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Daniel Klink (Springbank)


Bristol Bombay MK.I France 1940 *done*

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I will build the machine that crashed during support and evacuation operations in France May 1940



This album is attached to project Bristol Bombay Mk.I France 1940.

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1:72 Bristol Bombay Mk.I (Valom 72056)
Bristol Bombay Mk.I
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
271 Sqn. L5813 (Sgt Whitfield) | Betheniville May 1940


23. September at 20:19:32 Share
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Daniel Klink So here is another Big Bird who will need a lot of care and filling material.
But it is ages ago that i built a RAF kit.
23. September at 20:34:22
Erik Leijdens O nice! Strange aircraft. What kit is this? Does not look easy..
23. September at 21:18:39
Erik Leijdens Ah, Valom :)
23. September at 21:19:28
Daniel Klink Hi Erik, yes it is the Valom first Release, as often the surfce details are very well done, but the fit generally and especially the wing section will be a challenge. Welcome Mate
24. September at 08:26:31
Daniel Klink That engine will never fit iwithout intense thinning and even than it will be too big in diameter. Damn it is reallywell done in detail by Valom but too big.
Apropos Big.. The Bombay was a Big Bird too
24. September at 17:24:09
Alec K Cool and unusual aircraft, I love it! I have a few Valom kits in my stash, so interested how this goes together.
24. September at 18:06:32
James C Looks interesting mate.
24. September at 20:43:09
Łukasz Gliński That is odd and unique, I'm in :)
24. September at 20:58:28
Daniel Klink Hey Guys and welcome... Much filler and evergreen sheet needed :)
25. September at 13:38:10
Daniel Klink A real dusty and dirty job :)
25. September at 19:37:20
Łukasz Gliński Looks bit like a far predecessor of my Superfreighter ;)
26. September at 20:46:03
Daniel Klink Hi Lukasz, yap because it was kind of :)
27. September at 09:19:24
Łukasz Gliński Ha! Your are right actually :D
Wiki: The Bristol Freighter's wing was based on that of the Type 130.
27. September at 10:48:32
Jim J Interesting subject. Looking good.
27. September at 15:27:47
Daniel Klink @Lukasz yes thank you JIm
29. September at 21:29:13
Daniel Klink Color got involved :)
30. September at 15:58:37
Stephan Ryll Very nice camo Daniel :)
1. October at 15:14:48
Daniel Klink Thank you STephan But somehow the preshading this time is nearly gone invisible
1. October at 15:26:57
Marcel Klemmer Hi Daniel, I am confused, a british and not as usual a japan aircraft :) Nice build so far.
1. October at 19:26:52
Olivier A new challenge ? Let's see how it turns out ?
1. October at 20:56:49
Daniel Klink Hi Marcel and Olivier.. Before all my allied colors sets run dry i thought it is better to use them :)
ANd yes Olivier this kit really is a challenge for me
1. October at 21:03:16
Andy Ball Wow, subject even more left-field than a sinister ultra-socialist :)
..loving your subject!
1. October at 21:51:58
Daniel Klink Hi Andy, welcome and Great that you like my choice ????
2. October at 17:32:57
David Januska Wow Daniel, another treasure from your bottomless stash ;). Looking great
11. October at 11:22:58
Treehugger Danie, did you aribrush on the RAF roundels? Or are they decals?
11. October at 11:50:39
Daniel Klink Hi and welcome David and thank you mate
11. October at 14:01:05
Daniel Klink Hi and welcome Treehugger, these are the kits decals
11. October at 14:02:30
Stephan Ryll That's looking very good Daniel
11. October at 14:33:26
Erik Leijdens Very nice progress
11. October at 18:36:04
Daniel Klink Thank You Stephan and Erik, much appreciated
Now it stands on its own wheels :)
14. October at 14:13:30
ForestFan Looks great!
14. October at 18:34:03
Daniel Klink Thank you Forest Fan..just few further bits and it is complete..after struggling and a intense fight i finally it nearly looks presentable.
Some weathering will be added too of course
14. October at 19:25:46
Daniel Klink Hi, so we are close to the finish line with this project.. Not a fun built at all but at least a rare seen and unique Flying machine. Washing is done
18. October at 21:46:32
Jim J Looking good Daniel. . It's nice to see the final stages bring it to life...
18. October at 22:32:27
Daniel Klink Thank You Jim :) much appreciated!
Yes the look developes into woekhorse????
19. October at 09:25:14
Thomas Hopfensperger Bombay is Bombe!
19. October at 10:35:42
Martin Excellent build. I like the Valom kits with there unusual aircraft.
19. October at 12:14:38
Roberto Rocat Wow! Not a common subject, isn't it? Good work, I like it
20. October at 17:54:36
Andy Ball Love it! An awkward looking pre-war design, beautiful build!
20. October at 18:43:33
Daniel Klink Thank you very much Thomas, Martin, Roberto and Andy for your nice comments much appreciated
20. October at 20:21:19
Erik Leijdens Great result Daniel. Strange bird!
20. October at 20:46:05
Daniel Klink Yap indeed, but there were many of them in the pre war era. next on my list is the Heyford kit by Matchbox. :)
Thank you mate for you encouraging words
20. October at 21:39:11
Łukasz Gliński Your Bombay looks great, though I don't agree with your way of separating colours on the topsides. I like these strange British planes, Heyford is even more odd than this one :)
20. October at 21:43:37
Daniel Klink Hi lukasz, thanks mate! Glad you like it
Do you mean the segments?
20. October at 22:34:56
Łukasz Gliński I mean the blurry DG-DE separation.
21. October at 07:54:14
Daniel Klink Ah you mean the transistions were not that smooth and soft but rather sharp and the colors stronger
21. October at 08:16:43
Łukasz Gliński That's my point exactly :) Colours are ok, I meant only borders.
21. October at 08:58:13
Daniel Klink I guess you are right Lukasz... wrong Interpretation by me Thanky for the hint.
Will consider it for my next RAF project
21. October at 09:10:23
Andy Ball I've seen pictures whereby the demarcations between Dk.Earth and Dk.Green appear 'blurry'. I assumed that sometimes on re-touches the paint shop may not have applied a masking, unlike when they left the factory?
21. October at 10:09:21
Daniel Klink Hi Andy, thank you! That is the thing . this rotten workhorse has been sprayed over without masking :)
So i declare this as completed.
First thought of mask and carefully do the colorwork again, but masking of the canopy etc. again??
No .. I just have to do better research next time...
Thank you all for watching and your interest..
Now i have ay Bombay in my shelf
21. October at 17:36:41
Guy Rump Excellent job again Daniel, one day I'll get round to building the one in my stash..... :)
21. October at 17:48:28
Daniel Klink Thank you Guy, just do it..but follow the instructions only in emergency :)
Some more Pics will follow btw
21. October at 18:01:38
Olivier Daniel you could try to do something to the paint with a brush like in the old days. No need for masking then...
21. October at 18:10:05
Oleg Smilyk Fantastic work,Daniel!
21. October at 18:19:24
Daniel Klink Hi Oly, yes that wouls be an option but i leave it that like it is. :)
Thank you Oleg much appreciated.. I really like your modern J-birds
21. October at 20:05:39
Murad ÖZER Beautiful work all around Daniel. :)
21. October at 20:15:49
Daniel Klink Btw the Sparrow by Valom seems to become another fun built :)

[url=[img1]]Bild "img_3651_li21kmt.jpg" anzeigen.

[url=[img2]]Bild "img_3653cskf2.jpg" anzeigen.

But hey they make it possible to do these really special designs in 72
21. October at 20:21:59
Dave Flitton Another nice build!
21. October at 20:27:12
Daniel Klink Thank you very much Murad and Dave
21. October at 20:27:25
Spanjaard great job!
21. October at 20:34:24
Alec K Another great build Daniel
22. October at 00:32:35
Neuling Take good care of this beautiful build, Daniel! We don´t need another crash.
22. October at 13:53:56
Daniel Klink @Spanjaard, Alec and Neuling..many thanks Mates!... Those warm words are much encouraging me for more flying oddities :)
@Neuling yes place in the cabinet is booked for it
22. October at 17:32:17
Andy Ball Super new photos, like the thin loop aerial detail, enhances the scale-look!
22. October at 17:43:00
Roberto Rocat Very nice indeed!
26. October at 10:05:25
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