06:45
Bart Goesaert
I tend to stick to the black primer from mr surfacer or just Tamiya gloss black. First I spray the surface with just isopropylalcohol, or I rub them with Formula MC and let it air dry
19. July 2017, 07:49
Bernd Korte
Hi Bart! Thanks for the tips! I wanted to buy the black glossy primer from Alclad but it was out of stock at that time so I went for the grey one. Black primer from Mr Surface sounds good. I'll buy it when I get a chance.
19. July 2017, 16:37
Bernd Korte
Now that I have applied Alclad how do you feel about sealing it with Future? I have the urge to protect the Alclad coat somehow before masking, painting and weathering. On the other hand I read the metallic effect would get lost when you apply any clear finish.
19. July 2017, 16:41
Bart Goesaert
In my albums of the fouga and the academy Spitfire I've used Tamiya clear for sealing. I've got a dull alu-finish, which I found usefull to replicate older aircraft
19. July 2017, 16:56
Bart Goesaert
Alclad has some clears to which are very good, but enamel based, so you can't use oil based washes
19. July 2017, 16:58
Burkhard D
Watching 8)
19. July 2017, 17:09
Dave Flitton
Watching! Did you find that the fuselage was skewed to the left or right? I have heard complaints.
19. July 2017, 20:51
Bernd Korte
@Bart: When possible I try to avaoid enamel finishes. I think I will just try Future and see how it turns out.
@Dave: No, I didn't have any problems like that.
20. July 2017, 07:40
Dave Flitton
Good, I am glad. Hate to see all this work if there is an uncorrectable warp waiting. Watching with baited breath
20. July 2017, 15:36
Christian Bruer
Hi Bernd, as mentioned before take care with softener! If you want to use softener you should seal the NMF with a coat of gloss varnish. I guess Future should work well without ruining the NMF effect.
I just tried Vallejos NMF paint, it is a nice paint easy to apply and they have special varnish to cover the paint. But the paint is not as resistant as Alclad against masking.
20. July 2017, 18:16
Igor Chanak
Great job!
15. September 2017, 20:22
Stephan Ryll
Very good looking Thud
16. September 2017, 10:29
Alexander G.
She's coming alive! Looks fantastic with the decals applied!
16. September 2017, 10:30
Burkhard D
Niiiiice! :)
19. September 2017, 08:02
Looking so good.
19. September 2017, 10:10
Stefan Schacht
Hi Bernd, the Thunderchief looks very good so far, I take a seat. Cheers Stefan
19. September 2017, 10:59
Christian Bruer
Excellent work so far
19. September 2017, 18:41
Bernd Korte
Thank you all! I hope to finish it very soon.
20. September 2017, 09:05
Bernd Müller
Stunning build.
16. October 2017, 12:41
Holger Kranich
The anti glare looks awesome!
16. October 2017, 15:51
Stephan Ryll
Very nice so far
16. October 2017, 18:58
Alexander G.
That's a fine looking Thud! I think the metal finish is on point, not too shiny, not too dull. It has this "used" look. Nice work!
26. October 2017, 09:06
Fantastic job, Bernd. Congratulations!
26. October 2017, 11:19
Stephan Ryll
Very good looking Thud Bernd
26. October 2017, 16:52
Oliver Zwiener
Klasse Ding - wozu so eine Auszeit doch alles gut ist. Ich bewundere Deine Geduld für das Gravieren - top. Was kommt als nächstes ?
26. October 2017, 17:42
Brilliant result!
26. October 2017, 18:05
Great build
26. October 2017, 18:08
Hanno Kleinecke
Wow, what a beauty ! Masterly NMF !
26. October 2017, 19:53
26. October 2017, 20:24
Choppa Nutta
Great build
26. October 2017, 20:56
Bernd Korte
Thank you all for your comments :) I'm just glad it's finished now after this long time - so I finally got to choose the next project!
27. October 2017, 10:53
Christian Bruer
A pleasure to look at
27. October 2017, 18:12
27. October 2017, 23:22
Oleg Smilyk
7. November 2017, 18:45
Bernhard Schrock
Erstaunlich, was man aus einem betagten Kit alles zaubern kann :). Great NM-finish & overall result.
7. November 2017, 18:59
Łukasz Gliński
Great result. Respect for the rescribing
7. November 2017, 19:53
respect indeed. i dread doing that, and you re-scribed the whole thing....
very nice result with alclad. specially if it was first attempt!
7. November 2017, 20:25
Roland Aßmann
A real beauty!
7. November 2017, 20:47
Konrad Limmer
Amazing build!
7. November 2017, 21:08
Bernd Korte
Thanks for all your comments! I have to admit I'm pretty relieved that I don't have to rescribe my next project, though :D
8. November 2017, 09:08
Bernd, I just discovered your build and I must say it is very nice! Beautiful work! I want to do the same thing, an early F-105D in duraluminum finish with live drab anti-glare panels & TAC lightning bolt on the tail! How did the old Microscale decals hold up?
25. March 2020, 23:11
Bernd Korte
Thanks! As far as I recall the decals didn't give me any trouble!
26. March 2020, 08:44
Bernhard Pethe
Clean finish, I like it very much. I like your model style.
26. March 2020, 09:21
Sweet canopy work, such flush, much wow. :)
26. March 2020, 09:38
The Doge! ????
26. March 2020, 11:37
26. March 2020, 12:16
Bernd Korte
Thanks guys! I'm not sure what the Doge thing means, though. But thanks :D
26. March 2020, 12:20
26. March 2020, 14:47
David Funke
Hey Bernd, well done! Nice panel lines ans NMF!
26. March 2020, 16:40
Hanno Kleinecke
Wow, beautifully done Bernd ! Very realistic metal effect and overall look
26. March 2020, 19:03
26. March 2020, 20:39
Very nice result, congrats
27. March 2020, 09:19
Bernd Korte
Thanks! Your comments make up for all the (rescribing) work :)!
27. March 2020, 10:22
Nice work
27. March 2020, 13:19
Roland Aßmann
Great model!
1. July 2020, 14:30

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