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70 17 March, 13:15
Олег О
Stunningly. You are a great master
17 March, 13:29
James C
Youve done it again mate.
Incredible attention to detail, stunning paintwork on the concrete wall masonry... not to mention the truck and figures and topped off with fantastic pictures that place you inside the scene! Very nicely done 👍👍👍
17 March, 17:09
James expressed exactly what i was going to say. amazing job as usual!
17 March, 17:30
Villiers de Vos
Very nicely done.
17 March, 17:34
Dietmar Bogatzki
Once again a fantastic work from the master of dioramas 👍
17 March, 18:10
Hanno Kleinecke
Another highly realistic scene by Neuling Works ! Phantastic depth in detail on vehicles, figures, buildings and landscape
I wonder what the Kettenhund orders the driver to do, the poor guy doesn't seem to be very happy driving around with over 500 liters of petrol under his behind…….
17 March, 21:11
fabulous work , amazing attention to detail ..masterful
18 March, 01:21
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Amazing work again Neuling. I very much like the subtle weathering of the truck and the concrete walls, congrats!
18 March, 16:38
So real-istic once more...
18 March, 18:11
Guy Rump
Another absolute gem. Excellent modelling and dio. 👍
18 March, 18:51
Thanks a lot mates! It´s good to share my builds with modellers from all over the world, not just working for the shelf at home. - Hanno, you address one of the so far unresolved mysteries of the Third Reich. ... maybe the Kettenhund tells the truck driver to give some gas to the soldiers at the other side of the gate .......
19 March, 10:15
Interesting theme
Great idea
Masterpiece in execution
19 March, 11:20
Thank you Jv!
20 March, 09:57
Audie Watkins
Excellent work sir! The soldier studying the sign is a nice touch. We have all been in his shoes: trying to figure out the next move. Well done!
22 March, 00:41
Bobby Thumbs
Excellent work
22 March, 12:42
Jeremy O
The truck is really well done
22 March, 15:45
Is there some story around this dio? Never seen a road block as intense as that. Need to fill in the drama 😛
22 March, 22:59
Thank you mates! Much appreciated! - Robbie, this gate is part of the Siegfried Line, built along Germany´s western border to protect the Reich from French and Allied incursions. The little story behind the dio is that the protective wall here doesn´t seem to delay enemy movement into Germany but Wehrmacht traffic .......
24 March, 15:00
Amazing level of realism Neuling!
24 March, 15:38
I can see how it might delay Wehrmacht traffic. How do you open that contraption? Those beams look heavy. I take it the one soldier is reading the directions on the wall 😛
25 March, 00:05
Thanks gorby! - Robbie, I´m afraid they´ll not make it ...... 🙂
25 March, 16:23
Chan Li
It's been a fun showing my friends your results, cuz they always got confused if these are real things or whatever.
10 April, 15:20
Thanks Chan Li! - Say hello to your friends!
12 April, 08:46
Очень реалистично👍
14 May, 12:47
Thank you NIK666 for the positive feedback!
16 May, 06:37
Rui S
Another Great dio. As usual 👍
21 May, 20:45
Thank you Rui. Welcome back!
23 May, 06:35
Rui S
Thank you Neuling, for noticing my absence during this 72h special operation invasion.
23 May, 13:11
Simon Nagorsnik
How could I miss this?!
A great idea and very well implemented 👍
The concrete looks great and you have reinstalled many details.
And as always - very good pictures 😀
28 May, 08:59
Danke Simon! Man muß sich hier schon anstrengen, um mit Deinen 1/72 Dioramen mitzuhalten.
30 May, 05:39


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