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Thomas Kolb (Mimoid)

Saab SK 50C 'Safir' - Heller


Bernd Korte
Way to go!
13 February 2020, 19:37
Harry Eder
I´ll take a seat!
14 February 2020, 10:15
Łukasz Gliński
I have to watch this 👍
Regarding the orange - I have rather good experience with the Revell Aqua Colour from my Vampire project, maybe you could give it a try?
14 February 2020, 11:18
Thomas Kolb
Bernd and Harry, I will try not to disappoint! 🙂
Łukasz, thanks for the tip! Revell Aqua is unfortunately not available from my local hobby shop, but I was told that Vallejo fluorescent orange would be a good match. Anyway, I bought a bottle of the Vallejo and also a jar of Acrysion Fluorescent Orange, and will test later which one is better. TBH, I think both look far too vivid, so I will probably need to fade them with white and yellow for a more realistic look.
15 February 2020, 17:35
Mirko Römer
Very nice project. I'll take a seat as well 🙂
15 February 2020, 21:11
Juergen Klinglhuber
More seats available? I am in as well.
16 February 2020, 11:26
I wuld like to take a seat too.
17 May 2020, 17:46
Thomas Kolb
After some time working on other projects, the fuselage parts are now rescribed so I could start with the cockpit. Having a real, flying Safir at my flying club, I could actually go to town with superdetailing, but I think I will just keep it simple.
30 May 2020, 09:40
Better now 👍
31 May 2020, 19:28
Moreno Baruffini
Ciao! I take a seat now! Glad you are working again on this tiny model!
4 January, 17:58
Thomas Kolb
Yes, ha ha, it has been collecting dust on the "shelf of doom" for too long.
4 January, 18:24
Nice progress!
4 January, 18:46
Daniel Klink
Promising start count me in👍
5 January, 10:23
Robert Podkoński
Cockpit looks cool already. You made me think about finding the PE set for Safir, too... 😉
6 January, 13:45
Thomas Kolb
Moje Hobby doesn't have them in stock, but you can still buy them from Rebell Hobby here in Sweden. rebell.com/saab-91-s..or-and-exterior.html
6 January, 19:42
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, Thomas 🙂
7 January, 08:11
Alec K
This is looking great Thomas 👍 Assuming you gave up on the vac canopy?
8 January, 15:11
Werner Gerold
These are very nice pictures that motivate me to start my model, thank you.
8 January, 15:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
These are wonderful pictures! I know the kit - hats off, my full respect! I will continue to look at this with interest!
8 January, 15:43
Thomas Kolb
Alec, yes, I simply couldn't cut it out so it would fit seamlessly to the fuselage. After messing up two sets, I gave up. Werner & Roland, thank you mates!
8 January, 17:47
Cockpit looking so good, Thomas. Good job with the canopy! 👍
8 January, 19:25
Bernd Korte
Very nice project! I think I'll also switch to a blue backdrop for the in-progress-shots of my next model. Makes it easier to show light grey plastic parts than in front of a white backdrop.
8 January, 20:35
Thomas Kolb
Bernd, thank you! Yes, I have been using this blue backdrop for some time now, it makes it easier to get an even exposure with my iPhone camera. It is really the replaceable, self-healing blue plastic coating of my main work bench (kind of the same stuff as the usual cutting boards).
8 January, 20:42
Elias Korompilis
You do an axcellent job with this old kit! The safir is one of my favorite airplanes.
Please note: Never glue lead or lead containing metals with cyanoacrylate. It starts a chemical reaction that produces an oxide which expands for ever. After some time, months or even years, the expanded material will break the model. Me and many others (you can find more reference on the net) learned this the hard way 🙂
10 January, 12:07
Thomas Kolb
Thank you Elias! I have quite a few flying hours in the Safir as well! 🙂 About the weights, yes, I actually mention this in the picture description. But to be honest, I have been using CA to cement fishing weights into my models for many years (several decades actually), and so far never had any kind of adverse reaction ever. Maybe I just got lucky?
10 January, 12:32
Elias Korompilis
Maybe 🙂 it depends on how much confined is the space you put in the lead weights, but better safe than sorry.
10 January, 13:04
Daniel Klink
Just love it! 👍
10 January, 18:17
I agree with Elias... Take care with cyanoacrylate and lead. It can mess up your model in the future due to a chemical reaction. In any case better safe than sorry 😉

Good job with the canopy, Thomas!
10 January, 19:54
Alec K
Never heard of that! Makes me wanna do a test…
11 January, 14:59
Elias Korompilis
Take a look here:
I had built an airfix B-26 long ago with lead shots as balance weights. It took 10 years to "explode" like the He-219 in the photos.
11 January, 17:40
Marek Zadnik
Thanks for advice about polishing of transparent parts 👍
11 January, 17:45
Alec K
Elias, thanks for the link. On the one project I had to use nose weight, I used two part epoxy. Fingers crossed…
11 January, 19:38
i heard about the problem, but seeing those pictures of the He-219 is scary!
13 January, 13:35
Thomas Kolb
I checked with a friend who works with industrial chemical adhesives (aircraft). This effect is called "chlorosis" or "cyanoacrylate blooming" and occurs when too much CA is used in a confined and non-ventilated space. It occurs while the CA is curing (polymerizing) and is caused by airborn monomers reacting with the humidity in the air and resettling on the surface as a white porous substance. It does not affect the strength of the join but looks bad when a smooth join is needed and might cause other issues as the join is "swelling", which might cause short-circuits in electric circuits or cause deformation of the confinement.
13 January, 16:22
So the issue is not the interaction with lead, but the combination of excess and a tight space? Very interesting!
13 January, 18:07
Greg Baker
I'm no chemist, but I believe those are two different issues. The CA blooming certainly does occur, as anyone who has used CA on clear canopy parts will certainly attest. You can also do a fun science experiment using some CA trapped inside a clear upside down cup to find fingerprints!

I did a bit of reading about this in the past and I understood that the issue with the lead is that it reacts with the CA in a slow but continuous chemical reaction that produces material that builds up year on year until it expands beyond the tensile strength of the cemented plastic.

Either way… I use Future on all my canopies, because it protects from CA blooms, and I use white glue to attach any lead fishing weights. 😉
13 January, 18:26
Alec K
I am wondering the same Greg. What is driving that slow reaction over the many years? Or is the cracking of plastic due to chlorosis happen only under certain conditions (like packing the space full of lead and CA, or just closing it up too quickly under humid conditions) 🤔
13 January, 18:34
Thomas Kolb
Finally, primed! It's always a nice feeling to see the model unified in gray.
15 January, 19:49
Looks great, Thomas!
It looks like a 3D render like the current molds. No one would say it's an old Heller mold 👍
15 January, 20:00
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete thank you. Yes, it looks really smooth, and now I am a bit scared to do the camo paintjob.
15 January, 20:23
Moreno Baruffini
I totally agree with Cuajete and Thomas! If one is a good modeller, every kit could be a masterpiece! Great great job!!!
16 January, 12:03
Thomas Kolb
Been busy with finding the right colors for the camouflage. Since almost every Safir model I have seen depicts a brand new aircraft, I decided to build one that is really weathered, faded and worn. The green should be almost brown and the blue kind of pale turquoise. It was more challenging than I thought, but I think I got it, so I am almost ready to start the painting. But you know, work and family.

17 January, 21:07
Alec K
Nice progress. I struggle with the colors too…
18 January, 00:55
Bernd Korte
I guess I know what you must have been going through, trying to find the "correct" camo pattern. I experienced exactly the same with my Canberra PR.9: All profiles and photos seem to differ in small details. And even photos of the same aircraft from different points in time show slightly different patterns...
19 January, 18:00
Łukasz Gliński
Have you considered a silver/alu base for the dayglo? Me thinks it should cover nicely the camo.
19 January, 18:38
Camo looks so good 👍
19 January, 18:39
Thomas Kolb
Bernd, exactly so! Heller's instructions are rubbish, the camo pattern absolutely doesn't add up from left to right. In the end I went for a mix from photos of several different aircraft. It may not be precisely right, but looks reasonable.
19 January, 22:02
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, I think I managed to find the right dayglo color by mixing Tamiya Flat Red with Mr Hobby 98 Fluorescent Orange. Sprayed on a flat white base, it covers the camo perfectly. But masking those dayglo fields so they are perfectly symmetrical is really, really difficult, I wish they had been provided as decals.
20 January, 05:55
Erik De Smet
Thomas, you could spray the dayglo paint on white decals sheet and cut out the parts you need
20 January, 07:46
Sergej I
What a nice camo Thomas! True to one and only right scale 👍
20 January, 07:52
Bernd Grün
Perfect build! It's always a pleasure to see the progress in your builds. Cheers Thomas.
20 January, 08:36
Harry Eder
Great paintjob! 👍
20 January, 11:25
Moreno Baruffini
Perfect job on the dayglo!!!! You are really a "pro" Thomas!
20 January, 12:38
Thomas Kolb
Thank you mates! I am humbled by your compliments.
20 January, 12:39
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic progress, Thomas.
20 January, 14:06
Thomas Kolb
Robert thanks, it's a pig of a kit really. I was really hoping that Tarangus would make a 1:72 scale version of their Safir kit, but it doesn't seem to be happening.
20 January, 14:23
amazing job everywhere. looking at that cockpit (fantastic job to get it to fit!), i wonder why not cut it in two with a thin saw, and then cut again in two pieces, to remove the material in the center-line instead of the sides. the cut that area will be painted and it will require a lot less work since you do not need to polish it back to perfect transparency. you could even have one of the windows open after that. just an idea (too late, i know)
20 January, 14:33
of course, if the cockpit was scratched, then maybe there was no other choice than what you did.
20 January, 14:34
Alec K
I agree, the dayglo panels are flawless 👍
20 January, 14:42
Thomas Kolb
Spanjaard, that could indeed have worked. I originally planned to have the windows open, but the plastic is as thick like a medieval castle wall. The canopy is indeed the weakest point of this kit. A stupid solution to mold it as a one piece part.
20 January, 15:00
Łukasz Gliński
The dayglo looks old indeed 👍
20 January, 15:35
Great paint job 👍
Thanks for the trick with press down the masks with the tooth stick!
20 January, 15:47
Good job with the dayglo panels, Thomas!
In your tests, did you evaluate if the effect would fade when you apply the pre and post varnish to the decals?
20 January, 18:37
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete, I am not sure I understand. The dayglo panels are just sprayed on, they are not decals.
20 January, 19:13
Thomas, will you cover the entire model with protective varnish or will you cover the entire surface except those dayglo panels?
20 January, 19:24
Thomas Kolb
Usually I coat the model with glossy varnish before adding the decals and doing some weathering. Afterwards I add a flat or semi-gloss varnish to seal everything. I plan to do the same on this model, dayglo and all.
20 January, 20:39
how many kits have we seen with that kind of error, Thomas? 😉 they certainly look thick! 🙂
20 January, 20:44
22 January, 06:46
Thomas Kolb
Decals applied, some mild weathering applied and flat coat sprayed on... well, I think this project is finished and all that remains is to post some pictures. For some reason I goofed up a lot on this build. Not sure why... it annoys me, because I know I can do better. But, since I have another of these little kits in the stash, maybe I will build it again in a not too distant future.
23 January, 11:06
Robert Podkoński
Wow, so it is a kind of a sentimental journey, Thomas! That's really fantastic you were actually piloting a Saphir!
23 January, 11:13
Thomas Kolb
Robert indeed, I was young and life was limitless. These days, not so much.
23 January, 11:31
Looks really good.
23 January, 13:07
Robin (WhiteGlint)
A very nice teaser, Thomas. 👍
Looking forward to more daylight pictures. 🙂
23 January, 13:12
Robert Podkoński
On final photos your Saphir looks absolutely awesome, Thomas! Congrats.
23 January, 14:31
Rui S
So many important information, and a beautifully made model in the end. Great as always 👍
23 January, 16:22
Łukasz Gliński
Such a lovely finish 👍
23 January, 16:47
Guy Rump
Great finish 👍
23 January, 16:49
Moreno Baruffini
I totally agree with the above, especially concerning the information and the beautiful finish!
23 January, 17:03
Thomas Kolb
Thank you very much, gentlemen! But honestly, I think I can do better, I made too many mistakes with this kit.
23 January, 17:13
Łukasz Gliński
Yeah, like we all do 😛
23 January, 17:17
Rui S
I'm quit sure you can do better. But mistakes happen and make we all learn with them 😉
Nevertheless great work & most informative album 👍
23 January, 17:21
Bernd Korte
The beauty is that, once you've passed a certain level, which you have without question, most of the mistakes are only noticed by yourself.
23 January, 17:23
Alec K
Very well done Thomas 👍
23 January, 18:12
A great victory over the old kit 👍 Best Safir I have seen!
23 January, 18:14
Thomas Kolb
Thank you! I am happy to have salvaged this kit from the shelf of shame where it lingered for over a year!
23 January, 18:43
István Szücs
Yes, you made it! I watch the whole project from the beginning, and it was good to see your fight with this old kit. The result is awesome, congrats!
23 January, 19:23
Elias Korompilis
Well done! 😉
23 January, 20:14
Daniel Klink
fantastic project and the outcome speaks for itself...
Wonderful work Thomas 👍
23 January, 20:24
Greg Baker
So beautiful!
24 January, 07:01
Robin (WhiteGlint)
You turned this kit into a beautiful little piece of art. 👍
24 January, 07:16
Harry Eder
Looks really nice! 👍
24 January, 10:46
Mission accomplished! For me there is no mistake visible, just a beautiful model.
24 January, 16:48
It seems to me that the result is a beautiful and really charming model 🙂 👍.
24 January, 19:31
Juergen Klinglhuber
Well done! A really beautiful model!
27 January, 15:05
Charlie Spitfire
wow i love it i want to build it do you by any chance know where i could find this in new zealand
28 January, 05:54
Thomas Kolb
All of you, thank you for your encouraging words! I am pleased that you liked it!
28 January, 11:32
Thomas Kolb
Charlie, I am sorry, I am not familiar with where you can buy a model kit in New Zealand. Surely you can order from a web shop?
28 January, 11:33
Moreno Baruffini
@Charli: usually eBay is a good place for these kits! Have a look 😉
28 January, 12:01
I think Scalemates has a store locator, although I don't think all of them are.
28 January, 20:11
In New Zeland:

You will have to search if they have this kit... Or call.
28 January, 20:14
Charlie Spitfire
i could cheek it out for later builds at the moment my mum wont let me get any more models as i have 13 waiting for me to build them plus my go to brand is airfix but i appreciate you help
28 January, 20:17
Build your models before you buy more, Charlie. You still are at time. Don't be tempted to stock so many kits that you won't be able to build in 3 lives, like many of us, 😄
28 January, 20:43
Robert Podkoński
Take Cuajete's advice to heart, Charlie 😉
28 January, 21:34
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Yes, please take that advice to heart, Charlie. 😄
Besides, to me it feels like the more kits you have the harder is it to choose the next one from your stash you want to build.
28 January, 21:45
Charlie Spitfire
truer wors were never spoken
28 January, 21:46
Riho Sakrits
Iduno, is it connected by blood (my grandmam was swed), or our Estonian good remembering from good old Sweden times, but three crown decals look very good for me! 😄
8 February, 01:32
Thomas Kolb
Riho, that is possible! 🙂 I think those blue-yellow three crowns insignias looked very pretty, the modern grayscale version is a bit meh.
8 February, 14:32
Daniel Mysak
Very nice Safire, well done.👍
8 February, 17:55
Michael Kohl
Yes, the swedish insignia definitely have a charme to it - especially on a Viggen or a Draken. 😉
Nice model you rolled out, Thomas. The satin finish is really special.
8 February, 17:58
Brilliant work!
12 February, 11:12


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