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Murad ÖZER (m8rt)

Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020


23 | 2. June 2020, 13:16
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice 👍 I look forward to the „glam pics".
10. June 2020, 07:48
Sergej I
Congratz! Looking sharp, love the details on the tails and missiles.
10. June 2020, 07:48
Murad ÖZER
Calling em done.

Thanks a bunch for the group build folks, all wonderful builds so far from everyone!😎
20. June 2020, 09:21
Roland Gunslinger
Very nive pictures. I particularly like picture 15: three cats at once 👍
20. June 2020, 09:48
Sergej I
Me too! What a nice trio, Murad!
20. June 2020, 11:14
Murad ÖZER
Roland and Sergej cheers guys, much appreciated.
20. June 2020, 11:36
Excellent work on all three of those, wouldn't have guessed they are in this small scale 👍
20. June 2020, 12:54
I fully agree with Daniel!
20. June 2020, 14:45
Nathan Dempsey
I agree that's great work on all three.

...and now I need to go find that kit on ebay.
20. June 2020, 16:23
Murad ÖZER
Daniel, Neuling and Nathan thanks a bunch folks. 🙂
21. June 2020, 17:33
Ingo F
Looks great! 👍
4. September 2020, 07:20
Jasper Breur
Impressive Cats, especially in that scale!
4. September 2020, 09:48
Saeed Jamali
Perfect works ????but I have some trouble with these Tiny Kit, Wings in close position arent close completely , did you encounter this issue ?!
26. February, 07:54
Murad ÖZER
Ingo and Jasper cheers.

@Saeed: i do not recall any problems with the wings in close position however you could try sanding/filing down the back end of the wingbox where it meets with the bladders (dark grey sections before the vert tail), there might be a bit of flash around the point where it makes a wedge since the fuselage gets very thin at that section. hope it helps.
26. February, 08:39
Gareth Burge
Wow...stunning at that scale...really nice work there Murad!
26. February, 10:02
Saeed Jamali
Thank for ur reply dude , wish you best , Teşekkür ederim
26. February, 10:26
Björn Leichsenring
Very nice paintjob indeed.
26. February, 10:33
Rui S
Nice looking small birds 👍
26. February, 19:08
Cristian L
Superb builds! Especially the Black Lions, low visibility version looks sharp!
28. August, 18:11
James C
Impressive work... especially in that scale! 👍
28. August, 18:29
Christian Bruer
Bravo-Zulu 👍
30. August, 17:18
Beautiful trio!
1. September, 15:08


16 images
1:144 F-14A Tomcat (Revell 04021)1:144 F-14A Black Tomcat (Revell 04029)1:144 F-14D Super Tomcat (Revell 04049)
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-84 Jolly Rogers BuNo 160384/AJ-203
1980 Movie The Final Countdown - USS Nimitz

Group Build

Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 in
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020
US 1. May until 31. December 2020

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