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Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Build


Peter G
Welcome and enjoy the build!
31 December 2021, 03:38
Robert Podkoński
Always something different, Peter? 😉 Following with pleasure and interest!
31 December 2021, 07:08
Dominik Weitzer
that engine looks fantastic.
13 January, 06:16
Peter G
Update from the bench: like the previous Tamiya model I put together - Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP | Project by grabius (1:12) - this model is a dream. Pieces fit together perfectly with no alteration required. It feels like you are putting together a watch or a fine piece of machinery. Meticulous detail. It's a total dream of a build.
15 January, 03:26
Robert Podkoński
"Pieces fit together perfectly". Hmm, due to your description, Peter, I am thinking about changing my main modellers' scope of interest, now 😉
15 January, 09:49
Peter G
You know, podkon , you bring up an interesting point: is there something lost when the tool is so perfect it doesn't require any modeler effort to get it to fit well and look good. When the tool is perfect the modeler focuses on painting and excellence in joining. Creative problem solving is reduced or, in the case of this model, eliminated. That's a disadvantage.
15 January, 15:50
Robert Podkoński
You're right, Peter. Solving problems is one aspect of fun with modelling, but when one has not much time for the hobby...
15 January, 15:54
Peter G
podkon : when one doesn't have time for the hobby one must start eliminating human relationships, of course! 🙂
15 January, 16:02
Robert Podkoński
Or give up his job...LOL😄
15 January, 16:24
Ben M
I built a Tamiya kit last year that was well-engineered like this one. I enjoyed putting something together without the usual problems. This build looks great, the engine in particular is perfect. Always loved 240z's what a great subject!
19 January, 04:41
How did you make the leather texture on the seats? Or was it part of the kit?
It looks so realistic!
19 January, 21:39
Tom ...
following. Looks amazing, particularly under the hood/bonnet! A lot of detailing.
19 January, 23:39
Peter G
dpd The pattern is part of the kit. I just brush painted it by hand with Vallejo Model Color black diluted 1:1 with wetted water (1/4 cup tap water with a drop of dish soap stirred in). I use a very high quality flat brush and work slowly to eliminate bubbles and pooling for a brushstroke-free result. The chrome parts are painted on with a chrome pen VERY carefully.
21 January, 19:09
Tom ...
Peter, are you related to Augie? 🙂

So no airbrushing at all? Is it something you would consider?
21 January, 21:02
Peter G
tom... I enjoy getting better and better at brush painting. I like the challenge, the easy cleanup, and the decreased toxicity. I would like to try airbrush at some point in my life, for sure! I just want to master brushwork first.
21 January, 22:27
Ben M
My older daughter wasn't told you couldn't brush paint Tamiya acrylics. So she went and painted the chassis of her 1:24 vw beetle model Tamiya gloss black without brush marks. I have evidence it is possible! I do like the wetted water trick, Peter. I use that a lot to break surface tension and get better flow. I bought some Vallejo retarder but it's like jelly and I don't seem to notice any difference while using it. And these Molotow chrome pens give an amazing result.
22 January, 00:49
Tom ...
Peter, to me it looks like you've mastered it! 🙂 Airbrushing is a lot of setup/teardown/toxicity for sure but for me it's also a hobby and challenge in itself, though I'm lucky to have the space and means to deal with solvents.

Have to say the Vallejo acrylics are amazing to work with. My goto for a while now when brush painting. They can be watered down a lot and not breakdown. I use a wet palette and haven't needed a retarder or flow improver yet as have only painted smallish areas so far. I can't imagine doing large areas like you have. Very impressed!

Used to hand paint with Tamiya acrylics and definitely had to use their retarder and thin with X-20A to get good results. They are my goto for airbrushing and have found that Mr Color Leveling thinner works better with them than X-20A. Haven't tried their new lacquer paints yet.

Also have the liquid chrome pens but have been using Testor's silver enamel more and more. Someday might look into airbrushing the liquid chrome. There's no end to options...
22 January, 02:31
Peter G
tom... Painting large areas (eg. full car body) is hair raising for the first several coats because it just looks terrible. Streaky and chunky and inconsistent. But you just persevere and keep a cool head and make sure no dust or bubbles or pooling mars the surface. And soon enough it all comes together and if you're good (and lucky) it'll come out darn near perfect. I actually just finished the body on this model and the paint job was great. But the color wasn't right. So I removed it with rubbing alcohol and will start over with a better color. I'll post pics between coats when I start again.
22 January, 04:46
Peter G
Still working on the model but painting the body has hit a number of hiccups: first a bad color choice so I had to strip it all with isopropyl alcohol. Then, second try, new color choice is still bad and I'm dissatisfied with my Pledge glossing brushwork. I'm going to strip it (again!) and spray paint instead of brush.
1 February, 12:58
Rod -
Looking good 🙂 I have a couple of 240z's from other manufacturers so resisting urge to buy this one! The modern Tamiya kits are approaching a quality of engineering that seems almost impossible. They've always been good but the newer ones are just incredible. If you feel you're missing out somehow, you can always spice it up a bit with some customisation.
1 February, 13:33
Peter G
I agree, the_crack_fox . The tolerances are subatomic! Ordering the TS-11 (maroon) spray paint today which will take a week or two to arrive so will turn my attention to some art work for the time being.
1 February, 19:07
Ben M
Yes, I built a recent tamiya kit last year where glue was hardly necessary, the parts fit together with such tight tolerances that they were difficult to remove after test fitting.
2 February, 23:33
Dylana Moss
The 240Z is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cars ever. This kit looks really nice too, interior alone is great. good job so far, can't wait to see it finished.
3 February, 07:31
Peter G
And we're back. The Tamiya spray paint (TS-11) arrived and went on pretty nicely.
11 February, 23:22
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Very nice work, Peter.
The colour's great. 👍
14 February, 19:23
István Szücs
Awesome work, I'm watching from the beginning.
14 February, 19:59
Can't believe I've missed this one……. I luv Z's, especially the 240's & 260's! You're doing great work mate, that Red is amazing, it pops beautifully 👍
14 February, 20:04
Looking great!
14 February, 20:12
Peter G
Thanks for the encouragement. It's taking me a devilishly long time but I want to build this as best as I can for the level I'm at (total n00b)
14 February, 21:35
Robert Podkoński
Looks really fantastic. And you just are very talented, Peter 🙂
17 February, 19:19
Peter G
Kind of you, Robert. Nearly done. Just a bit of final detailing remaining.
17 February, 19:41
Daniel L
Really impressive work. Enjoyed seeing all the close up detailed photos. Looks like a great kit!
17 February, 20:22
Peter G
And finished! I posted some quick pics but nicer ones coming tomorrow. This kit came together beautifully and was just a pleasure from start to finish.
17 February, 23:53
Ben M
Looks great and glad it was fun to build as well, Peter
18 February, 00:30
Peter G
Final photos added. Thanks for watching! Now consider following along my new build of the Maschinen Krieger Luna Gans: Luna Gans | Project by grabius (1:20)
18 February, 16:09
Michael Kohl
Your Datsun turned out very nice. Decent but convincing weathering of the engine compartment. Like your color choice too.
24 February, 07:00
Brandon H
Turned out quite nice!
24 February, 12:08


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1:24 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG (Tamiya 24360)

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