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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

Phantom FG1 - 1/72 - Airfix

Hi guys,
This my Phantom FG1, 1/72, from Airfix.
Well.... this kit was much more painful to built, than i' initially thought.
The fittings are not that good and i' was surprised by that, since i' was expecting something of higher quality with such a modern kit.
Eventually, i' would say :
- Engraving is pretty good, even if some louvers are missing (above the engine exhaust and atop the intake).
- Armament is nicely detailed
- Stencils are fine
- There is many options available (maybe too much ?) : folded wing, flaps up/down, etc...

- The airframe is made of too many parts(compare to other Phantom kits), increase the chance to face tricky fittings
- The canopy doesn't fit very well, pushing to use the open configuration.
- Moreover, the cockpit is really basic, and that would justify to use the closed canopy configuration. I' replaced the original seats with the Quickboost ones.

There is more than 300 stencils to apply..... and it took me more than 5 hours to put them.... (none is missing, i' t


16 | 28. January 2019, 20:42
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Maciej Bellos
I can't see something wrong wit it. A superb result! Well done Didier!
28. January 2019, 21:26
Konrad Limmer
Very nice build and model! Congrats mate 👍!
28. January 2019, 21:33
Stefan Schacht
very nice 👍
28. January 2019, 21:42
Didier Chartrain
Thanks for your comments guys. !
29. January 2019, 05:27
Oleg Bogolei
Very nice build and thanks for the discription
29. January 2019, 07:25
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely, I want one too! 🙂
29. January 2019, 08:25
perry w h leu
Great job. I loving it.
29. January 2019, 08:30
Beautiful. Chapeau!
29. January 2019, 09:58
Frank Spahr
Lovely, neat and crisp work! Thanks for sharing and for pointing out the problems you had. I think the model looks just great, despite the issues. How did you do the base?
9. March 2019, 06:13
Stephan Ryll
Very nice build and dio 👍
9. March 2019, 10:27
19. March 2019, 18:19
Mike Daniels
Lovely job Didier. Seen a few examples of this but yours really stands out. Love that extended front landing gear. Got one in the stash.
19. March 2019, 18:32
Frank Spahr
Thanks for the pointer on the base, Didier! I´m in the midst of building mine and am so far quite happy about how the parts fit...
20. March 2019, 04:58
i missed this one... excellent
30. July 2019, 12:04
31. July 2019, 06:43
Sven Schönyan
Ohhhh - another beautiful RN Phantom!
31. July 2019, 07:11
Calvin Gifford
Splendid Phantom F.G.1!! Looking forward to getting mine in!
12. March 2020, 09:42
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice hi-legged Phantom 👍 Looks very classy in the dark blue & the base also adds a lot.

Was this one the Private-jet of James Bond?😉
12. March 2020, 13:33
Bernd Korte
Looking at the model you wouldn't think there was any trouble building it. Nicely done!
12. March 2020, 16:24
Urban Gardini
Love it mate!
12. March 2020, 16:34
Matthew Stec
Great job!!
12. March 2020, 16:38
Steven Price
i love it love the paint job on this very well done
20. June 2020, 08:59
Soeren .
Really nice Phantom!
20. June 2020, 09:00
Tibor Szilvai
Awesome work!
12. December 2020, 16:28
Jos Jansen
Absolutely a great this British Navy Phantom
12. December 2020, 16:33
Stuart Fowle
That looks great, and thanks for the little pros and cons review.
13. December 2020, 10:46
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Beautifull English Phantom. Well done
15. December 2020, 00:45


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1:72 McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 (Airfix A06016)

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