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Steve Luckinbill (modelcrazy)



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1:350 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Academy 14107)


3. March 2015, 22:18
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Leif Adams
So cool! Need more naval stuff on here!
11. June 2015, 00:00
Rui S
Only a word: FANTASTIC
11. June 2015, 02:32
Ingmar Stöhr
Cool! Nice ship and convincing water!
11. June 2015, 03:32
Mats Bengtsson
Very impressive.
11. June 2015, 04:36
Ulf Petersen
This is just awesome, Steve! :o Hardly ever seen better water work so far.
11. June 2015, 05:16
Christian Lehmann
Awesome Display
11. June 2015, 05:33
Soeren .
Wow... what a masterpiece!
11. June 2015, 05:50
Holger Kranich
Whooo, i have to vomit just by looking on the rough sea! ;) ;)
11. June 2015, 06:52
Hanno Kleinecke
Very dramatic atmosphere, I can hear the gale winds howl !
11. June 2015, 06:54
Martien Lourens
Incredibly beautiful piece of work. The ocean effect is extraordinarily realistic.
11. June 2015, 07:20
Veli-Matti Sivonen
Sweet! :) Best water effects I have ever seen.
11. June 2015, 08:45
Bart Goesaert
very nice model, and the seawaves are fantastic. could you explain how you did them?
11. June 2015, 12:13
Steve Luckinbill
Thank you so much everyone. Those comments are very appreciated.
Bart, to answer your question regarding how I made the sea effects. It is made from sawdust, in a box made from poster board. The sawdust is shaped as needed, then glued with thin CA (this took a lot, so I will probably use foam board next time). I then went over that with strips of printer paper and medium acrylic gel to smooth out the roughness of the sawdust. The water was then sprayed with blue and the churn/wake with a sea foam green of my own color mix, then a light spray of white. The wave caps, bow crash and wake were topped off with cotton and acrylic gel. The entire thing was then sprayed with an acrylic varnish to show wetness and firm up the bow crash.
11. June 2015, 12:53
Unfreakingbelivable !!! Gary
11. June 2015, 13:41
Christian Bruer
Hi Steve, congratulations to your very nice and convincing interpretation of USS Indianapolis in a whole gale. Model and display are sharp and clean and an eycatcher on every show.

I noticed your first submission on Modelwarships last Monday and was really impressed. Nice to see you're sharing your fine work as well on Scalemates.

About how to make realistic water – a real challenge – may you know Chris Flodberg's tutorials on Modelwarships.

I was amazed to note you're using sawdust and CA glue. As you mentioned I use foam boards and they work well for me.

Cheers, Christian
11. June 2015, 16:37
Choppa Nutta
amazing !! really well done, and so evocative of rough water on a big boat, some photos look like paintings from an old master
11. June 2015, 16:50
Mike Kryza
A masterpiece - fantastic!
11. June 2015, 17:39
Steve Luckinbill
Thank you again guys,
Christian, The method I used is a slight variation on Chris' method, but like I said, I will go with the foam board next time. In fact, I am working on a replica of the Musashi wreck. I have limited information so, I'm guessing at some of it. Hopefully it will turn out to be plausible enough.
11. June 2015, 18:40
Martyn Fox
Wow! Fantastic model. The sea is superb.
11. June 2015, 19:24
Christian Bruer
Ah you're the mate building the Musashi and place an WIP on Modelwarships. The WIP is really informative and even it is not my Navy this is an interesting work because of modeling techniques and history research. Wer good start on this Steve!
For all who are interested:

You should post your progress on Scalemates too ;)

Because of your method of making water, I thought you're following Chris method even it is slightly different. I'm really impressed of his naturally results and you kept it really close and nice. I'm far away from this.

Cheers, Christian
11. June 2015, 19:30
Steve Luckinbill
Thank you again Christian, and thank you for the link to my Modelwarships forum thread. I believe I will post a thread here, If I can figure out this site better. I have a far more detailed WIP thread on the Fine Scale Modeler forum.
11. June 2015, 19:50
Christian Ristits
This is really unbelieveable! Speechless!
11. June 2015, 19:56
Christian Bruer
You're welcome Steve :) Good to have another shipmates here on Scalemates ;)
11. June 2015, 20:06
Steve Luckinbill
Oops. I guess that link didn't work. This one should.
11. June 2015, 20:20
Clifford Keesler
No way to do it justice! Great model.
11. June 2015, 21:44
Vegard Øksenholt
I don't care too much about any other topics than aircrafts, but for once I'm happy to see a boat dio on the news feed. This is crazy! The whole diorama seems alive.. It's a masterpiece!
11. June 2015, 22:57
Mike Grant
Modelling as art. Amazing work
12. June 2015, 00:37
Steve Luckinbill
I am flattered guys, thank you so much!
12. June 2015, 03:55
Ingmar Stöhr
I made some experiments on making convincing water. My impression is, that the difficult part is not the technique you use, but to shape the waves and the wake in a convincing way. I feel this needs a reference picture and a lot practice to get it right.
12. June 2015, 07:01
Christian W
The seawaves are fantastic!
12. June 2015, 08:52
Gábor Bélik
Pure awesomeness!
12. June 2015, 09:09
Cristian Bordina
Wonderful job...The sea is incredible REAL !!!
12. June 2015, 09:57
Choppa Nutta

Sculpting waves must be a bit like sculpting music in some ways, all those different frequencies interacting with each other, the rises and falls, the crescendos and moments of dissonance crashing about against things and bouncing off walls :)
12. June 2015, 13:33
Hanno Kleinecke
In this way of thinking, Steve is closer to Beethoven than to Mozart .
12. June 2015, 14:06
Choppa Nutta
I was thinking more Bach myself for this piece, just for the sheer Gothic drama of the scene :)
Btw the backdrop really does set the scene !!
12. June 2015, 14:13
Choppa Nutta

here's an idea, you could sell limited edition prints of high quality photos of this model.
Love the view from the starboard side, looks more dramatic with the water spilling over the decks :)

In the right framing/cropping it really does look like an old master painting -

12. June 2015, 14:29
Pavel Pinzhin
Aye, Choppa's right: [img1]
12. June 2015, 15:50
Choppa Nutta

Yeah, nice touches Pavel :)

So Steve, it's a super hi res version of Pavel's variation :D
12. June 2015, 16:09
Rui S
Hi agree with Mike and Choppa, Modelling art like an old master painting ;)
12. June 2015, 16:55
Steve Luckinbill
You guys are really embarrassing me. I put forth a lot of effort to make my best build yet, apparently I succeed. Those cropped images are fantastic, thank you. Pavel, your enhanced version looks great, I wish I had computer skills like that.
I'm familiar with rough sea waves. I spent several years in the Coast Guard and in the Barring Sea. You get to see that scene a lot, and rougher.
12. June 2015, 17:42
Choppa Nutta

Luckily Steve, Pavel has got your missing computer know how, sounds like a good excuse for a bit of a team up ? :)

Anyhow, I reckon you would sell a few, especially if mounted onto some posh card reading for framing :)
12. June 2015, 17:53
Steve Luckinbill
That's an idea.
I am going to show her at the IPMS show in Salt Lake City this October, if everything works out. I was hopping I could donate her to a museum at some point after. Having several of that picture on a cards may also work. There are really very few pictures of the Indy in 45, especially underway.
12. June 2015, 18:02
Pavel Pinzhin
First things first, this beauty deserves a thorough photoshoot then. And as for further editing and composing for print, I'd be delighted to propose some variants, that's for sure. :)
12. June 2015, 18:22
Choppa Nutta
Are you allowed to sell stuff at the show ?
Greeting cards is another nice idea as they could sell well due to a lower price point as well as the full size prints, which would of course be signed and numbered :)
12. June 2015, 18:25
Steve Luckinbill
I'll see if I can barrow my son-in-law's camera for some better shots. These were taken on my Galaxy S3.
12. June 2015, 18:45
Choppa Nutta
cool, if you can recreate that pink glow on the back drop even better :)
12. June 2015, 18:47
Anthony Flanagan
Really nice!
12. June 2015, 21:21
Pavel Pinzhin
Aside for a shots with photografic backdrop a couple of pictures could be shot in front of an infamous "green screen", allowing some digital magick to happen afterwards :)
13. June 2015, 04:52
Steve Luckinbill
I believe I can get some green posterboard.
14. June 2015, 02:37
Choppa Nutta
be careful with the lighting, too much light on the green will bounce onto your model giving it a green tinge.
Angle the green upwards to help bounce the green light away and keep the strong lights only on the model.

This is why I like the backdrop so much you get a very natural light radiosity from it, subtle I know, but then great art is made from great subtly :D
14. June 2015, 02:42
Steve Luckinbill
Thanks, I still need to get my son-in-laws camera.
14. June 2015, 02:53
Rui S
I've made a lonnnng retrospective search in my ENGAGED threads and gladly revisited so many Great Pieces of Modeling Art but I've found the one I remember and I've to call at the moment.
Not my favorite environment but nevertheless sooooo IMPRESSIVE that I enjoy bring it again to the front page.
10. January 2016, 04:33
Choppa Nutta
This is a fantastic work with a great presentation :)
Well worth the seeing again !!
10. January 2016, 05:59
Rui S
Is the U-Boat going to get the Indianapolis? ;)
10. January 2016, 12:29
Anthony Flanagan
Rui S - good call on bringing this one to the front of the que. Really well done.
10. January 2016, 21:38
Clifford Keesler
11. January 2016, 23:31
Roland Sachsenhofer
oh man....... I kept my eyes a long time studying and enjoying this marvelous model and dio...... and will return for another look many a time!
12. May 2016, 20:18
Steve Luckinbill
LOL, thanks Roland!
14. May 2016, 01:45
Torben Ke
What a great sea representation and overall look. That is a masterpiece!
14. May 2016, 08:48
Holger Kranich
Hi Steve, you have nicely captured the rough sea! Do i see a sailor throw up at the stern? ;D
14. May 2016, 09:36
Very nice work
14. May 2016, 13:00

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