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1:72 Ready for restoration: Scrapyard PT-76B

This project arose out of an emergency solution.
first it went the "normal way" until it broke and I had to think about something.

The quality of the revell pt is quite good.
the assembly went without any major problems.
However, the track is made in one piece and should be placed around the drive.
In fact the plastic is a bit stiff and the drive is very fragile, that could be the only problem.

The both maim figures are 3d printed and also of good quality.

The whole dio is scratch build.
The pallet jack is from balaton and the hand cart from hauler, dog and birds from pegasus.


Simon Nagorsnik
The first pics of my new project
You can guess it maybe, it becomes a scrapyard dio😉
26 October 2021, 19:15
I'd say that rust is very convincing! 👍 👀
26 October 2021, 19:19
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you white glint!
It's the first time i have tried to use window cleaner to make the colors washable
A technique that i will use more often...
26 October 2021, 19:38
Very nice rusty piece of war junk!
26 October 2021, 20:11
Bruce Huxtable
Hi Simon, could you please expand a little on the paint distressing / pattination? The results are superb 👍🙂
26 October 2021, 20:37
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you guys for your comments!
1. I create a rust base, a uniform layer of chocolate brown+ tire black (mr hobby) then added a irregular pattern of light rust and wood using vallejo model air colors sprayed by the airbrush
2. Next a light grey- blueish color sprayed in irregular great patches over the whole vehicle
I'v added a few drops of window(glass) cleaner to the paint, also works as thinner.
The cleaner make the color washable, so you don't need a chipping medium or special washable paints.
I removed ca. 2/3 of the gray paint
3. Then addeda layer of light rust and wood in the same way like before, using again the window cleaner as washable medium and removed the color ca. To 2/4
4. The same process with the base( green) color
I've use very light tones to represent very beached color
I's necessary to use a varnish between the different layers
For paint removing i've used stiff old brushes and a toothpick
Next follow the pinwash process (darkbrown enamel) and create the rust streaks using oil paints and enamel products
I hope my explantation is a bit understandable😅
26 October 2021, 20:53
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Simon. It sounds like a technique that could be used for brush-applied paints too? The effects you have created are superb 🙂
27 October 2021, 07:56
Tom B.
Great execution of the rust there 👍 Using window-cleaner as a substitute washable-agent for colours is something that I haven´t heard of... looks like it works 🙂
27 October 2021, 13:21
Simon Nagorsnik
@bruce: i have only used the airbrush because I did not spray the colors opaquely.
but i think it could be possible to create a natural looking effect by using the stippling technique.
it is also important never to completely cover the last layer, all layers must be partially visible.
if the colors you want to chip are too thick, they will only smear, so it`s necessary to work with thin paint coats.
I think with the brush it is also possible, but could be more difficult.
I would say just give it a try 😁😁

@tom: a technique that works well for me, I also tried some chipping mediums, but never managed the effect I wanted.
it still needs to be refined a bit but I'm on the right track 😄
27 October 2021, 15:52
Simon Nagorsnik
ps.:thanks tom and max that you like it!
27 October 2021, 15:55
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks once again, Simon 👍🙂
27 October 2021, 16:30
Alex Rodionov
Fantastic realisation of weared machine.
27 October 2021, 16:58
Robert Podkoński
Watching with interest, of course (I got one in my stash... but I'm not intending to cut it in halves 😉 )
27 October 2021, 17:26
Simon Nagorsnik
this dio was not really planned!
I had the model almost ready when it broke me.
during the paint removing process a lot parts and the most of the wheels and tracks broke.
it's true too much to fix decently, that's why I had to think of an alternative!😅😂
27 October 2021, 17:46
Simon Nagorsnik
1st impressions of how it will be....
29 October 2021, 04:20
Robert Podkoński
I am speechless! What a fantastic and unusual idea! Chapeau bas, Simon!
29 October 2021, 06:01
Wow, very nice idea to cut it up! 👍
29 October 2021, 07:12
Bruce Huxtable
Scrapyard dio? Scrapyard duo 🙂 Totally convincing setting, well suited to the wrecks 🙂 Nothing like the box art 😉
29 October 2021, 07:47
Michael Kohl
Now that is what I like. Turning disaster into a win. Super result. Great rust display.
29 October 2021, 07:52
Very good work in every aspect! A pity you had to scrap it .......... 👍
29 October 2021, 08:27
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you a lot for your comments mates!!
But there is still much work to do
Many detais still have to be added, more pics will follow....🙂
29 October 2021, 11:15
Ben M
The rust effect is superb. Thank you for explaining your technique. I find a lot of modeling is problem solving… oh this terrible thing happened , ok how can we still have a nice result. Your approach here is very creative!
29 October 2021, 11:53
Simon Nagorsnik
thanks for your kind words ben!
sometimes s..t happens 😉 but you have to try to make the best of it!
29 October 2021, 15:04
Villiers de Vos
Very creative!
29 October 2021, 16:39
I absolutely love this! Not to mention that's a pretty good bang for your buck with a clever twist!
30 October 2021, 05:06
Zsolt Czegle
31 October 2021, 21:47
Simon Nagorsnik
many thanks villiers, david and zsolt!
good to see that you like my work,i try to give a lot for results!
but there is still a lot of stuff to paint... 😁
31 October 2021, 22:02
My eyes spy a good boy! 👍
Looking forward to see all these littel details and props painted. 😉

And thank for your detailed explanation of how you achieved that great rust look.
Some day I want to try something like that, too.
1 November 2021, 11:24
Top notch! Looks fantastic. You can also make some sort of fantasy/post-apocalyptic scenario with some creepy figures. That's what I see so far.
1 November 2021, 16:55
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks for your like marius!
A post apocalypic scene is a really nice idea, but i don't know any figures in '72 wich could fit to this thema🤔
So i'll take the "normal" way, but i will remeber your idea!, maybe anytime.....😁
1 November 2021, 19:18
Simon Nagorsnik
At last...IT`S DONE!! 🤩
I hope I haven't forgotten anything
Ready for the next project...
9 November 2021, 20:48
Konrad Limmer
Congratulations to this spectacular dio! Awesome in every aspect👍!
9 November 2021, 20:50
Zsolt Czegle
Just simply AWESOME! 👍
9 November 2021, 20:58
truly amazing!!!!
9 November 2021, 20:58
Very nice work. 👍
9 November 2021, 21:02
Robert Blokker
Oh yeah I like this a lot. Great use of the vehicle maximising it's use to the fullest. Great painting too
9 November 2021, 21:41
Bruce Huxtable
The figures would be good at 1:35… I'd forgotten this is all 1:72 scale! Totally in awe at you skill and imagination 🙂👍
9 November 2021, 22:32
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you so much for your nice words mates!!
I think this project tuned out to be pretty good, for the fact that it has actually become an emergency solution...😁
10 November 2021, 05:07
Palo M
Cool idea abd excellently finished. Thank you for sharing!
10 November 2021, 06:56
Simon Nagorsnik
Thx for your compliments palo!
Nice that you like it😊
10 November 2021, 08:51
Damn fine work, mate! 👍 A lot of details on a small display and great painting skills.
10 November 2021, 09:00
Robert Podkoński
I can only agree with all that has been said here above. Great work, Simon!
10 November 2021, 09:18
Michael Kohl
Figure painting is top notch. The added details are the icing on the cake. Changing a model for the trash bin into a show stopper - what a twist. Well done!
10 November 2021, 10:34
Simon Nagorsnik
WhiteGlint, robert and michael thank you very much for your feedback and likes mates 🥳
i'm still following your projects too!, nice to know you guys 😁
10 November 2021, 15:35
Robert Podkoński
My pleasure, Simon, please be welcomed! 😉
10 November 2021, 16:29
Jan Peters
I agree with all above!
Excellent job Simon
10 November 2021, 17:27
Stefan Fraundorfer
Ein super Dio mit außergewöhnlicher Szenerie hast du da geschaffen Simon. Da passt wirklich alles zusammen. Ich gratuliere!
10 November 2021, 18:19
Simon Nagorsnik
thank you jan that you like it!
und danke auch dir stefan!
freue mich schon darauf auch wieder einmal eines deiner werke zu sehen!
11 November 2021, 16:41
Really like this one! Fun to see who you've used the two figures (great paint job!) that I'm using in a different setting.
8 January, 08:29
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you so much finn
For sure, these two girls are very useful, they fit so many settings🙂
8 January, 12:46
Alec K
Glad this popped up again. Excellent modeling, I like it a lot 👍
8 January, 15:09
Simon Nagorsnik
I'm glad you still like it alec, i would say it is also one of my favorites of my work😁
8 January, 18:07


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