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Halberstadt CL.II


35 | 20. March, 23:01
Guillaume Blanchet
Very impressive model!! Well done.
20. March, 23:46
What a beauty!
(Sorry Frank, I mean the model not you. 🙂 )
It your display cabinet is getting too full I'll happily take some off your hands. 🙂
21. March, 09:50
Very well done! Top notch!
21. March, 10:26
speechless with the scratchbuild and amazing details.
21. March, 13:14
Slavo Hazucha
Woohoo - If anyone needs a proof that things can be actually improving in 2021 - and in that measure, improving from perfect to... "above perfect" I guess... - here it stands! 👍
21. March, 13:21
Juergen Klinglhuber
Unterkiefer - Tischkante.
21. March, 13:24
Rui S
Beautifully Done. Great work on this eyecatcher 👍
21. March, 13:59
Alec K
Amazing level of detail, flawless execution, what else is there to say. A beautiful build indeed 👍
21. March, 14:20
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautiful aviation hot rod with the flaming nose, looking superb !
21. March, 19:35
David Taylor
Another stunner
21. March, 20:14
Thank you mates for such nice comments! I'm especially happy with the fuselage painting.
Sorry gorbygould, there is still enough space in my cabinet.
Slavo, oh yes, I hope this year will get better soon!
I think I should try real outdoor pictures, if the weather gets better.
22. March, 17:45
Erik No
Another hammer from your forge. Incredible, this wealth of detail.
23. March, 09:25
Dankeschön Erik!
23. March, 17:40
Very well done - as always 👍
23. March, 19:45
Daniel Klink
What a wonderful electrifying sight 👍
23. March, 20:01
Christian Bruer
Well Gentleman, to cover the whole love to detail you have to step into the WIP of this excellent model!
What an amazing piece of craftsmanship which can withstand any macro photo.
I salute you for this excelent sample of modelmaking and love to detail. Very very well done!
23. March, 20:02
Kees Kleijwegt
Amazing work as usual bughunter! 👍👍
23. March, 20:40
Thank you for all your nice comments mates! Such praise from those great modelers means a lot for me.
25. March, 18:00
James C
Stunning work once again... I just love lozenge camo schemes, and you do them so well, in addition to your other fine detail work👍
25. March, 18:04
Thank you James! We live in "Golden Times" with all those nice accessories and decals😉
27. March, 13:28
David Taylor
When I built my first kit in the early seventies extras where paint and glue.
27. March, 18:51
Sören Bartusch
Nice little bird! I like the Halberstadt and You did a great job on Your model. Well done! ??
9. April, 06:00
Gary Kitchen
Wow that's some colourful plumage on that bird! Fabulous build 👍
9. April, 06:53
Thank you mates! In case you have not seen it yet I recommend to view the build log (see project) too.
Sören, if I'm not wrong I know your name from Modellversium, welcome here!
9. April, 10:06


1:48 Halberstadt Cl.II early version (Mirage Hobby 481306)1:48 German WW I machine gun Parabellum LMG14 (Master AM-48-036)8+

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