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80 26 September 2023, 17:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
First pictures of this interesting and without doubt extraordinary project - and no, it's not Han Solo's "Millenium Falcon"! 🙂
Mikro Mir puts some nice, but rather rudimentary details in the box. Surprisingly, each ejector seat was made from no less than 25 individual components. The accuracy of fit has turned out to be rather poor. The layout of the parts and their construction are as unusual as the plane itself.... well, entertainment seems assured in any case!
26 September 2023, 17:44
David Taylor
Very interesting machine,following.
26 September 2023, 20:03
Robert Podkoński
Oh yes! Watching with pleasure and utmost interest!
26 September 2023, 20:23
Marcel Klemmer
Then I'll sit down and see how you can overcome all the small and large difficulties…😉
26 September 2023, 20:27
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking interior, Roland. The fit of the main parts looks to be… 'challenging'. Looking forward to watching your progress.
26 September 2023, 23:56
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you all for the interest and attention, it pleases me and is of course very welcome!
Lot after lot is now being filled and sanded - I'm already curious myself how the imposing shapes of the VVA-14 will build up!
27 September 2023, 08:13
Łukasz Gliński
Following whilst still fearing to start mine 😄
27 September 2023, 08:51
Ethan Flory
Will be watching, fascinated by this aircraft!
27 September 2023, 14:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Łukasz and Ethan!
I don't know if the two new pictures will calm or fuel the fears, Łukasz 🙂
The fit of the front canopy glazing is really entirely in trouble. Here I had to cut and then carefully spackle the rough glue joint. Since the windows fit tightly from both sides, extra care has to be taken here: Here you can see the sanding area taped off from both sides in the middle of the work, the actual masking will be applied later.
27 September 2023, 17:16
Villiers de Vos
One of those fascinating subjects. I am booking my seat.
27 September 2023, 18:52
Łukasz Gliński
Hmm, that doesn't look grand I'm afraid. And I don't mean your efforts, to be clear 🤔
27 September 2023, 19:21
Thomas Espe
Ooooh, 👀
27 September 2023, 19:57
Ben M
27 September 2023, 23:15
Looking in..
28 September 2023, 08:52
28 September 2023, 13:37
Cool, will follow
28 September 2023, 14:49
What an ugly beast! Yes I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And your model will be nice at the end, I'm sure.
28 September 2023, 14:59
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks mates for interest and encouragement! I will do my best to make the beast turn into a handsome prince by the end, well.... he'll have to stay a bit hunchbacked in the end. 🙂
28 September 2023, 15:32
Roland Sachsenhofer
I will work my way forward here piece by piece. The first part is the fuselage/cockpit section: Here you can see the two parts together, filled and sanded, Cyanoacrylate was the main filling material used. Next are the two mighty fuselage outriggers - but before that I have to replenish my sandpaper supplies. 🙂
30 September 2023, 13:38
Mirko Römer
Taking a seat. Nice progress so far, Roland!
30 September 2023, 14:59
Ben M
More sandpaper. Sign of a good build. I know it's a good one when I have to get another tube of putty.
30 September 2023, 23:48
Nathan Dempsey
Definitely an interesting subject Roland. Also I have a place in my heart for difficult kits. 🙂
1 October 2023, 01:55
Villiers de Vos
The wing joint came out good.
1 October 2023, 17:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
I appreciate your interest - thank you!
Sandpaper is filled up: the two outriggers with the floats are brought to the condition where they can be mounted to the hull. Thanks Villiers, in the meantime it is fun to get these merging shapes out.
1 October 2023, 19:49
Roland Sachsenhofer
The beast slowly gathers its parts together - and even gains a certain elegance in the process! The assembly of the individual components requires a great deal of fitting, grinding, filling and spackling - but nothing that goes beyond what is expected or even manageable. I am more and more taken with Mikro Mir's VVA-14. My only concern at the moment is how to attach the measuring probe to the outermost fuselage nose in a stable way. No provisions have been made for this and gluing it butt to butt doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
5 October 2023, 05:16
David Taylor
Love the shape of the beast.Possibilities of a lot of "what ifs".
5 October 2023, 12:44
Ben M
Can you pin it?
5 October 2023, 14:13
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Dave, Ben! If there's no other way, I'll tack it on at the end of the build, exactly. I don't want to drill into the transparent part and I don't want to get inside the cabin with the drill if I can avoid it. I'm afraid the drilled material could become electrostatically attached to the windows from the inside.
6 October 2023, 07:41
Roland Sachsenhofer
Now here it is all put together and your delicate preshading applied, with the white I just airbrushed for the "Grunau Baby" I enhanced the effect with brightenings in appropriate places.
22 October 2023, 10:26
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few new pics- and that´s not the actual state of the VVA-14: the decals have already been applied by now.
31 October 2023, 11:52
Roland Sachsenhofer
Now it's done: a project that certainly had its challenges, but: Modelsvit has designed a very well thought-out and practicable parts structure for this complex aircraft. However, cleaning and preparing the parts takes a lot of time. Anyway, a real experience, I'm already looking forward to the next Modelsvit project (maybe I'll treat myself to a less elaborate Eduard kit or something similar 🙂
The base patched together yesterday should give a little background and atmosphere - and also allow a size comparison - the VVA-14 is a very massive part!
Thanks, mates, for your interest and your motivating comments!
3 November 2023, 09:38
A weird aircraft. Thanks for building and showing! Your presentation makes it look like the real thing!
3 November 2023, 09:48
Łukasz Gliński
Brilliant, makes me wanna build mine even more 😄 What are is this hexagonal background you have used?
3 November 2023, 09:49
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much for your words! I'm very pleased to hear this from you, mates. I put together the "concrete" background from "Uschi van der Rostens soviet airfield" sheet. It looks quite decent in real life and also makes a good impression in the photos.
3 November 2023, 10:00
Łukasz Gliński
It does look good indeed, what size is yours? 72nd or 48th?
3 November 2023, 10:12
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank yo, it's in scale 1:72.
Do you know one in 1:48? Must be giantic!
3 November 2023, 10:51
Robert Podkoński
Awesome job. Congrats! (I am happy to have one in my stash... but now I am very reluctant to begin the work on it... ever... 😉 )
3 November 2023, 10:57
Villiers de Vos
Fantastic work.
3 November 2023, 11:23
3 November 2023, 11:26
Bernd Grün
Beutiful build and paint job, Roland! 👌👌👌 Amazing!
3 November 2023, 12:37
Nathan Dempsey
I'm going to use a word for this build that should compliment this excellently odd subject: "Fantabulous" build Roland! Love it.

3 November 2023, 18:44
Oleg Smilyk
Excellent work with the difficult model of this unusual ekranoplan Roland! Unfortunately, I didn't find him in this form, but I was sitting in his cabin when he was lying in a landfill like scrap metal at a plant in Taganrog where he did his internship in 1985. Congratulations, it looks great!
3 November 2023, 18:58
David Taylor
Needs a couple of Pegasus engines in the sponsons and the job is done.
3 November 2023, 19:29
Ben M
3 November 2023, 21:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
How happy and impressed I am by your comments! Thank you very much for your interest and your encouraging words - motivating me to bring another rare bird from Modelsvit/consorts to the workbench soon. The stories behind them are no less amazing than the appearance of these aeroplanes. Oleg, a particularly interesting comment!
4 November 2023, 09:37
When I compare the first pictures with the final result, I am deeply impressed by your skills 👍 This is a ugly and beautiful beast at the same time!
6 November 2023, 08:04
Michael Kohl
Who on earth designs a plane like this? 😉
Interesting nevertheless and clean build.
6 November 2023, 12:02
Łukasz Gliński
Robert Ludvigovich Bartini 😄
6 November 2023, 13:54
Michael Kohl
6 November 2023, 15:16
Impressive model!
6 November 2023, 15:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Wow, I really appreciate and feel happily motivated about your comments - thank you, mates!
6 November 2023, 19:24
Guy Rump
Impressive modelling as usual. 👍
6 November 2023, 19:39
Juergen Klinglhuber
This was under my radar, wow. Cool model - great build. As always!
7 November 2023, 06:48
Roland Sachsenhofer
Guy and Jürgen, thank you very much indeed!!
9 November 2023, 06:24

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