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27 | 3. June 2018, 13:35
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Dirk Fries
Hi Guys, this my contribution to the Vietnam Groupbuild at www.modellboard.net.
I'm gonne try to reproduce a M48A3 Mod. B fording the Can Lo River 1968 as can be seen on the Photograph.
16. June 2018, 10:03
Bastian Bäuerle
That's how we like it!!! Waiting for more...
16. June 2018, 20:54
Dirk Fries
Thanks a lot guys, took my some time to figure out the right color. I finally ended up with a wild mix of Gunze H65, Tamiya X-1, X-8, X-11, X-19, X-25. Of course I lost view over the mix ratio, but I have a 23 ml Glas full of the color left. Next up is Markings. The Big Star on the front was done with Masking Tape and this little tool :


Worked out pretty well for me ...
26. June 2018, 19:34
Peter Hardy
Yep, love this one Dirk!
16. July 2018, 22:03
Dirk Fries
Thanks a lot guys ! Started working at the base. I hope I got it really dense with Acryl Gel and PVAC Glue. Would be a pitty if the solid water could seep under the surface, because this stuff isn't that cheap. I pretty much enjoyed modelling the guy on the turret with Green Stuff. So I decided to force 2 standing guys into a setting position on the back of the tank. Breaking knees and hips makes a lot of fun - You can call me Dr. Frankenstein *muahahah* ;)
17. July 2018, 13:17
Tim Heimer
Looking good Dirk!
17. July 2018, 16:05
Very nice job so far mate! 👍
17. July 2018, 16:11
Irving González
great green color
17. July 2018, 17:19
Marcel Klemmer
Very nice job so far Dirk.
17. July 2018, 19:39
looking really good
17. July 2018, 20:53
Bastian Bäuerle
It's getting forward. Nice! Waiting for more...
23. July 2018, 20:28
Peter Hardy
Doing a fantastic job with this one Dirk. Figure is perfect for the vehicle.
23. July 2018, 20:59
Dirk Fries
Hi guys, thanks a lot for your comments. It might last some days before this build continues, because I was a week in Scotland for holiday and all air conditioners of scotland united to give me the cold of my life - hell did they succeed ...
Anyway, this gives me some time to some planning for this project. One of the next steps will be to mix the resin "Water" and pour it onto the base. Most important the edge of the base has to be totally dense. I think I can achieve this with masking tape. Second - the water has to be colored a little and I tend to put too much color into the resin water. Usually you do mutiple layers of resin water. So if you do a mix of resin water and color that might look well for one layer it might be way too mich color if you pour 3 layers. So this time I'm planning to build an dummy basin of the same size as the original so that I can check out the correct mix of color and water. Surely this will take some extra time, but better safe than sorry... :)
29. July 2018, 12:38
Tim Heimer
Sorry to hear you got pulled down from Scotland, that sucks! Take your time we'll be here! LOL and yes layers works best for water. For what it's worth...after all is dry and in place I use white pastel chalk to simulate splash/bubbles as seen on my Pirate models. Hope it inspires you, if not oh well. 🙂
29. July 2018, 14:07
Peter Hardy
A week in Scotland? What was your crime? And why would you need an air conditioner there???
29. July 2018, 21:14
Dirk Fries
@Peter - No crime - I just love the island and especially the upper half of it. The question about the air conditioning is a very good one. On the one hand I have to admit that they have really some rather high temperatures there during the last weeks. We saw a lot of rivers on our tour that were pretty low. On the other hand - Can you imagine to go for 12 hours in a Bus with 14 Americans and have no AC on ? ;)
30. July 2018, 14:52
Dirk Fries
To minimize the risks wenn colouring the Deluxe Materials Solid Water with Vallejo Colors I made me a Testbassin of the same size. In the meantime I found out that 400ml water und 4 Drips of Vallejocolor is still too opaque for my needs. So the next step is to thin the Vallejocolor down itself, becaue working with units of e.g. 2,43 Drips surely won't work for me.
30. July 2018, 15:33
Peter Hardy
Endurance Dirk. Remember the trials of Shackleton! If the Americans were all modellers it would sound like an enjoyable day. If not, well, Americans do not normally mix well when in a group. That said, Aussies don't either at times. Happy to hear you love your land. Exploring your history is a birthright. Next time though, do it on a motorcycle, less arguments that way!
30. July 2018, 21:26
Dirk Fries
Did some Tests how to color Deluxe Materials Solid Water and everything I tried didn't fully satisfy me. Best way so far is Revell Enamel Color, although I'd like to stick to Acryl Colors. I know from the past, that Vallejo Colors undiluted work fine, but I have to dilute the color for my needs. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a bottle of Vallejo clear cote to dilute the color. I tried with Vallejo Thinner and at the first glance it looks fine, but if your stear a little with a toothpick it looks like the thinner and color swim above the Solid Water... stays exciting ...
31. July 2018, 14:36
Dirk Fries
Finally the M48 swims in a puddle of Deluxe Materials Solid Water, colored with enamel color. I'm pretty curious how it will look like tomorror 8-)
11. August 2018, 17:19
Me too🙂
11. August 2018, 21:06
Dirk Fries
About 4 hours after pouring the resin I made some water texture with an old toothbruth. Unfortunaly you can only guess some texture because the resin was obviously not hard enough then. Added some flowing water und waves with wrapping film and covered is with Deluxe Material "Making Waves". Once again time to sit and wait until this is dry.
12. August 2018, 12:31
Dirk Fries
The "Making Waves" Stuff just works out perfectly. Next up is some bigger waves and some whitewater around the tank.
12. August 2018, 15:34
John Thomas
Way too cool
12. August 2018, 15:35
Guy Rump
Really unusual and very impressive!
12. August 2018, 16:58
Dirk Fries
Thanks a lot, guys !
12. August 2018, 19:57
Bastian Bäuerle
Looks very good! I think that's a project to show our mates how to "built" water" in Modell Fan.
12. August 2018, 22:00
Dirk Fries
Maybe sometime in the future. I think I still have to get some more experience, but I surely learned a damn lot about making water in this project. Well... the project is slowly drawing to its close. The commander is missing his microphone and I have to fix some minor paint issues around the base. But at first I'm going for some days to Holland to get some rest on a (probably) clouded beach :)
16. August 2018, 18:03
70/30 cloud chance Dirk 😄
16. August 2018, 18:51
Dirk Fries
Oh well for the cloudy times I packed some books and whisky I can enjoy on the camping site ;)
16. August 2018, 19:12
good idea LOL
16. August 2018, 21:42
Peter Hardy
Now that is my kind of camping trip! Modelling how to books, a history book and a bottle of whiskey!
16. August 2018, 22:21
Glenn (.)
That's real nice work! Very effective dio.
17. August 2018, 02:47
Fantastic dio Dirk, congrats! Water looks absolutely convincing, so you´re happy with Solid Water?
17. August 2018, 04:29
Łukasz Gliński
What a dio! Awesome! Nice way to avoid completing the tracks😉
17. August 2018, 11:52
Bryn Crandell
Oh wow! That is really cool! Well done!
17. August 2018, 13:37
Dirk Fries

@Sascha - I do highly recommend "Solid Water" although "Making Waves" is much more important for the final result with all the waves and texture.

@Lukas and Bryn - Thanks a lot guys !
18. August 2018, 13:39
Alexander Grivonev
Fantastic job on the water, really impressive! 👍
19. August 2018, 09:32
Zsolt Czegle
Great work! 👍
19. August 2018, 14:13
Danumurthi Mahendra
'I like how you did the muddy water effect. very convincing waves. I have yet to try what you''ve done so brilliantly
19. August 2018, 15:51
Dirk, fully agree with you concerning Solid Water, easy to use and excellent result. Going to check that Making Waves stuff, didn´t heard about it yet. Thanks for sharing!
20. August 2018, 04:18
Dirk Fries
Hi Guys, thanks a lot for your comments ! I will try to do some pictures of the final projekt in the next 2 weeks.

@Sascha - A similar product is Vallejo Water Effects Transparent. scalemates.com/colors/color.php?id=5293
Although I have this in my stash too I haven't tried it yet.
22. August 2018, 20:29
Damianos Magnus
Amazing, well done!!. Which putty did you use to make the waistcoat?
20. April, 15:10
Dirk Fries
Hi thank you very much! 🙂
I used citadel green stuff for the vest and I absolutely like the consistency of this stuff.
20. April, 15:26
Damianos Magnus
oh, by the way , I have already bought it!!. Thank you so much for the info!
20. April, 15:57
Dirk Fries
You're welcome 🙂
20. April, 16:03
Rui S
Great work. 👍 Woul like to see some comments n the progress photos 🤔
20. April, 21:40
Dietmar Bogatzki
Fantastic Dio Dirk 👍
21. April, 07:45
Something very special here. Great modeling, Dirk!
21. April, 11:13
Dominik Weitzer
i agree with Rui. Some comments on the progress pictures will be fantastic.
That water looks very realistic! a thing, i can't handle...
22. April, 14:14


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