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Knockin´on Sherman´s door


Markus Antonius
very good job on that old kit!
17 November 2018, 20:15
Very good indeed !
17 November 2018, 20:23
Murad ÖZER
Feuer Frei!
17 November 2018, 20:37
Gentlemen, thank you for your interest in my diorama and your appreciation! I liked the molding of these figures from the beginning. Tamiya had a good tradition of providing crews with their guns. This tradition was revived by Tamiya in a good way with the new M 40 kit which includes 8 service men.
18 November 2018, 12:08
Jan Peters
Nice work on this antique kit. Makes me think of the days of verlinden or the pachi albums from Tamiya.
18 November 2018, 12:25
Markus Antonius
same here, jan peters!
18 November 2018, 13:49
Thank you Jan and Markus. Verlinden`s dioramas and items were trendsetting for me in the 80s. Looking back today his dios seem rather clean, tidy and sometimes a bit overstuffed. Nevertheless an important - and expensive - brand.
18 November 2018, 17:59
very nice dio and excellent photos 🙂
21 November 2018, 12:16
Thank you Spanjaard.
22 November 2018, 07:41
Dave Flitton
22 November 2018, 19:14
Thank you Dave.
23 November 2018, 08:36
Martin Bishop
That is very nicely done, great finish on the gun and the figures are superb. Love the base as well.
23 November 2018, 09:22
Thank you Martin.
24 November 2018, 16:19
Andreas Koziol
super gemacht und tolle perspektive von hinten. 👍
24 November 2018, 16:29
Stephan Ryll
Very nice dio 👍
24 November 2018, 18:02
Robert Kissel
WOW AWSOME You made an old kit look amazing !!
24 November 2018, 18:05
Roberto Rocat
It looks like actual footage!
24 November 2018, 18:58
Thank you Andreas, Stephan and Robert(o).
25 November 2018, 11:16
joe strenko
Great little scene that you've put together, great painting,, like the pictures
25 November 2018, 12:24
Johne 69
Top 👍
25 November 2018, 15:46
Joe and Johne, thank you for your interest in my old little dio!
26 November 2018, 11:06
Superb work! 👍
28 November 2018, 16:11
Thank you Nigel.
29 November 2018, 09:54
Jos Jansen
Wow, fantastic photos and figures ... well done!
29 November 2018, 11:05
Thank you Jos.
30 November 2018, 09:39
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
6 April 2019, 18:23
Rui S
Don't know how I missed this one but I like it. Well done 👍
6 April 2019, 18:41
Laurent and Rui, thank you.
7 April 2019, 08:23
Amazing. What did you use for that base?
23 April 2020, 19:19
Thank you Steve. The base of the vignette is a cork plate ( which I stole in our kitchen) decorated with natural gravel and modelling grass.
24 April 2020, 12:49
And what did Frau Neulig have to say when she discovered that ?
24 April 2020, 14:38
I like the action pics 👍
24 April 2020, 14:39
Thanks Torsten! - Olivier, as we have quite a lot of cork plates of many different sizes and shapes in our kitchen, Frau Neuling at first did not notice the theft. Only when I continued stealing she some day got suspicious about the disappering cork and I - of course - confessed. Frau Neuling wasn`t really happy about it but refrained from ruining my dio. Moreover: she had good reason for shopping. - Meanwhile I use cork pinboards with wooden frames which come in many different sizes.
25 April 2020, 14:07
25 April 2020, 14:59
Hanno Kleinecke
„Knockin' on sherman's door" says it all, my grandad alway used to say that they referred to the „dreisieben"
as the „Panzeranklopfgerät" ( knockin' on tanks device) due to its ineffectiveness against thicker armour during the later stages of the war.
Great looking figurepainting !
25 April 2020, 18:40
Even against some heavy French tanks in 1940.
25 April 2020, 19:02
Thanks Hanno! - Olivier and Hanno, I think the best features of this antitank gun were its high mobility and low profile.
26 April 2020, 17:06
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
26 April 2020, 19:06
Thanks Laurent!
27 April 2020, 15:56
Paul Juliano
Another fantastic work of art. You make it look too easy!
27 April 2020, 16:38
Michael Stonehouse
Excellent diorama and subject matter. I really like your pictures, especially your blending of the background scenery. It's a great kit and I have two in my stash, which are on my workbench at the moment. The two will form part of a North African Campaign diorama.
27 April 2020, 16:56
David Deavall
Very impressive
27 April 2020, 17:30
Thank you Paul, Michael and David! I´m looking forward to your African campaign dio, Michael.
28 April 2020, 14:57
Jakub Krzysztofiak
...thats super cool to see someone who is able do sth nice with simply kit like this 🙂
28 April 2020, 23:31
Thanks Jakub! It´s true: this is a very old and simple kit. But the figures are very well sculpted. You can feel the action.
29 April 2020, 17:21
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Nice work with such an older kit. The figures really stand out!
29 April 2020, 17:41
Michal Hawryluk
Top-notch! As always 🙂
29 April 2020, 18:54
Thank you Jean-Michel and Michal!
30 April 2020, 16:50
Achim Ribbe
You also have fine arts in your portfolio
8 January 2021, 09:27
Ein echter Oldie. Aber die Figuren sind wirklich Klasse. Danke fürs Anschauen, Achim!
8 January 2021, 14:07
Dmitry Melnikov
Very good work with this older Tamiya kit!
9 January 2021, 16:33
James C
Fantastic paint work. An awesome looking little dio👍
9 January 2021, 16:44
Thank you Dmitry and James!
11 January 2021, 11:33


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1:35 3,7cm Anti-Tank Gun PaK35/36 (Tamiya MM135)

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