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Moritz Fentzahn (Fetzi85)

Scene in a frame


31 | 12. June, 20:54
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Stefan Schacht
curious 🙂
12. June, 20:58
Moritz Fentzahn
Started this little scratchbuild project during the last days. I wanted to have some hobby related decoration for my Homeoffice, so I build another frame - scene.
12. June, 21:00
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest....
12. June, 21:02
LucLuke B
Excellent, I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I'll be watching.
12. June, 21:06
Well done, very nice work 😎
13. June, 06:10
Moritz Fentzahn
Thx mates, I will keep you posted
13. June, 08:25
Moritz Fentzahn
Thx for your interest mates.
The door got its colorcoat and first weathering. Now on to the bricks
20. June, 12:33
Bruce Huxtable
Coming along nicely. How many colours went into that door, I wonder. ? That rusty old but and bolt is a tiny detail that adds so much ?
20. June, 12:44
Moritz Fentzahn
Thx bruce. 4 acrylic and 3 enamel rust tones and then 2 acrylic shades of green. ?
20. June, 19:01
Bruce Huxtable
Oops, nut and bolt I meant ?
20. June, 19:05
Bernhard Schrock
Eine sehr originelle Idee klasse umgesetzt!!
8. August, 13:41
Robert Podkoński
Beautiful and unusual. Great idea and perfectly executed, congrats!
8. August, 15:42
Bruce Huxtable
Superb! So much to take in, from edge to edge, top to bottom ?
8. August, 15:53
David R. Meizoso
It's also a superb composition, from a photographic point of view. Amazing paint work. And those bricks... 10.
8. August, 16:01
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates for your encouraging comments and feedback, much appreciated
9. August, 06:11
A work of art. 👍👍
9. August, 07:10
Dash Rendar
Very cool! Great idea.
9. August, 07:39
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Neuling and Dash
9. August, 16:35
...and now for something completely different. Just wonderful!
I have always argued that modeling is a niche art form and this diorama proves it completely. Well done.
9. August, 16:44
Roland Gunslinger
Excellent work 👍
9. August, 17:18
Art at work
9. August, 17:18
Moritz Fentzahn
John, Roland, Olivier thanks for your overall positive comments. I am really happy that you like the composition
10. August, 07:34
Alex K
That's awesome!
12. August, 23:58
Nathan Dempsey
Love your work Moritz.
13. August, 14:53
You have done a very nice job with your modeling, but the frame and mat choice do not harmonize well with your work. I would suggest using a rustic frame with a brown or olive mat. [img1]
14. August, 14:43
Reason being the contrast puts the emphasis on the mat and not on the work.
14. August, 14:50
Wow that's something special Moritz! The way you have painted the bricks is the highlight for me.
14. August, 15:02
Moritz Fentzahn
Alex, Nathan, Skywalker, Gorby thanks for your friendly words.

@Skywalker you're totally right, but I use black frames and white passepartouts for all projects, so there is an harmony overall. This is also a good contrast to our clubs stand on exhibitions which is light grey. Thanks for your critics, much appreciated
15. August, 06:50
Rui S
Great diferent work 👍
15. August, 16:25
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Rui
20. August, 20:42


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