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Florin Moldovan (FloriM)

Monogram Superfortress


8 | 24. April 2017, 08:26
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Tim Heimer
Looking good! I'll be watching . Nice detail mods! That plane is monster size! I have the kit in my stash.
24. April 2017, 13:06
Gerald Willing
I'm curious about what's happening ;)
24. April 2017, 13:29
Wim van der Luijt
Count me in too! If only I had the space.....
24. April 2017, 13:58
Florin Moldovan
Due to the size (65 cm length, 90 cm wingspan and 19 cm height) and the raised panel lines mean that the 1/48th Monogram B-29 kits tend to be "stash queens". This one is going to be built however, so let's see how it looks when it is complete, in its aluminum foil finish!
25. April 2017, 05:05
Thomas Mayer
Like your scratch work! Intercooler doors look very good!
25. April 2017, 07:27
25. April 2017, 09:42
Tim Heimer
Hey Florin, if you would, please list any mod kits you use. It would be appreciated. Also do you intend to use anything like prop blur for the propellers?
25. April 2017, 12:37
Kerry COX
I am really impressed with the plastic sheet work your doing, and generally. Just so interesting what you have tackled.👍
Good luck with it all and I salute you. :)
25. April 2017, 13:04
Tim Heimer
Thanks Kerry!
25. April 2017, 13:16
Florin Moldovan
@Thomas Mayer: Many thanks! They look good but are rather fragile, and will need careful handling.
@ Gerald Willing:😉
@Timothy Heimer: Aftermarket parts used: Eduard Zoom PE for the cockpit, 1 P&W R-2800 engine from Eduard's Royal Class Hellcat (and 3 homemade copies), 12 M2 .50 MG barrels from Master and some decals (marking to be decided). Maybe the cuffless propellers if accurate for the chosen version. Paints are from the Vallejo Air range and the aluminum foil is a regular, household one.

@Kerry Cox: Thank you for the kind words! To my knowledge there is no Wright R-3350-23 Cyclone in 1:48th. Closest to it was a Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp for a Hellcat that I had, copied it 3 more times and proceeded to make it look like a Cyclone. Maybe not 100% accurate but so much better than what was supplied in the kit!
26. April 2017, 09:34
Kerry COX
Florin, I am grateful for your information and I admire your resourcefulness in duplicating the engines in your own way.
Skills like that are a rare.👍
I will be looking forward to 'progress updates' as it looks a real challenge. :)
26. April 2017, 10:55
Tim Heimer
Thank you Florin! I will be watching, keep up the good work! We love it.
26. April 2017, 12:47
Gordon Sørensen
Great work, Florin! The wheelwell bays look fantastic. I have wanted to try folling a aircraft as well, but will definately start with something smaller!
26. April 2017, 13:25
Bryn Crandell
Very impressive so far. All of the scratchbuilt pieces are amazing!
5. June 2017, 16:23
Florin Moldovan
Thank you! Hopefully it will turn out great in the end.
6. June 2017, 19:31
Thomas Bischoff
I join the party - great work is done here!
10. June 2017, 11:08
Michael Valentan
Lenght wouldn´t matter...it would be a Must-Have!!!
12. September 2017, 15:24
Wim van der Luijt
awesome updates, this will turn out great, I'm sure of it
12. September 2017, 16:20
Kerry COX
Why am I not surprised.? OMG. ! My expectations didn't go this far. AMAZING in every way. I love your dedication Florin. For sure. :) :) :)
12. September 2017, 18:23
Florin Moldovan
Thank you so very much! There is a downside to this - progress is slow: doing the research takes a lot of time, then finding the right materials and then finally building it.
17. September 2017, 05:04
Wim van der Luijt
Great to see the progress is there....the pace is irrelevant.....The details look very good Florin!
2. November 2017, 08:14
Florin Moldovan
Thank you! Having fun and hoping there is something that others might find useful.
13. November 2017, 14:32
Daniel Phelps
Well this just caught my interest. Keep up the great work.
14. November 2017, 04:42
Adam Gudynowski
Will follow 👍
21. November 2017, 13:32
Florin Moldovan
Many thanks!
22. November 2017, 05:48
Bart Goesaert
nice project so far... seems to have slipped under the radar...
22. November 2017, 09:04
Florin Moldovan
Can't wait to add the aluminum skin, but there is so much to do!
22. November 2017, 11:08
Steve -
Florin, I too will add my praise for your work to date. will be watching for sure. 👍
27. November 2017, 20:48
Björn Svedberg
Really nice work! 👍 Following.
9. December 2017, 20:53
Clifford Keesler
Awesome work. Following.
10. December 2017, 03:17
Florin Moldovan
Thank you, Guys. So glad you like my work!
10. December 2017, 11:15
Kurt Reichert
Verry interesting project. Following.
7. February 2018, 19:20
Tim Heimer
I have been watching this since the beginning and I am blown away by the detailing mods you have been doing! WOW! Keep it up Florin it is so amazing the work you're doing!
25. April 2018, 16:50
Kerry COX
This is a 'creative' project I have enjoyed for quite a while. Your attention to detail and ability to use what is 'at hand' is inspiring.👍
Now for an other snack and beer. :)
Well done. 👍 :)
25. April 2018, 19:40
Florin Moldovan
Thank you, Gentlemen!
1. May 2018, 12:42
Alexander Grivonev
Wow, that's quite a project. Hang in there!
19. August 2018, 09:28
Bryn Crandell
The gunner's spot is amazing. Didn't realize how off it was. Not a lot of room to think back there for the gunner.
20. August 2018, 15:56
Clifford Keesler
It just keeps getting better and better.
20. August 2018, 18:19
Steve -
Every part you touch recreates a much more complete and accurate representation of the B-29.
30. September 2018, 00:13
Florin Moldovan
Thank you!
2. October 2018, 17:00
Daniel Phelps
keep up the GOOD Work
3. October 2018, 04:18
Kerry COX
How about this build. !
Just some stunning results are starting to appear. Most impressive.
5. October 2018, 20:43
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great! It is nice to see a B-29 project. Keep it up!
16. July 2019, 22:51
Clifford Keesler
Agree with Kerry and Nathan. Most impressive indeed.
17. July 2019, 00:08
Some serious scratchbuild here. keep it up
17. July 2019, 09:01
Florin Moldovan
The kit is a very good base for detailing, but there are times I wish it were 1/32nd scale. Once closed not much will be visible...
17. July 2019, 13:36
Brandon H
Very cool! Some great scratchbuilding so far!
12. February, 11:58
Rui S
I want to see this Giant.😉
12. February, 12:36
I love the detail, subscribed
12. February, 14:32
David Taylor
Got my seat.
12. February, 14:38
Florin Moldovan
Thank you, Gentlemen! Hopefully it will be done by the end of this year
20. February, 09:21
20. February, 15:00


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