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Nikolaos Kouzinis (nikolaos)


An-12 Cub ΒΚ 1/72 Roden trans to BK-PPS (motorized -flashlight scratch i

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I start Antonov 12 BK (Cub) Soviet Union main transport on Cold War. Dimensions are as much a C-130 at 1/72, 46 cm long (fuselage). I wanted to turn it into SAANXI with a Venezuelan camouflage, which is also impressive, but the protrusion of the front fuselage has been a reflection of the diminution of the windows. I will turn it into PPS electronic warfare. The Roden kit is available for PPS. There are three types of PPs. One with a new tail without guns. second with a cabin but without guns and a third with a cabin and guns. I will make the third type as in the design. For this reason I built the pods with balsa. There should also be a dozen air intakes on fuselage and spindle antennas (circular). Because I want to get away from the simple look of the simple transport aircraft. I 'll try put lights. motors and open-close the rear door. That's what I'm saying ..



18. January at 20:21:13 Share
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Nikolaos Kouzinis I start Antonov 12 BK (Cub) Soviet Union main transport on Cold War. Dimensions are as much a C-130 at 1/72, 46 cm long (fuselage). I wanted to turn it into SAANXI with a Venezuelan camouflage, which is also impressive, but the protrusion of the front fuselage has been a reflection of the diminution of the windows. I will turn it into PPS electronic warfare. The Roden kit is available for PPS. There are three types of PPs. One with a new tail without guns. second with a cabin but without guns and a third with a cabin and guns. I will make the third type as in the design. For this reason I built the pods with balsa. There should also be a dozen air intakes on fuselage and spindle antennas (circular). Because I want to get away from the simple look of the simple transport aircraft. I 'll try put lights. motors and open-close the rear door. That's what I'm saying ..
18. January at 20:27:54
Cuajete Sounds very interesting. Following!
18. January at 20:35:31
Gordon Sørensen Watching too!
18. January at 20:38:50
19. January at 07:20:14
Nikolaos Kouzinis In the conversion from transport to electronic warfare (EW) there is a concern that even Roden's model in the PPS version (EW) does not solve. Well, the commuter inside has rams and is generally empty. Electronic warfare will not necessarily have consoles and various electronic instruments as well as seats for stuff as we usually see in the western type of similar role aircraft? I'm looking for a photo but there's no match. And, of course, I do not know whether the rear door load-carrying in this type (EW) is useful or whether it is exposed to the main compartment of the electronic war stuff with the opening of the door and if there is a partition or different place. Anyone who has something to suggest is acceptable otherwise I will have to improvise based on some photos of other Russian aircrafts such as the An-225 Mirya pilot because it is about colors and maybe even layout of panels that are in fact arranged. Sadly, there is no photo for interior Russian special aircrafts
22. January at 18:45:17
Nikolaos Kouzinis I scratched the interior electronics systems . The plan is in my fantasy because there are not fotos from the real interior of An-12BK-PPS. I used pieces of interior mobile, plastic leave, blue velvet paper for the floor, pieces of Nescafe aluminium foil for the ceilling. The floor decals and the sand acrylic colour of Lifecolour a tragedy. The decals seperated and the colour behavior vey bad
28. January at 23:01:40
Cuajete Nice details, Nikolaos
29. January at 09:58:44
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cuajete
29. January at 13:55:36
Oleg Bogolei Very intersting!
29. January at 14:42:28
Erik De Smet Nice project, Nicolaos, in the footsteps of your Sunderland ?
29. January at 15:41:27
Nikolaos Kouzinis Yes Eric in footsteps of Suderland but with two batteries one for engines one for lights I follow your advise.
29. January at 15:53:32
Erik De Smet What's was your problem with lifecolor Paint ?
29. January at 18:06:56
Nikolaos Kouzinis The problem was that when I put the colour with the brush the behavior was like the water on plastic. But I had sprayed before 2 days with varnish Tamiya all the parts. I bought it from a serious model shop of the town but I think that the colour had expired . I paint 8-10 times the sand. The first hand was as I say before. The second like yogurt and then after passing 3-4 hours I could paint and begun to close the demi-painted wholes.
29. January at 20:12:43
Nikolaos Kouzinis There are no photographs about the interior of that aircraft, so I will move into the hypothetical sphere of what if. For sure, the aircraft would be divided into three sections. Pilots cockpit, accommodation, cargo area. And a stun gun in the tail. The pilots cockpit would be unchanged. The cargo area would be converted into an airspace control area and would be filled with consoles, electrical and electronic maps, screens, a mapping table. It would have a heating and ventilation system. and conductors that would shut down the devices and would simultaneously coat the air elementally and perhaps more to remove moisture since there are no high temperatures in such spaces, and so the abundance of air vents in the inlet and inlet shaft. It would surely have a generator (since the plurality of electronics can not be supported by the existing electrical system of the aircraft) which would be located in the accommodation space to have noise insulation from the rest of the vessel and an air outlet for the combustion of the diesel engine and exhaust fumes. If this space was not used for the generator, then the rear cargo loading doors could be locked wherever the generator would be located, because in the back we also see air ducts. However, you will need a basic insulation between the control room and the tail section. It could have been so. If the generator was in the accommodation space then the crew would be spartifully drawn in the control room with beds and the toilet at the position of the gun. In conclusion, the toilet would be the best part of the aircraft !!!. Things to do
30. January at 00:08:22
Nikolaos Kouzinis I put more electronics an air tube a TV and air conditions. The rooms seperators parts want more job
6. February at 12:52:25
Cuajete Nice effect
7. February at 12:12:08
Bernhard Pethe Very interesting. I would have immediately installed an old cell phone without a housing. Then you could talk to the finished model then. ;)
7. February at 15:30:04
Nikolaos Kouzinis It will be possible in future
7. February at 23:17:44
Nikolaos Kouzinis Scratching the interior. Work in progress
3. March at 11:02:10
Nikolaos Kouzinis Roden has problem in designing at instruction way, at assembling parts each other especially in interior parts and calculating the interior accomodations. The second accommodation part behind the pilot appartment one side is 1cm longer.
3. March at 21:33:47
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice.
3. March at 23:30:58
Cuajete Nice progress, Nikolaos.
4. March at 20:40:19
Richmond Great stuff
13. March at 20:22:13
Maciej Bellos Busy interior! Well done Niko!
13. March at 21:19:36
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Maciej and Richmond
13. March at 21:21:28
Cuajete Fantastic interior job!
14. March at 11:19:23
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cuajete
14. March at 15:34:34
Nikolaos Kouzinis For anyone who wants to construct this aircraft I have identified these problems. The right fuselage part has shorter lenght for the 2nd interior seperating part 1cm than the left, so you must scratch second base 1 cm longer to stay correct the seperator. The ceiling must cut to fix correct with the second seperator. The ceiling must cut from one side because the positions to fix with the side of fuselage cannot be able to contact when you try to close the fuselage. You can see the cut place of ceilling in fotos. One side must be straight cut and dont follow the manual of construction. The floor must be cut from the two sides in front to fix correct with the parts of fuselage. The decals quality is nt good. The table of nose observer must cut for 2 mm. The cockpit floor must cut to 2 mm to fix with the first seperator and stay correct on the bases. The fuselage has no good contact between each other part, pieces have not good fitting.
14. March at 22:42:44
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice, seems you are over coming the fit problems nicely.
16. March at 02:00:38
Erik De Smet Maybe you should turn it into a anatomical model, Nikolaos, fully closed on one side, but open at the other, so that the beautiful interior remains visible
16. March at 12:42:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Clifford. Erik its a good idea and has an impressive result. I will leave the cargo doors open (they can close too) and the left stuff door, with the light I believe that it will be a lot visible the main fuselage
16. March at 18:43:26
Nikolaos Kouzinis Other problem. The machine gun turret sphere is like a pig trying to put it in a bird cage.It cannot sing and fly The movement of guns, no comments. The seat of gunner is very big. I begin to believe that all the model is an Ukranian design failure.
17. March at 16:04:17
Nikolaos Kouzinis Last touch for the interior. I putted a Soviet flag and a hammer-sickle. Cold war!!!!!!
28. March at 19:37:33
Cuajete Nice!
29. March at 17:44:43
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cuajete.
29. March at 19:54:48
Nikolaos Kouzinis It closed!!!. There are leds in cockpit, inside the fuselage, navigation lights and in front of wheels nests for take off landing. There are the wires for the rotors moters
23. April at 18:12:41
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice.
23. April at 22:21:36
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Clifford
24. April at 13:53:19
Nikolaos Kouzinis Scratches continued. Each side of the nose and the antennas were placed on each side of the fuselage below the wings. Below of fuselage, the base of the electronic instruments and pods were made of the balsa and pods was made of spru. The 3 radomes of the cylindrical antennas were made of pencil rubber gums. Work continues. The ten air ducts on the sides are in progress.
28. May at 14:32:33
Giannis Kaltapanidis Χαρά στο κουράγιο σου ρε Νίκο!!! Κουκλί θα γίνει, περιμένω να το δω...
28. May at 18:46:14
Nikolaos Kouzinis Το παω σιγα σιγα Γιαννη γιατι εχει πολλες σκρατσιες. Πιστευω να βγει καλο αποτελεσμα. Ευχαριστω για τα καλα σου λογια
28. May at 21:35:39
Nikolaos Kouzinis There was a lot of sanding, there were scratched 12 air ducts, two exausts on fuselage at the height of the windows each, 10 antennas? rounded on the fuselage side The only possible and good application was fixing the wings strongly , the motors were placed inside the nests (In case of the battery, they are currently rotating as much as possible) . There is a lot of work on the exausts of the engines to because of bad design. I choose anorthodox application with much sanding. The Ukrainians are not good in the design .
30. May at 20:51:17
Nikolaos Kouzinis The first painting took place except of nose that still wants to place some antennas. I did a pre-shade,
I also put wing navigation lights of green and red transparent plastic . The colour is AGAMA Light ghost gray. Very good coating for paint-brushing and leaving an intermediate matte-satin finish
3. June at 20:17:06
Nikolaos Kouzinis The wheels fixed on gear system difficulty. The axies were hedgehogs. The white wheels coronets made of white insulating tape cut with special diabetes. Other mazohist senario.I coloured by hand with a paintbrush without masking glasses the nose cover ( Parkinson dont strikes me yet). The landing gear is very weak. I made a patent to make it more sttrong. Generally the kit is a continuous problem. Still has job.
4. June at 20:45:18
Bryn Crandell Looking good so far. Definately not a straight ouit the box build. Even withh all of your extra stuff it sounds as if the kit has some issues. Can't wait to see more.
4. June at 20:45:21
Nikolaos Kouzinis Yes there are many problems to the basic kit. The more scratched conversion things are my dare madness
4. June at 20:51:23
Clifford Keesler It is looking very good.
4. June at 22:43:32
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Clif
5. June at 15:46:42
Nikolaos Kouzinis The pilot's cover and nose radar were fitted. On the ceiling I put a panel of instruments, a blue skyscreen for the pilots and a curtain on the left side. The ceiling glasses were made with darker sunscreen using from an old laptop screen film It has staircases in the application of the cover with the fuselage The work is continuing.
5. June at 20:35:46
Treehugger A nice looking aircraft, especially the canopy section. :) An unusually pretty soviet design I would think.
6. June at 04:14:40
Treehugger Anybody know the difference between the An-10 and the An-12? I have an An-10 kit and it sort of looks like the same thing.
6. June at 04:20:56
Erik De Smet As far as I understand , the An 10 is the civil (passenger) version and the An 12 is the military (cargo) version of the same design. @Nikolaos : good progress. Motors Running ?
6. June at 06:48:13
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you mates. Eric I tested the motors without the blades and cones and they running. I think that when i ' ll put them they also running. I seperated the lights circuit from the motors. as you advises me in past. The motors have 9V battery. The lights 4V. All system connecting in parallel.
6. June at 08:57:09
Cuajete Well done so far, Nikolaos.
8. June at 18:52:02
ForestFan Looking great, how is the general build! I e got one to do (without the motors though!)
9. June at 05:46:51
Treehugger How big is this 1:72 model with regard to wingspan and length? I might want this kit myself. :)
9. June at 08:08:40
Treehugger Q: Are the smaller round clear parts for the windows on the side molded ok?
9. June at 08:32:29
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you mates. The general build has problem and you must go step by step calculating dimensions of parts.Length is 46 cm and wingspan 52,7 cm. The smaller round are not clear parts but small pieces of plastic wire
9. June at 20:32:48
Nikolaos Kouzinis It becomes to take basic design and there is only to put the cones and blades and all the antennas. The last step to make wash and put the decals. Work in progress
11. June at 19:04:18
Maciej Bellos That's one big beast Niko! Well done my friend!
11. June at 19:14:52
Nikolaos Kouzinis Ευχαριστω Μαθιε. Πιστευω να τα καταφερω αν και πινελατο
11. June at 20:08:20
Clifford Keesler Awesome looking Cub Nikolaos, very well done.
11. June at 23:35:14
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cliff. It has some work yet but I believe to finish it in the end of the June.
12. June at 15:21:03
Glenn . Great work!
12. June at 15:41:43
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Glenn
13. June at 13:29:49
Nikolaos Kouzinis I dont like the numbers I must change them
20. June at 21:40:42
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice.
22. June at 02:48:55
ForestFan Coming along great!
23. June at 06:25:12
Erik De Smet 007 would be much better
23. June at 18:00:55
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you mates. You mean Eric to change the number 06 with 07? It has in the decals two 7 from the transport An-12 No 17. I can use the 7s'.
23. June at 20:27:16
Gordon Sørensen 007 being MI6 Secret Agent James Bond number...
23. June at 23:07:57
Erik De Smet Yes, is the PPS not a spy plane ?
24. June at 05:23:57
Nikolaos Kouzinis The blades and the cones were fixed. Windshield wipers too. Every step and apparent application. Combining with other pieces creates a new problem. I end up with the kit. Everything is working good. Electronically, the lights are ok and the engines are rotating. The antennas and wires are left. The numbers do not satisfy me. It needs a small repairing at some points,
24. June at 19:13:27
Martien Lourens
Amazing. Beautiful work of the interior and exterior.Good idea to use parts of electrical circuit boards
24. June at 20:48:00
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Martien and your TU-128 is excellent
24. June at 21:28:58
Clifford Keesler Excellent job Nikolaos.
27. June at 03:27:33
Dimitri Sambanis Το έκανες πάλι το θαύμα σου...! Συγχαρητήρια!
27. June at 07:49:59
27. June at 10:12:20
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cliff. Ευχαριστω Δημητρη.
27. June at 10:13:01
Nikolaos Kouzinis Part two. The lights are operated by a pair of terminals that are on the wheels and the base respectively. The engines are spinning though they do not look very good on the photo. I'm going to take a video at a time when it does not have the light of day to look all over the place.
28. June at 14:54:09
Thomas Tuerler Niko, your donkey is he dancing always or only when he thinks he is alone? I love it :)
28. June at 15:50:38
Giannis Kaltapanidis χα χα χα χα χα!!!
29. June at 15:17:25
Clifford Keesler A most impressive model Nikolaos, you should be very proud of this one.
29. June at 22:22:46
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Thomas (Thomas your joke is very good) and Cliff. Ευχαριστω Γιαννη. Comparing with C-130H both they have the same dimensions
1. July at 17:04:40
Martien Lourens Both, very impressive and beautiful work, Nikolaos.
5. July at 21:14:19
Cuajete Very nice work, Nikolaos. Congrats!
6. July at 22:05:06
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Martien and Cuazete. In few days I' ll share photos and video with the aircraft on tarmac base with lights on and the rotors in active.
7. July at 18:32:07
Gordon Sørensen Looking forward to seeing the video, Nikolaos!
7. July at 20:58:58
Thomas Tuerler Oh: A roll-out party video with a group of dancing donkeys. Can't wait for it ;)
And back to 'on-topic': Very nice build, Niko. I look forward for the upcoming video!
8. July at 07:57:36
Nikolaos Kouzinis Second part c' est finis. A video Follows the work
8. July at 11:04:25
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you to all of you for your patience and the support to me with your opinion following the progress of my work. It takes me six months to finish the active model. So I dedicate this model to all of you.
8. July at 11:14:05
8. July at 11:30:11
8. July at 14:23:43
Nikolaos Kouzinis ...with music. F I N I S H E D
8. July at 14:24:16
Erik De Smet Brilliant, Hurrah for Nikolaos.
8. July at 14:42:45
Holger Kranich Extremly cool, Nikolaos! True craftmanship!
8. July at 14:51:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Thomas, Gordon, Eric and Holger.
8. July at 17:34:51
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