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Albi Hitz (Fluegelmann)

A-6 Intruder VA-35"Panthers" USS Enterprise

Its big, its nice detailed ... I really go to town with this one ....


28. March 2014, 17:59
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Albi Hitz
The big one is started ....
28. March 2014, 18:15
Wim van der Luijt
Looking really good (as usual)
28. March 2014, 18:19
Albi Hitz
Thank you Wim ... there are some kits witch are the pure opposite ...
but i don't take pictures of them 😉
28. March 2014, 18:29
Jermaine Hoskin
What a great start too I must say. Everything looks perfect!
28. March 2014, 19:21
Przemek Przybulewski
Looking very nice so far. Love the engines.
29. March 2014, 00:35
Jose Miguel Rodriguez
Looking good........ I wish this kit, but the price.......
29. March 2014, 01:32
Alan Rush
Hi Albi. Thanks for the photos. I am surprised that the kit had seams that needed so much filling. Your work on the engines and cockpit look great and looking forward to more photos.
29. March 2014, 02:23
Christian Lehmann
Hi Albi,
very nice result on the engines. The time for extra detaling and rework was a good invest. I will follow this.
29. March 2014, 06:37
Lionel Marco

The shading is outstanding.
29. March 2014, 07:07
Christian Ristits
Wow...thats really a big one! Like your work very much, I am definitely in!
29. March 2014, 09:42
Barry Lloyd
You've got a fantastic metallic finish on those engine parts!
29. March 2014, 09:57
George Bacon
Another great interior! 👍
29. March 2014, 12:22
Albi Hitz
Thank you mates for all the motivating comments and word of praise.
Its a big project but its an pleasure to build so far.

@Jose: Yes, its an expensive one but its a big kit as well, you'll get a lot of plastic for the money ...
@Michael: Hobby boss got the same one in 1/48 (except the engines) i guess its a downsized version of this one ... the layout of the sprue ... even the misspelling on the data stencil(kalkray instead of walkway) is the same!
@Barry:I used the Modellmaster Metalizer (the buffable ones!) and Mr.Metalble awesome stuff ...
@George: thanks thanks ...the exterior takes a little while .... 😉
29. March 2014, 15:35
Albi Hitz
@Alan:Yes, there are some issues, but not a problem. The next are the Intakes (as usual) ...
But the rest of the kit fits very well ...
29. March 2014, 15:41
Clifford Keesler
29. March 2014, 20:16
Steve Wilson
Hi Albi, great build my friend!!!
Having read what you told Barry about the Metalizers you use, I went on line and purchased a load, they were selling them at 50% discount so went a bit mad and bought a lot... More than I needed, if truth be told!!! but hey! ho! they'll all be used😢
Tell me though Albi, have you got the name Mr METALBLE right???
I can't find it anywhere!!!
Can you take a picture of it and post it here please??? as much of the label as possible please!!!
Thanks in advance Albi👍🙂
31. March 2014, 10:58
Albi Hitz
Thanks for the compliment!

Ahhh ... stupid auto spellcheck !! No wonder you couldn't find it 😉
Its from Gunze and its called "Gunze Mr Hobby - Mr Metal Color"

Important! Its an enamel paint! (Use enamel thiner to clean the airbrush!)
Its very well thinned stuff (use a pipette to drop it in the airbrush, low air pressure (1-1.5 psi, check out first).
When you put it on its flat, it dries very fast. Then you buff it with a cloth ... and ... bingo!!!

Use a sealer! I made the best results with Modelmaster "Sealer for Metalizer" because it doesn't change the metal finish ...

31. March 2014, 12:09
Matthias Weiss
Always impressive what you airplane modellers create.
I'm looking forward to see more from you!
31. March 2014, 12:21
Holger Kranich
Great job Albi! I love the pit and the engines! How do you like the kit despite the ejectorpinmarks in the ducts?
31. March 2014, 12:22
Albi Hitz
Thank you Matthias and Holger.
@Holger: I like this kit. Its not cheap (I payed 180.00 CHF/150.00 Euro) but you get a big box of plastic! I dry fit the next steps and I'm still convinced:
It's a cool kit big (in the stowed configurtion it fits in a normal cabinet ...) the fit is good, almost very good (considering the size) and the lack of aftermarket stuff keep it simple at all ... So you could keep an eye on the little week spots of the kit ...
31. March 2014, 13:12
Holger Kranich
Hi Albi,

i just had a look on my dealers website...139,00 Euro.... And looking at your build, i´m hot to build this Trude! Will you use the wingfold option?
31. March 2014, 13:46
Steve Wilson
Thanks Albi...
Great reply very helpful, much appreciated👍🙂
31. March 2014, 14:04
Albi Hitz
I think thats a good price. If you got the space ... go for it!
Talking about space: Yes, I will build it with folded wings, open radar cone, one open engine ... the maintenance typ ... (first plan was a heavy armed one with a lot of Mk82, flaps down .... but with the engines, radar and stuff I changed my mind....)
@Steve: Your welcome ... 🙂
31. March 2014, 15:32
Albi Hitz
How to make seamless intakes

.... patience ... a couple of sanding sponges ... and patience ....
and Vallejo polyurethane primer (its self leveling .... 🙂 )
1. April 2014, 16:24
Jan Hazes
Impressive job so far!
1. April 2014, 18:56
Roland Sachsenhofer
Albi, again and as ever: very impressive!
1. April 2014, 19:59
Jan Hazes
That's a great tip Michael 🙂
2. April 2014, 14:38
Albi Hitz
Thank you mates for the kind comments.
@Michael:That sounds good, thank you for the hint. I will try it.
2. April 2014, 21:48
Bill Spargo
Fantastic instrument panel , can' t wait to see it finished Albi. 32nd scale..what you get into the cockpit to work on this one Albi, it must be a monster! How is the fit of the parts?
3. April 2014, 02:58
Albi Hitz
@Bill: Thank you!
Its a big lump! Thats what I'm looking for! Its a pleasure to build!
In the stowed configuration it will be "quiet compact" and will fit well in the cabinet ...
The kit itself its detailed well and the fit is quiet good.
Some parts (engine, intakes) could be a bit better but in the end the important parts (wing root, fuselage) fits very good!
3. April 2014, 16:03
Albi Hitz
Finally finished!!!!
15. March 2015, 19:49
Steve Wilson
Excellent mate well done!!! Out of interest I found another Metal paint, which I find it particularly useful...
It's another great product by AK Interactive called " True Metal ". It's oil based, you can buff it or leave it alone. You can brush paint it or thin it and airbrush it, it's excellent stuff😢
15. March 2015, 20:02
Albi Hitz
Hi Michael thank you.
Yes, the thing with the decal softener ... I thought it's totally dry .... hmmm I was wrong!
But I try to get a replacement asap ...
15. March 2015, 20:04
Christian Lehmann
Really nice result, very well done.
15. March 2015, 20:21
Choppa Nutta
Really nice 👍 👍 🙂
15. March 2015, 20:29
Clifford Keesler
Totally Awesome,great job.
16. March 2015, 02:29
Wim van der Luijt
What a beauty!
16. March 2015, 06:46
Gerald Willing
Sehr gut 👍
16. March 2015, 12:48
Tim Heimer
Keep up the good work! Sweet looking!
16. March 2015, 13:01
Roland Sachsenhofer
Die Detailfülle ist unglaublich, besonders gefallen mir aber die dezenten Verwitterungsspuren- auch da bist Du echt ein großer Meister.
16. March 2015, 16:59
Christian Ristits
Echt feine Arbeit...sollte ich mal eine A-6 in Angriff nehmen, liegt die Messlatte verdammt hoch!
16. March 2015, 18:08
Magnificent !
16. March 2015, 18:25
George Bacon
Wow! you did it again! 👍😭Y)👍
16. March 2015, 18:39
16. March 2015, 18:46
16. March 2015, 19:34
John E
Congrats!! Beautiful!

17. March 2015, 06:33
Jan Hazes
A really fantastic looking model!
17. March 2015, 21:53


1:32 A-6A "Intruder" (Trumpeter 02249)1:32 F-14A ejection seats with safety belts (Quickboost QB 32 033)

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