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Falk Röllig (gt-eins)

Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021

This will be my contribution for the GB after i can finish the F-14A Miss Molly.


Gareth Windsor
14 January 2021, 13:50
Konrad Limmer
Me too!
14 January 2021, 14:24
Michael Phillips
Count me in! Looks like we have all three variants of the F-35 now in this GB. Awesome!
14 January 2021, 15:29
David Taylor
Defo beast mode.
14 January 2021, 16:48
Falk Röllig
Thanks and welcome all.
14 January 2021, 18:17
Not missing this hole-in-the-head lightning!
14 January 2021, 19:26
Maciej Bellos
14 January 2021, 20:00
Falk Röllig
Let's start with some pe detailing.
4 February 2021, 18:49
J.-P. Guillaume
You wrote "Added some small bits and wires to make the weapons bay more "busy". " how have done to paint the tubes ?
5 February 2021, 07:38
Falk Röllig
I don't know, whether i understand you right. They're unpainted yet but will be mostly black and white if finished.
5 February 2021, 08:59
Nice detailwork so far, following.
6 February 2021, 19:41
Falk Röllig
Welcome Alexander. Small steps forward. A lot of ejector pin marks at the weapons and the bay doors need clean up but could be done. Not far to start painting.
13 February 2021, 17:14
Sergej I
In! 👍, looking forward to watch this
21 March 2021, 09:23
Maciej Bellos
The weapons bay is pretty impressive. Top work!
24 June 2021, 07:12
Agreed, looks nice!
24 June 2021, 08:29
Falk Röllig
Thank you all.
26 June 2021, 04:50
I agree with Maciej. 👍
26 June 2021, 08:13


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1:72 F-35B VMFA-121 "Green Knights" (Academy 12569)1:72 F-35B (Eduard BIG72159)1:72 F-35A/B Lightning II wheels set (ResKit RS72-0185)1+
Lockheed F-35B Lightning II
US US Marine Corps Aviation (1912-now)
VMFA-121 Green Knights VK/169164
2019 - USS Wasp
FS36118 FS36231

Group Build

Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021 in
Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021
1. January until 31. December 2021

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