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Marius (Redicus)

Eurofighter Typhoon - Luftwaffe - Single Seater (2000's)

Single Seater of the JG74 in the early 2000's armed for air superiority with 4 IRIS-T and 4 Meteor missiles.


Guy Rump
Very nice build 👍
2 October 2021, 08:50
Looking great👏🏻 a custom mix color?
2 October 2021, 13:39
Thank you very much! I used a mix of Revell Email/Lacquer #49 mixed with #374 in a proportion of 40%/60%. There are at least two different shades of blue-grey on the German Eurofighters, so I checked real photographs with the aicraft I wanted to reproduce and optically adapted the mix of blueish grey until it looked satisfying enough.
2 October 2021, 14:59
Very neat work. I like it a lot. 👍
2 October 2021, 15:14
Rui S
Very Well done. Nice photos too 👍
2 October 2021, 15:28
Thank you guys for the nice words.
2 October 2021, 20:52
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Marius! Awesome work 👍!
17 October 2021, 10:10
Like it as well, very nice paintwork 👍👍! Also like the air-superiority config.
23 October 2021, 01:14
Thank you so much guys, Konrad and Alexander!
29 October 2021, 19:03
Very nice Typhoon! Especially like the cockpit and the nice details of the mirrors on the canopy.
29 October 2021, 19:27
Michael Kohl
auch der ist schön geworden
29 October 2021, 20:12
Paul Moore
I like the blended and subdued paint job. Just the right amount it appears to me.
3 November 2021, 09:38
Bas Tonn
Nice work !! I like the Eurofighter for it's clean looks, and always with a dirty APU exhaust 😉
3 November 2021, 10:09
Christian Bruer
Very nice work 👍
3 November 2021, 15:51
Thank you so much guys!
The Eurofighter definitely is cleaner than the...let's say the German Tornados (which actually are at the other end of the cleanliness scale).
I am curious if the new batches of the Luftwaffe dedicated for ground support will ever get a different paint job/camo.
4 November 2021, 20:00
James C
Awesome looking Typhoon 👍
4 November 2021, 21:28
Clifford Keesler
5 November 2021, 00:36


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Eurofighter Typhoon
DE Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1956-now)
JG 74 Mölders 30+30
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