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USS Langley AV-3


73 25 July 2022, 15:25
Unsure if I used the same self adhesive wooden deck as you, but I create a custom curved deck on a ship of mine, and heh, the wooden deck peeled back off in places, presumably because of the curvature I had added. I should have used cyanoacrylate back then, but I can still fix it I think. 🙂 I haven't really used wooden deck products that much other that one time, so I don't know how well they stick over time generally speaking. Obviously, one ought to not use cyanoacrylate unless you are really sure the thing lies on perfectly.
19 August 2022, 12:20
Mick Markiewicz
I use PVA, since that's what it's for 😉 It's a long way before decks will be glued on. I do it after painting and weathereing so... I just wanted to check if I've done good job drawing it. IT FITS 😄
19 August 2022, 16:11
Steven Van Dyck
I use contact glue for that, because I suspected that that resembles most the glue that is already on the deck. But I noticed that the loosening is also triggered by sunlight.
11 September 2022, 12:04
Ahmet Eren İspir
It's always a joy to watch your build process. Nice effects on hull panels and details
26 March, 14:49
Mick Markiewicz
Thanks, I've started 'washing' process, that really makes them 3D prints to pop out 😁
26 March, 21:21
Nearly missed this... watching 👀
10 April, 01:38
Michael Kohl
Nice progress so far.
10 April, 05:17
Villiers de Vos
Very nice weathering on the hull.
12 June, 14:58
Mick Markiewicz
Thanks, I was restraining myself, it is a peacetime ship after all.... 😉
12 June, 21:13
Jörg Schäfer
Looks great.
12 July, 04:10
Ingmar Stöhr
Very nice build so far. I especially like the weathering on the lower hull.
12 July, 11:47
Ray Skoff
Mick, how did you do your wood deck? It looks so good, I thought it must be part of an aftermarket kit, but I've been unable to find it.
27 July, 00:39
Villiers de Vos
This is a very nice building report so far.
27 July, 05:41
Mick Markiewicz
Thanks. Mayadog that deck is my design, I had it laser cut in veneer. I think the first picture in the album shows the paper mock up when I was working out the shape of it.
27 July, 22:09
Ray Skoff
Mick, I'm amazed you did that! I am surprised that this deck is not provided as part of the wooden flight deck aftermarket kit.
28 July, 22:55
Mick Markiewicz
I guess no one bothered to look at the photographs. Neither Trumpeter nor the aftermarket deck makers. According to them there were no wooden decks bow and aft 😁
29 July, 05:49
Steven Van Dyck
In none of the ships I built, like Independence, Essex or Shokaku classes, these parts were included in the wooden decks. But you did a nice job in fixing that.
29 July, 08:51
Nice work with the photo etch.
Q: What is going on in photo #1?
30 July, 19:05
Wonderful work on a model of an interesting ship! Your tiny planes are beauties 👍
30 July, 19:13
Mick Markiewicz
Treehugger it's one of the first steps on drawing those wooden decks mentioned 3 posts above 😛
30 July, 22:13
Rui S
Looking great 👍
24 September, 12:49
David Taylor
Nice one.
27 September, 15:09
Bart Goesaert
fantastic result
27 September, 15:26
Villiers de Vos
Fantastic work.
27 September, 17:18
Ingmar Stöhr
27 September, 18:25
Alberto Michieletto
Wow excellent work!
28 September, 11:59
Rui S
Beautiful 👍
28 September, 21:40
original, super detailled, multithematic including building ship and aricraft, build and paint mastered. it is really impressive !
29 September, 04:50
Same as Pierre.
29 September, 09:49
Erik Leijdens
Oh wow a real aircraft carrier here, excellent work overall!
29 September, 10:55

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