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Peerke Schijvens (Peerke)

Horsa Mark II landing and unloading


70 11 January, 10:45
Moritz Fentzahn
Promising idea and start. Count me in
11 January, 12:27
i agree with Moritz 🙂
11 January, 12:39
Dietmar Bogatzki
Also agree with Moritz 🙂
11 January, 16:10
Ben M
16 January, 22:07
David R. Meizoso
Didn't know that the whole cockpit could be set apart like that, nice! Don't let the glue spill setback stop you, Peerke!
16 January, 22:13
Ben M
Argh, I've done the glue spill before too. Don't give up!
16 January, 23:08
Peerke Schijvens
It won't Ben and David!! Thanks for watching mates.
17 January, 20:59
Guy Rump
Following with interest. 👍
20 January, 22:35
Peerke Schijvens
Finally I had time to continue working on my diorama again. After 2 accidents with 2 pots of glue, and some repair work, the jeep is in the ground paint and I started with the figures.
1 May, 22:02
Peerke Schijvens
Today I start working on de the 2nd 1/4 Ton Truck & Crew for this diorama. These kits are my first Bronco models, there are so many small details that it will take more time. I had a few accidents but solved it and move on 😉.
7 May, 10:58
Mathias Decommere
Following! Huge project!
4 June, 21:50
Rui S
Big one, I'm in 😎
5 June, 13:01
Jan Peters
Following this one too
5 June, 13:48
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks Mates for the support!
5 June, 15:36
Peerke Schijvens
At the first of July, I booked a workshop at the World Model Expo with Bernard Lustig. The workshop was to learn scratch build a diorama. I needed this to finish this project. The workshop was great (except for some product replacement advertising 😉). I have learned quite a few things on materials and tools. Of course I did some shopping on the fair and had a great day. See some pictures in this album of the workshop from Bernard Lustig. I'm now working on all the figures with the base colors and this weekend I'm starting on the camouflage clothing for these paratroopers.
8 July, 07:13
Great workshop indeed 😄 I was there too
8 July, 07:30
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great progress Peerke 👍
8 July, 07:32
Guy Rump
Looking good 👍
8 July, 10:12
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks Mates!! @Spanjaard, that is great to hear. So we met, but still we are strangers 😉 Did you like the fair also? And did you travel for this fair to the Netherlands?
8 July, 11:52
Hi Peerke, enjoyed a lot. pitty we did not know! I had the feeling that it could be possible somebody from SCM in the workshop....
actually, I traveled only from Amsterdam 😉. but i can telll you there were quite a few of my countrymen walking around!
8 July, 13:26
Peerke Schijvens
These men are (almost) ready, I will continue painting all the accessories.
28 July, 20:12
The look really nice
28 July, 20:27
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks Spanjaard 😊
28 July, 20:38
Marc Le Bayon
Very nice!
Don't forget, It's a plywood aircraft. Paint reacted differently than on metalic aircraft.
Paints were very matt.
22 October, 16:59
Peerke Schijvens
Finally time again to quietly continue working on my project. The Horsa kit has little to no lines or contours which you would actually expect. With new lines applied in the kit, I am trying to achieve the desired effect. Also with some airbrush techniques and a lot of masking. Hope to have new pictures up asap.
22 October, 17:00
Peerke Schijvens
Noted with thanks Marc!!
22 October, 17:03
Marc Le Bayon
And only one use aircraft...
Alway fresh, until landed 😉
22 October, 17:05
Villiers de Vos
An epic project.
22 October, 17:31
Pietro De Angelis
Awesome project and work.
22 October, 17:54
Jan Peters
Preshading looks great 👍🏻
22 October, 17:55
Peerke Schijvens
Had more than fun building this landing, the photo's I made with my iPhone.
16 November, 21:16
Peerke Schijvens
ps. The Insignia of this airborne division is the plywood in homage on the landing field. This week I'm will finish the last side parts of the diorama with a sign.
16 November, 21:22
Rui S
Beautiful big project 👍
16 November, 21:27
Mathias Decommere
O my god! Beautiful indeed!
16 November, 21:31
Very clean glider and very full scene. Well done !
16 November, 21:41
Peerke Schijvens
Thank you very much mates, I have asked my brother to make pictures with a good camera. So you van see the structure on the glider.
16 November, 22:01
great idea for the base, very original. fantastic dio. amazing execution. superb!!!
16 November, 22:37
Thorsten Ungerechts
Wow. I am...speechless. Woooooooooow
17 November, 00:14
Peerke Schijvens
Thank you so kind Mates ☺️
17 November, 08:23
Oleg Smilyk
Awesome work!!!
17 November, 09:02
A masterpiece.
17 November, 09:51
Guy Rump
Great build and dio, congrats. 👍
17 November, 19:00
Jan Peters
Wow, this turned out beautiful! Congratulations!
17 November, 19:30
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks mates for the support 🙂
17 November, 22:09
Dietmar Bogatzki
Fantastic dio, Peerke 👍 👍
18 November, 08:07
Peerke Schijvens
Thank you Dietmar ☺️
20 November, 16:34
Ricardo Barroso
Amazing, superb!!!
20 November, 17:09
Very nice looking presentation. Great dio!!!
20 November, 17:42
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks Mates 👍🏻 ☺️
24 November, 22:43
Dominik Weitzer
Wow. That is great!
25 November, 08:59
playtime 222
Excellent result.
25 November, 13:50
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow! This is awesome! That Pegasus intertwined with the landscape is marvelous! 👍
25 November, 13:54
Lex Jassies
Gold worthy result in my opinion 👍. Love it 🙂
25 November, 16:31
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks Mates, I really appreciate this ☺️
25 November, 18:47


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1:35 Airspeed A.S.58 Horsa Glider Mk.II (Bronco CB35203)1:35 Airborne Troops Riding In 1/4 ton Truck & Trailer (Bronco CB35169)1:35 Airspeed Horsa Glider - Landing Gear (Scale Aircraft Conversions 35002)5+

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