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Jim C
James C (Jim C)

M3 Grant - North Africa

Completed April 03 2021


43 | 19. March, 01:41
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Rui S
WOh, I'm In😎
19. March, 11:04
Nathan Dempsey
Following 👀
19. March, 11:15
James C
Welcome aboard guys
24. March, 22:02
Jim J
Looking great, James! It's always nice when the pre-shading goes on — starts to build character. Following...
25. March, 01:43
James C
Thanks Jim 🙂
25. March, 17:57
Stefan Fraundorfer
I'll look at that too. I like the Grant because it seems so anachronistic. Nice work so far James.
26. March, 23:30
James C
Thanks Stefan. I finished up the camouflage a little while ago and am getting ready to seal it under a coat of clear gloss.
27. March, 02:16
Ben M
Mmm, rivets
27. March, 02:52
James C
Painted, and clear coated as well as applied the decals (6 in total)

The decals were a disappointment in that the yellow circle HQ unit emblems were slightly out of register, yet the others were ok. I hadn't noticed until sliding them from the backing paper. Had I known, I'd have chosen a different paint scheme. 😠

Anyway, I'll give the serial numbers a couple more applications of Micro Sol to settle down over the rivets, then seal them in under another clear coat before beating it up a bit with the weathering process.
27. March, 21:34
Nice job, James! 👍

Interesting that the top of the tank is green instead of some kind of blue to help it blurr with the horizon/sky.
Seen that on an armored car form WWI.

Or maybe the green was to make it look like some patches of plants in the desert, to help it hide from recon aicraft?
30. March, 10:54
James C
Thanks mate. The colour call out indicated to use MiG's "Khaki Green 113" acrylic, but the box art and paint guide clearly used a darker, more green shade. The khaki looked too similar to the brown. I found the green to be more pleasing to the eye than the Khaki, so I just went with that instead.

As for the camouflage, I believe that the patterns were just to break up the vehicles silhouette in an attempt to throw off enemy gunnery over distances by obscuring it's outline. Similar to the caunter scheme, and what was also applied to ships during WW1. You'd never be able to hide a vehicle like this, and particularly in the largely open desert of the North African theater.
30. March, 22:41
Rui S
Looking Good 👍
30. March, 22:43
James C
Thanks Rui, it will look quite a bit different once I'm finished with it.
30. March, 22:47
Rui S
I'm sure it Will 🙂
31. March, 00:44
Lode Schildermans
It will receive the subtle weathering treatment...looking forward to the result, James
31. March, 21:26
Kim Branders
Following, nice 🙂
31. March, 21:28
James C
Thanks Lode and Kim 🙂

I've finished the foundation of my weathering process with the application of assorted washes (mostly Tamiya brown, dark brown & black) Then sealed under several light coats of Tamiya XF-86 flat clear. Will further accentuate it with assorted MiG oil brushes, Tamiya weathering pastels and pigments.
1. April, 20:41
James C
Finished the build.... here's a primer of the real thing...

Youtube Video

2. April, 23:59
3. April, 00:05
Nathan Dempsey
That's a beautiful result James. I really like this camo pattern!
3. April, 01:52
Lovely finish, great looking model! 👍
3. April, 01:59
3. April, 05:56
James C
Many thanks Nate D, Tom & WG I appreciate your feed-back 🙂
3. April, 07:40
Lode Schildermans
And the result, James, is two great builds, made with your signature. The camo is not the common seen ones and turn out greatly. Congrats on the result, mate
3. April, 07:44
Kim Branders
Stunning result James.
3. April, 07:59
Agustin Prellezo
Well done, I like it!
3. April, 08:04
Subtle weathering and chipping on this very attractive camouflage painting give this tank a well balanced over all appearance. And I like the small rust streaks below the bolts and rivets. Welcome back to armor, James!
3. April, 11:22
Rui S
Beautiful Weathering & finish, James. 👍
If I may say, IMHO to be perfect, just the rust streaks below the bolts and rivets on the front plate could me more randon? That was my first impression 🤔 Otherwise Great work, and yes, welcome back to land warfare😉
3. April, 12:48
James C
Thanks Lode, Kim, Agustin, Neuling and Rui... I appreciate your feedback guys.

@ Rui - Thanks mate... but it was just a temporary return😉
3. April, 18:56
Jim J
Outstanding. Perfect camo work and weathering. Congrats!
5. April, 01:37
James C
Thanks Jim 🙂
5. April, 20:44
Shane Hodgetts that colour scheme...could be in my next few builds in fact...😉👍
6. April, 23:20
Ingo F
Wonderful! 👍
7. April, 11:59
James C
Thanks Shane and Ingo 🙂

@ Shane - The Takom kit is such a vast improvement over the much older 70's era Tamiya kit. But, if you do decide to build it, be wary of the tracks as by following the instructions you end up a link short. Fortunately there are spares included, and I added an extra link just forward of the rear return idler wheels where the upper track run lay's flat.
7. April, 19:02
splendid! 👍
9. April, 13:03
James C
Thanks Alfonso 🙂
10. April, 18:55
Shane Hodgetts
Cheers James...I'll keep that in mind...😉
12. April, 21:49


1:35 M3 Grant (Takom 2086)
M3 Grant
GB Military British Army (1660-now)
3 Royal Tank Reg. T-24243
1942 - North Africa
Sand Yellow, Khaki Green, Brown

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