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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

Euro Scale Modelling 2017


25. November 2017, 09:27
Christian Bruer
Thx for sharing, very nice modelmaking at the show!

By the way, there is a scratch built hull to see on the right side of photo no. 7 - any information what ship it is?
25. November 2017, 11:07
Stephan Ryll
Thank you for sharing - very nice pictures :)
25. November 2017, 15:00
Splendid !
25. November 2017, 15:18
Dan M
Thank you for sharing!
25. November 2017, 15:45
Tim Heimer
Wow! Sharp looking!
25. November 2017, 16:08
Martin Oostrom
You're welcome guys. Christian, I think I heard them say it is Hood
25. November 2017, 16:23
excellent pictures. it was great fun to be there, and specially to have such a good company 🙂
25. November 2017, 17:00
Rui S
So many beautiful models.
Thx for sharing Martin 👍
25. November 2017, 17:04
mission accomplished. Drakken in the stash 🙂
25. November 2017, 17:08
Konrad Limmer
Thx for sharing! As I see it was a very successful day ;). By the way very nice Models 👍
25. November 2017, 17:10
Rui S
Black Friday, hein ? Hehehe
25. November 2017, 17:16
Christian Bruer
Ah thx Martin, then I think it is EJ Foeth excellent and outstanding scratch build of HMS Hood.

You made a good stash improvement there Martin! The Boxcar is a bargain.

Cheers, Christian
25. November 2017, 19:37
Łukasz Gliński
Thx for sharing, the RNLI boat dio is just exquisite 👍
PS. some pics are upside down unfortunately
25. November 2017, 21:37
@Christian, the others were even more a bargain😉
25. November 2017, 21:39
Patrick Hagelstein
That Revell RA-5C: jeugdsentiment!
25. November 2017, 23:55
Martin Oostrom
You're welcome guys. I loved to shoot some pictures for you (and myself of course).
I went there with one mission: get myself a 1/72 Draken. Spanjaard and I finally found one when we took one last look at a private sale. 👍 They had a lot of old models for almost nothing, so I bought the Hasegawa Phantom and those Airfix kits for only €30. The Phantom alone costs almost the same online....
@Patrick. Youth sentiment is the right word. Same goes for the Crusader. I Always wanted those when I was a kid. Bought them for €10 together.
I had my eye on the Boxcar online for some time, cheapest I could find was €25. In Houten I found two for €17,50 each.
In hindsight I should have bought that 1/72 Hercules for €30 as well :(
26. November 2017, 12:59
yeah, i may regret not taking that Lancaster😉. but we may have a chance to change our minds. the ladies were trying to sell the stash (collection) or their father, who died two years ago. i suggested them to try to list it here... maybe somebody can help them decreasing the amount of kits they have😉
otherwise, we may see them in Utrecht again next year! 🙂
26. November 2017, 13:16
Martin Oostrom
Went browsing in search for some fresh decals and some aftermarket bits. Found some. When I checked my basket it said €188,15 :o
That's only €25 extra per kit ;)
Decided to back down a bit and pressed alt-f4, for now.....
26. November 2017, 18:27
Konrad Limmer
Hahaha I know this situation. It is always the same you ned only one or two important items and after pressing the enter Button you also have two new projects ;)!
26. November 2017, 19:20
Patrick Hagelstein
So true! 😄
26. November 2017, 20:37

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