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Rui S (mig)


Military Thinking MT1



Here is a little contribution with some quite interesting images and insights about:

The gleaming German victories in the war between 1933 and 1941 were largely part
result of the development of the "blitzkrieg" An rapid and well coordinated assault strategy that the German army took its finest.








IX - TIGER II S.PZ.Abt 501, 503 and 505 - 1944, EAST - CAMOUFLAGE SCHEME





MT2: Military Thinking MT2 | Album by mig

A little contribution with some quite interesting images and insights about:



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Albums: 3 with 859 images
In progress
1:35 Marder II D (Alan 011)


13. June 2015, 13:59 Share
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Hanno Kleinecke Very interesting Rui ! Can you provide a link to the youtube vid ?
13. June 2015, 14:04
Rui S Thx Hanno. I've done the translation now.
Well, there are lot's of videos about this. but this one have the known images I was thinking about.

Youtube Video

13. June 2015, 15:30
13. June 2015, 17:04
Choppa Nutta I look forward to next weeks episode of "Tactics in Detail" :D
14. June 2015, 01:10
Rui S Hum, Thx for your vote of confidence, Choppa. but no order of Battle first? No German tank design evolution (just some color plates?) Straight to Tactics in Detail? :S no insights about manoeuvring a Ferdinand/Elephant Panzerjager? let's not put the wagon in front of the donkeys. pls ;)
14. June 2015, 03:41
Choppa Nutta er, yes all of that too, what ever you think the next episode should be :)
I want this to be a "from the ground up" experience, a chronological connection of the dots as it were :)
14. June 2015, 04:57
Holger Kranich Hi Guys, I´d like to contribute with you. This is a theme i think is very interesting!
14. June 2015, 06:01
Rui S @ Choppa, Ok I'm counting with you ;)
Hi, Holger, you are most welcome mate
14. June 2015, 12:06
Choppa Nutta
One thought occurs though, perhaps you could change this album title to "Military Thinking"

that way we can cover anything regarding the minds of designers of machines, camo patterns as well as tactics, stategies and the rest of the problem solving that was under taken,
the things we wouldn't think of :)

If I remember rightly you were in the forces, would be interesting to here your take on these things :)
14. June 2015, 15:47
14. June 2015, 19:45
14. June 2015, 19:59
Choppa Nutta cool looking forward to it :)

I was wondering about how the Americans started using only one insignia on their wings rather than two like everyone else. I take it this was to aid recognition ?
16. June 2015, 23:46
Rui S Be welcome Michael.
I hope you mates like it 8) ;)
16. June 2015, 23:58
Choppa Nutta Grumman Aircraft Designers

Youtube Video

17. June 2015, 01:29
Rui S Now the saga is complete with the main players. ;) Just added middle and late WWII tanks.
All plates and information were obtained from my book stash. :)
Hope someone find it interesting. 8) ;)
17. June 2015, 16:21
Bart Goesaert very interesting subject, thx a lot for the info...
18. June 2015, 08:47
Kerry COX Well, what a memory this guy has and what a fascinating video. Thanks for posting it Rui. :)
18. June 2015, 09:26
Rui S @Bart, this thread "pretends" :P to open up discussions about Military subjects so, be welcome for your opinion, or suggestions about it :)
@ Kezza, it was Choppa that post the video (as could be any mate) so, the thanks is for him. thx anyway. ;) 8)
18. June 2015, 12:25
Kerry COX So I did get it right first time, as I went back and changed it Doh. My face looks good with eggs LOL :)
18. June 2015, 12:59
Soeren . What a great idea Rui!
18. June 2015, 13:00
Choppa Nutta Well I think we can all thank Rui for putting this album together and makingthe effort to bring this subject to the table of discussion, despite his sweet modesty :)

Anyhow I found this video on ariel combat "mono a mono" basics, informative and quite detailed, I've not seen anything like this before and is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find !!
So thanks Rui for creating this thread, even if you did take some persuading to do it !! :D

Anyhow, group hug over and on to the videos :D

Youtube Video

Another one but not as in depth

Youtube Video

18. June 2015, 13:06
Kerry COX Now you know why fast jet pilots are so bloody arrogant, and it's because to be one, your special. ;)
18. June 2015, 14:13
Choppa Nutta It's not arrogance, it's confidence ?
I suppose to go into a deadly combat scenario you need an over inflated sense of your survival chances otherwise you would never enter the arena if you felt you were doomed from the beginning, although that didn't stop a few of them who may have had high scores but inevitably short lives.

Knowing when to retreat to fight another day is an important tactical choice, one not lost on Sun Tzu or Niccolo Machiavelli in their respective books "The Art of War"
18. June 2015, 14:58
Rui S Hi mates, @ Kezza, yes you got it right first time :D
@ Soeren, thx for your encouragement :D I will divide it with Choppa, because it was from a thread from him that I comment, and a debate from both of us, that this idea was thought about. I Hope it will catch the mates interest 8) ;)
@ Choppa, I would say is A VITAL TACTICAL CHOICE, in WWII Stalingrad, is an example. One huge example of the consequences of arrogant behaviour.
18. June 2015, 15:12
From the Book, Panzer - A Revolution in Warfare.
I hope you mates like it 8) ;)
19. June 2015, 18:28
Rui S NOW, some insights about GERMAN PANZER IN WWII, and it's guns.
Hope you mates like it 8) ;)
20. June 2015, 17:24
Choppa Nutta Cool, I think I'll take the "Pzkpfw V Panther A/G" please,
Steel wheel version of course :)
20. June 2015, 17:36
Rui S Well Ok, but where are you going? don't you forget that it consumes petrol not diesel ;) :D
20. June 2015, 18:16
Choppa Nutta Oh you know, to the shops and back ;)
20. June 2015, 18:26
Rui S LLLOOOLLL, you don't need such a big gun for that. Are you going to rob them :o ? hehehe
20. June 2015, 18:29
Choppa Nutta yeah, I want to go on a Ram Raiding Mission and crush lots of cars and pull a few ATM machines out of the wall :)
20. June 2015, 18:42
Rui S Mate, No can do :D You better take the faster Pz II More than enough. 8)
21. June 2015, 02:14
Rui S NOW, some insights about PANZER DETAILS, Tracks and side skirts.
Hope you mates like it 8) ;)
22. June 2015, 22:31
Rui S NOW, comparatives between:
- Panzer IV and Char B1 Bis;
- Panzer III and a T34;
- Panzer VI and a KV85.
Hope you mates like it 8) ;)
26. June 2015, 21:56
Choppa Nutta there's some great stuff there dude !!
Nice one :)
Though some translations would be awesomely handy :D
interesting comparison charts
26. June 2015, 22:34
Rui S Thx, Choppa ;)
26. June 2015, 22:42
Rui S NOW, comparatives between:
- Panzer IV and Char B1 Bis;
- Panzer III and a T 34;
- Panzer V and a JS 3;
- Panzer VI Tiger and a KV 85;
- Panzer VI Tiger II and a JS - 2M
From Trucks&Tanks Magazine. Hope you mates like it 8) ;)
27. June 2015, 02:06
Rui S NOW, some data from Barbarossa, WWII Evolution, tank production and Lend-Lease figures.
Hope you mates find it interesting 8) ;)
29. June 2015, 22:53
Rui S Just trying to help, Kerber 8) ;)
30. June 2015, 00:43
Kerber thank You! Appreciate that!
30. June 2015, 07:52
Rui S Some Panzerjäger I 8) ;)
10. July 2015, 15:41
Rui S A brown/grey Bison I 8) ;)
19. July 2015, 12:02
19. July 2015, 13:17
Rui S NOW, a contribution, just as a little more salt to a already large appetite for the He-219 "Uhu" Groupbuild.
Hope you mates find it interesting 8) ;)
22. July 2015, 17:42
Holger Kranich Yeah cool! Thats nice and handsome :D
22. July 2015, 18:05
Rui S Thx Holger, glad you like it
22. July 2015, 18:24
Holger Kranich Yep i do! Much appreciated!
22. July 2015, 18:42
Kerry COX Rui, A most interesting post. Thanks mate. :)
22. July 2015, 21:45
Rui S @Holger, My pleasure mate.
Thx, Kerry. Glad that it was interesting to you :)
22. July 2015, 22:11
Rui S NOW, some more photos and insights on the subject.
Hope you mates find it interesting 8) ;)
22. July 2015, 22:15
Kerry COX I am needing all the info on the Owl I can find.
I have found some fantastic builds and I will be downloading all I can find that will help me in the GB. :)
22. July 2015, 22:19
Rui S Yes, I understand it, Kezza and usually I do the same. That's why I'm contributing here for the mates in this interesting GB.
I'm not looking in the net, but only on my book stash, trying to post some original or different photos. At least, that is my wish ;)
22. July 2015, 22:24
Choppa Nutta this is turning out to be a great album :)
22. July 2015, 22:26
Kerry COX What a great thing you are doing for your mates Rui.
We all say a big thank you for your effort champ. :) .
22. July 2015, 22:30
Rui S Thx, Choppa and Kerry for your encouraging words. Just trying my best, mates. My pleasure
22. July 2015, 22:36
Rui S NOW, 3 more photos and insights on the subject.
Hope you mates find them interesting 8) ;)
23. July 2015, 02:24
Holger Kranich Thank you very much Rui! Thats what the groupbuild dudes need! :D
23. July 2015, 07:06
Rui S Thx, Holger. I hope you are right
Do not ask what scalemates can do for you, ask what you can do for scalemates hehehe ;)
23. July 2015, 10:02
Rui S NOW, a few more interesting photos, insights and finally a colour plate on the subject.
Hope you Mates and maybe some groupbuild dudes find them interesting 8) ;)
23. July 2015, 18:32
Rui S Naahhhh, maybe not worth the effort or time.
Better keep to the styrene. I wonder if the same can be all over the net, or at hand. :S
24. July 2015, 00:39
24. July 2015, 01:10
Rui S What?
24. July 2015, 01:13
Clifford Keesler Is there an HE-219 group build going on that I don't know about?
24. July 2015, 01:16
Choppa Nutta "Naahhhh, maybe not worth the effort or time" ??
are you replying to a comment I can't see ? :)

Yes Cliff :)
24. July 2015, 01:21
Clifford Keesler Darn I love the HE-219. One of my favorite WWII aircraft.
24. July 2015, 01:25
Rui S Naahhh, I'm just let off steam, in public :( really should be completing all the styrene I've on hold, and practice more to evolve . :S
24. July 2015, 01:26
Choppa Nutta yes you should you naughty boy !!!!!! :D

btw what projects have you got going at the mo ?
24. July 2015, 01:30
Rui S Hehehe, Well just some old ones(as usual) from Esci and Italeri. OOB, but with oils and pigments. LoL

Sd.Kfz.10/4 | Project by mig (1:35)
24. July 2015, 01:35
Holger Kranich Hey Cliffy, you are welcome to sign in: He-219 "Uhu" Groupbuild (13. September, )
24. July 2015, 06:47
Rui S Hi Holgher. He will as soon as he get's his hands on one Uhu :D ;)
24. July 2015, 12:20
Kerry COX Or take his hands off something. LOL :)
24. July 2015, 12:27
Rui S hehehe :D, That I don't know...
24. July 2015, 12:29
24. July 2015, 12:34
Rui S NOW, interesting facts and well-known or not, 2 more colour plates on the subject 8) ;)
24. July 2015, 15:07
Kerry COX Rui never sleeps mates, he has "insomnia modelitis". :)
24. July 2015, 19:54
Rui S Shhhiiiuu...!!! Kezza, that's a thing for no one to notice. 8) :D
Later, I've some data and an insight of the 219 Designer. Not from the wikipedia. ;) cheers :)
25. July 2015, 03:49
Kerry COX Your my hero Rui. Your tireless in getting what is important to all of us for the GB.
Salute. :)
25. July 2015, 04:30
Rui S Hehehe thx for that mate.
"At least" in this subject, if it's for you, Choopa, and Holger, I expect to contribute with something interesting :D
25. July 2015, 04:40
Kerry COX We could not ask for anything greater than what you are doing for the Scalemate community Rui.
It is all of us that benefit by what you are doing. :)
Thanks again. :)
25. July 2015, 05:33
Choppa Nutta ..... plus, the subject is interesting :)
25. July 2015, 05:44
Kerry COX Dammed right Choppa. :)
25. July 2015, 05:45
Rui S NOW as said, form the book:
German Aircraft Industry and Production 1933-1945_First published in the UK in 1998 by Airlife Publishing Ltd,
Some data and an insight of the 219 Designer.
Hope You Mates like it 8) ;)
25. July 2015, 14:35
Holger Kranich And again very nice pix of this beautiful aircraft! Many THX :D
27. July 2015, 06:17
Rui S Hi, Holger. Thx a lot for your nice comment, Much appreciated ;)
27. July 2015, 20:15
Bart Goesaert Youtube Video Kz0a _ Q G i f P M

Link doesn't work for some reason, added spaces after the underscore to provide the link, so please remove these if you want to watch..

25. August 2015, 10:00
Choppa Nutta link working normally for me :)
25. August 2015, 10:05
Rui S Hi, I can't see it even without the spaces, and Google don,t find it
12. September 2015, 14:47
Rui S NOW for the HETZER builders out there: The Jagdpanzer 38 t TD Company, by Jarnes Steuard
Hope You Mates like it 8) ;)
16. September 2015, 18:08
Choppa Nutta ..... I'm glad you're keeping this album going Rui :)
16. September 2015, 18:27
Oscar Oertly awesome !!
16. September 2015, 18:46
Rui S Hi, Choppa, thx you know me Mate, I do not easily give up.
@ Oscar, Thx, glad you like it, much appreciated...
Just a little update with more info and plates from the Trucks & Tanks magazine
16. September 2015, 19:09
John Van Kooten I agree with Choppa! Glad you keep this going!

And I am one of those Hetzer builders currently :P Excellent, concise information! Top notch Thank you!
16. September 2015, 19:47
Rui S Hi John, Yes I've been following your albums. Real glad you find it interesting and thank you for your nice comment. Much appreciated.
16. September 2015, 19:55
Vegard Øksenholt Great deal of He219 references here. Thank you for sharing!
16. September 2015, 22:02
Rui S Hi Vegard, Nice to know that you liked them, and that I can help. My pleasure. THX a lot for your pleasant comment.
16. September 2015, 22:06
Kerry COX Rui, you have been most important here, as I am still looking for more info on the colouring of the plumbing on the DB603 engines, and I am wondering if your special talents and know how would be able to find something on that matter I have searched in vain for mate. :) .
16. September 2015, 22:11
Rui S No special talents here Kezza, (except perhaps the urge to contribute with something useful) like researching in my reference books/magazines, but sadly no colour photos in most of them.
I will try anyway.
16. September 2015, 22:20
Kerry COX Rui, I am always grateful for your efforts and contributions mate. A vital cog in the fine workings you might say. :)
16. September 2015, 23:55
Rui S You'r to kind Kezza, but Thx a lot for your nice comment.
17. September 2015, 00:30
Rui S NOW a few more photos on the UHU
Photos #80 to #93 some of the motor, good for the ZM builders

Well I also think you mates of the UHU GB will like to take a look at this site:

Hope they can help 8) ;)
18. September 2015, 20:44
Vegard Øksenholt This album is now bookmarked in my browser. Thank you for keeping on giving us this precious info, Rui
18. September 2015, 20:53
Rui S Be welcome Vegard, I'm flattered, THX
18. September 2015, 20:59
Kerry COX Rui, You have become our "Go to guy" as you do have a great research know how mate. :)
18. September 2015, 21:08
Rui S LOL, THX Mate. I will try not to disappoint you mates.
18. September 2015, 21:16
Kerry COX Hahaha, no fear of that happening Rui. :)
18. September 2015, 21:25
Rui S hey, not easy mate, hehehe
Scalemates has lots of expert people in many topic's, and I'm just an enthusiastic.

So the next post will be about another interesting discussion for German AFV fans.
Some German tank track's colour photos.
18. September 2015, 21:35
Choppa Nutta I remember back when you first got this album going Rui how worried you were that no one would appreciate it, told ya all was good ;)
18. September 2015, 21:42
Rui S Off course you remember Mate, you where it's mentor.
I remember how and why it was born, our discussions about it, and my copyright worries, etc.
You made it happen Choppa, and I thank you for your pressure to get it going. THX
18. September 2015, 21:48
Choppa Nutta ..............actually........... Twas you that made it happen :D
18. September 2015, 23:14
Kerry COX To have a Military thinking based "Reference Library" within the bounds of Scalemates is just what we all need Rui. :)
It beats the hell out of trying to do it all by ourselves. :)
18. September 2015, 23:53
Rui S I understand Kezza, and Thx a lot for the support, but researching Is also part of the Hobby we all Love.
I only intend to support and had or induce more discussions and keep it alive with exchange of views with the mates. That's my only intention, participate and contribute.
I have an extensive "Reference Library" especially on German AFV (not all in my scalemates stash yet), that I collect for years now, and I'm more than happy if I can share it with whoever want.
So my pleasure.
19. September 2015, 00:09
Kerry COX A fair call Rui, and I may have sounded like that is what I would like to see you do. :(
I was wrong to assume any thing like that from you, sorry mate. :)
It is vital that we do as much as we can ourselves no doubt. :)
I must admit, that when I find something I think may be of interest to all the Mate's here, I will be posting it for all to benefit by.
Just slap me when I do that in future mate. :) :) :)
19. September 2015, 00:43
Rui S No worries Kezza, it's all about reciprocity, so no slapping in this thread, hehehe . As I said, my pleasure.
19. September 2015, 02:49
19. September 2015, 03:24
Rui S NOW a few more photos on the UHU
Photos #94to #109 some of the cockpit.
Hope they can help 8) ;)
19. September 2015, 15:37
Kerry COX Always a help Mr Rui S, :).
As I am trying to get as much detail effect in the ZM Uhu, These will help nicely mate, :)
19. September 2015, 20:42
Rui S Thx Mate.
New ones from #100 to #107
Hope they can help 8) ;)
20. September 2015, 00:59
Kerry COX Each and every one is just so full of stuff I knew nothing of Rui. Thnx again mate. A great help they are. :)
20. September 2015, 01:07
Rui S Hi Kezza. I hope I don't overwhelm you with information Mate. hehehe.
20. September 2015, 01:11
Kerry COX Rui, I don't want you to miss out on building your models mate. as all this time researching is cutting into your own personal time mate. :(
There are not enough words to use that can describe how grateful I am for all you are doing, but your own time for you is important too my brother. :)
And the information I have now will make sure I have no excuse for producing a poor quality build. :)
20. September 2015, 01:20
Rui S Hey Mate, no prob, as said before my pleasure.

You? producing a poor quality build?? You must be joking.

I found also some 20 beautiful colour plates of the Owl.
But the following site, is making me stop posting more photos of the UHU restoration:

I'm sure you and maybe other mates in GB will like it.
20. September 2015, 01:35
Kerry COX Cheers again to you Rui, your a champion. :)
20. September 2015, 01:46
Kerry COX Shit. !!!! Just had a look at the link you posted. !!!! Astounding find Rui. :)
20. September 2015, 01:47
Rui S Hehehe, THX.
20. September 2015, 01:51
Rui S @Urban Gardini, Hunter Cummins, Jan Hazes, John Van Kooten, Martin, Bart Goesaert.
Following the Urban "Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild" album discussions, about GERMAN TRACK COLOURS, I post some photos about the subject.
Hope you mates like them 8) ;)
20. September 2015, 12:45
Urban Gardini Thanks mate! I just remembered another colour I've wondered about for some time. The German heat proof grey primer that they used on the gun barrels, sometimes without additional camouflage paint over the primer on replacement barrels. What grey colour is the correct one?
20. September 2015, 13:27
Rui S Thx for commenting Urban.

I used Humbrol 66, in my Panther:

Gniloy-Tikich | Album by mig (1:35)

I will search in the AK interactive, MIG Jimenez, extensive Catalogues for some hint, and let you know if I find something.

But as you know, I'm more in the opinion that the correct one, is the one you chose as convincing and like the result.
20. September 2015, 13:56
Rui S Hey Urban, for that matter take a look at photos 143 and 144



The Tiger Pit 4. Barrel painted representing the heat resistant primer. German Grey base followed by a lighter mix adding Medium Blue.

20. September 2015, 14:41
Rui S @ Urban, nothing special about this in the catalogues. They just mention RED PRIMER MODULATION SET's. No grey.
I've read some forums and most speak about a dark satin grey. Maybe more like Humbrol 67 with a few drops of gloss varnish???
20. September 2015, 18:06
Urban Gardini I know that there's no dedicated paint out there.
20. September 2015, 18:09
John Van Kooten The general consensus on barrel color is dunkelgrau and dunkelgelb lacquer, both heat resistant. Both in a satin finish.

Both colors can be observed in many original WWII photos. The dunkelgrau on many tanks on active duty in the field. The dunkelgelb barrels can, f.i., be seen on turrets in progress of being build that are still in the factories that were overrun by the Americans.

Exactly which (RAL) colors they were is unknown. There is not a shred of evidence or documentation that describes the methods and colors used for applying the heat resistent lacquer coating.

I have been searching for information on this for a long time (years ago) but I gave up. I could not find anything in any of the authorative books (and I have several hundreds of highly technical books). I think no one knows for sure, other than stuff from hearsay, made up facts or educated guesses. And I have put my trust in the last option because it is possible to deduct at least some info from original (non-colorized) WWII photos and recovered original vehicles.
20. September 2015, 19:16
Rui S Thx a lot John, for your nice and informative comments.
20. September 2015, 20:31
Roberto Rocat Great post and really interesting comments. Thanks, mates.
20. September 2015, 20:51
Rui S Glad to know you like them . Thx Roberto
20. September 2015, 21:30
Rui S Now, some nice colour plates from the "Owl"
Plates #114 to #122
Hope you mates in the GB like them 8) ;)
21. September 2015, 00:43
John E Holy cow! Great pics and plates!!! Thank you, Rui!
21. September 2015, 00:49
Rui S Hi John, Thank you very much for your nice comment, and be welcome to MT
21. September 2015, 00:54
Kerry COX Rui, I was looking through the coloured cammo plates you posted and I came across this colour scheme that really gets my juices flowing mate, so I wrote down all the details and searched Google "Images" and this is what I ended up finding. LOL :)
21. September 2015, 01:04
Rui S Hehehe, Nice. Wich coloured cammo plate are you loving Kezza. LOL

That is a hell of a site mate, trying to find photos or colour lates of the UHU in there but I think:
"Houston, We Have a Problem" lol
But for the Messerschmitt fans it as great colour photos, Mate
21. September 2015, 01:11
Kerry COX Image 117, and the one in the middle with the black belly and spots of RLM 75 over RLM 76 :)
Serial G9+TH (W.Nr.290123) Oh! Oh! Oh!. I love it . :)
But on the link I sent you, there are endless cammo schemes. !!!
21. September 2015, 01:16
Rui S Ahh Ok. Camos of the UHU 219?? I'm still trying to find them.
21. September 2015, 01:27
Rui S Again great site, well done Mate, you rock.
Thx a lot for that finding, is now in my favourites.
21. September 2015, 02:25
Rui S @ Urbam, that's what I found so far.
Hope it helps.
If you need more info just tell.
25. September 2015, 14:12
Urban Gardini Thanks mate! The colour profiles at #172-173 is the first ones that I've seen that in fact looks like the Moscow photos of Black 745. Interesting to see the crude zimmerit on the refitted Ausf. D (#175-176) to a befehlspanther. #180 is also a good reference photo of an Ausf. D refitted with late type tracks, a good photo for all builders that wanna do a different Ausf. D.
25. September 2015, 15:17
Rui S Be welcome, Urban.
So do the plate 173 (zoom in the tracks), and the other (no mentioned) photos helped clarify your doubts or you need more info?
I didn't put some walk around colour photos because I simply don't trust that kind of info.
25. September 2015, 15:55
Urban Gardini I never trust colour plates but this one do resemble the actual photos of Black 745. Tamiya have it wrong with red brown as well as oliv green camouflage spots in their kit description. It should only have green spots over the dunkelgelb so the colour plate looks fairly good. Yes, the track photos helped me so once again thanks mate!
25. September 2015, 16:11
Urban Gardini But the colour plate have one thing wrong, an error that Dragon have made as well and that Tamiya got right in their kit. Dual headlights.
25. September 2015, 16:13
Rui S Ok, Urban.
Glad I could help with that track question. That was my intention.
I really like good colour plates and having find those of your subject project, I thought you would also like them. I think you will correct that error whit no problems.
Thx, also for your info.
25. September 2015, 19:18
Urban Gardini I did find that one out from the beginning so I did in fact correct that error back in 2008 when I started the kit so there's no problems there for me.
25. September 2015, 20:20
Rui S Just this new colour plate regarding the DV DI, UHU plane
29. September 2015, 17:19
Kerry COX Rui, I see there is an other wonderful 'find' of yours you have posted. :)
I often wondered what it would have been like, to have been there and seen all these different cammo patterns in the flesh. :-/
I should imagine that it was more the crews doing in the application of the 'war paint'. :)
29. September 2015, 20:01
Rui S Hi Mate, Thx again.
Sometimes I think also about that but I also think being there, would have been like hell, if you know what I mean...
29. September 2015, 23:20
Kerry COX Rui. :) Exciting to say the least mate, as they were all keen to be there. :)
30. September 2015, 00:16
Rui S Yes, they where also very well indoctrinated since the beginning.
1. October 2015, 12:40
Rui S @Bart, I'm not sure about what you mean mate?
2. October 2015, 10:29
Urban Gardini Even if he could it wouldn't be ok to put a pirated pdf on Scalemates, let's keep Scalemates clean and law abiding!
2. October 2015, 10:36
Rui S How, Urban, so it was that what Bart intended? Thx for the heads up Mate.
Good to see that the comment is erased.
2. October 2015, 10:40
Urban Gardini It was a link to what looked like a Russian pirate publication site and some kind of publication that showed an AMS build of an Uhu but with dead dl links. You can't keep people from downloading and give each others pirated magazines but as long as it happens outside Scalemate it's no problem here but the moment pirated stuff appears here on Scalemates there's bound to be a lot of problems for Tim as well for Scalemates and we do not want that to happen.
2. October 2015, 10:50
Rui S Of course we don't want that.
Btw, I would like t know if you do think putting here scanned color plates, photos or txt, even with the source mentioned (and thus offering some publicity to it) is wrong? because that's what this "MT" album and thread is all about, collecting interesting information and provide it to help mates, and promote some discussions.
Are we allowed to legally for reference & review as we're not profiting from it?
2. October 2015, 11:32
Urban Gardini It's a grey zone. It's not strictly ok as it violates copyrights but on the other hand it's non profit.
2. October 2015, 11:43
Rui S The profit is for the authors and publishers that have their work and issues publicized For Free, in the greatest modelling site in the world, just like the kit manufactures do.
2. October 2015, 11:50
Choppa Nutta ........ It is grey area but you're allowed to post up such stuff Rui if it is for reference or review, the key feature here being non profit, just as long as you don't provide the entire work in an easy to click single download etc. and that you keep on cherry picking the relevant bits you need etc. it should be no problem :)

Wouldn't want to get to bogged down in the petty side of the copyright, I think as you're not flagrantly abusing the law you should be fine :)
2. October 2015, 12:39
Rui S Hi Choppa, Thx again for your support Mate.
I like the "cherry picking" useful reference information part. hehe.
2. October 2015, 12:46
Rui S @ John, that's what I found so far:
Batailles et Blindes magazine;
Clausewitz Magazin;
Panzerschlacht, Helion & Company Limited.
The only Tiger II, with ambush scheme I found in the East Front (Until now), is the one in photo 185, and another numbered 211, Feldherrnhalle's also in Hungary but in 1945. All the others where in the west.
If you extend the time frame until 1945, you get other, S.PZ.Abt in the East Front.

Hope it helps.
2. October 2015, 16:53
Donald Medley Beautiful Build Rui S, don't give a shit what anyone says. Don :)
2. October 2015, 22:35
Choppa Nutta rebel rebel !! :D
2. October 2015, 23:09
Rui S Hi Donald, Thx for the support Mate.
@ Choppa. I will keep it calm, hehehe...
3. October 2015, 10:48
Choppa Nutta I was replying to Donalds rebellion :D
3. October 2015, 11:08
Rui S OOHH OK Mate.
rebel rebel Donald !! hehehe
3. October 2015, 11:12
Rui S @John! Nice know that I could help.
So, you go for the "3/501". Is that the one in photo 183???
If yes, I will Look for more information and photos about it.
3. October 2015, 11:30
Rui S More Historic info on the Schwere Panzerabteilung 501 – August 1944.
Nothing extensive or pedantic, but simple info.
Hope it helps a bit more.
3. October 2015, 12:44
John Dunbar @Rui I like the No. "313" / Photo 182 best. (actually I'd like to build all of them ;) )
But I'll start with the one from photo 182. If you do have more information I'd really appreciate it. But no hurry. I'm already far better off by now then I was last week. :-D
4. October 2015, 06:11
Rui S Ahh Ok, John, I miss understand the subject.
I will do further research on that one and add here.
4. October 2015, 12:09
Rui S Hi John, Now we know the commanders name of the 313, in 14/12/1944.

Also, from The Aberjona Press, "Sledgehammers" Some history about the Tiger II, and the 501 S.PZ.Abt, in Poland - August 1944. I found it very interesting.

And another intriguing colour plate from the Waldemar Trojka, "Tigers in colour", that could be the same 313, the position of the numbers it's similar but the colour is different and also the camo pattern.

5. October 2015, 17:45
John Dunbar Hey Rui, thank you for the additional info! Where do you find all that stuff? :)
You must have an excellent libary!!
The historical background you posted is very valueable!!! I yet have to read it but I'll try to find out if and what Tiger II had engine problems. That's the one then! I really owe you one mate!
5. October 2015, 19:43
Rui S Hi, John, Thx for your nice words mate and be welcome. Glad to know that you also find the info valueable.
You don't owe me nothing my pleasure.
I've been collecting my library for ages. And I'm still looking for more valuable information about this interesting subject, I'm even getting a bit motivated to start the Tamiya Tiger II, in my stash. hehehe, So thank you too.
Found another similar colour plate similar to the first one, and some of the 311 and 312 tanks. Same company, platoon, time and place.
First photos, one of the 311 but a bit later.
5. October 2015, 23:40
Rui S @ John, as agreed in your PM, I post NOW a broader historical framework of S.PZ.Abt 501, from June 22, Operation BAGRATION till the end.
I find it very interesting, and I hope some mates also consider it.
Also the first photo of the 313. . So Zimmerit on it mate.
6. October 2015, 23:13
John Dunbar @ Rui Rui, this is so awesome! Thank you for the pictures! And yes, Zimmerit it is! :)
The picture with 314 looks very interesting! Maybe that's a compromise to the heavy maintenance picture...
7. October 2015, 06:34
Rui S Hi Mate,
Glad to help.
All the hew photos are from S.PZ.Abt 501
If you remember anything more interesting to search just tell.
I'm looking forward for photos in your project thread.
7. October 2015, 12:16
Rui S NOW,
I hope some mates like it 8) ;)
11. October 2015, 00:36
John Dunbar Hey Rui, this is great! Thx!
Gotta paint my Tiger-Ammo then ;)
11. October 2015, 05:45
Kerry COX Rui, you should ask a small fee for what you do for all of us, as I would be happy to contribute mate. :)
11. October 2015, 09:14
Matthias Weiss Very interesting, Rui, thx. for sharing.
Really interesting information and pictures.
11. October 2015, 11:55
Rui S Hey Mates, I'm very Happy to receive your comments and to find that you considered the info interesting. So, thank you very much.
@Kezza, hehehe, as I said before it's my pleasure Mate. All the mates comments here, is what motivates me keeping this thread alive and kicking.
This chapter was inspired by Reinhart, 7,5 cm Pack 40/4 auf RSO project.
Cheers Mates.
11. October 2015, 12:12
Kerry COX Rui, inspiration all round mate. :)
11. October 2015, 13:00
Rui S So true Kezza, you are dam right hehe, and I was hopping that this chapter would interest all German AFV, artillery and anti-tank fans like myself.
Two more images, on this chapter.
11. October 2015, 13:54
Kerry COX Rui, That link, "Histomil" I sent you has heaps of images of German Armour of all kinds.
What ever your looking for there, just type in to the search window what you have a mind to see, and it will link or reference you to the spot.
Try it. :)
11. October 2015, 14:19
Rui S It's in my favourites, and Yap, some great unknown photos too. Thx , Mate
11. October 2015, 14:34
Kerry COX kool. :)
11. October 2015, 15:08
SOME INTERESTING CONVERSIONS, inspired by M.Julian Marles, Pakwagen T-34 1943/76 (r)
Project: Pakwagen T-34 1943/76 (r)
13. October 2015, 01:07
M.Julian Marles Excellent post, Rui! And thanks for your kind words. Of course the back story in my project description is pure fantasy, but similar stories of regular T34s being used until spare parts could no longer be sourced - or broken beyond repair- is well documented. Often the crews would blow up their own tanks, or set them alight. Usually a stick grenade or two in the breech and barrel would render the gun useless! ;)
13. October 2015, 01:17
M.Julian Marles BTW I have always been tempted to buy the Dragon T34 Flakpanzer but for some reason never bothered to! :P
13. October 2015, 01:18
M.Julian Marles I have the "History of s.Pz.Jag.-abt 503" book; it's amazing!
13. October 2015, 01:24
Rui S Thx Mate glad you found it interesting.
Yap it's a great book Mate. There is also a T34 ammunition carrier in it.
I know that your history is a "what if" but as said in your thread I've been following it, Maybe the story of this one is "A wounded Flakartillerie commander,,," hehehe
I will be looking for more info about this INTERESTING CONVERSIONS... as well as your Project.
13. October 2015, 01:37
13. October 2015, 01:41
Rui S Some photos update in this last chapter INTERESTING CONVERSIONS.
IMHO, instead of the boggarts as Dragon, Tamiya do reissues of German 1/35, longstanding models kits and releases a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, of all Panzer jagd Flak, would not be much better to focus their efforts in launching new models not on the market (at least in plastic) replicating some of which are now added here?
From books:
- Gepanzerte Raritaten auf Radern und Ketten bis 1945;
- Beutepanzer unterm Balkenkreuz;
- Beute-Kraftfahrzeuge Panzer;
- Tanks of Hitlers Eastern Allies 1941-45.
Eg Tamiya releases a new Panther D (35345) much more detailed etc, but if you want to present it as a master piece in a show, the brand has the nerve to place on the market upgrades for the same kit intended to be atual ??? Thereby increasing their income with a more than seen and revised model worldwide?
It pleases me more when brands such as RPM, place on the market kit models never seen, even if not perfect (which as we all know does not exist). For example:

or Mirage Hobby:

or Roden:

It's just a matter of variety versus monotony, we were all pleased with the launch of a never presented model, or not?

I would like to know your opinions.
13. October 2015, 14:24
M.Julian Marles I certainly like the unique kits that are out there. If you peruse my stash you will see I have almost twenty Mirage/RPM UE's in one form or another. I also own the Klara tractor and it's quite a nice kit, with options for the recovery jib or not. With a bit of plastic stock, foil, or PE these kits can certainly be made to be masterpices in their own right. I also have a bunch of old Maquette kits - yes - clunky, needing surgery, etc - but still some unique kits! :)
13. October 2015, 18:07
M.Julian Marles Another fave of mine is the Pak 37mm on a British Universal carrier. ;) Easy to do and very cheap also!
13. October 2015, 18:19
M.Julian Marles Don't forget the Mirage "Kubus" - what an odd little vehicle!
13. October 2015, 18:21
Rui S Hi, M.Julian,
Yes we have to like them. I was just stating some of the different subjects.
I think there are a lot more out there and in other brands too, but also still lot's of unique subjects to produce as seen in some of the conversions photos posted.
13. October 2015, 18:42
Rui S I found this image in Modell Fan magazine.
I also added a the magazine caption on the previous photo.
I leave the main text translation to German speaking Mates.
I hope UHU GB mates like it 8) ;)
14. October 2015, 16:59
Rui S I found this image in Modell Fan magazine.
I also added a the magazine caption on the previous photo and a RLM chart for night fighters in the next one.
I leave the main text translation to German speaking Mates.
I hope UHU GB mates like it 8) ;)
14. October 2015, 18:10
Kerry COX Rui, I would love to buy you a beer for every snippet of information I have used successfully that you have found mate. Your amazing. :)
14. October 2015, 20:47
Choppa Nutta Rui you can expect about 30 crates of beer in the post from Australia soon :)
14. October 2015, 20:50
Kerry COX LOL, Yeah, start my own XXXX export business. :)
Happy days. ! . " ;)
14. October 2015, 21:04
Holger Kranich And i´ll send a few crates from Germany for this informations! :D
15. October 2015, 07:30
Kerry COX Holger, His information is just so helpful and accurate, a real research wizard mate. :)
15. October 2015, 07:48
Rui S Hi Mates,
Thank you for your motivating words. Much appreciated and important to me.
It's nice to know that I'm also helping in a different and valuable way, but beware because I'm a beer lover, so I will enjoy tasting Australian and German beer, hehehe
15. October 2015, 08:36
Kerry COX Any time , any time, just name your poison. :)
15. October 2015, 08:48
Rui S WHHOOO, Mate I've so many poisons, but lately I have not proven much styrene glue. :D
15. October 2015, 09:06
Holger Kranich Rui your efforts are much appreciated!
15. October 2015, 09:24
Rui S THX, Holger
15. October 2015, 16:58
Rui S @John Dunbar, another photo from a 313, I can't guarantee that It's the one from the S.PZ.Abt 501, but it's interesting because shows the turret back.
19. October 2015, 16:53
John Dunbar @Rui Cool! Also a very good impression of the uniforms! Thx buddy!
19. October 2015, 18:18
Rui S @John Dunbar, this photo is from a "313", belonging to the schwere Panzer Abteilung 503.
19. October 2015, 21:48
John Dunbar Fair enough, I'll use it as a Zimmerit reference and the tank crew.
20. October 2015, 04:36
Rui S NOW,
2 new photos of the UHU, one inside the hangar.
I hope UHU GB mates like it 8) ;)
20. October 2015, 10:31
Andrew Eadon Awesome reference material Rui, outstanding :)
20. October 2015, 10:32
Rui S Thank you very much Andrew, Your nice comment is much appreciated.
20. October 2015, 10:38
Holger Kranich I dont like it, Rui. I love it!
20. October 2015, 10:41
Rui S hehehe, THX Holger, much appreciated.
20. October 2015, 11:03
Kerry COX Rui, for once I can say to you mate, "already got it" LOL. :)
And I am positive there are more out there. :-/
Cheers mate. :)
20. October 2015, 11:28
Rui S Hi Mate, good for you, LOL. you saw the last one?
I'm sure there are many more.
This one was intended to Christian Bruer...
20. October 2015, 11:54
Kerry COX All is good. :)
20. October 2015, 12:29
Urban Gardini Went through the album again and noted one interesting thing. Look at the big difference in the track tension between the two StuG III's in photo #156.
20. October 2015, 16:33
Christian Bruer Oh well guess someone called my name :)
Mhhh photo 121 does not show all the detail of the hangar I would like to see but some more interesting things like the workbenches, engine racks, etc. Some more diorama ideas come to my mind Photo 122 and 123 were probably taken in Muenchen Riem.
Many thx Rui for your support and all the information you share with us - High Five!

Cheers, Christian

20. October 2015, 16:38
Rui S @Urban, yes interesting, you are right. And the colour of them? almost like the entire stug.
@Christian, Oh, sorry to bother you mate hehehe, but I was trying to respond your call and catch your attention. Anyhow, nice that it motivate some more dio ideas. THX for the comments, much appreciated, High five.
20. October 2015, 17:00
Kerry COX Rui, Image 122 looks like it is a single seater. !
Is there any way of finding out if the Luftwaffe had single seat Uhu's ?
Or is that just a cover over the Equipment /radio section of the cockpit I wonder. ?
21. October 2015, 08:38
Holger Kranich As far as i know, Luftwaffe had no single seater 219´s. But they planned a cockpitcrew of 3 with a tailgunner in a "Zerstörer" version. One has been produced. It was called He-219 B, or so.
21. October 2015, 09:53
Holger Kranich From Wiki:
B-1: Nachtjäger mit 3-Mann-Kanzel und Jumo 222. Einziges Exemplar wurde in Wien-Schwechat erprobt und nach einem Landeunfall verschrottet

Nighthunter with 3 man cupola and Jumo 222. Only one has been tested in Wien-Schwechat (Vienna) and was scraped after a accident.
21. October 2015, 09:55
Kerry COX Thanks Holger, I was a little worried there, but now you have said that, I wont attempt to do anything radical. :-/
21. October 2015, 10:06
Rui S Hi Kerry and Holger,
Have you seen the image 44? there are a lot of 219 versions but none like the photo 122. I don't know if any is a single seater. And the image 106? it's a plan for a 4 seater.
Photo 122 looks kind like the one in photo 58. I will see more info in the plate 61, it just speak about 2 or 3 man seater's
21. October 2015, 11:13
Kerry COX Thanks Rui. Champ. !! :)
21. October 2015, 11:33
Rui S A new chapter in the Military Thinking project posted on a second Album:


Military Thinking MT2 | Album by mig

Some reference images for the UHU GB, diorama builder's

I hope UHU GB and other mates like it 8) ;)
21. October 2015, 23:49
Rui S NOW on MT1:
Added from "Wings of the Luftwaffe":
- A new colour plate with caption for the 219 A-5 (Plate 112)
- The specifications on the 219 A-7 R2 (plate 116);
- some more new photos.
- Info on the 219 A cockpit;
- and An XR of the 219 A-5;

I hope UHU GB and other mates like it 8) ;)
22. October 2015, 15:43
Kerry COX Check your PM Rui. :)
22. October 2015, 15:50
Rui S Translate the captions on the 47, 53, 74, 75 photos, thanks to Google translator.
22. October 2015, 17:11
Rui S Kezza, here they are, photos 71 to 77.
I'm guessing, this where the first model's or pre-production models so in 1943 only 11, HE 219 were built (see tables 55, 101)
23. October 2015, 18:00
Kerry COX Rui, I was thinking I was wrong, as the images I saw were of the He-117, but now, All is changed with what you have found. !!!
Wouldn't a 4 blade prop look 'grunty' on an Uhu. in 1/32 !?
I wonder where I would find something suitable. ?
Cheers mate, well done. :)
23. October 2015, 19:25
Rui S Hi Kezza,

We have now 2 MT Albums in the Military Thinking Project. You can see them in the following link:
Military Thinking | Project by mig ()

The He-177 photos are in the MT2 album:
Military Thinking MT2 | Album by mig

But his one is the MT1 album, and the He219, 4 propeller were here.
That was the confusion Mate.
23. October 2015, 19:33
Kerry COX Rui, I have just poured over all of you postings now mate, as I am finding a wealth of information that I am wanting to use in a dio I am planning for the Uhu, like the engine stands on wheels, and the crane and lifting gantry systems.:-O
The more I look, the more I see.
Thanks mate, I really appreciate your dedication. :)
23. October 2015, 19:37
Rui S Hey Kezza, my pleasure. Glad they are useful.
I think I've read before that you where going to do a 1/32 dio.
I'm looking forward for more info about it. foe example:
Inside our outside environment, Mate? hehehe
23. October 2015, 19:56
Kerry COX Rui, An 'outside' would offer greater scope for the field environment, almost like the B-17 dio, but I need to be different this time, so I am really contemplating the internal hanger scene, with overhead gantry, work benches along the walls, and all sorts of assorted trolleys, stands, and bits of a bird all under the wings.
Sound good. ?
Cheers mate. :)
23. October 2015, 20:03
Rui S Sounds great Mate.
Pierre-Christian Baudru, is also making one but in 1/72. This is going to be interesting...
23. October 2015, 20:22
Kerry COX Very Interesting. :-O
23. October 2015, 20:41
Rui S @John Dunbar, another photo from a 313, I can't guarantee that It's the one from the S.PZ.Abt 501, but it's interesting because it shows your dio theme.
24. October 2015, 16:00
John Dunbar Cool! Thx a lot! :)
24. October 2015, 16:25
Matthias Weiss I found some very interesting videos of WWII. Here an example, the battle of Normandy: Youtube Video
You can find many more here: Youtube Video
All in colour!!

1. November 2015, 05:40
Rui S Nice colourised video and great link, Mate.
Impressive camouflage on the stug minute 3.33"
Thx for sharing
1. November 2015, 13:54
Rui S NOW,
Adding in "MT1", some more images, details, colour plates, info, and a Link, for the HE 219 UHU GB. and aircraft fans:

Hope you mates like them, and comment.
1. November 2015, 19:06
Kerry COX Rui, a good mate of mine just emailed this to me and I thought I should pass it on.
Enjoy mate, as I did. LOL :)
2. November 2015, 00:05
Oliver Peissl Wow, i am really thankfull for these great links!
2. November 2015, 10:47
Rui S @Hi Kezza, Thx for sharing.
@Hello Oliver, THX for your comment. Glad you Like them, mate.
2. November 2015, 11:56
Kerry COX Yeah, I'm still around. hahaha :)
2. November 2015, 12:40
Pierre-Christian Baudru Very nice new pictures Rui, thanks a lot ! ;)
2. November 2015, 14:15
Rui S Muito brigado, Pierre.
Sempre bem vindos os seus comentários.
@ Kezza, Yes I've noticed your absence for a few days. hehehe
2. November 2015, 15:26
Rui S Another colour plate on the 313 Panzer VI Ausf. B
16. November 2015, 22:50
John Dunbar Thanks Rui! :) Yet another cam scheme of 313. Must have been a replacement Tiger, no? I can't imagine that they applied complete repaints.
22. November 2015, 09:21
Rui S Hi John,
Be welcome Mate.
I really can't say if it's that or a different interpretation from the colour plate author.
This new photo its interesting because if you zoom in enough you can see the leaf type image over the number as in the 228 colour plate.
22. November 2015, 14:22
John Dunbar This is indeed interesting! Do you think this is an official unit insignia or sth the crew applied themselves?
23. November 2015, 12:12
Rui S Hi John
I just can tell, that I never saw it described as a unit insignia and normally unit insignias are much smaller.
23. November 2015, 21:48
John Dunbar Hmm, alright. Then it's probably a personal note of the crew.
23. November 2015, 22:16
Rui S Yes, I think so John. But if I find something more about it, I will post here.
23. November 2015, 22:45
John Dunbar Cool! Thx!
24. November 2015, 09:36
Clifford Keesler Nice Rui thx,for sharing.
26. November 2015, 01:46
Rui S Be welcome Clifford. My pleasure, mate.
26. November 2015, 12:36
Rui S Schürzen with Ostketten.
5. December 2015, 00:15
John Dunbar Hey Rui, great new stuff in MT! Thanks a lot!!
5. December 2015, 07:02
Rui S Hi John.
This post was already there, but thank you very much anyway for your nice comment. Glad you like it Mate
5. December 2015, 11:57
Rui S @ Spanjaard,
Thank you for your comment.
You are not the first mate to say that the albums should be shorter.
That was why I created the MT2.
No I don't think that is possible to upload more than 6 photos at once.
My MT albums where mounted in various occasions but as you say it takes a lot of patience and care.
I always enjoy to share other mates interests with my reference books and magazines. ;)
Also I take real pleasure helping mates, especially if with the same topic interest. 8)
24. September 2016, 23:29
Zoltán Balogh Nice collection Rui. Thank You for bringing my attention to it.
1. March 2017, 10:22
Rui S Hi Zoltán,
Thank you for your comment, and be welcome.
The Military Thinking (MT) is for all mates that like mainly WW II German AFV themes like my self (but not only) and there are now already 4 MT 8)
1. March 2017, 11:24
Rui S The HE-219, PART I and PART II. A beautiful and innovative WWII aircraft.
I was really impressed with the length of the fuselage of this FIGHTER aircraft in 1/32 scale.
15. July 2018, 12:40

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