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Daniel (halohead)

Rock River 100

WIP-Album: F-4B WIP | Album by halohead (1:48)


29 | 5. September, 11:39
Roland Gunslinger
First LOL
Beautiful work mate 👍 Congrats!
5. September, 13:49
Sergej I
Not sure if looking at the real thing or a model. Excellent job Daniel.
5. September, 14:13
5. September, 14:27
This looks great 👍
5. September, 14:42
Sebastian Meyner
Beautiful work 👍
5. September, 14:44
Indeed, this looks real, stunning 👍👏
5. September, 15:06
Rui S
Excellent work 👍
5. September, 15:30
Flight Line Media
Amazing work! Was the kit as good as they say?
5. September, 16:34
James C
Awesome 👍
5. September, 22:51
Eric Thornton
Bad ass, awesome build. This is OOB right?
6. September, 00:18
Rob Salisbury
You set the bar high. Excellent work.
6. September, 02:56
Slavo Hazucha
Fantastic job and a really cool & fitting final photo-session... The finished model looks more like a real Phantom than your project title pic! 😄

Especially on pics 3 & 9, there really is no way to say it's not a photo from an aircraft magazine 👍. Excellent job all over + I need to mention the engine-metal/wear job is absolute top class as seen on pic 13!
6. September, 05:56
Chris H.
Fantastic!! Hope my Academy will be as beautiful as this one!!
6. September, 06:24
6. September, 06:34
Konrad Limmer
Very nice!
6. September, 06:36
David H
Stunning bird, as has been said you could so easily say this was the real thing. Weathering is sublime. A masterclass in how to do this. Thankyou for sharing this
6. September, 07:01
Erik No
Awesome! Picture 3 looks like real. Oo
What did you use to make the tire tracks on the flight deck?
6. September, 07:20
wow, the WIP was fantastic, but with the background, the model is almost real! simply fantastic
6. September, 07:29
the base is one of the flat photographic bases right? it looks really good.
6. September, 07:30
Flight Line Media
Looks great!
6. September, 07:38
Absolutely looks like the real thing. Great!
6. September, 10:02
Gareth Burge
Absolutely stunning....what attention to detail. Going to be using your builds for sure as a future reference. And the photography is outstanding as well, certainly brings an extra realism layer to the finished build. Aspirational!
6. September, 13:45
Thank you very much for your far too kind comments mates! The poster background really performed though it looked so out of place on my balcony 🙂

@ Mr. Gunslinger: Again? 😄 fastest gun in the west 🙂

@Flight Line Media: The kit truly is a marvel of engineering, flawless, easy, fits without glue (damn, just realized I still didnt glue the fin and the vertical stabs section^^) Costs a bit more, but IMO absolutely worth it, just puts a smile on your face when you build this. The decals wipe that gleeful smile right off though. If I'd build it again I would go with aftermarket decals. But I heard (afterwards) that there actually exists a "Tamiya Mark Fit Super Strong" product which seems to beat them into submission...maybe a ...solution ..hehe

@Eric: Si, all I added was a little alu foil in the cockpit which no one will ever see again...oh and the silver pressure hoses on top of the seats, which are quite prominent

@Erik&Spanjaard: Correct, its the base for the lazy people:
Scenic Display USS Enterpris..i van der Rosten 3024, 1:48)

1:48 Scenic Display USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Uschi van der Rosten 3024)
6. September, 19:15


1:48 McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II (Tamiya 61121)1:48 Scenic Display USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Uschi van der Rosten 3024)
McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-161 Chargers 153020 / 100 / NF
USS Midway

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